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[1:36] <Zopper> Have you know anything about memtest for arm?
[1:37] <Zopper> I suppose that my stability problems may be due to bad RAM
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[4:05] <Gary13579> Hey, if you guys had to pick downsides of the touchbook, what are they?
[4:06] <leinir> Ill fitting back panel... that's about it :)
[4:07] <leinir> (dodgy software, but that's just because it's not final yet :) )
[4:08] <Gary13579> Reviews have said the thing felt week and kinda fragile?
[4:08] <Gary13579> I love the OMAP3 design and this product is brilliant, mostly just trying to figure out if I should order or not.
[4:10] <leinir> i must concur, unfortunately, but experience proves it's quite sturdy... and if it should break, AI are really good about it :)
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[4:15] <leinir> One person snapped is hinge, and AI offered to send him a new piece so he could replace it himself rather than having to go through all the trouble of sending it back to the States and have it fixed there :)
[4:19] <Gary13579> I've read the screen is top heavy (which is to be expected considering what all is in it), does it still tip over if the screen is pushed back to a reasonable angle?
[4:19] <Gary13579> I've currently got a pre order in another OMAP3 based device, but this overall looks like something I'd use more... I love the internal USB design notably
[4:20] <leinir> hehe, i'm going to get an n900 too ;)
[4:21] <leinir> Yes, it's top heavy, but there's a counterweight and brace system that takes care of that if you've got it sitting on a table :)
[4:21] <Gary13579> not an n900 :P
[4:21] <leinir> All the items shipped from and including last shipment come with that :)
[4:21] <leinir> Ah, alright then ;)
[4:21] <Gary13579> was that added recently, because the review I saw... ahh
[4:22] <Gary13579> How large is current back order?
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[4:28] <leinir> no idea :)
[4:28] <leinir> What's the other device you're considering? :)
[4:29] <leinir> (and if you say iPhone 3Gs, i must warn you of the wall immediately in your path ;) )
[4:29] <leinir> s/wall/brick wall/
[4:30] <Gary13579> heh no, I've already sworn myself to Android when it comes to phones.
[4:30] <Gary13579> the device is actually a Pandora (openpandora.org)
[4:30] <Gary13579> it's just coming down to gaming controls and fitting in my pocket vs larger LCD, larger battery, and a more comfortable keyboard.
[4:31] <leinir> Ooh...
[4:31] <leinir> That's a neat little thing, yeah :)
[4:32] <Gary13579> I really think I'd use the touchbook more if I had both, hence why I'm so split.
[4:33] <leinir> *nods* Yeah :)
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[6:51] <vishal> Hi is the usb port working with the openembedded setup ?
[6:51] <vishal> I have built my kernel with the latest touchbook OE environment but none of the ports are working ?
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[7:23] <_koen_> DJWillis: file permission issue raised :)
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[9:48] <Zopper> Do anyone know about memtest for ARM?
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[11:02] <torpor> not too shabby.
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[11:04] <Gary13579> heya torpor
[11:04] <azaghal> Gah, still no news about tracking the shipment in France :/
[11:04] <torpor> hiya gang
[11:05] <Gary13579> torpor, your post on forums said battery life was horrible... how bad can 18ah be?
[11:05] <torpor> Gary13579: you're getting 18 hours?
[11:06] <Gary13579> iirc beagleboard is only 400mah at full cpu, so add on an extra 200 mah for usb hub, accelerometer and wifi... still only 600 mah, leaving 1ah for the LCD, which would be 1.8ah, and 10 hours of battery life
[11:06] <Gary13579> torpor, amp hours, not hours
[11:06] <torpor> ah
[11:07] <Gary13579> and I don't own one yet, I'm one of the people who replied to your post on gp32x :p
[11:07] <torpor> well thats all theoretical until we get power management
[11:07] <torpor> right now i get a few hours here and there, and practically have to have it plugged in all the time.
[11:07] <DJWillis> torpor: what's not shabby?
[11:07] <torpor> DJWillis: the battery life of the touchbook is shabby. but its a known issue that is being worked on
[11:08] <torpor> we have no management
[11:08] <Gary13579> I think he's referring to this, [11:53:00] * torpor (n=w1x@91-115-175-15.adsl.highway.telekom.at) has joined #touchbook [12:02:53] <torpor> not too shabby.
[11:08] <torpor> oh
[11:08] <torpor> dunno .
[11:08] <torpor> must have been some late night thing
[11:08] <Gary13579> heh
[11:08] <Gary13579> (you just said that 6 minutes ago)
[11:08] <torpor> hmm.
[11:08] <torpor> i often get confused
[11:09] <DJWillis> torpor: ahhh, well aware of that, yep, the power man on OMAP3 in the open space still needs some more of the fruits of linux-omap-pm to come down to the main tree, it's getting quite good in that tree.
[11:09] <Gary13579> anyway uh, accepting the few (many) software problems, would you still recommend it? since screen blanking and tilting issue has been fixed, it's really tempting me again
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[11:10] <torpor> i dunno gary
[11:10] <torpor> in many ways its a nice system but if you ask me if its worth 400bucks, i can't say i think so right now. for 400 bucks the power-performance scale is much better in other products
[11:11] <torpor> and the quality of the product is really suffering by some poor design decisions: the famous fall-over problem, the plastics used, etc.
[11:11] <Gary13579> well, I'd use it mainly what I'm buying a Pandora for, so it's pretty much touchbook vs pandora at this point
[11:11] <torpor> i wish AI all the best, but i think they could have done better with the quality control and done a little less PR until it was really sorted out.
[11:11] <azaghal> Erm... Don't tell me it can't last 4-5 hours.
[11:11] <torpor> azaghal: i dont get 3 hours with it right now.
[11:12] <torpor> its really that bad.
[11:12] <azaghal> Ouch
[11:12] <azaghal> That was the main point why I ordered it.
[11:12] <torpor> i'm not sure both batteries are charging properly.
[11:12] <Gary13579> azaghal, do you already have one?
[11:12] <torpor> my aspire one has two 12-pack batteries, i can use it for 24 hours solid.
[11:12] <azaghal> Gary13579: Nope, but it's somewhere in France.
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[11:13] <Gary13579> either way I'd assume that'd be fixed fairly fast
[11:13] <Gary13579> 3 hours is 6Ah... there's no way the device requires that, at all
[11:13] <DJWillis> I suspect there is tweaking to be done on the charging considering the fun we have had with the Pandora I can only assume Gregoire has had the same with the TB.
[11:14] <Gary13579> Tweaking as in software side?
[11:14] <torpor> i believe you are right DJWillis there is work to be done on chargin
[11:14] <torpor> in the meantime i have to leave it plugged in to use it because its too unreliable when its not plugged in.
[11:16] <FIN__Master> hello everyone
[11:16] <DJWillis> Gary13579: but your assuming you really have 18Ah to start with and a clean way to top that up. I assume software, but I dont have a TB to look at, I know the 2nd batt is on the other charge I/C.
[11:16] <torpor> howdy fin
[11:16] <FIN__Master> I get probably about 6 hours of use when batteries full
[11:17] <Gary13579> I'm mostly just extremely paranoid about buying it and having a hardware revision come out within a few months
[11:17] <FIN__Master> that 3 hours seems strange
[11:17] <torpor> fin: mine is not charging properly
[11:17] <torpor> Gary13579: for sure there *should* be a hardware revision
[11:18] <FIN__Master> any idea what are the differences between the green light and the blinking amber light?
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[11:18] <Gary13579> to me as long as it arrives in one piece I don't care so much about the case, but rather the board
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[11:18] <torpor> FIN__Master: green is supposed to mean 'charged', blinking amber 'charging'.
[11:19] <torpor> i have yet to see a green.
[11:19] <FIN__Master> I thought those both means finished charging
[11:19] <azaghal> Heheh, a colleague of mine said that charging the battery is very tricky business.
[11:19] <FIN__Master> because the amber light is not blinking when the charging begins
[11:19] <azaghal> Let's say I do hope the hardware is 100% final :)
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[11:20] <FIN__Master> and sometimes I get the green light
[11:20] <Zopper> sorry for offtopic, but is there any way, to check if RAM is OK? Something as memtest?
[11:20] <DJWillis> azaghal: amen to that and the TPS65950 can be a bitch (or whatever Ti are calling it this week ;-))
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[11:23] <tommd> Does the TB come with the command line 'convert' program? I don't have my TB with me right now.
[11:24] <Gary13579> convert is imagemagick right? if so, I'd be kinda shocked if it did
[11:25] <Gary13579> I don't see it listed in the wiki.
[11:28] <tommd> yes, its imagemagick - why would you be shocked? GIMP works. Is there some special, non ARM portable, code in imagemagick?
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[11:37] <Gary13579> tommd, I'm not saying it won't run, just I didn't think it was packaged in the shipped OS.
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[11:48] <torpor> goodnight
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[12:04] <DJWillis> tommd: tried opkg install imagemagick?
[12:05] <Zopper> tommd: DJWillis means "ipkg install....."
[12:06] <DJWillis> Zopper: no, I mean opkg ;-)
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[12:06] <tommd> Yeah, that makes sense.
[12:06] <Zopper> what? there are two package managers?
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[12:07] <FIN__Master> whats opkg?
[12:07] <FIN__Master> ipkg seeks from angstrom but opkg?
[12:07] <DJWillis> Zopper: no, the package manager is opkg, the sucessor to ipkg, ipkg is a symlink to opkg in Angstrom (and as such the AI fork)
[12:08] <Zopper> DJWillis: Thanks for info
[12:08] <Zopper> DJWillis: is there any reason for this symlink?
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[12:10] <DJWillis> Zopper: legacy compatibility, a lot of stuff looks to ipkg, old GUI's in GPE etc.
[12:13] <Zopper> DJWillis: ok
[12:13] <Zopper> DJWillis: thanks
[12:17] <tommd> Is 'system' the preferred way to run commands these days?
[12:17] <tommd> oops, wrong channel
[12:20] * Meizirkki_ just had a nice 10 minutes figuring out how to put a key back in the AI Keyboard that "jus tfell off"
[12:21] <FIN__Master> Meizirkki_: Nice :S Have you fixed the hinge?
[12:22] <Meizirkki_> FIN__Master, yes, but it gone broken again.. just a different way
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[12:22] <Meizirkki_> I love the TB but the build-quality just suck
[12:22] <Gary13579> :\ this is not encouraging me to buy one.
[12:22] <Meizirkki_> really. broken hinge.. keys falling off
[12:24] <Meizirkki_> I, however, think the TB is a good device.
[12:25] <FIN__Master> Mine has worked good so far but the hinges seem really sloppy. They really shouldn't be always innovating new hinges but to get some decent parts. But the OS is really going in the right direction
[12:26] <FIN__Master> I use my tb every day at the university so it can't be so bad :)
[12:29] <Zopper> Have you ever "stable" system? Mine do freez and kernel panic very frequently... although I have clear system.....
[12:30] <Zopper> very frequently - I never can use longer then few minutes, sometimes system do freeze on booting.
[12:30] <FIN__Master> Zopper: Mine is pretty stable now. The only thing bothering is the double-click problem with the window manager. Normal use with keyboard attached is really solid.
[12:31] <FIN__Master> If your tb really crashes within few minutes of use, I think you should reinstall the os
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[12:32] <Zopper> FIN__Master: hmm... Double click can cause some of freeze, but this isn't the reason, when I am on tty2.... (ctrl+alt+F2)
[12:33] <Zopper> FIN__Master: I did reinstall at least five...
[12:33] <DJWillis> Zopper: do you get any logs when it errors out?
[12:34] <Zopper> and I have this problem since I recived TB at last week
[12:34] <FIN__Master> i mean the problem when double-clicking the "menu-bar" at the top of the program window. It doesn't crash but the menu bar disappears
[12:35] <FIN__Master> and the windows manager goes weird
[12:35] <Zopper> DJWillis: yes, some errors I have frequently, but I cannot find in google... it seems like [time]Err;DsTo
[12:35] * Meizirkki_ uses Ubuntu
[12:36] <Zopper> DJWillis: and when it crash and I am in tty, there are tons of errors - I can't read more then few last lines
[12:36] <Zopper> DJWillis: I didn't found how to enable logging
[12:40] <FIN__Master> Meizirkki_: How is the ubuntu? I tried it some time ago but couldn't get it to work properly. Is it better than aios?
[12:48] <koen> DJWillis: have a look at http://dominion.thruhere.net/koen/cms/comparing-enlightenment-opengl-es-to-xlib-on-an-omap3
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[13:27] <viridior> koen: i talked to raster about opengl|es in e17 a couple of weeks ago. He said that it had some initial work but hasn't been maintained and is in dire need of fixing. The results from the opengl|es/xlib comparison shouldn't be suprising.
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[18:58] <vishal> are usb peripheral working with openembedded build ? I have built a kernel with ai's OE setup but my usb peripherals are not working
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[20:03] [freenode-connect VERSION]
[20:33] * vishal (i=7aa66a44@gateway/web/freenode/x-jtnxanjhxdpxtkmu) has joined #touchbook
[20:37] <vishal> IS USB working on OE based kernel for touchbook. I have built it but usb is not working
[21:22] <vishal> IS USB working on OE based kernel for touchbook. I have built it but usb is not working
[21:33] <drantin> no one's joined since you last asked... no need to repeat...
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[22:37] <reis> my TB most of the time stops loading the bottom battery at a capacity of 88%, however, I have seen it go beyond that exactly two times. any ideas? or shouldn't I trust the output of the battery meter?
[22:39] <reis> the led turns green at 88%
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[23:42] <jvs> reis, my bottom battery is empty within 2 hours
[23:42] <jvs> it stops at 6%
[23:43] <jvs> but still, the tb survives 10 hours
[23:43] <reis> ic jvs. so you suggest not to trust the capacity values? :)
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