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[5:07] <Corsac> hmhmh, is fbdev the only possible X driver atm?
[5:13] <koen> unless you disable vrfb (so you loose rotation)
[5:13] <koen> I'll be in the office next week and hope to be able to test 2.6.32 on touchbook to see if vrfb has been fixed
[5:19] <Corsac> would omapfb be faster?
[5:21] <Corsac> hmhm, it's scary, at least
[5:22] <koen> omapfb will give you almost-accelerated xv
[5:23] <Corsac> but it seems completely buggy
[5:23] <koen> the kernel framebuffer driver is buggy
[5:23] <Corsac> not sure if I have something to do screenshots
[5:23] <koen> I can trigger the bug with other fbdev using apps as well
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[5:32] <torpor> anyone done a review of all the OS options for the touchbook, and decided which one is 'best' so far?
[5:33] <torpor> i'm really not content with the factory OS, and if there is another OS that supports the hardware, that would be good .. ubuntu for example
[5:33] <torpor> but do we get the dsp-link and all that?
[5:33] <torpor> or should i justbuild my own openembedded image with everything needed?
[5:34] <Corsac> koen: what exactly is ???the bug???
[5:34] <Corsac> just to be sure it's what I'm experiencing
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[5:45] <andrewgodwin> koen: presumably disabling vrfb is an xorg.conf option?
[5:48] <koen> no
[5:49] <koen> you need to do that before booting
[5:49] <koen> I use different boot.scr files on the vfat partition to do that
[5:49] <koen> (you could use uboot-utils as well)
[5:50] * Corsac bitbakes linux-omap-pm_2.6.29
[5:51] <koen> Corsac: remember to rebuilt the wifi module as well
[5:51] <koen> s/t/d/
[5:51] <Corsac> mhm, how do I do that
[5:52] <Corsac> I mean, how is it called? :)
[5:54] <Corsac> rt3070_2.1.1.0.bb I guess :)
[5:54] <koen> bitbake -c clean rt3070 ; bitbake rt3070
[5:56] <Corsac> and I need to update KERNEL_VERSION in the correct file, I guess
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[5:59] <Corsac> hmhmh, the displays is set to 96 dpi while it's a 160 one ><
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[6:01] <koen> no need to update KERNEL_VERSION in OE
[6:03] <Corsac> how will it know which kernel it should built the module against?
[6:06] <koen> OE takes care of that for you
[6:07] <koen> (provided you changed linux-omap to linux-omap-pm in conf/machine/omap3-touchbook.conf)
[6:07] <koen> (and the linux-omap-pm_2.6.29.bb in the AI repo is broken)
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[6:25] <leinir> has anybody else noticed crashing in mplayer on the tb?
[6:25] <leinir> i get it when i try to play for example the 192kbps stream from http://ah.fm/
[6:28] <Corsac> koen: broken like?
[6:29] <Corsac> (because that's the one I'm building ><)
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[6:53] <leinir> hmm... needs a bugzilla-bot ;)
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[7:29] <Corsac> koen: hmhm, and for a kernel I shouldnt install an ipk, but rather put the uImage and modules in the correct places?
[7:38] * Gnutoo (n=gnutoo@ has joined #touchbook
[7:43] <koen> Corsac: that would be the fastest way
[7:44] <Gnutoo> hi, is there a plan to bump the kernel versions when new one will come out...or will it stay to 2.6.29 because of the powervr?
[7:45] <koen> the powervr kernel drivers are open and gplv2
[7:45] <koen> the tb will stay with .29 because:
[7:45] <koen> 1) the tb patches are for .29 and aren't available for .29
[7:45] <Gnutoo> yes but I heard there was problems with userspace<->kernel with powervr
[7:46] <koen> 2) noone has seriously tested .32 with beagleboard nor with touchbook
[7:46] <Gnutoo> ah ok
[7:46] <koen> 3) noone has verified external modules (e.g. dsplink, sgx)
[7:46] <Gnutoo> mmm
[7:46] <gregoiregentil> we will stay with 2.6.29 indeed for the coming release, but I will try to switch to linux-omap-pm (as Koen has stabilized this on Beagleboard)
[7:46] <koen> Gnutoo: there's a userspace <> kernel link, but that only requires that the version of your kernel modules matches with the userspace
[7:46] <Gnutoo> ok thanks a lot
[7:47] <koen> next week I'm going to try 2.6.32 (and .32-pm) on other omap3 platforms, so hopefully we can move soon
[7:47] <Gnutoo> wow
[7:48] <koen> but since this is all opensource and all, everyone can help will getting tb stuff upstream and trying .32 on tb
[7:48] <Gnutoo> I'm evaluating the fact of switching to the touchbook+powerfull ssh server computer instead of my old laptop
[7:48] <Gnutoo> ok
[7:48] <koen> Gnutoo: btw, I fixed your boost atomic ops problem :)
[7:48] <Gnutoo> wow
[7:48] <koen> Gnutoo: will you make wesnoth compile for angstrom now ;)
[7:48] <Gnutoo> wow!!!!!
[7:48] <Gnutoo> maybe I should try now
[7:49] <Gnutoo> you mean the problem with the regex?
[7:49] <Gnutoo> I had a problem with armv4+boost regex
[7:49] <Gnutoo> atomic was fixed but not commited...sorry
[7:49] <Gnutoo> if I remember well
[7:50] <Gnutoo> maybe we should talk about that in #oe
[7:50] <Gnutoo> boost is so...long time ago
[7:53] <Gnutoo> ah yes 14x was commited
[7:53] <Gnutoo> I'll try
[7:57] <gregoiregentil> Koen: ping?
[7:59] <Corsac> koen: what's broken in linux-omap-pm on ai branch?
[8:03] <dpb> gregoiregentil: hi, you pinged me yesterday?
[8:04] <gregoiregentil> dpb: yes, but don't remember for which reason!
[8:04] <dpb> :)
[8:04] <dpb> Something to do with the Ubuntu scripts?
[8:05] <gregoiregentil> I wanted to know what you have / not have on your Tbuntu release
[8:05] <gregoiregentil> you are using the AI OS kernel?
[8:05] <dpb> Yeah, I'm using the AI OS kernel
[8:06] <gregoiregentil> which video driver are you using? Do you support rotation?
[8:06] <dpb> fbdev currently, I haven't done any rotation stuff yet.
[8:07] <dpb> planning to try omapfb, but no idea if that would make anything better
[8:07] <gregoiregentil> You should ask Koen but I don't think so (read above in the history)
[8:07] <gregoiregentil> and you are cross-compiling everything?
[8:08] <koen> koen: pong
[8:08] <dpb> I haven't compiled anything, I just use the Ubuntu ARM repos.
[8:08] <koen> Corsac: it lacks proper defconfig and alsa patch
[8:08] <gregoiregentil> OK. interesting. I think that the Ubuntu ARM repo is a little bit behind ARMv5 or so
[8:08] <gregoiregentil> koen: have you tried some retention on linux-omap-pm?
[8:09] <koen> gregoiregentil: no, only cpufreq and cpuidle
[8:09] <gregoiregentil> What's the lowest current consumption you get on beagleboard?
[8:09] <mellum> Can I expect to run into more trouble than bug 26 if I do ipkg upgrade, or should it be mostly safe?
[8:09] <koen> RET will most likely not work since we're using usb
[8:09] <gregoiregentil> I spoke with Tony yesterday and I mentioned this but he was not sure
[8:10] <gregoiregentil> Kevin is probably the person to meet and ask
[8:10] <gregoiregentil> to try retention, would one need to back port more patches to pm-2.6.29?
[8:11] <koen> if you're at the point you want to backport stuff, you should stop, think and forwardport tb support to .32 :)
[8:11] <gregoiregentil> Yup. That would make sense.
[8:11] <dpb> gregoiregentil: yeah, the ubuntu repos aren't optimized for Touchbook, but still it has benefits, like a huge repository of software.
[8:12] <gregoiregentil> dpb: Sure. That's the main (and only!?) advantage of TBuntu
[8:12] <koen> and if I put gasoline in my diesel car it won't be optimized either, but it has benefits like a huge repository of gas pumps
[8:12] <gregoiregentil> Koen: Also another question. I would like to clean up in AI OS the repository stuff so that it goes to alwaysinnovating.com instead of your website (as we have different glib, it messes up everything)
[8:13] <gregoiregentil> which package/conf file should I modify?
[8:13] <koen> you mean you would like to move to what angstrom is using instead of doing weird stuff that messes everything up?
[8:13] <koen> since you dont't want to diverge even more, would you?
[8:16] <gregoiregentil> the problem is that with the glibc difference, if people try to do an ipkg update, it messes up everything
[8:16] <gregoiregentil> I don't have time to test and upgrade glibc this week
[8:16] <gregoiregentil> so I would like to change the repo destination so that at least it doesn't mess up the image
[8:17] <dpb> gregoiregentil: there might not be other advantages in it, but IMO that's pretty huge. Of course others might not need them and think more optimized software is a better gain.
[8:18] <koen> gregoiregentil: set ANGSTROM_URI in local.conf and rebuild angstrom-feed-configs
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[8:18] <koen> gregoiregentil: but I can't stress enough that diverging even more is a bad idea, unless you are prepared to hire someone fulltime just for distro work
[8:19] <koen> although openmoko proved that more people working on diverging something doesn't always work out
[8:19] <gregoiregentil> dpb: I do agree about the repo and the huge advantage. But, the ARM Ubuntu team doesn't seem to be very fast... I attended a conference and I heard one of them. I don't expect to have something as optimized as Angstrom BEFORE A VERY LONG time for Ubuntu ARM. Also, the other problem is that they don't provide their build script stuff. So it's very hard to customize and compile your own image
[8:20] <gregoiregentil> koen: understood
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[8:57] <andrewgodwin> the ubuntu ARM packages are a bit unoptimised, but I was under the (possibly false?) impression that it wouldn't be too hard to recompile the source debs to v7, and then make the right meta-package to feed into rootstock
[8:57] <andrewgodwin> where "not too hard" means "find an armv7 buildserver", which is admittedly not easy
[8:57] * andrewgodwin remembers cross-compiling
[8:57] <andrewgodwin> ah.
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[9:15] <Corsac> koen: hmhm, so just copying the deconfig should work?
[9:18] * gnutoo_ (n=gnutoo@host148-151-dynamic.11-79-r.retail.telecomitalia.it) has joined #touchbook
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[10:00] <edgar> Better to have the accelerometer driver as module and not in the kernel. Is this possible ?
[10:01] <edgar> I mean in the next release.
[10:09] <gnutoo_> wow there is a project to port gnome to the beagle and then submit upstream to oe...very interesting....maybe it could be usefull to the touchbook when it will use a non-experimental gnome version
[10:10] <gnutoo_> I'll look
[10:11] <Corsac> gnutoo_: touchbook doesn't use gnome
[10:12] <gregoiregentil> but it's close. Don't know if you are talking about the Sakoman effort?
[10:12] <gregoiregentil> He has a touchbook but it's a long time that I have spoken with him. I borrowed from him a few recipes
[10:13] <gnutoo_> Corsac, I know it uses xfce
[10:13] <gnutoo_> gregoiregentil, yes
[10:13] <gnutoo_> ah ok does Sakoman has the full gnome?
[10:17] <gregoiregentil> yes. I think so
[10:18] <Corsac> gnutoo_: there was a screenshot not so long ago
[10:18] <gnutoo_> wow thanks a lot
[10:18] <Corsac> http://www.flickr.com/photos/koenkooi/4077980580/
[10:19] <koen> select 'GNOME' when making an image with narcissus
[10:20] <Corsac> koen: btw, there's a defconfig for the TB in -pm
[10:20] <koen> I know, it's just not a good one :)
[10:20] <Corsac> and the diff with the original defconf just adds pm stuff
[10:20] <gnutoo_> thanks a lot
[10:20] <Corsac> koen: the ./linux-omap-2.6.29/omap3-touchbook/defconfig is not a good one either?
[10:21] <koen> you need:
[10:21] <koen> http://cgit.openembedded.org/cgit.cgi/openembedded/commit/?id=0bee6a2ed81ffcedaecbb96a64b694d289cfe5f6
[10:21] <koen> http://cgit.openembedded.org/cgit.cgi/openembedded/commit/?id=f389ecae0287535b6df5cc1a8e2c49e16cf7efed
[10:21] <koen> http://cgit.openembedded.org/cgit.cgi/openembedded/commit/?id=b8d29529bec4c3a1d3fed2f6e29880f083d4fb6f
[10:21] <koen> and maybe some others from http://cgit.openembedded.org/cgit.cgi/openembedded/log/?qt=grep&q=touchbook
[10:22] <Corsac> koen: CONFIG_MACH_OMAP3_TOUCHBOOK=y
[10:22] <koen> gregoiregentil: dmaiomapfbsink behaves a bit weird with the latest dmai, I'll try to get it fixed next week at the office
[10:23] <Corsac> koen: I already have that
[10:23] <koen> Corsac: I just noticed gregiore updated AI git today
[10:23] <Corsac> as well
[10:23] <Corsac> ha, that's why :)
[10:27] <fooq> im sure you know, but just in case, i find the mainline plans for omap pm very interesting: http://elinux.org/OMAP_Power_Management#mainline_plans
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[10:35] <gregoiregentil> I will more update to git within a few hours with a bunch of fixes
[10:37] * koen stabs midori for not having a global scripts dir
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[10:55] <Corsac> hey alex :)
[10:55] * gnutoo_ is now known as GNUtoo
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[11:33] <koen> gregoiregentil: http://neosmart.net/blog/2009/watch-youtube-videos-in-html5/
[11:38] <gregoiregentil> yes. Actually, Dailymotion has also something similar. but then you will have to deal some performance issue. It was not working well at all on crappy ARM-Firefox
[11:48] <koen> webkit uses gstreamer for html5 stuff
[11:48] <gregoiregentil> OK. interesting then
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[12:04] <koen> gregoiregentil: for you flash@ai userscript: http://cgit.openembedded.org/cgit.cgi/openembedded/commit/?id=1309ac4fd20ff3a1f0e3571db6ddfb59f7ae1228
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[20:52] <Dipanjan> Any idea how what is the delivery time (experienced) for USPS for TouchBook in bay area region
[21:01] <gregoiregentil> two days
[21:05] <Dipanjan> thanks!
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[22:50] <Corsac> koen: wow, zsh is OE is outdated as hell :)
[23:07] <Corsac> grmnl, that upgrade wasn't really a good idea, that's sure
[23:07] <drantin> heh
[23:12] <Corsac> nothing after ???Starting udev??? :)
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[23:25] <DJWillis> Morning Corsac, did you ever get to the bottom of the issue you had with xfdesktop not showing backgrounds?
[23:32] <DJWillis> Corsac: I have a new Zsh recipe I did somewhere, i'll dig it out in a min and push it to the Pandora tree, not all that well tested but there is not a lot that can go wrong ;-)
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[23:34] <Corsac> DJWillis: well, I think it was related to xfconf not running, the dbus service file wasnt installed
[23:34] <Corsac> then I upgraded to the OE version and it worked :)
[23:35] <DJWillis> Corsac: ahhh :)
[23:37] <Corsac> mhmh, but still that upgrade killed my X :(
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[23:39] <Corsac> failed to open listener for inet6 :/
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[23:40] <DJWillis> Corsac: killed X, what upgrade?
[23:41] <Corsac> opkg upgrade :)
[23:41] <DJWillis> Urggg!
[23:41] * Dipanjan (n=Dipanjan@ Quit (Read error: 60 (Operation timed out))
[23:41] <Corsac> yeah, I know ;)
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