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[10:11] <Martix> how many months is waiting queue long? :-)
[10:12] <Gary13579> I'm interested in that as well, but no one here knows.
[11:40] <FIN__Master> hello everyone
[11:42] <FIN__Master> Gary13579: I had a linux where I could log in in the morning but it had no desktop environment :). But now i made another rootfs with lxde and I cant log in :S
[11:42] <Gary13579> :(
[11:42] <FIN__Master> I changed the parameters in the script to ubuntu/ubuntu but those dont work :S
[11:43] <FIN__Master> thats quite strange because the earlier version worked fine with those
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[12:01] <FIN__Master> Is there any way to manually skip the login at the startup of ubuntu? I mean dealing with the sd
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[12:12] <FIN__Master> Gary13579: I realised i'm quite stupid. I made the new image with virtualbox runnin karmic. So the script was not the same one I changed the login to ubuntu. So tried the vb username with ubuntu and it works.
[12:12] <Gary13579> haha
[12:13] <FIN__Master> So now I have ubuntu running lxde/xfce4/kde. Big thanks still for your advice yesterday..
[12:14] <zopper> FIN__Master: please, can you upload your image with working ubuntu?
[12:19] <FIN__Master> zopper: Yes I can but ill test it a bit before. It is quite easy building your own. If i upload the image, you still have to follow the steps at gitorious.org..
[12:20] <Gary13579> not a problem, still wishing I had a touchbook heh
[12:20] <FIN__Master> lxde lost my left mouse button :S..
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[12:21] <zopper> FIN__Master: Thanks
[12:26] <FIN__Master> I used the parts from the newest aios but i dont know if its right. All the instructions I have read about tb ubuntu have been for the earlier os..
[12:43] <FIN__Master> zopper: Any advice where i could host the image?
[12:47] <zopper> FIN__Master: how big it is?
[12:47] <FIN__Master> almost 700meg
[12:48] <gregoiregentil> is it compressed or not?
[12:48] <gregoiregentil> if you do a tar.bz2 or squashfs, what's the size?
[12:48] <FIN__Master> its .tgz
[12:48] <zopper> FIN__Master: hmm.. did you try compress it?
[12:48] <zopper> try bz2
[12:49] <FIN__Master> im back to windows already but ill try with virtualbox..
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[12:49] <zopper> and if it is still to big, you can split it into 100MB files and upload it on rapidshare or something
[12:50] <zopper> *too big
[12:55] <FIN__Master> its quite compressed already so its no good compressing it more
[12:55] <FIN__Master> but like i said it has lxde, xfce and kde
[12:56] <FIN__Master> i could make another image with only xfce for example and upload that somewhere
[13:01] <FIN__Master> zopper: Any wishes about the desktop environment for the image?
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[13:09] <zopper> FIN__Master: if lxde work OK then lxde. If not, please use gnome.
[13:09] <zopper> *xfce
[13:10] <zopper> :D
[13:10] <FIN__Master> lxde lost my left mouse button but xfce seems to work quite well
[13:10] <zopper> ok, so xfce
[13:10] <zopper> thank you
[13:10] <FIN__Master> actually i could upload the image with the all three. Theres so much space. 8Gb or so :D
[13:12] <FIN__Master> zopper: If i got your email i could share the image with you by dropbox..
[13:12] <FIN__Master> ...before figuring out where to put it for anyone
[13:12] <FIN__Master> if your in hurry :)
[13:12] <zopper> how I can write you PM here?
[13:13] <zopper> I won't write email here in public
[13:15] <FIN__Master> you can send pm to me in the forums
[13:17] <zopper> I found it and sent it personal chat...
[13:17] <zopper> *it in
[13:17] <zopper> but ok, if you don't see it, I'll send you mail in PM
[13:18] <FIN__Master> i dont see it :D
[13:19] <zopper> sended
[13:22] <FIN__Master> you should soon receive an email
[13:22] <zopper> Ok, thank you... I'm going to sleep, so I check it tomorow.
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[22:58] <snlemons-tb1> anyone used xournal with their TB? if so, do you get weird extra lines sometimes when drawing or scrolling?
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[23:28] <snlemons-tb> ah, here we are. lots of forum and bug posts related to lines when drawing. haven't seen any about scrolling, though.
[23:31] <snlemons-tb> it's very weird. even when using mouse or arrows to scroll, it adds weird lines to the hand-drawn parts of the image.
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