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[7:54] <torpor> hi
[7:59] <jvs> cheers tom39329
[8:00] <jvs> I mean torpor
[8:00] <jvs> back from work/school/uni?
[8:01] <torpor> work
[8:01] <torpor> yeah
[8:01] <torpor> trying to get some serious hacking done tonight.. wanna get a game working on touchbook.
[8:01] <torpor> we shall see how far i can get . .
[8:02] <jvs> which game?
[8:02] <torpor> just a port of some basic GL ES demo's .. something a little fancier than teapot.c :)
[8:03] <jvs> ahh, teapot
[8:03] <jvs> amazing
[8:03] <jvs> you once said in the forums you had stability issues with your device?
[8:04] <jvs> that's what I actually meant today
[8:04] <jvs> I thought you mentioned the case was skewed
[8:08] <torpor> the case was damaged at the keyboard hinge, and it was not done during transit because the plastic bag it was in was not damaged in any way
[8:08] <torpor> so it went into the bag damaged
[8:08] <jvs> could you fix it?
[8:09] <torpor> the case, being flimsy and rather supple (poor choice of plastic materials) caused problems at first because when i held the tablet in my hand, the pressure of being in my hand transferred through the case, all the way to the LCD. so, just holding the tablet, i got a lovely spoiled LCD effect
[8:09] <torpor> no, the hinge damage is really not fixable
[8:09] <torpor> its a 'ding' as best i can describe it, 4 or 5 dents in the plastic that go through the paint layer and expose the interior
[8:10] <torpor> the case of the touchbook is really, really terrible. materials selection obviously didn't go through any reference stage, or else whoever said it should feel like cheap taffy should be sacked immediately.
[8:10] <jvs> well, the touchbook is not expensive
[8:11] <torpor> i'm not trying to be harsh or negative, but the OOBE with the touchbook is important, and in my case it was just dreadful.
[8:11] <torpor> the touchbook *is* expensive, sorry.
[8:11] <torpor> the price class it is competing in has a lot of very strong competition, and this must be accounted for also.
[8:11] <torpor> not worth eu349, in my opinion.
[8:12] <torpor> just on the basis of construction quality.
[8:12] <torpor> the OS fun and games, that remains to be seen.
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[8:12] <torpor> that said i have had a positive experience with TBOS: i absolutely love the contents of /usr/bin/ai/examples and the fact that these all build and run out of the box
[8:13] <torpor> i intend to contribute to the /usr/bin/ai/examples effort my own way, tonight, by porting wakebreaker to TBOS.
[8:14] <FIN__Master> torpor: while talking about games, I suggest you try numptyphysics which can be installed with ipkg. It wont blow your mind, but it works on tb!
[8:14] <jvs> k
[8:14] <jvs> well, I haven't received mine yet
[8:14] <jvs> and I have only read and heard, that it actually *looks* cheap
[8:14] <jvs> but not that it *behaves* cheap
[8:15] <FIN__Master> The back cover of my tb also feels kinda cheap
[8:15] <FIN__Master> but the way it behaves shows that there is huge potential in it
[8:15] <torpor> FIN__Master: Nice recommendation, I loved numptyphysics on gta02, i'll install it right away.
[8:16] <torpor> jvs: it definitely behaves cheap right now.
[8:16] <andrewgodwin> I don't think the build quality is that bad; the only bad parts are the slightly loose back cover, and the hinges squeaking
[8:17] <torpor> "hi, i am touchbook, play with me, here is a slightly unusable browser but you can use your nails to make it work, did i mention that *BLANG*" .. screen goes off, blank, won't come on.
[8:17] <torpor> andrewgodwin: what about the keyboard flex?
[8:17] <jvs> well torpor
[8:17] <jvs> it didn't say I'm a bugfree product
[8:17] <torpor> heh
[8:17] <torpor> that is true
[8:17] <jvs> and the screen flickering issue has been resolved, hasn't it?
[8:18] <torpor> what i think is important is that AI's marketing position is maybe a little bit more aggressive than it should ..
[8:18] <jvs> hmm, yeah
[8:18] <jvs> we have talked about that here too
[8:18] <FIN__Master> I think the hinges are a bit sloppy and the back cover has too few points attached to the body :S
[8:18] <torpor> its not flickering: the whole screen turns off and won't come bakc on.
[8:18] <jvs> torpor, are you using the latest AI os?
[8:18] <jvs> *AIOS
[8:18] <FIN__Master> Actually the lates versions really fixes the blanking
[8:19] <torpor> jvs: not yet, i have downloaded it, but actually its on my list of things to do tonight. so i guess i'll do it now.
[8:19] <FIN__Master> it has a screensaver and a powersave on but it doesn't blank randomly anymore
[8:20] <jvs> torpor, I can only repeat what alexandre said in the forums
[8:20] <jvs> this issue should have been resolved
[8:20] <jvs> I understand that your issue renders the device completely useless
[8:21] <torpor> i'll be happy to not have the problem any longer, but i will be on the edge with it for a few weeks after the update.. :)
[8:21] <jvs> :)
[8:21] <andrewgodwin> torpor: keyboard flex? Mine's barely noticeable, my real laptop is worse
[8:21] <torpor> it was very, very unfortunate the times it happened. not a good demo experience.
[8:22] <torpor> andrewgodwin: odd, mine is rubbish. press the 7 key, the whole thing bows like a cardboard box.
[8:22] <FIN__Master> torpor: I should warn you that in the newest OS programs crash when flashdrive is plugged in
[8:22] <torpor> meh
[8:22] <FIN__Master> At least for some of us
[8:22] <torpor> AI need to set up the ipk repo as fast as possible and get people using it.
[8:23] <torpor> the "burn this image" model of OS release is *not* going to do the company good in the near term
[8:23] <jvs> people can use the angstrom repo
[8:23] <torpor> yeah but they shouldn't
[8:23] <torpor> they should be using an AIOS repo.
[8:23] <torpor> that has nightly builds/updates/bugfixes.
[8:23] <jvs> well, yeah right
[8:23] <torpor> i guess a one-man-show though, can't be expected to do everything.
[8:24] <jvs> you think that gregoiregentil == alexandre? XD#
[8:24] <torpor> no clue
[8:24] <torpor> maybe *I* am gregoiregentil!
[8:24] <jvs> no, you have a different accent
[8:24] <FIN__Master> I agree this system used now is not very professional and I really hope they get a proper repo soon
[8:25] <torpor> it would just be nicer for the AI/TB community to be going through the very easy 'ipkg upgrade' path of communal upgrades, rather than there being cliques of people and random individuals who manage to 'grok' how to run some random script.
[8:25] <andrewgodwin> I agree. Having a single hardware platform really helps with this kind of thing, thankfully
[8:26] <torpor> yeah thats the point: all TB users have a common experience with the hardware, but a dire and disparate one with the software. a common repo as a priority would serve to help with this.
[8:26] <torpor> also, no hacker/coder/programmer/cowboy worth his salt is going to get interested in the TB OS as a pop item, until he can drop .ipk's on a web page and have them easily install.
[8:27] <torpor> at least thats what this cowboy thinks about it anyway.
[8:27] <andrewgodwin> indeed; I'm fine with the software, but then I write it for a living, and have made packages for embedded devices, so I'm not entirely normal
[8:27] <andrewgodwin> torpor: exactly
[8:27] <andrewgodwin> Maemo got it right
[8:27] <torpor> andrewgodwin: i work in embedded too.
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[8:27] <torpor> safety-critical systems for european rail (thales)
[8:27] <andrewgodwin> torpor: I don't work in embedded, I hobby in it
[8:27] <leinir> andrewgodwin: which is why i realy hope to get mer on this thing ;)
[8:28] <torpor> i have a lot to say about how someone uses linux in a distribution!
[8:28] <andrewgodwin> my real work is websites, which is why web-installable packages are +1 ;)
[8:28] <torpor> yup
[8:28] <torpor> ok, gonna start this upgrade hack.
[8:40] <koen> torpor: I keep trying to convince gregoire that he shouldn't go the fork road, but work with angstrom, but so far not much progress on that....
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[8:43] <jvs> koen, their own repo would be identical to angstrom's in most of the cases
[8:44] <torpor> koen: my opinion is that he should put a .ipk repo up somewhere and assign some responsibility - to folks like you - with regards to reviews
[8:44] <jvs> but its easier to distribute trimmed packages using their own repo
[8:44] <jvs> well, I should code
[8:44] <jvs> later
[8:45] <koen> torpor: that's backwards
[8:46] <torpor> could be
[8:46] <koen> why should I spend time looking over a fork when upstream works better than the fork
[8:46] <torpor> but either way, there needs to be a community repo with trusted software and a big push
[8:46] <koen> like the angstrom one provides already?
[8:46] <torpor> and right now, while OS rollouts are supposed to be occurring, would be the best time to get their act together with the AI official repo - bug fixes, etc.
[8:47] <torpor> if there was a known-good repo that i could pour fixes into, i would happily gain lots of glory by doing so.
[8:47] <torpor> the angstrom one is crap!
[8:47] <koen> why is it crap?
[8:47] <torpor> you cannot expect angstrom to keep up with all the greatest device enhancements.
[8:47] <koen> why not?
[8:47] <torpor> that has to flow upstream from a device-specific repo to the mainline-repo. not the other way around.
[8:47] <koen> nonsense
[8:48] <torpor> angstrom has the problem that there are too many devices and device-specific packages
[8:48] <torpor> you can't expect angstrom to carry all the custom AIOS stuff that has to occur to make the touchbook useful.
[8:48] * koen is getting paid to work pretty much fulltime to keep angstrom working well on various devices
[8:48] <torpor> that should happen on an AI-specific repo first, and then flow up to angstrom accordingly.
[8:48] <torpor> i know who you are koen.
[8:49] <koen> I think we are confusing two things
[8:49] <torpor> i am responsible, in part, for the use of openembedded within my company - thales - and have been lurking in the OE world since the days of the collie.
[8:49] <koen> 1) ai specific software
[8:49] <torpor> 1) ^^ belongs in an AI repo
[8:49] <koen> 2) gregoires crazy selection of e.g. backwards glibc versions
[8:49] <torpor> so it can receive faster-than-angstrom updates.
[8:49] <torpor> 2) ^^ likewise, for sakes of pollution
[8:50] <koen> if gregoire stops being crazy and will use the same glibc version as angstrom then the repos can be mixed
[8:50] <torpor> AI OS only has relevance for as long as it is attached to hardware, and right now AI is a hardware business. if it doesn't get its hardware properly sorted out, there is no business.
[8:51] <koen> which is why they shouldn't be trying to maintain a fork os an OS, just their custom shit
[8:51] <torpor> my understanding is that gregoire is a crazy autocratic didact, so unless someone - or something - wrenches control from him over the OS issue, the president of AI is also its plumber.
[8:51] <torpor> that something == us, community.
[8:52] <torpor> without a repo, there is no chance for us to do so.
[8:52] <torpor> and without repo leaders, it won't last longer than a month (we saw that with gta02 and so on, didn't we..)
[8:53] <leinir> torpor: this is another reason i'm hoping mer will work properly on the TB
[8:53] <koen> I keep using brokenmoko as the prime example :)
[8:53] <torpor> brokenmoko is nothing but an example and two dodgy lumps of junk in my gadget bag.
[8:53] <torpor> ;)
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[8:54] <koen> torpor: btw, I added asciidoc to OE for you :)
[8:54] <torpor> heh heh .
[8:55] <torpor> i'm honored.
[8:55] <torpor> brb, afk.
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[9:36] <torpor> okay looks like the new os is working
[9:36] <torpor> ;)
[9:37] <torpor> should i ipkg update && ipkg upgrade or what?
[9:38] <tommd> no!
[9:38] <FIN__Master> no upgrade
[9:38] <tommd> ipkg upgrade breaks it!
[9:38] <FIN__Master> for heavens sake :D
[9:38] <torpor> oh
[9:38] <torpor> shee-it
[9:38] <torpor> thx
[9:38] <FIN__Master> there are a few examples at forums :D
[9:39] <torpor> wtf, undefined reference to __libc_csu_fini
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[9:48] <shiznebit_> whats new ?
[9:49] * snlemons (n=snlemons@c-24-60-77-165.hsd1.nh.comcast.net) has joined #touchbook
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[9:49] <snlemons> got my new TB today. super excited. thanks, AI gang.
[9:50] <snlemons> however, anyone know why the network connect program would hang when connecting to my WPA2-Personal AP with AES?
[9:51] <torpor> latest os?
[9:51] * Eruquen (i=Eruquen@server3.raumopol.de) has joined #touchbook
[9:51] <snlemons> torpor: dunno. just out of box, and can't connect to update. :)
[9:51] <snlemons> let me look up how to do a version check
[9:51] <torpor> my advice: upgrade right away. i just did it and its miles better.
[9:52] <snlemons> torpor: manual upgrade... nooooo! :)
[9:52] <torpor> its easy
[9:52] <torpor> took me 5 minutes
[9:52] <torpor> ;)
[9:52] <snlemons> I can just change router settings for a sec and connect without encryption.
[9:54] <snlemons> ha! the wiki link for "AI OS version" on the main page is an empty page. fun.
[10:03] <FIN__Master> snlemons: you can type uname -a in terminal to find out the kernel version
[10:04] <FIN__Master> the new version is dated Sun Nov 8
[10:08] <snlemons> great. thanks. I'd assume mine doesn't have that, since it was shipped Nov 9 :)
[10:09] <snlemons> sadly, I can't get it to connect to ANY access point, so it looks like I'll have to do a manual upgrade.
[10:09] <FIN__Master> ...or they were lightning-fast
[10:10] <FIN__Master> actually the automatic update wont work even if you are connected to internet
[10:10] <snlemons> FIN__Master: oh, it won't? why not?
[10:10] <FIN__Master> it'll start working when the os is out of beta
[10:10] <FIN__Master> AI should really print that in Huge letters somewhere in the wiki
[10:11] <snlemons> ha. usually it's in beta that I need auto-updates the most. :)
[10:11] <FIN__Master> I learned it here at the irc
[10:14] <snlemons> hm... this is problematic...
[10:15] <snlemons> the OS reinstall requires a card reader. guess what I don't have.
[10:16] <FIN__Master> too bad :(
[10:16] <FIN__Master> if/when you buy one, I suggest yuo to buy another sd card so that you can update the other card from tb
[10:17] <shiznebit_> FIN__Master: are you running any other OS besides the AIOS ?
[10:17] <snlemons> also, my OS seems to be the latest version, so the wireless problem won't be fixed by an update
[10:17] <shiznebit_> set it up as mixed mode
[10:17] <snlemons> says "Sun Nov 8 17:42:06 PST"
[10:17] <shiznebit_> WPA/WPA2
[10:17] <snlemons> shiznebit_: was that to me?
[10:17] <shiznebit_> yes
[10:18] <FIN__Master> shiznebit_: I now run AIOS but I've tried Mer and ubuntu
[10:18] <snlemons> shiznebit_: is wpa2 not supported, then?
[10:18] <shiznebit_> snlemons: im not sure
[10:18] <shiznebit_> FIN__Master: is ubuntu much slower ?
[10:18] <FIN__Master> snlemons: it seems that you have the newer os afterall
[10:19] <snlemons> FIN__Master: yeah, they were fast about installing it. :)
[10:19] <snlemons> shiznebit_: still seems to be hanging on "preparing security"
[10:19] <FIN__Master> shiznebit_: I had some issues with it because of unproper install, but it seemed ok. Not too slow
[10:19] <shiznebit_> hmsnlemons
[10:20] <snlemons> shiznebit_: it also says it can't acquire an IP when I switch to WEP or try to connect to another AP I have set up.
[10:20] <shiznebit_> snlemons: do a ifconfig ra0 and iwconfig ra0
[10:21] <shiznebit_> i recall i had some trouble to connect to WPA at first
[10:21] <snlemons> what bits you need from it? I can't copy/paste it here. :)
[10:21] <shiznebit_> i think i typed in the info, tried to connect ( it failed), then reset
[10:21] <FIN__Master> I still cannot connect to wpa at uni but works at home
[10:22] <shiznebit_> is iwconfig set to your WPA AP
[10:22] <snlemons> shiznebit_: I've restarted the TB a few times. or did you mean router?
[10:22] <shiznebit_> no the TB
[10:22] <FIN__Master> but still I have some issues with wlan but a restart helps
[10:22] <snlemons> shiznebit_: oh, while it's connecting? I had to stop the connection because it was hanging and nothing shows up over top of the network util.
[10:23] <shiznebit_> if anything, try manually connecting to the AP with iwconfig
[10:23] <snlemons> iwconfig says ESSID:""
[10:24] <shiznebit_> oO
[10:24] <shiznebit_> sudo -s
[10:24] <snlemons> I assume that should have been my router's SSID while I was connecting, no?
[10:24] <shiznebit_> ifconfig ra0 down
[10:24] <shiznebit_> ifconfig ra0 up
[10:25] <shiznebit_> yeah
[10:26] <shiznebit_> btw
[10:26] <snlemons> done. same. still hangs at "preparing security" and still says ESSID:""
[10:26] <shiznebit_> eh
[10:27] <shiznebit_> shutdown
[10:27] * azaghal_ is now known as azaghal
[10:27] <snlemons> should the result of just "ifconfig ra0" be different when it's down than when it's up, BTW?
[10:28] <shiznebit_> oh my fault
[10:28] <shiznebit_> it should have been just ifconfig
[10:29] <torpor> ah, for anyone that is interested, if you want to compile on the TB with 2009.11a, do this: "ipkg upgrade libc6-dev && ipkg install task-native-sdk"
[10:29] <snlemons> ah, right. ra0 doesn't show when down. cool.
[10:29] <torpor> works like a charm
[10:29] <torpor> i just installed dropbear and now i can do my port remotely on the tb, sweet!
[10:30] <snlemons> alright, shutting down all the way, rather than restart. just to be sure.
[10:33] <snlemons> and... still hangs on "preparing security"
[10:33] * tommd (n=Thomas_D@dhcp-223-19.seas.pdx.edu) has joined #touchbook
[10:34] <snlemons> also still doesn't get an IP on other networks.
[10:36] <shiznebit_> im sorry but im out of ideas
[10:37] <snlemons> yeah, so am I. at least out of ones that don't involve opening up the machine and trying another USB wireless card. ;)
[10:38] <FIN__Master> the wireless card is flashing the lights and doing something?
[10:38] <snlemons> FIN__Master: would I have to open the machine to see that?
[10:39] <snlemons> also, does anyone use an AP that doesn't broadcast SSID? it will let me manually connect, but the "connect" button is greyed out in my list of available APs for that one later. do I really have to delete it and re-enter my encryption key each time?
[10:42] <FIN__Master> snlemons: you have to remove the red cover or be in the dark so it flashes blue light through the cover
[10:42] <snlemons> FIN__Master: I couldn't find instructions on pulling off the cover on the top part and didn't want to risk it by just guessing. so if checking wireless lights means opening the top, I'll need some instructions.
[10:43] <FIN__Master> you have to remove the keyboard because the "switch" to remove the cover is between the screen and the keyboard
[10:43] <FIN__Master> its very simple
[10:43] <snlemons> ha. alright. that's good to know.
[10:44] <snlemons> ok, so yes. it is lighting up.
[10:46] <FIN__Master> ok. seems weird
[10:47] <snlemons> quite. just hangs at "preparing security" for my WPA network and says "could not get IP address" for others.
[10:47] <FIN__Master> you should ask alexandre if he comes online. he might know
[10:49] <torpor> first: upgrade to the latest OS. be sure you've done that first.
[10:49] <torpor> then log in and tail -f /var/log/messages in a terminal
[10:49] <torpor> then, do the network-connection
[10:49] <torpor> and watch the messages. probably its a key issue.
[10:49] <snlemons> I also get this issue where windows lose their menu bars randomly. anyone else seen that?
[10:49] <torpor> as in your router is using an authentication scheme that ai tbos doesn't know about.
[10:50] <snlemons> torpor: I didn't upgrade, but I got it with the Nov 8 OS installed.
[10:50] <snlemons> I'll try the command you suggest right now. one sec.
[10:51] <torpor> thats only going to show you the log messages
[10:51] <FIN__Master> snlemons: the "menubar" disappears when doubleclicked. It's an issue in the new os. You can restart the windows manager by pressing ctrl+alt+backspace
[10:51] <torpor> fwiw, it connected to my PSK WPA2 wlan with ease.
[10:51] <snlemons> torpor: AES or TKIP?
[10:51] <torpor> TKIP
[10:52] <snlemons> torpor: it says there is no /var/log/messages file
[10:52] <torpor> ah shit
[10:52] <torpor> dmesg then
[10:52] <snlemons> torpor: mine is AES. maybe I should switch. but that doesn't explain it not getting an IP on any other network.
[10:57] <snlemons> hm... bit out of my depth here on the dmesg output. says a few things about "Key1Str is Invalid Key length(0) or Type(0)" and right before that "RTUSBVenderReset"
[10:58] <snlemons> oh and a bit above a scary one: "dma_free_coherent: bad page in kernel page table"
[10:59] <snlemons> all of those show up every time I try to connect, so I think it's safe to assume that's the issue.
[11:10] * blunderer (n=tristan@LPuteaux-156-15-47-90.w82-127.abo.wanadoo.fr) Quit ("Leaving.")
[11:18] <FIN__Master> snlemons: is the os working fine else than the wifi
[11:18] <FIN__Master> you could try to reinstall the os but you cant without a card reader :S
[11:20] <snlemons> FIN__Master: seems ok otherwise. played video, played the tank game, poked around in terminal.
[11:23] <FIN__Master> I have two suggestions but i cant quarantee them: 1. You could try to copy the wireless folder replacing the files in there but I dont know if it can be done *in* the tb while running it.. 2. I remember reading somewhere that if connected to pc via the mini-usb inside the screen the whole tb should act as i card reader. But im not sure about this either. Good advice, you think? :)
[11:23] <FIN__Master> someone could verify those with higher knowledge
[11:23] * geep (n=JoeBelow@bas21-toronto12-1242432208.dsl.bell.ca) has joined #touchbook
[11:25] <snlemons> FIN__Master: I was reading the wiki page about using the mini-usb. thought about trying it, but wasn't sure if it'd even do what I need.
[11:25] <FIN__Master> if it works, you can try to reinstall the os if not else
[11:33] <snlemons> FIN__Master: looks like the files for doing that aren't actually included yet.
[11:34] <snlemons> when I try to load the module mentioned here http://www.alwaysinnovating.com/wiki/index.php/USB_OTG_gadget it's not actually there.
[11:34] <snlemons> no drivers/gadget. just dsp, gpu, net, and USB.
[11:34] <snlemons> LOL oh
[11:34] <snlemons> nm. usb/gadget... doh.
[11:36] * Q_Continuum (n=Q_Contin@75-168-114-129.mpls.qwest.net) has joined #touchbook
[11:37] <snlemons> ha. no "man" installed by default and my wifi not working. I'm so screwed. :)
[11:38] <FIN__Master> oh. so tb must be on while connected to pc
[11:38] <FIN__Master> so you cant install the new os that way afterall
[11:39] <snlemons> yeah, kinda figured.
[11:42] <FIN__Master> have you browsed the forums about the issue?
[11:43] <snlemons> FIN__Master: did a brief search. couldn't find anyone with the same issue, I think.
[11:44] <FIN__Master> i just remember a few topics about wifi issues but dont remember the whole forum :)
[11:44] <snlemons> yeah, lots of wifi issues. no results, for instance, for "preparing security"
[11:52] <snlemons> I couldn't use sudo originally since the default account has no password. I changed my password with passwd and it won't accept my password for sudo. I can do sudo -s, but not regular sudo.
[11:53] <FIN__Master> I have the same thing
[11:53] <FIN__Master> so i use sudo -s when needed
[11:53] <snlemons> I can do "su ai" and it accepts the password fine
[12:02] <snlemons> I see why sudo -s works. it's set as NOPASSWD. no clue why regular sudo doesn't work, though.
[12:14] <snlemons> FIN__Master: figured the sudo issue out.
[12:15] <snlemons> FIN__Master: if you do visudo, you'll see the first line has "rootpw" as one of the defaults. that makes it require the root pass instead of the user's. remove it and you'll be able to sudo with your own password.
[12:17] <FIN__Master> Great! You should post the forums about that!
[12:21] <FIN__Master> That works indeed
[12:22] <FIN__Master> now going to sleep.. Hope you get some sense to the wifi issue
[12:35] * MMlosh (n=MMlosh@2001:470:1f0b:b78:581e:942a:24b2:4245) Quit ("Bye...")
[12:38] <torpor> i can't for the life of me figure out this problem with linking with aiGL
[12:38] <torpor> /usr/bin/arm-angstrom-linux-gnueabi-g++ -O3 -fomit-frame-pointer -mcpu=cortex-a8 -mfpu=neon Camera.o Chest.o Game.o Math.o ModelManager.o ParticleSystem.o RaceCourse.o Racer.o Renderer.o Seascape.o Texture.o main.o -laiGL -lm -lopenal -o tbWakeBreaker
[12:38] <torpor> main.cpp:(.text+0x360): undefined reference to `aiglGetWindowWidth()'
[12:38] <torpor> ^^ but I am specifying -laiGL
[12:38] <torpor> anyone know?
[12:39] <torpor> am i specifying -laiGL in the wrong position or something?
[13:02] * shiznebit__ (n=chatzill@ool-18b99096.dyn.optonline.net) has joined #touchbook
[13:04] * shiznebit_ (n=chatzill@ool-18b99096.dyn.optonline.net) Quit (Read error: 113 (No route to host))
[13:04] * shiznebit__ is now known as shiznebit_
[13:17] * snlemons is now known as snlemons-afk
[13:24] * snlemons-afk is now known as snlemons
[13:44] * shiznebit_ (n=chatzill@ool-18b99096.dyn.optonline.net) Quit (Read error: 113 (No route to host))
[13:52] <torpor> okay anyone in here want to take a look at the wakebreaker sources with me?
[13:52] <torpor> i'm getting a floating point exception when the engine starts, but it does display the splash screen at least which indicates the GL is otherwise working
[14:00] * dirk2 (n=dirk@p5B04199F.dip0.t-ipconnect.de) Quit (Remote closed the connection)
[14:09] <torpor> okay i got Wakebreaker port done!
[14:09] <torpor> if anyone wants to try it on their touchbooks, here is the direct download link:
[14:09] <torpor> http://w1xer.at/tbWakeBreaker
[14:09] <torpor> download it, chmod +x it, run it. :)
[14:09] <torpor> use the arrow keys to drive.
[14:09] <torpor> i am now preparing a source release
[14:31] * edt (n=Ed@dsl-216-221-35-27.aei.ca) Quit ("Leaving")
[14:40] <torpor> okay if anyone wants to try it out, a binary and sources are available here: http://w1xer.at/touchbook/
[14:44] <torpor> goodnight!
[14:44] * torpor (n=w1x@88-117-0-82.adsl.highway.telekom.at) has left #touchbook
[14:44] * MikeEvans (n=MikeEvan@tandem.force9.co.uk) has left #touchbook
[15:00] * evilnick_B (i=0c140464@rockbox/staff/evilnick) Quit ("Page closed")
[15:26] * snlemons (n=snlemons@c-24-60-77-165.hsd1.nh.comcast.net) Quit ("This computer has gone to sleep")
[16:01] * edt (n=Ed@dsl-61-72.aei.ca) has joined #touchbook
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[16:19] * edt (n=Ed@dsl-216-221-36-92.aei.ca) has joined #touchbook
[16:43] * ryuo (n=ryuo@frugalware/developer/ryuo) has joined #touchbook
[16:46] * tommd1 (n=Thomas_D@host-251-180.pubnet.pdx.edu) has joined #touchbook
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[17:15] * setanta (n=setanta@ Quit (Read error: 113 (No route to host))
[18:04] * gregoiregentil (n=gregoire@c-98-210-206-210.hsd1.ca.comcast.net) has joined #touchbook
[18:17] * Vito89 (n=quassel@gw.loccal.net) Quit (Read error: 60 (Operation timed out))
[18:21] * Guest65774 (n=chatzill@ppp-70-247-165-122.dsl.rcsntx.swbell.net) has joined #touchbook
[18:27] * snlemons (n=snlemons@c-24-60-77-165.hsd1.nh.comcast.net) has joined #touchbook
[18:27] <Guest65774> Need to check the details, but I think I'm experiencing same/similar problem as snlemons reported earlier.
[18:29] * tommd1 (n=Thomas_D@host-251-180.pubnet.pdx.edu) Quit ("Leaving.")
[18:32] * tommd (n=Thomas_D@host-251-180.pubnet.pdx.edu) has joined #touchbook
[18:34] * tommd (n=Thomas_D@host-251-180.pubnet.pdx.edu) Quit (Client Quit)
[18:34] <snlemons> ?
[18:34] <snlemons> oops
[18:35] <snlemons> Guest65774: your wifi is hanging at "preparing security", or it says "could not get IP"?
[18:37] <Guest65774> Well, It does nothing initially, but says "Checking Available Wifi Connections. Please Wait..." When I tried manual config of WPA, I couldn't get past "preparing security"
[18:38] <snlemons> yeah, sounds about the same. are you able to connect to non-WPA access points?
[18:39] <Guest65774> Well, I don't know PWs for others, but it at least detected other networks at work...
[18:40] <Guest65774> Here, there are at least two networks available, as verified by the netbook I'm on atm
[18:40] <snlemons> Guest65774: mine says "could not get IP" when I try to connect to a WEP AP I set up.
[18:40] <snlemons> same for unsecured.
[18:40] <Guest65774> I cann
[18:40] <snlemons> Guest65774: do "dmesg | grep kernel" in the terminal
[18:41] <Guest65774> Can't really test the AP atm, remote room with people sleeping
[18:41] <snlemons> mine gave some error about kernel page table or something every time I tried to connect to any wifi.
[18:41] <snlemons> Guest65774: gosh. quit being considerate of other people :-P
[18:41] <Guest65774> bear with me, I'm slow typing on this netbook, big hands
[18:42] <snlemons> no worries.
[18:42] <Guest65774> :)
[18:42] <snlemons> I'm sitting here waiting for the OS reinstall to finish.
[18:42] <Guest65774> ok, let me check dmesg
[18:44] <Guest65774> No results here
[18:44] <Guest65774> btw, got tb yesterday, running same os ver as you
[18:45] <snlemons> hm. maybe different issue with similar symptoms...
[18:45] <Guest65774> don't know much about dmesg, but I'll check for something fishy
[18:45] <gregoiregentil> Meaning which version do you see?
[18:45] <Guest65774> yes, could be
[18:46] <Guest65774> 11.a, I believe,lemme verify
[18:46] <snlemons> gregoiregentil: Nov 8 version
[18:47] <Guest65774> same here
[18:47] <snlemons> no version right now, though. bought an SD reader so I can do reinstall. ;)
[18:49] * Guest65774 decides to check ifconfig, iwconfig even though noot sure what that tells me
[18:49] <Guest65774> no lo on ifconfig. Think I saw a bug on that
[18:50] <snlemons> Guest65774: oh, weird.
[18:50] <Guest65774> Think I had it earlier? :(
[18:52] <snlemons> the wiki wasn't joking when it said OS reinstall may take a while. :)
[18:52] <Guest65774> lo shows up in iwconfig. Maybe I just don
[18:53] <Guest65774> don't know what to expect
[18:55] <viridior> evening all
[18:55] <Guest65774> gregoiregentil: What's the best approach to try to resolve the wifi issue?
[18:55] <Guest65774> Should I file a bug?
[18:56] <Guest65774> hi viridior
[18:57] <gregoiregentil> I'm not sure to understand to have the whole story for this wifi issue. Can you reproduce the problem with a clean install? Wasn't it working when you received the device?
[18:57] <Guest65774> No.
[18:57] <viridior> Guest65774: heya
[18:59] <Guest65774> gregoiregentil: Not sure I will be able to do a reinstall. Not sure I have a reader.
[18:59] <Guest65774> card reader
[19:00] <snlemons> gregoiregentil: mine was this way from the start. trying reinstall, though
[19:01] <gregoiregentil> is it only for WPA networks?
[19:01] <Guest65774> gregoiregentil: I can browse some networks at work, but not at home.
[19:06] <snlemons> gregoiregentil: on WPA it hangs on "preparing security" and on others it says "could not get IP"
[19:06] <snlemons> I mentioned some dmesg errors before. should be in the IRC logs.
[19:08] <Guest65774> How do I attempt to set the ESSID? Sorry, can
[19:08] <Guest65774> How do I attempt to set the ESSID? Sorry, can't ask man...
[19:18] * alexandre (n=alexandr@c-98-210-206-210.hsd1.ca.comcast.net) Quit ()
[19:21] <snlemons> Guest65774: http://linux.die.net/man/8/iwconfig
[19:23] <Guest65774> thanks
[19:45] * alexandre (n=alexandr@c-98-210-206-210.hsd1.ca.comcast.net) has joined #touchbook
[19:47] <snlemons> how long is this reinstall supposed to take on Windows? it's been about an hour and it's at 47%
[19:47] <snlemons> I'm sure it varies by computer, but assuming reasonable speed dual core, decent RAM.
[19:49] <viridior> i get about 5.5MB/s on a Linux box... i would imagine yours will be in the same ballpark
[19:51] <snlemons> viridior: how many MBs is it when it's finished? I don't see any indication of final size in the installer.
[19:53] <viridior> i can't remember, i writing 2009.11a for the first time, i believe its around 1.5GB, but thats a guess
[19:58] <snlemons> so, by that math, it should be about 5 minutes?
[20:01] <viridior> well... its a 8GB card... can't be more than 30min ;)
[20:03] * azaghal (n=azaghal@ Quit (Read error: 60 (Operation timed out))
[20:03] * azaghal (n=azaghal@ has joined #touchbook
[20:04] * Guest65774 is learning iwconfig
[20:04] <Guest65774> I think I
[20:05] <Guest65774> I think I've got mode and ESSID right, but don't know how to specify encryption methods
[20:05] <viridior> im gonna let it run over night, see everyone tomorrow
[20:07] <Guest65774> bye
[20:19] <Guest65774> ok, giving up on encryption. Not sure if it's a bug or my failing
[20:24] <snlemons> Guest65774: so, yours works on non-encrypted APs?
[20:24] <snlemons> mine doesn't
[20:25] <Guest65774> No non-encrypted to test on
[20:25] <snlemons> ah, ok. well, best of luck there :)
[20:26] <snlemons> I'll tell you if reinstall works for me
[20:26] <Guest65774> giving up because I can't get the setting to take
[20:26] <drantin> mine's worked on WPA/PSK and unencrypted :/
[20:26] <Guest65774> ok, glad to hear
[20:27] * Guest65774 doesn' know how to switch encryption modes either
[20:28] * alexandre (n=alexandr@c-98-210-206-210.hsd1.ca.comcast.net) Quit ()
[20:28] * evilnick (n=evilnick@ool-4571af51.dyn.optonline.net) has joined #touchbook
[21:30] * alexandre (n=alexandr@c-76-21-41-103.hsd1.ca.comcast.net) has joined #touchbook
[21:38] <snlemons> gregoiregentil: so, it turns out the problem is still around even after a reinstall
[21:51] * Vito89 (n=quassel@gw.loccal.net) has joined #touchbook
[22:25] * alexandre (n=alexandr@c-76-21-41-103.hsd1.ca.comcast.net) Quit ()
[22:34] * Q_Continuum (n=Q_Contin@75-168-114-129.mpls.qwest.net) Quit (No route to host)
[22:35] * Q_Continuum (n=Q_Contin@75-168-111-27.mpls.qwest.net) has joined #touchbook
[22:42] <snlemons> grrr... this wifi issue is so frustrating. I can't see why a reinstall wouldn't have fixed it, unless it's a hardware issue.
[22:44] <snlemons> Guest65774: interesting note. I don't have lo when I do ifconfig now, either.
[22:44] <gregoiregentil> snlemons: I'm sorry. But I don't have the whole story and this problem is something new to me. To rule out hardware proble, is it working with non encrypted? What do you have in dmesg? Is the blue light blinking?
[22:44] <gregoiregentil> it's fine for lo. it should not impact
[22:44] <gregoiregentil> you can do:
[22:44] <gregoiregentil> sudo -s
[22:44] <gregoiregentil> ifconfig lo up
[22:44] <gregoiregentil> if you want it
[22:45] <gregoiregentil> or go to the printers in start menu (it will start lo as it's needed for cups)
[22:45] <Guest65774> yeah, I got lo back up that way, no problem
[22:45] <snlemons> gregoiregentil: with my WPA AP it hangs at "preparing security". with my un-secured ones, it says "could notg et IP"
[22:45] * nullm0dem (n=quassel@65-183-140-170-dhcp.burlingtontelecom.net) has joined #touchbook
[22:45] <snlemons> makes sense. so, let me see... what othe questions...
[22:45] <snlemons> blue light is blinking, yes
[22:46] <gregoiregentil> have you ever made it work?
[22:46] <snlemons> and dmesg has a couple of weird things...
[22:46] <gregoiregentil> like?
[22:46] <snlemons> gregoiregentil: nope. same error since I first tried. even after reinstall.
[22:46] <snlemons> let me re-run dmesg after trying to connect again. one second.
[22:48] <snlemons> for one thing, it says at one point "division by zero in kernel"
[22:48] <snlemons> and then a bunch of stuff I don't understand, most of which says "rt3070" in it
[22:49] <snlemons> before it was saying something like "bad address in kernel page" or something, but I don't see it now (not sure I've seen that one since the reinstall)
[22:50] * alexandre (n=alexandr@c-76-21-41-103.hsd1.ca.comcast.net) has joined #touchbook
[22:51] <gregoiregentil> please pastebin.com your dmesg if you can
[22:51] <snlemons> gregoiregentil: ok. I'll have to pipe to file and copy it onto a USB drive, so it will take a second.
[22:51] <gregoiregentil> the name of the driver is 2870 so it should be more rt2870 stuff than rt3070
[22:52] <gregoiregentil> if USB drive is working correctly, it's unlikely a hardware problem of the board. It may be a hardware problem of the dongle but I would be surprised
[22:52] <snlemons> I see.
[22:53] <snlemons> let me restart and do it fresh. I actually have another USB wifi card I was trying, and it may have gotten errors mixed in.
[22:55] <snlemons> here we are. these are the errors I was getting before the reinstall.
[22:55] <snlemons> I'll pastebin that, so you don't have to debug my random other USB wifi card. :)
[22:58] <snlemons> gregoiregentil: this is after trying to connect to my WPA-encrypted AP http://pastebin.com/m42282f99
[22:59] <snlemons> I'll do the same for trying to connect to my unencrypted one, if you'd like.
[23:01] * Vito89 (n=quassel@gw.loccal.net) Quit (Read error: 113 (No route to host))
[23:01] <gregoiregentil> that doesn't look too bad to me
[23:01] <gregoiregentil> I have similar things on my Touch Book
[23:02] <gregoiregentil> can you try with another wireless router?
[23:02] <snlemons> gregoiregentil: that's a good sign. before the reinstall I was getting some weird thing about kernel pages being bad, which I don't see now. that's an improvement at least. :)
[23:02] <gregoiregentil> yup
[23:02] <gregoiregentil> this dmesg doesn't look bad. I have similar stuff
[23:03] <snlemons> copying the results from attempting to connect to another AP for you now. looks about the same...
[23:05] <snlemons> still tells me "could not get an IP", BTW. pastebin is here http://pastebin.com/m38781886
[23:06] <gregoiregentil> looks OK. Not sure what to say and not sure where the problem is
[23:09] <snlemons> yeah, none of it looks horrible to me, either, aside from the not connecting part. :)
[23:12] * edgar (n=edgar@p5DC019AE.dip0.t-ipconnect.de) has joined #touchbook
[23:12] <snlemons> gregoiregentil: what would be the next step? ask someone else? file a bug?
[23:15] <edgar> gregoiregentil: Do you have any hint how I can compile C/C++ on the touchbook ?
[23:15] <drantin> gcc and g++ ?
[23:16] <edgar> First and more important: gcc
[23:19] <drantin> well, gcc seems to be in PATH at any rate...
[23:19] <drantin> ai@touchbook:/home/ai$ gcc --version
[23:19] <drantin> gcc (GCC) 4.3.3
[23:20] * edgar (n=edgar@p5DC019AE.dip0.t-ipconnect.de) Quit (Read error: 54 (Connection reset by peer))
[23:20] <drantin> -_-
[23:21] * edgar (n=edgar@p5DC019AE.dip0.t-ipconnect.de) has joined #touchbook
[23:22] <drantin> edgar: well, gcc is installed already...
[23:23] <drantin> just run it from a terminal
[23:23] <edgar> drantin: Do you tried to make a "hello world" ?
[23:25] <edgar> libc or glibc is wrong installed.
[23:25] <drantin> ah, I see...
[23:26] <edgar> Need a hint, what I have to install to make it work and not corrupt other apps.
[23:42] * dirk2 (n=dirk@p5B0407C9.dip0.t-ipconnect.de) has joined #touchbook
[23:49] * dirk2 (n=dirk@p5B0407C9.dip0.t-ipconnect.de) Quit (Remote closed the connection)
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[23:50] <edgar> I recommand to switch to angstrom. No ipkg and no gcc is ugly and unproductive.
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[23:58] <Guest65774> ok almost thought I had the wifi, then got bit from another direction.
[23:58] <Guest65774> must sleep
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