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[6:43] <Corsac> | configure: error: the compiler must support C cleanup handling
[6:43] <Corsac> wtf ><
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[6:58] <viridior> back
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[7:13] <jnzmaster> ok
[7:13] <jnzmaster> this is getting a little ridiculous
[7:13] <jnzmaster> I ordered in june
[7:14] <jnzmaster> and someone who ordered in October just got their confirmation?
[7:14] <jnzmaster> I really don't want to go whine to the guys at always innovating again
[7:14] <jnzmaster> but i'm gonna have to if they don't post any information soon
[7:16] <jnzmaster> is there anyone else out there who ordered as soon as I did and still doesn't have it?
[7:17] <Corsac> how did you rate your order?
[7:19] <jnzmaster> 8
[7:19] <viridior> thats probably why
[7:19] <jnzmaster> they said above six would qualify for september
[7:19] <jnzmaster> but apparently not
[7:20] <jnzmaster> this is the message i got from them when i asked
[7:20] <jnzmaster> "Thank you for your interest in the Touch Book. You indeed qualified high your pre-order, but due to the huge backlog and according to your order date, you should be placed in the next batch in late October. Further announcement will be made about this batch to inform you when exactly it should occur.
[7:20] <jnzmaster> Thank you for your patience! "
[7:20] <jnzmaster> polite
[7:20] <jnzmaster> but I still don't have a touchbook
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[7:21] <viridior> standard email, when you did your rate they just rack and stacked according to that number. You will probably be behind everyone that put in 7 or less
[7:22] <viridior> truthfully, if you wanted an "8" then you should wait anyway because there is still a bit of work that needs to be done before its at that level
[7:22] <jnzmaster> no no
[7:22] <jnzmaster> 10 meant that you wanted an unfinished product
[7:22] <jnzmaster> 1 meant you wanted it to just work
[7:22] <viridior> im pretty sure 1 was unfinished
[7:23] <viridior> 10 was completely solid
[7:23] <viridior> maybe i am wrong, but thats how i remember it
[7:29] <jnzmaster> "our objective is to fulfill in September all US single and complete (tablet + bottom) pre-orders passed in March / April / May / June, and for which the qualifying form rating is not inferior to 6. This will leave room for a small set of international pre-orders (probably some with rating 9 or 10) for that same month."
[7:29] <jnzmaster> judging by that quote, i'd have to disagree
[7:32] <viridior> maybe you are right, but i think i put "1" and i have mine... i ordered in May/June
[7:33] <jnzmaster> interesting
[7:33] <jnzmaster> well thank you for your help
[7:33] <jnzmaster> this is probably the wrong place for me to complain anyway
[7:33] <jnzmaster> assuming I do get mine eventually
[7:33] <jnzmaster> I'm very grateful for all the work y'all have put into this
[7:34] <viridior> well, you will probably get some answers here quickly if we know anything... but AI devs dont come in here too often
[7:34] <jnzmaster> I remember gregoire used to be on here every day
[7:34] <viridior> email/forums is probably your only resource to get answers
[7:34] <viridior> he comes in on occasion
[7:34] <jnzmaster> ok
[7:34] <jnzmaster> well thanks again for your help
[7:35] <viridior> it wouldn't hurt to idle here
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[7:35] <viridior> np, gl
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[11:20] <martinh> mutt
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[14:45] <shiznebut> anyone around
[14:45] <ryuo> nope :P
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[14:48] <viridior> im here, sort of
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[16:44] <tommd> Two hours later, I am here.
[16:47] <tommd> Well, I ran into a few errors with building ai-image but now I'm on task 5777 out of 8858, hopefully its smooth sailing from here on.
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[18:22] <shiznebit> viridior: how is the gentoo port coming along
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[18:33] <viridior> shiznebit: had to reinstall on my workstations today, but ill be rebuild tomorrow
[18:33] <viridior> i have 6 AMD64 3.0GHz+ processors to throw at it now ;)
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[19:33] <Govee> Hi all
[19:34] <shiznebit> hi
[19:34] <Govee> followed the instructions to build image from wiki
[19:34] <shiznebit> k
[19:34] <Govee> have a question that will show my lack of experience
[19:35] <shiznebit> i don't know much either
[19:36] <Govee> what specifically is the product is the product when done? thats ok, maybe someone will tell me then you wont have to ask
[19:37] <shiznebit> the product ?
[19:37] <shiznebit> you try it and it works
[19:38] <Govee> is it the ai rootfs? I found a few Uimages of slightly different names.
[19:39] <Govee> in the /OE/build/temp/glib/ folder.
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[21:14] <tommd> Govee: Are you a govee?
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[21:53] <Magnesium> Hello...has anybody installed Ubuntu Karmic on a touchbook?
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