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[6:09] <martinh> hmmm. ok. so, networking works just fine when not using wep.
[6:16] <Corsac> wep is deprecated and insecure anyway :)
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[6:21] <DJWillis> WEP: About as secure as a chocolate teapot ;-)
[6:23] <Corsac> hhmhm, chocolate
[6:23] <DJWillis> Hmmmm, Tea :) - Earl Grey and some nice cake...
[6:26] <DJWillis> Corsac: how is Xfce 4.6 looking for you these days? Anything that should find it's way back into mainline OE?
[6:27] <Corsac> hmhm, I've upgraded AIOS so it downgraded Xfce :)
[6:27] <Corsac> I need to re-do the upgrade
[6:27] <Corsac> but basically it looked pretty fine
[6:27] <DJWillis> lol
[6:28] <martinh> and yet, something that old shouldn't be breaking.
[6:28] <Corsac> I'd love if people would just break wep so people are forced to use real encryption
[6:29] <Corsac> though people might only revert to open mode
[6:29] <Corsac> (which is fine if you know what you're doing)
[6:29] <DJWillis> Fixed up SLiM as a DM recently and that seems to be working well with Xfce 4.6 on OMAP3
[6:29] <martinh> well. . .that's what I'm going to do. . .
[6:29] <DJWillis> martinh: define breaking, it should be ok (well in OE anyway, not sure about AIOS)
[6:29] <martinh> if I already have to fuck around with converting shit, i'm not going to convert to something else that'll make me have to type in passwords later.
[6:30] <martinh> i haven't spent much time looking into it, but it would register the ap but then never get an IP from my dhcp server.
[6:31] <Corsac> martinh: at least wpa2/ccmp works fine
[6:31] <Corsac> don't know about anything else
[6:31] <martinh> open works fine.
[6:31] <martinh> wep didn't.
[6:31] <Corsac> wep is not more secure than open mode
[6:32] <Corsac> (and even worse if you think it protects you)
[6:33] <dpb> well it does stop *normal* users from accessing the wlan
[6:33] <Corsac> what's a normal user?
[6:33] <dpb> a user that has no idea what wep even is :)
[6:33] <DJWillis> Corsac: not someone who lives near me it would seem ;-)
[6:34] <Corsac> dpb: so you only accept people that know what wep is, ok
[6:34] <dpb> No, I use wpa ;o
[6:34] <DJWillis> martinh: what wireless driver had you been using, compat-wireless.latest?
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[8:04] <martinh> yea. whatever comes with the standard new release.
[8:04] <martinh> like I said, i haven't had any time to really play with stuff.
[8:12] <Corsac> we don't really want to know when you play with your stuff
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[8:36] <martinh> you sure? i can provide documentation and screencasts and other good information.
[8:36] * Corsac is scared
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[8:57] <Guest47424> tb now within driving distance!
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[9:32] <FIN__Master> can someone test if the file > open works in mplayer when usb memory is plugged
[9:33] <FIN__Master> I asked alexander about that yesterday but didn't realize it was the usb-stick causing that
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[9:49] <FIN__Master> alexandre: I asked yesterday about mplayer crashing and I noticed it happens only when usb-memorystick is plugged in
[9:50] <FIN__Master> I posted also to forums about this http://www.alwaysinnovating.com/forums/viewtopic.php?f=9&t=449
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[11:54] <jaggz> that's weird.. any logs? what kind of crash? have you tried to strace it?
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[11:58] <FIN__Master> Don't know of any logs. It just disappears with no error messages. I'll get to know strace and try that
[11:59] <leinir> FIN__Master: i also get an mplayer crash, but on certain streams
[11:59] <leinir> reported it as critical (crashes tend to be, at least where i normally hang out), but it was reduced to normal ;)
[12:03] <jaggz> just "strace mplayer mplayer_options_here" basically. If you want to keep the output you can use the -o option (strace -o output.txt etc.) or just redirect stderr like: strace etc. 2>output.txt
[12:04] <jaggz> -e open is also handy in some cases.. reducing on output when you just want to see what something opens
[12:04] <FIN__Master> ill try
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[12:15] <FIN__Master> hmmm. mplayer works fine when started from terminal. And crashing occurs when started from quick-launch
[12:16] <jaggz> maybe different options are passed.. or different mplayer :)
[12:16] <FIN__Master> also crashing when lauched from start > multimedia > media player
[12:17] <FIN__Master> the quick-launch says gnome-mplayer without any options and I did the same in terminal
[12:18] <FIN__Master> maybe I just use it from terminal. Tough-guys use terminal anyway
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[12:26] <FIN__Master> could there be some interference from the usb ports cause i noticed that midori crashes when saving as and at the same time the usb memory is plugged
[12:27] <FIN__Master> again it works perfectly without the usb memory
[12:27] <jaggz> it's very strange imo
[12:28] <jaggz> try to leave the usb in but unmount it
[12:28] <jaggz> but it would be good to be able to reproduce it from commandline :)
[12:31] <FIN__Master> same thing when unmounted :S
[12:32] <FIN__Master> ill try to format the card again if its broken. It used to work with the earlier os though
[12:33] <gregoiregentil> I have fixed the install-sd.sh script and it defaults to the right files now.
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[12:40] <edgar> Cannot build on the tb. ld missing __libc_csu_init in _start from crt1.o
[12:41] <edgar> Is the C-Runtime mixed ?
[12:42] <edgar> It's an error from ./configure
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[13:03] <rrebel_> Does the automatic updater for 2009-09.c actually work?
[13:03] <FIN__Master> Formatted the usb-memory and its empty but still mplayer shuts down
[13:04] <rrebel_> I kicked it off last night from the system menu and it didn't do anything.
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[13:16] <FIN__Master> Is there any way to use bluetooth? Didn't find it on the forums
[13:18] <rrebel_> When I run it by hand via sudo or as root, I just end up downloading a schell script that echo's nothing to be done for the moment.
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[13:26] <jaggz> FIN, would be good to figure out why it's crashing.. the formatting of the usb stick should not cause a player to crash -- however, if the player is just "exiting" cleanly, that's not necessarily a crash.. .that's why it'll be good to find out what's going on. Why don't you take out the usb stick, run the player, then look at your running tasks to see exactly what player is running?
[13:27] <jaggz> I'm not sure about the touchbook platform.. but in general from shell you can do: ps auxwf | less
[13:32] <rrebel_> So, no matter what I can't get my system to pull down 2009-11.a
[13:33] <rrebel_> I've run the commands by hand, I still get a small shell script telling me there is nothing to be done.
[13:33] <rrebel_> Could there be a problem with my Unique ID?
[13:33] <rrebel_> I checked all the steps out manually with wget as well.
[13:33] <FIN__Master> jaggz: im surely tryin to figure whats causing this but it would be helpful if someone else could confirm this is happening
[13:34] <rrebel_> Has anyone else had troubles updating?
[13:35] <FIN__Master> i'll try tomorrow with other usb-memory to confirm the stick is not the issue here
[13:35] <jaggz> it only needs to happen to you :)
[13:37] <FIN__Master> maybe its me causing this. not tb, not the memory, just me :)
[13:37] <FIN__Master> and I found a perfect game for tb
[13:38] <FIN__Master> numptyphysics which is like crayon physics. can be installed with "ipkg install numptyphysics"
[13:41] <gregoiregentil> it exists on OE (as you were able to ipkg it)
[13:41] <gregoiregentil> I'm fine to add it to the image. The policy right now is more to add anything that is working correctly to the image.
[13:43] <FIN__Master> gregoiregentil: i was really excited to see it works perfect after the install and I really think it should be added to the image
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[13:43] <gregoiregentil> I'm compiling it right now ;-) to see how it looks like
[13:44] <FIN__Master> gregoiregentil: And yesterday I was so annoyed about the screen blanking due to old kernel I forgot to say that the new version works so much better than the earlier. Good Job!
[13:44] <gregoiregentil> good! I knew that it was really fixed. I have updated bugzilla
[13:46] <FIN__Master> gregoiregentil: any idea why i still cant save any settings? For example the dpms and screensaver settings and others are set to default on every boot..
[13:47] <gregoiregentil> because it's X
[13:47] <gregoiregentil> I don't know how to change those settings even on my machine
[13:48] <FIN__Master> so we call it a feature then :)
[13:48] <gregoiregentil> so it's not Touch Book specific. if you manage to find the right file to be modified on your Ubuntu/Linux machine
[13:48] <gregoiregentil> we can probably easily backport to Touch Book
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[13:52] <FIN__Master> hmm. segfault from numptyphysics.. not so perfect afterall
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[14:36] <Corsac> gregoiregentil: well, you can set it in xorg.conf
[14:36] <Corsac> Option "StandbyTime" "time"
[14:37] <Corsac> Option "SuspendTime" "time"
[14:37] <Corsac> Option "OffTime" "time"
[14:37] <Corsac> and then xscreensaver can sets it, and it's saved in xscreensaver config
[14:37] <Corsac> xfpm can set it, and same, in xfpm config
[14:37] <Corsac> etc.
[14:37] <Corsac> and you can use a startup script to call xset too :)
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[15:04] <mturquette> gregoiregentil: any update on the upstreamed tb board support?
[15:04] <mturquette> also, will try to look into battery issue this weekend. busy time for me though, i'm moving apartments soon ;-)
[15:19] <rrebel_> gregoiregentil: Hello. No one has answered me yet, but do you know any reason why my TB won't update to 2009-11.a? I keep getting a shell script with an echo to say nothing to do.
[15:24] <gregoiregentil> rrebel_:
[15:24] <gregoiregentil> just to understand, you are trying to update the SD card on a separate PC?
[15:24] <gregoiregentil> correct?
[15:25] <rrebel_> gregoiregentil: No, I am running on a TB. I went into the system menu and ran the updater from there.
[15:25] <rrebel_> gregoiregentil: It reports a newer version is avialable and will be downloaded and i'll be notified later when done.
[15:25] <gregoiregentil> the updater is disabled as long as we are in beta. if you want to upgrade, you need to upgrade
[15:25] <gregoiregentil> separately the SD card on another PC
[15:26] <gregoiregentil> the message is probably not very accurate. I should fix that
[15:26] <rrebel_> gregoiregentil: Oh. Okay. I have a linux machine with an sd card reader and most of the openembedded bitbaked already.
[15:26] <gregoiregentil> but to answer your question, you need to shutdown, take the card, plug it to your ubuntu machine
[15:26] <gregoiregentil> and update there
[15:26] <gregoiregentil> there is a wiki page about this
[15:26] <rrebel_> gregoiregentil: Are there instructions?? I have been out of the loop for two weeks now.
[15:26] <gregoiregentil> http://www.alwaysinnovating.com/wiki/index.php/Reinstall_OS
[15:27] <rrebel_> gregoiregentil: Thanks. I'll check for it in the wiki.
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[15:27] <gregoiregentil> you have everything on this page
[15:28] <jaggz-> greg, did you get my pm?
[15:28] <rrebel_> gregoiregentil: Thanks for that pointer. I didnt' know the updater wasn't enabled during beta.
[15:29] <gregoiregentil> I will clarify this in the message. the message is best case confusing, worst case wrong
[15:29] <rrebel_> gregoiregentil: I knew what I signed on for. ;) Just needed a little guidance. I want to try the new image before I continue my other bitbaking recipes.
[15:30] <gregoiregentil> sure. Makes sense.
[15:31] <rrebel_> I think I saw above you updated the kernel. I had been following the linux-arm stuff and the omap3 discussions with regards to suspend to ram and getting them into the mainline linux kernel.
[15:31] <rrebel_> Then of course, a client who wanted to *pay* me interrupted my tinkering. :D
[15:32] <gregoiregentil> rrebel_: we are changing a little bit the roadmap for this and we will do something similar to Nokia.
[15:33] <rrebel_> gregoiregentil: Does that mean no *.32.pl??? and a separate TB patch?
[15:33] <gregoiregentil> when the user wants to "sleep" the device, we are turning off the screen and instead of putting the OMAP in sleep mode, we will put in retention mode of the linux-omap-pm branch
[15:33] <gregoiregentil> unfortunately, this is not yet fully mature but we and some other teams are working on this
[15:34] <rrebel_> gregoiregentil: I see. It's pretty important, IMHO, with instant on devices becoming very popular and the ability is basically there.
[15:34] <gregoiregentil> and it won't be done in 2.6.29. It will be on 2.6.32 probably. I expect to have this more next month
[15:34] <gregoiregentil> I definitely agree. It's an important item of the todo list and a blocker to declare v. 1.0
[15:35] <rrebel_> gregoiregentil: I started a recipe for 2.6.32 for patching forward the TB patches you already have. But I didn't get much farther than the AI button as I got distracted by work.
[15:36] <gregoiregentil> rrebel_: I like that!
[15:36] <gregoiregentil> we should see if we can do something together. I know that Koen has also worked on 2.6.32
[15:36] <rrebel_> gregoiregentil: As I have time I'll keep tinkering. I got sidetracked by the new image and the updater.
[15:36] <gregoiregentil> the point is to port a bunch of patches.
[15:36] <rrebel_> gregoiregentil: No, I didn't know he had. I have seen him talk here.
[15:37] <gregoiregentil> you should take a look on OE. the page is here:
[15:37] <rrebel_> gregoiregentil: I certainly see that the OMAP3 patches are going to end up in mainline. That's good. It's just timing.
[15:37] <gregoiregentil> http://cgit.openembedded.net/cgit.cgi/openembedded/tree/recipes/linux/linux-omap-pm_git.bb
[15:37] <gregoiregentil> yup. Tony is doing a great job (though it could be faster for the integration of the pm branch) but it's coming indeed
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[15:38] <rrebel_> That means the AI patchset can be pretty minimal and certainly some of it made into modules.
[15:39] <gregoiregentil> yup
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[15:40] <rrebel_> This is the first embedded platform I've worked on that boots from SD cards. I keep hitting obvious stumbling blocks.
[15:40] <rrebel_> Well, I guess this isn't really an "embedded" platform, but it's close to one.
[15:40] <govee> any feel if/when we will get mpeg4/h2.64. I would relly like to use less space for movies and such.
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[16:08] <hyc> govee: all codecs are already running in mplayer / ffmpeg
[16:08] <hyc> DSP version of mpeg4 is also already there
[16:08] <hyc> the DSP version of H264 is there too, but it only supports H264BP
[16:37] <govee> hyc: thanks. I tried mplayer with a mpeg4/h2.64 and it didnt play. I will try some others.
[16:39] <hyc> what resolution was the video?
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[17:35] <govee> hyc: 480x208 formerly ripped for my bb storm
[17:46] <hyc> hm, sounds like it should have been no problem
[17:47] <hyc> at least, it usually plays 384x288 H.264MP from hulu ok
[18:02] <govee> just tried via command line and it says your system is too slow to play this. I can hear the audio, but there is only a bllank screen.
[18:02] <govee> it is a .mp4 if tat matters
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[18:07] <hyc> check the wiki for instructions on how to use DSPlink
[18:07] <hyc> with totem / gstreamer. it can probably play it
[18:26] <govee> ok thanks
[18:54] <govee> dsplink complains " You are missing mem=227M in your kernel command line" after the dsplink start and no videos will play. the first failure is "CMEM Error: init: Failed to open /dev/cmem: 'No such file or directory".
[18:54] <govee> cmem failure is the first failure when attempting to play the video.
[18:58] <gregoiregentil> you need to add mem=227M in your kernel command line
[18:58] <gregoiregentil> note that dspbridge works out of the box
[18:58] <gregoiregentil> for dsplink, you need to do a fw_setenv
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[19:22] <govee> well I hate to do this, but how do I do this? where is the kernel command line
[19:28] <gregoiregentil> I need to improve the wiki
[19:28] <gregoiregentil> you need to do it with fw_setenv in command line
[19:28] <gregoiregentil> but there are a few tricks
[19:28] <govee> no joy on dspbridge. Message: Error: GStreamer encountered a general stream error.
[19:28] <govee> gstomx_base_filter.c(716): pad_chain (): /GstPlayBin:play/GstDecodeBin:decodebin0/GstOmxH264Dec:omxh264dec0:
[19:28] <govee> Error from OpenMAX component
[19:29] <govee> hmm that was weird. ididnt put those smileys in..switching to plain text.
[19:29] <gregoiregentil> have you run /etc/init.d/dspbridge-init start
[19:29] <govee> Message: Error: GStreamer encountered a general stream error.
[19:29] <govee> gstomx_base_filter.c(716): pad_chain (): /GstPlayBin:play/GstDecodeBin:decodebin0/GstOmxH264Dec:omxh264dec0:
[19:29] <govee> Error from OpenMAX component
[19:29] <gregoiregentil> as sudo
[19:30] <govee> yes i did
[19:42] <govee> entering fw_setnev in terminal returns nothing.
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[19:48] <govee> I was entering as fw_setenv not as I listed above.
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[19:50] <govee> interestingly fw_printenv works
[19:50] <gusto> hello
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[20:00] <Kevin_> has anyone been successful at installing 2009-11.a through windows?
[20:01] <gusto__> I have
[20:02] <Kevin_> hmm, so i have been trying since they posted hte .gz file and for whatever reason it refuses to load
[20:02] <Kevin_> the screen will fade in white, then fade back to black
[20:04] <gusto__> do you mean sd-card.gz?
[20:04] <Kevin_> yea
[20:05] <Kevin_> i downloaded the file, and ran the updater, and the os does not load
[20:05] <gusto__> hmm
[20:06] <Kevin_> yea i thought it was odd, and i was able to re-load the old os
[20:06] <Kevin_> what version of windows are you running? I have been running win7 for a few weeks now
[20:06] <gusto__> did you pick the .gz file in the updated
[20:07] <gusto__> updater*
[20:07] <gusto__> and I'm running vista
[20:08] <Kevin_> yea i saved the file to my desktop, and loaded that one into the updater
[20:08] <Kevin_> it's really strange
[20:10] <gusto__> yeah 'cause that's what I did and it worked for me
[20:10] <gusto__> although I did have to update it twice cause it didn't work the first time
[20:12] <tommd> gusto__, Kevin_: I had to flash mine twice too, very odd seeing as there is no technical reason for it to be different the second time around. At any rate, I would make sure you have the right file by checking the md5sum.
[20:13] <Kevin_> what is that/how do i do that
[20:13] <tommd> Kevin_: Well, its simple in Linux but with Windows you probably have to download a separate program that will perform a hash. Let me look around.
[20:14] * gusto (n=irchon@ Quit (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
[20:15] <tommd> Kevin_: HashCalc looks like a common windows hash program.
[20:15] <Kevin_> ok
[20:15] <Kevin_> sorry, that means nothing to me
[20:15] <tommd> Just run HashCalc on your sd-card.gz and compare the output to the one for sd-card.gz here (http://www.alwaysinnovating.com/release/latest/md5sum.txt)
[20:16] <tommd> Kevin_: So if the hash value comes out the same for both hashcalc and what is on the AI website then the file is the same and there were no errors in the download.
[20:16] <tommd> If its different then your file is corrupt and you need to redownload it.
[20:16] <Kevin_> ok
[20:16] <Kevin_> i'm going to down load a fresh file, and see what happens
[20:16] <tommd> Or you can do it that way...
[20:17] <Kevin_> ok let me find the one i downloaded
[20:17] <Kevin_> before
[20:20] <Kevin_> how do i see the hash value?
[20:25] <tommd> Do you have hashcalc?
[20:25] <tommd> You probably just drag the file into the hashcalc window, Kevin_.
[20:25] <Kevin_> downloaded one as we speak
[20:25] <tommd> But I can't say for sure, I don't use windows or any of this gui stuff.
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[20:26] <tommd> I just type "md5sum sd-card.gz" and done!
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[20:27] <tommd> hello again
[20:27] <gusto___> does anybody know how to get the 3d ebook reader like in the video
[20:29] * edt (n=Ed@ has joined #touchbook
[20:35] <gregoiregentil> /usr/bin/ai/examples/ebook/launch.sh
[20:37] * gusto__ (n=irchon@ Quit (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
[20:40] <Kevin_> gregoire, i've been having issues installing the new os via windows. The screen fades from white to black, and back, any suggestions?
[20:40] <gregoiregentil> suggestion, not sure but it means that the card is not right
[20:40] <gregoiregentil> the system doesn't boot. Read the troubleshooting on the wiki. so basically, your card doesn't boot
[20:40] <tommd> Did the hash check out, Kevin_?
[20:41] <gregoiregentil> two solutions: try again with the windows updater
[20:41] <gregoiregentil> if you have a linux machine, that may be a good option.
[20:41] <gregoiregentil> if you are really lost, we could exchange the card but I would prefer not too
[20:42] <Kevin_> @ tommd_i tried, but i don't know how to use the has program
[20:42] <gregoiregentil> there is a simple program on windows to calculate md5sum
[20:42] <gregoiregentil> let me find it again
[20:42] <gregoiregentil> one second
[20:42] <tommd> Kevin_: Well, if it doesn't have an "open" option then I'd expect just dragging the file should do it. If not then I'm at a loss.
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[20:43] <gusto___> I believe I read somewhere in the wiki about there being a Quake game installed, am I correct?
[20:43] <Kevin_> @gregoire_i have a linux live boot cd, and i could do that
[20:43] <tommd> I already suggested hashcalc to him.
[20:43] <tommd> Kevin_: So long as you have access to the windows file system then that would work
[20:43] <tommd> Kevin_: Just open a terminal and run "md5sum /mnt/someWindowsDirectory/sd-card.gz" and make sure it comes out the same as the website I posted earlier.
[20:43] <gregoiregentil> You may try this one: http://www.md5summer.org/md5v12011.zip
[20:44] <gregoiregentil> if I remember well, there is a UI
[20:48] <gregoiregentil> so download and run md5summer.exe
[20:48] <gregoiregentil> click on create sums with MD5 selected in the drop down
[20:48] <tommd> Humm., I have proven the TB takes non-zero power. I hadn't charged it since yesterday and it has finally died.
[20:48] <gregoiregentil> select the sd-card.gz file and click on "Add"
[20:48] <gregoiregentil> then click on OK
[20:49] <gregoiregentil> you can click cancel when asking to save the file
[20:49] <gregoiregentil> you have the MD5 Hash that you should compare to the one in md5sum.txt on the server
[20:55] <Kevin_> ok so the number of the md5 file i created is the same as the one online
[20:55] <Kevin_> meaning i have the correct file, right?
[20:55] <gregoiregentil> so you have the right file
[20:55] <gregoiregentil> correct
[20:55] <gregoiregentil> so reboot your PC to make sure
[20:55] <gregoiregentil> and follow the wiki steps
[20:55] <gregoiregentil> it "should" work
[20:56] <Kevin_> reboot before i use the updater?
[20:57] <Kevin_> ill give it a shot
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