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[0:06] <DJWillis> Corsac: http://git.openpandora.org/cgi-bin/gitweb.cgi?p=openembedded.git;a=commit;h=3499611b3beb9751578934c0787de45b825a8237 for Zsh 4.3.10.
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[2:05] <pavlos555> is there any way to change the batteries of TB?
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[2:19] <dpb> With hardware hackery, yeah.
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[3:35] <honk> they're not exactly hard to reach though ;)
[3:37] <leinir> dpb: more importantly - through /supported/ hardware hackery :)
[3:39] <dpb> leinir: Well depends how you define "supported". You'll void your warranty with it..
[3:51] <honk> leinir: supported?
[3:53] <leinir> When an FAQ item can be found stating the following:
[3:53] <leinir> "Q: There is no battery light when I plug the power A:Try to full charge before; if not working, replace your top battery."
[3:54] <leinir> it tells me that you're supposed to be allowed to do that yourself
[3:54] <leinir> (the item was added by Alexandre i should add)
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[3:55] <honk> mhh.. guess so
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[4:34] <shiznebit> where would you find a replacement battert
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[6:46] <oly> hi, any word on touchbooks for the uk, tryed e-mailing about my order and the website suggests i should have heard something by now so can anyone tell me the status of the outstanding orders ?
[6:46] <dpb> You should email contact@alwaysinnovating.com
[6:47] <dpb> oh, you did, good. then wait for an answer.
[6:48] <oly> well it was last thursday at about 8 in the morning, so thought i should of heard by now :p
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[7:03] <Corsac> oly: maybe try mailing again, but basically if you didn't receive any answer that's because there wasn't any (aka, you just have to wait a bit more)
[7:03] <Corsac> international orders still are a bit complex to process
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[7:03] <oly> okay, thats not a problem i just feel a bit uninformed about how long its going to take :p
[7:04] <oly> feels like i have been waiting forever
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[7:11] <jvs> oly, you will get an email by today or tomorrow
[7:11] <jvs> if not so, don't hesitate to mail them on wednesday
[7:11] <jvs> but not before wednesday
[7:11] <jvs> that's what alexandre told me, and I'm as well not from the USA
[7:14] <oly> okay, thanks for that info
[7:14] <oly> i dont mind the delay to much its the not knowing :p
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[7:36] <jvs> oly, I know
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[7:52] <gregoiregentil> I really think that bug #39 (blanking screen) is now fixed. It will be available in coming release (very soon)
[7:59] <dpb> That's great.
[8:18] <jvs> rock'n'roll
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[8:31] <sconemad> hi gregoire
[8:35] <sconemad> anyone know what the LED at the top of the board (D19) signifies?
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[9:06] <Dipanjan> I got a confirmation mail without USPS tracking#. Is it usual?
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[9:11] <jvs> Dipanjan, do you mean the "processed" mail?
[9:12] <Dipanjan> yes, "processed" mail
[9:12] <jvs> Dipanjan, this means you were selected
[9:12] <jvs> you should receive a separate mail with the tracking number today or tomorrow
[9:12] <Dipanjan> ok, thanks
[9:13] <jvs> Dipanjan,
[9:13] <jvs> <jvs> alexandre, should we have received other mails beside
[9:13] <jvs> "processed" yet?
[9:13] <jvs> <alexandre> jvs: orders processed this week will be sent by
[9:13] <jvs> Tuesday
[9:13] <jvs> <alexandre> tracking # should be created and sent automatically
[9:13] <jvs> on Monday
[9:13] <jvs> <alexandre> please wait for Wednesday before contacting us if no
[9:13] <jvs> tracking # on your mailbox
[9:13] <jvs> oh, sry :/
[9:14] <jvs> hard to read, nevertheless - the answer to your question?
[9:14] <jvs> gregoiregentil, what about promoting one the fanboys to moderators in the forums?
[9:15] <jvs> one/some
[9:15] <jvs> to get rid of spam faster
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[9:25] <gregoiregentil> sconemadl it's not d19 but d16. and it's linked to the usb hub when there is a hub interrupt. so it partly says if the usb hub is working or not
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[9:26] <sconemad> ah ok, i must have been reading it upside down!
[9:27] <sconemad> the reason i ask is that my unit seems to be having USB problems, and I noticed that LED goes out when it happens.
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[9:46] <alexandre> Dipanjan: Please read the explained shipping process: http://www.alwaysinnovating.com/forums/viewtopic.php?f=3&t=246 ; to answer your question: yes
[9:47] <jvs> alexandre, maybe putting that into the FAQ and linking to it in the topic would be nice
[9:48] <alexandre> jvs: I totally agree
[9:48] <alexandre> will do it asap
[9:48] <jvs> great
[9:49] <alexandre> actually, it is already on the wiki (http://www.alwaysinnovating.com/wiki/index.php/Troubleshooting#Sales) but we'll make it more visible
[9:50] <jvs> alexandre, maybe you/we should put the process directly in the wiki and link to the forums for additional questions
[9:50] <jvs> people might be too lazy to click additional links :p
[9:51] <alexandre> yup
[9:52] <jvs> alexandre, check
[9:54] <jvs> I haved added two lines
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[10:11] <alexandre> jvs: ok good, thanks
[10:11] <jvs> np
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[13:30] <alexandre> mturquette: ping?
[13:40] <sconemad> gregoire: about this USB problem i'm having, i emailed support on 30 Oct, and got a reply saying it was probably a hardware fault, however I've not heard any more since then (almost a week ago). How do I go about getting a replacement?
[13:41] <gregoiregentil> Do you see D16 blinking when the system starts?
[13:41] <gregoiregentil> have you sent dmesg output to the support center?
[13:42] <sconemad> yes, it blinks at first, then stops after a while. it seems to happen when pressure is applied to the unit, like when it is picked up. I sent dmesg logs to support last week.
[13:43] <gregoiregentil> You should ping Alexandre. We will update the troubleshoot on the wiki to assess what's wrong with USB if it's a hardware problem
[13:44] <gregoiregentil> If it's blinking it means that it's working so I'm not sure to say that it's faulty. I would need to take a look at the tickets.
[13:45] <sconemad> the dmesg says "hub 1-0:1.0: Cannot enable port 2. Maybe the USB cable is bad?"
[13:45] <sconemad> which port is port 2?
[13:45] <gregoiregentil> let me check
[13:47] <gregoiregentil> this is the internal USB mini
[13:47] <gregoiregentil> but does wifi work?
[13:48] <sconemad> yes, at first, when the USB is working, but when this problem occurs, all USB devices stop
[13:49] <gregoiregentil> The pins of the USB mini are a little bit higher than expected so I saw on a few boards during the production that the connection between the PCB itself and the USB mini connector was not good.
[13:49] <sconemad> that makes sense actually, i notice if i press lightly on the PCB near to the internal USB port, the problem occurs
[13:49] <gregoiregentil> Nevertheless, if such problem occurs, you should only lost the the USB mini and it should not impact any other USB.
[13:50] <gregoiregentil> the seven USB ports are independent of each other. I'm a little bit surprised that when the problem occurs, it kills the other USBs
[13:50] <sconemad> no the whole lot shuts down, and the USB LED stops flashing
[13:50] <gregoiregentil> even a short between various pins should not affect the remaining of the USBs
[13:50] <gregoiregentil> not sure to understand
[13:51] <gregoiregentil> when you press around the connector, the whole device shuts down or just USB don't work any more but the unit is still alive?
[13:51] <sconemad> the unit is still alive, sometimes the screen shuts off, but i can sometimes switch it back on by pressing the power button a few times, that's how i managed to get the dmesg logs i sent
[13:52] <gregoiregentil> where are you located?
[13:52] <sconemad> UK
[13:52] <gregoiregentil> you don't have a solder iron? you don't know how to solder? ;-)
[13:53] <sconemad> i do actually!
[13:53] <gregoiregentil> well, taking into account that it's probably something minor, there are three solutions:
[13:54] <gregoiregentil> 1) you send back unit to US. You have to pay shipping cost from you to us. We should be able to fix it or exchange
[13:54] <gregoiregentil> 2) you repair yourself
[13:54] <gregoiregentil> 3) you send to a friend of us in Glasgow who can repair it
[13:55] <gregoiregentil> I would prefer to avoid 1) but I would love that you don't kill your unit
[13:56] <sconemad> How do you suggest I go about repairing it myself?
[13:56] <gregoiregentil> You can remove the board by following those steps: http://www.alwaysinnovating.com/wiki/index.php/Top_part
[13:56] <gregoiregentil> there are two critical parts that you don't need to screws up
[13:57] <gregoiregentil> removing the LCD cable (when un-mounting)
[13:57] <gregoiregentil> putting back the touchscreen flex (when mounting again)
[13:57] <sconemad> Yes i did do that, just to make sure everything was plugged in, so I am ok getting the board out
[13:57] <gregoiregentil> OK. I would recommend that you don't unplug the LCD cable
[13:58] <gregoiregentil> because the PCB connector can go with the cable and this is not something that you will be able to fix yourself
[13:59] <gregoiregentil> then once the board is returned (it should be linked only with the LCD cable, remove speaker cable, battery cable, touchscreen flex)
[13:59] <gregoiregentil> you should see the USB mini connectors.
[13:59] <gregoiregentil> There are five pins. Make sure that there are really soldered to the pads. Use some flux if you have
[14:02] <sconemad> am i going to void my warranty by doing this?
[14:03] <gregoiregentil> Legally, and if you were doing it yourself alone, yes. But as I guide you, no (exceptionnally). But let's avoid screwing up the board
[14:03] <gregoiregentil> cost of the board is almost cost of the device...
[14:04] <mturquette> alexandre: pong
[14:05] <sconemad> yes and i'd rather avoid having to send it back, it took ages to get here (UK customs are very slow)
[14:05] <mturquette> alexandre: i see your PM. will take conversation there.
[14:05] <gregoiregentil> sconemad: yes.
[14:05] <DJWillis> sconemad: where abouts in the UK are you?
[14:05] <sconemad> cambridge
[14:06] <gregoiregentil> DJWillis: Are you in the UK?
[14:06] <DJWillis> sconemad: Ok, nice but not that close (I have fixed up a fair few OMAP3 boards ;-))
[14:07] <DJWillis> gregoiregentil: Bath, UK :)
[14:08] <gregoiregentil> DJWillis: I didn't know. Good.
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[14:10] <DJWillis> gregoiregentil: do you come over to the UK much?
[14:12] <gregoiregentil> No. Once a year. There is a very smart guy in the UK, with whom I have worked for a very long time and helped on various issues of the Touch Book.
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[14:14] <sconemad> i've just found my soldering iron, i'll give it a go and get back to you
[14:14] <gregoiregentil> OK!
[14:14] <DJWillis> sconemad: you could also check for power on the ports if you have a decent meter.
[14:19] <sconemad> yes will do.
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[23:14] <hyc> gregoiregentil: I think you should pull in the updated networking scripts from bug#68
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