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[0:49] <oly> quick question whats the delay on new uk orders got a intrested friend but needs it for mid january
[0:50] <jvs> oly, you should know better by now
[0:50] <oly> what that they can not say, or that its a very big delay :p
[0:50] <jvs> it's not that easy to answer this question
[0:50] <jvs> I'd contact them by mail
[0:50] <oly> i actually got a reply about mine apparently my card was declined for some reason :/
[0:50] <jvs> ask them if there are still units left for the next batch
[0:51] <oly> hopefully will go through by now
[0:51] <jvs> but you did get the processed email?
[0:52] <oly> nope, just a message saying they had tried to take the money and it was declined
[0:52] <jvs> ok
[0:52] <oly> perhaps i had a typo when i fileld in the card details the first time
[0:53] <jvs> probably
[0:53] <oly> i checked this morning and there should not be a problem with the amount there taking out so got no other idea why it would be declined
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[8:52] <jvs> alexandre, will international customers get a tracking number this time?
[8:59] <jvs> oly, tracking number yet?
[9:00] <oly> nope, but the bank rang me up with a fraud check against the order
[9:00] <oly> which is why it was declined but they said it should go through when they retry now
[9:01] <gregoiregentil1> For international customers, we are using USPS and USPS is supposed to send an email to recipient (like they do for domestic shipments). But it has been reported many times that their system doesn't do it all the time for international shipments. So it's unsure if you will get a tracking number
[9:02] <jvs> great
[9:03] <jvs> so, if I won't have reived my order within the next 2 weeks
[9:03] <jvs> they got lost or did never leave the AI department or got stuck somewhere in the middle of nowhere
[9:03] <jvs> not your fault though
[9:03] <jvs> I just hate parcel services
[9:04] <sconemad> hi gregoire, still having these USB problems unfortunately :(
[9:08] <sconemad> the connections to the mini-usb are ok, but the problem is still occuring. I don't know if you saw the dmesg logs i sent to support, but they do seem to show something seriously wrong.
[9:11] <sconemad> i appreicate you must be very busy, but if i need to return the unit then its going to take a long time, so i'd rather get this long process started sooner rather than later ;)
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[9:14] <gregoiregentil1> sconemad: let me take a look at the dmesg this morning
[9:15] <sconemad> gregoire: thanks
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[9:33] <diroots> gregoiregentil1: and as the sender of these boxes, you dont get a copy of these tracing numbers you can forward to us?
[9:33] <diroots> *tracking
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[9:41] <gregoiregentil1> we get it through the system but we can't automate an automaticso it's painful
[9:42] <gregoiregentil1> rewording: we get it through the system but we can't easily automate an email forward so it's quite painful to do it manually. But we do have the number in case there is any problem
[9:44] <diroots> ok, so we'll be able to ask for it if we have no news for too long after confirmation of shipment
[9:45] <gregoiregentil1> correct
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[9:49] <diroots> nice :p
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[12:05] <torpor> i really love the inclusion of teapot in tbOS.
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[12:05] <torpor> this is a really respectable thing to do: self-hosting.
[12:06] <torpor> no additional stuff to do, everything you need to develop and distribute is already onboard.
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[12:12] <jvs> what's teapot?
[12:12] <jvs> "A teapot is a vessel used for steeping tea leaves or an herbal mix in near-boiling water."
[12:12] <jvs> ?
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[12:13] <ryuo> i think he means the software that animates a 3d teapot?
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[12:44] <tommd> torpor: That doesn't sound wise to me. Making straightforward directions that _work_ would be great, but taking significant time to setup TB software hosting on a TB is rather silly - no one would have enough time to actually compile the OS!
[12:50] <koen> where "taking significant time" read "turning it on and booting it"
[12:53] <tommd> koen: I'm not sure how to interpret your retort. Are you saying setting up a build environment to compile AI-OS is as fast as booting the TB?
[12:55] <jvs> ryuo, the're ignoring us
[12:55] <ryuo> jvs: ah the joy of being invisible ;)
[12:55] <jvs> *excellent*
[12:56] <tommd> Who is ignoring you, jvs?
[12:56] <jvs> I have been asking what teapot is?
[12:56] <tommd> From my end it looks like we have bad netsplit so not everyone in the room can see everyone else.
[12:56] <jvs> or ryuo and me were asking ourselves
[12:56] <tommd> jvs: And someone answered that it is a GL program that renders a teapot.
[12:56] <ryuo> yea but i wasn't sure.
[12:56] <jvs> oh, it actually is?
[12:57] <tommd> Oh, I wouldn't know for sure - I see that was ryuo's comment so if he isn't sure...
[12:57] <ryuo> i've only seen one teapot program ever.
[12:57] <torpor> tommd: go to /usr/bin/ai/examples/teapot, type 'make', and run teapot.
[12:57] <torpor> nothing else is needed. :)
[12:57] <ryuo> and it animated a 3D teapot
[12:58] <jvs> amazing
[12:58] <tommd> sounds like torpor knows whats what with the teapot.
[12:58] <ryuo> this was when i emulated an old PC to see what BeOS once was.
[12:58] <tommd> But what type of tea?
[12:58] <ryuo> haha.
[12:59] <torpor> look, the point is, if you wanted to make a 3D game, you could do it with just the touchbook right now if you wanted. sound too.
[12:59] <torpor> no further work required.
[12:59] <torpor> beyond make a 3D game, that is.
[12:59] <torpor> i just think its brilliant to have things work as simply as that: screw the cross-compiler, lets make these nice little fast machines build their own kit.
[12:59] <jvs> torpor, I see
[13:00] <torpor> i bet it wouldn't be so slow once you'd done it once.
[13:00] <ryuo> ARM, fast? haha...
[13:00] <ryuo> i've seen snails that can run laps around my TB. :P
[13:00] <torpor> whatever
[13:00] <torpor> the machine is plenty fast for lots of things. compiling code is one of those things.
[13:00] <ryuo> but yea i know what you mean.
[13:01] <ryuo> just nothing like my x86.
[13:01] <ryuo> would be nice if it had a c++ compiler shipped with it. some of my favorite programs are written in c++
[13:02] <tommd> There isn't a g++ ipkg you can install?
[13:02] <jvs> ryuo, downclock your x86 to 600 Mhz
[13:02] <jvs> then disable VDPAU
[13:02] <tommd> lol
[13:02] <ryuo> jvs: i can't :P
[13:02] <jvs> and try to play 720p
[13:02] <ryuo> it only goes as low as 800 via scaling
[13:03] <jvs> I bet you cannot play 720p at 800 Mhz
[13:03] <jvs> without xvmc or vdpau
[13:03] <ryuo> wouldn't know.
[13:03] <ryuo> i don't usually stream video
[13:03] <tommd> Bah, don't bother down clocking it. Just give it a 10W power supply and see how things go.
[13:03] <jvs> why would you stream it?
[13:03] <jvs> take any episode of a recent show
[13:04] <jvs> californication/himym/tbbt whatever
[13:04] <jvs> they are all broadcasted in 720p, aren't they?
[13:04] * ryuo shrugs.
[13:04] <jvs> I dunno, Europe is in stone age when it comes to HD
[13:05] <ryuo> Linux frugalware 2.6.31-fw3 #1 SMP PREEMPT Sun Oct 18 03:39:32 CEST 2009 i686 GNU/Linux
[13:05] <ryuo> uname -a :P
[13:05] <jvs> huh?
[13:05] <ryuo> thats the output of uname -a on this machine
[13:05] <jvs> and why do you post it?
[13:06] <jvs> however...
[13:06] <jvs> my notebooks beats the tb when it comes to battery runtime/charing time :p
[13:06] <jvs> *charging
[13:08] <leinir> you could also try and clock a formula 1 cars engine down to the same RPMs as a street car goes at and see what happens - nice comparison of apples and oranges there ;)
[13:09] <jvs> but the Golf would beat the formula 1 car
[13:09] <jvs> I dunno what is the orange and what the apple though
[13:09] <jvs> :p
[13:10] <jvs> leinir, we're just bored :)
[13:10] <leinir> that's the point - they're both great, just not for the same thing ;)
[13:10] <leinir> Clearly ;)
[13:11] <jvs> but would you eat the orange without peeling it before?
[13:11] <jvs> see, see
[13:11] <jvs> that's the point
[13:12] * leinir is too sleepy for philosophical discussions, and consequently goes to rectify that problem by joining the legions of the conscience-lacking ;)
[13:12] <leinir> (i.e. sleeping ;) )
[13:12] <leinir> ehrm... consciousness-lacking...
[13:12] <leinir> different thing ;)
[13:12] <jvs> ;)
[13:13] <jvs> do you actually say peeling?
[13:13] <jvs> well, nevermind
[13:13] <jvs> sleep well leinir
[13:14] <jvs> leinir, don't forget to peel the formula 1 car
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[13:53] <sconemad> ryuo; are you having problems installing g++ on your tb?
[13:56] <sconemad> i noticed the g++ ipkg didn't setup the /usr/bin/g++ symlink, so i did "ln -s /usr/bin/arm-angstrom-linux-gnueabi-g++ /usr/bin/g++", seems to do the trick
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[14:59] <ryuo> sconemad: hm
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[23:09] <leinir> hmm... no sd-card.tgz for the new version? :)
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