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[0:24] <koen> Corsac: add recipes for it and check if all the patches OE applies to the old version are applied to the new one
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[0:55] <Corsac> ok
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[4:05] <Meizirkki> grr
[4:06] <Meizirkki> has anyone gotten the SGX demos to work ?
[4:22] <Corsac> mpf, I can't do parameter expansion in SRC_URI
[4:30] <Meizirkki> SGX only works with 2.6.27 kenrnel..?
[4:30] <Meizirkki> -n
[4:30] <Corsac> NOTE: Task failed: Fetch failed: http://mocha.xfce.org/archive/src/xfce/xfce4-dev-tools/${PV%*.*}/xfce4-dev-tools-4.6.0.tar.bz2
[4:30] <Corsac> OK.
[4:30] <Corsac> I'll have to do python
[4:33] <Corsac> SRC_URI = "http://mocha.xfce.org/archive/src/xfce/${PN}/${@'${PV}'[0:3]}/${PN}- ${PV}.tar.bz2"
[4:33] <Corsac> \o/
[4:47] <Corsac> -rw-r--r-- 1 corsac corsac 26K oct. 23 13:43 tmp/deploy/glibc/ipk/armv7a/libxfce4util_4.6.1-r0.3_armv7a.ipk
[4:48] <Corsac> \o/
[5:05] <koen> Corsac: sweet!
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[6:15] <DJWillis> Corsac: got everything building now?
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[7:13] <Meizirkki> Corsac, was you charger dead?
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[7:13] <Meizirkki> or not working 230 V
[7:13] <Meizirkki> ?
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[7:14] <Meizirkki> I think mine is
[7:17] <Corsac> Meizirkki: it works fine
[7:18] <Corsac> DJWillis: well, I built libxfce4util and xfconf for the moment
[7:18] <Corsac> DJWillis: didn't test anything yet though
[7:19] <DJWillis> Corsac: fair enough, got most things going over here now if you want to grab the metadata. Trying to add in SLiM to OE now as it seem overkill to carry GDM
[7:19] <Corsac> agreed
[7:19] <Corsac> DJWillis: once I built some .ipk, I can put them online and add my mirror to the touchbook?
[7:19] * koen just got gdm working and it's slow
[7:20] <DJWillis> Shame that SLiM has a demented makefile ;-) but it looks nice and light :)
[7:20] <Corsac> and a bit insecure :/
[7:20] <koen> http://www.flickr.com/photos/koenkooi/4036983276/sizes/o/
[7:20] <DJWillis> Corsac: yep, or you can put them on your device.
[7:20] <DJWillis> Corsac: it's a lot better as long as you remember to carry the right patches ;-)
[7:20] <Corsac> http://bugs.debian.org/cgi-bin/pkgreport.cgi?include=tags%3Asecurity;package=slim
[7:20] <DJWillis> koen: agreed on GDM's slowness.
[7:21] <koen> it might be due to it hitting swap
[7:21] <Corsac> DJWillis: well, I'd rather not take too much space on the touchbook if I can install them from http mirror
[7:22] <DJWillis> Corsac: the XAuth and root with no pass via a terminal are fixed in SVN and my recipies will carry patches. Not happy letting code in with holes like that ;-)
[7:22] <Corsac> \o/
[7:22] <koen> Corsac: would be nice to have your recipe online somewhere so DJWillis can take a look at them
[7:23] <DJWillis> Corsac: got a mail address, i'll send you mine over (having a ballache with GIT so not even going to try git send-email ;-))
[7:23] <Corsac> koen: I've made a branch on my OE tree so at one point I'll be able to git-format patches
[7:24] <DJWillis> Corsac: did you grab mine from the mail I sent to oe-devel last week? seems daft to do the job twice.
[7:24] <Corsac> DJWillis: I'm not subcribed to oe-devel
[7:24] <Corsac> DJWillis: you cooked xfce4.6 recipes?
[7:24] <DJWillis> koen: is there a good 'branding' resource for Angstrom? for things like start panel buttons etc.
[7:25] <DJWillis> Corsac: I have been running XFCE 4.6.1 for a while, yes, on the OpenPandora but the should 'just work' on the Touchbook.
[7:25] <Corsac> I definitely want the recipes :)
[7:25] <koen> DJWillis: what we have should be in contrib/angstrom/
[7:25] <DJWillis> Packaged up all the base stuff and a big handful of extras.
[7:25] <Corsac> corsac@debian.org
[7:25] <koen> DJWillis: but I'd prefer to have it working first before starting to brand it
[7:26] <Corsac> or if you have a git tree I can clone from
[7:26] <DJWillis> koen: I'll take a look.
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[7:26] <DJWillis> Corsac: GIT hates me :( (well the user of said application is a problem ;-))
[7:26] * koen hates git
[7:28] <Corsac> DJWillis: can't you just commit them? :)
[7:28] * shiznebit hates this sleep bug
[7:30] <DJWillis> Corsac: I don't have write access to the OE tree and I buggered up a push to the OpenPandora OE clone :-o
[7:31] <DJWillis> Corsac: I don't have the time to unpick what I screwed up right now :(
[7:33] <Corsac> huhu
[7:33] <Corsac> ok, so just mail me a tarball if it's possible?
[7:35] <DJWillis> Corsac: already sent.
[7:35] <DJWillis> Corsac: well a zip ;-)
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[7:37] <Corsac> received
[7:39] <DJWillis> Corsac: I am sorry some of them are a bit shitty but as I mentioned, all working on this device, trying to clean up things, get a default image for OE and work out what to do with 4.4.* :-o.
[7:40] <Corsac> get rid of them?
[7:41] <DJWillis> Corsac: but then where does that leave AI? I would personally just bin them from oe.dev and support 4.6>
[7:41] <Corsac> hmhm, my point would be to move AI from 4.4 to 4.6, but it'd be nice to have their modifications so one could port them
[7:41] <Corsac> unless they really don't want to
[7:42] <Corsac> (I know gr??goire asked me about 4.4/4.6 some time ago and wasn't really happy with 4.6)
[7:42] <Corsac> anyway, if AI wants to keep 4.4, I think it should be in an AI branch, that would make sense
[7:43] <DJWillis> Corsac: yep, I recall he said he had 4.6 working but did not like it for some reason. I guess if they do not put into OE/Angstrom then people will move on without them.
[7:44] <Corsac> I don't think Gr??goire is interested in Ubuntu
[7:44] <DJWillis> Macer: are the Beagle guides for OGLES on Ubuntu no good?
[7:44] <Corsac> I mean, I think Gr??goire didn't pick up OE randomly
[7:45] <DJWillis> Corsac: no ;-)
[7:45] <Corsac> if he didn't chose ubuntu (or debian) I guess he has good reasons
[7:45] <Corsac> I don't know them, but I think it might be a wise choice
[7:45] <DJWillis> Macer: missing the ASoC stuff?
[7:45] <Corsac> (and I say that as a debian lover)
[7:47] <DJWillis> Corsac: I can say pre-OE I had a lot of time for Debian and I still no when it makes sense to build native but OE when working well is just so nice ;-)
[7:48] <Corsac> hmhm, -EPARSE
[7:48] <Corsac> bouh, I can't do bitbake xfce-base
[7:50] <DJWillis> koen: Any tricks to using ${STAGING_INCDIR}? Trying -I${STAGING_INCDIR}/freetype2 to get freetype includes in and it ends up expanded with as -Isystem/*realpath* and the build system can't find the headers it needs.
[7:50] <koen> -isystem gets always prepended
[7:50] <DJWillis> Corsac: nope, you will need some tasks and a recipe, I can mail you a sample image (OTT for what you need but I am sure you can squash it down).
[7:50] <Corsac> I'm ok with rebuilding everything
[7:51] <Corsac> but I'd prefer being able to rebuild everything in one command ;p
[7:51] <DJWillis> koen: that is what I figured. Odd, I am just missing sometihng I am sure.
[7:51] <DJWillis> Corsac: another mail on the way. 2 tasks for base and extras
[7:51] <Corsac> cool
[7:51] <Corsac> hmhm you still have Terminal 0.2.12
[7:54] <DJWillis> Corsac: that is what is officially part of 4.6.1
[7:54] <DJWillis> I wanted to stay with the matching source drops for the 1st setup.
[7:55] <Corsac> yeah, well, now they do separate releases
[7:55] <Corsac> (that's why I fought with SRC_URI)
[7:57] <DJWillis> Corsac: should be trivial to bring that upto date. For now, can you stick with whats there or do you need me to tweak now?
[7:57] <Corsac> nop, I can stick and update when needed
[7:57] <Corsac> thanks :)
[7:57] <DJWillis> Corsac: if your prepared to help that would be awesome, another pair of hands and comments should help get them into OE.
[7:59] <koen> DJWillis, Corsac: have a look at classes/gnome.bbclass for SRC_URI magic, you could but that in an xfce.bbclass or xfce46.bbclass
[7:59] <DJWillis> koen: I was looking at just that yesterday (and a lot of other stuff lifted from Gnome BB's)
[8:00] <koen> "how to fix up autofoo stuff" :)
[8:00] * DJWillis shouts and swares at SLiM's 'build' system and has a strop.
[8:01] <koen> we need a newer gnome-common in OE so we can stop putting gtk-doc.make in SRC_URI
[8:01] <DJWillis> koen: how is Gnome 2.28 looking now after yours and Steves pushs? Not really tried it in a few days
[8:02] <koen> DJWillis: I had bogus gconf entries, reinstalling the packages fixed it
[8:02] <koen> DJWillis: I have http://www.flickr.com/photos/koenkooi/4036983276/ now
[8:02] <koen> DJWillis: although I need to bump PR on a few packages to get rid of gconf-dbus
[8:04] <DJWillis> koen: nice :), I got 'just' about that far on the Pandora but I had loads of Pam issues with GDM so had to hack that out at the time. All told, Angstrom-gnome images seem much more realistic now ;-) so what's that, GPE, E17, Gnome and XFCE for starters?
[8:05] <koen> gpe, e17, gnome, xfce and lxde are on the current lis
[8:05] <koen> t
[8:05] <koen> people will nag about opie, but "patches welcome" :)
[8:09] <DJWillis> Exactly, if people want OPIE they are welcome to help. So LXDE is all working or needing some TLC?
[8:09] <Corsac> NOTE: Running task 2459 of 2638 (ID: 1540, /home/corsac/projects/touchbook/aios/openembedded/recipes/linux/linux-omap-pm_2.6.29.bb, do_compile)
[8:10] <Corsac> hmhm, why on earth is it building linux?
[8:11] <DJWillis> Corsac: X will need a kernel and XFCE will need X (and I have overcooked some of the depends I think as of now tracking down issues) ;-). Expect a bit of a wait.
[8:17] <Corsac> ok :)
[8:18] <Corsac> DJWillis: there's no concept of build dependencies I guess?
[8:20] <DJWillis> Corsac: there is but it's overruled by the machine and distro concepts that get in 1st.
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[8:28] <koen> Corsac: DEPENDS = buildtime, RDEPENDS = runtime
[8:28] <koen> RDEPENDS -> Depends: in control file
[8:30] <shiznebit> i have a feeling this is gonna break everything
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[8:33] <Corsac> hey alexandre
[8:34] <Corsac> alexandre: would it possible at one point to have access to AI utils repository, and AI openembbeded tree?
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[8:53] <alexandre> Corsac: we're working on it
[8:53] <alexandre> keep you posted
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[8:57] * koen would like that no such thing like "ai tree" or "ai repo" existed and everything was upstream
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[9:11] <Corsac> well, the point of git is that everyone can manage stuff where it is, and push from time to time
[9:12] <Corsac> (but public trees)
[9:13] <koen> a fork is still a fork if it's in a public git
[9:14] <koen> does AI have the resources to properly maintain a fork?
[9:15] <Corsac> well, atm I have a fork of OE tree where I try to build xfce 4.6
[9:15] <Corsac> that's not really a fork because it's just a ???feature branch???
[9:17] <Corsac> koen: can I tune the upstream tarball name without changing PN (which change the package name) nor SRC_URI completely?
[9:17] <koen> right
[9:17] <Corsac> (just the last part)
[9:18] <koen> could you give me an example?
[9:18] * koen is a bit slow today
[9:18] <Corsac> xfce-terminal is called Terminal upstream
[9:18] <Corsac> (but in fact even the SRC_URI won't match)
[9:18] * shiznebit (n=shiznebi@m365a36d0.tmodns.net) Quit (Read error: 60 (Operation timed out))
[9:18] <Corsac> with other xfce component
[9:19] <koen> I suspect the quickest way is to use a custom SRC_URI
[9:19] <Corsac> especially since the folder is called terminal/ and the tarball is called Terminal
[9:19] <koen> and you'll probably want to change S as well
[9:19] <Corsac> (yeah for consistency)
[9:19] <koen> like S = "${WORKDIR}/Terminal-${PV}"
[9:19] <Corsac> yeah, DJWillis already did that :)
[9:19] <Corsac> (what's $S btw?)
[9:20] <koen> Sourcedir
[9:21] <Corsac> ok
[9:21] <Corsac> that's where the tarball is extracted, I guess
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[9:21] <koen> any tarball in SRC_URI is extracted inside WORKDIR
[9:22] <koen> S is there to tell autoconf and make where to go
[9:23] <koen> in case you have multiple tarballs
[9:23] <koen> or if you fetch from svn where it is usually called 'trunk'
[9:27] <koen> Corsac: is your git tree public?
[9:28] <drantin> recipe's are looking awefully similar to ebuilds...
[9:28] <Corsac> koen: not really at the moment
[9:28] <Corsac> I didn't even commited any change :)
[9:28] <Corsac> (I guess it might make more sense to submit patches to the oe-devel ML?)
[9:28] <Corsac> I don't think I'll have much time to maintain xfce 4.6 in OE though
[9:31] <drantin> ah, bitbake was inspired by portage...
[9:32] <koen> Corsac: getting it into OE would be a nice start, other people (djwillis :)) can take up maintenance
[9:32] <Corsac> koen: well, I didn't do much on it, it's DJWillis work for the moment
[9:32] <Corsac> I'm only building and tweaking atm
[9:32] <Corsac> (like, using Terminal 0.4.2 instead of 0.2.12)
[9:33] <Corsac> but sure, when I have stuff I'm happy with, I'll submit
[9:34] <koen> cool
[9:34] * koen foods
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[10:08] * Corsac screens bitbake task-xfce46-base
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[10:31] <DJWillis> Corsac: let me know of any comments (apart from Koen my submission/RFC to OE was very quiet). I may have missed a few things as I have never packaged up XFCE before ;-)
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[10:49] <ryuo> i just placed an order for a touchbook. anyone know how long the queue lasts for? It seems to be around a month.
[10:53] <drantin> where did that statistic come from?
[10:54] <ryuo> drantin, i was guessing based off the september order shipping in october.
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[11:02] <DJWillis> ryuo: a guess would be 6-8 weeks but that's just a guess from listening to people in this chan.
[11:02] <ryuo> Ah.
[11:02] <ryuo> well, I knew I'd be in for a long wait.
[11:02] <ryuo> I just hope it comes before new years ;)
[11:04] <koen> DJWillis, Corsac: I don't think Ai wants to stick with xfce 4.4 for eternity
[11:05] <koen> sticking with obsolete software isn't something you want to do with such a small operation
[11:08] * Meiz_TB (n=Meizirkk@bbwirelessgw2-feeedc00-64.dhcp.inet.fi) has joined #touchbook
[11:09] <DJWillis> koen: not suggesting they do (well I am not anyway). Recent desktop software with ARMv7 tweaks has to be the way to go ;-)
[11:10] <ryuo> I ordered one so I could play with a new processor architecture. heh
[11:10] <DJWillis> ryuo: very sound reason ;-)
[11:11] <ryuo> x86 is the main thing, but this is the only ARM system I could find to date in a form I wanted. =p
[11:12] <ryuo> also going to try to create a branch of my distro on ARM.
[11:13] <Meiz_TB> Has anyone gotten the SGX to work?
[11:13] <ryuo> SGX?
[11:14] <Meiz_TB> the PowerVR Graphics Accelerator
[11:14] <ryuo> Hm.
[11:14] <Meiz_TB> dunno if it works in the original OS
[11:14] <ryuo> If you do, it'll be in 2 forms probably.
[11:14] <ryuo> 1) the kernel driver and 2) the x11 driver
[11:15] <ryuo> I've configured my share of linux kernels..
[11:15] <ryuo> but only for x86/x86_64
[11:15] <DJWillis> Meiz_TB: I am really supprised if it does not just work following the Beagle guides, pretty sure it's in the stock OS as the 3D app uses it IIRC.
[11:15] <Meiz_TB> I can't get it to work, i have tested on Mer, Ubuntu and the rootfs which comes with the SDK
[11:15] <ryuo> DJWillis: is it openGL compatible?
[11:16] <DJWillis> ryuo: OpenGLes
[11:16] <ryuo> is that different?
[11:16] <DJWillis> ES 1 and 2 and also OpenVG
[11:16] <ryuo> hm
[11:16] <DJWillis> It's an embedded subset of OpenGL
[11:16] <ryuo> ah.
[11:16] <ryuo> the 256 MB on board, is that ROM memory?
[11:17] <ryuo> vs the other 256 MB of RAM
[11:18] <Meiz_TB> There's 256MB RAM and 256MB NAND
[11:18] <DJWillis> ryuo: 256MB of RAM and a NAND (256 or 512, can't recall what PoP chip the TB used).
[11:18] <DJWillis> Ok, 256MB NAND PoP then ;-)
[11:18] <ryuo> so the 256 MB is embedded flash memory?
[11:18] <ryuo> so its basically a small SSD? :P
[11:19] <Meiz_TB> It's in the board
[11:19] <ryuo> yea, so integrated..
[11:19] <ryuo> hm
[11:19] <ryuo> so its a R/W medium i can store data on?
[11:20] <Meiz_TB> It could be used for OS
[11:20] <ryuo> but not all system data..
[11:21] <ryuo> my system files take up like 2G at least on my distro
[11:21] <DJWillis> ryuo: you can use it for whatever you want and you can boot off it if that answers your questions ;-)
[11:21] <ryuo> oh.
[11:21] <DJWillis> ryuo: your new to embedded ;-)
[11:21] <ryuo> so its basically an integrated "hard drive"
[11:21] <ryuo> yes i am
[11:22] <ryuo> I thought it was used to store a ROM to be honest
[11:22] <Meiz_TB> ryuo, for example, the Nokia uses the NAND for their Maemo OS on the Internet Tablets. It's compressed.
[11:22] <ryuo> ah.
[11:22] <ryuo> like compressed ISOs
[11:22] <Meiz_TB> half gigabyte can fit into 256MB
[11:23] <ryuo> not bad. :P
[11:23] <ryuo> is the 256M ram limit due to the architecture?
[11:25] <Meiz_TB> Dunno, some say there could be more, but there's probably a reason why TB only has 256 ;)
[11:26] <honk> blame the manufacturer of the components :]
[11:26] <ryuo> lol
[11:27] <honk> that was not a joke
[11:27] <ryuo> k
[11:30] <honk> the touchbook is based on the beagleboard (a modified one afaik, but still..) and that comes with no more than 256mb ram :]
[11:30] <ryuo> bark.
[11:30] <ryuo> lol
[11:31] * Meiz_TB gets bored at having to set time all over again every reboot...
[11:32] <ryuo> slow boot up?
[11:32] <Meiz_TB> Ubuntu boots up pretty fast :)
[11:32] <honk> you dont usually boot the system at all.. sleep is good enough ;P
[11:32] <Meiz_TB> faster than the original os
[11:33] <ryuo> at least its not like..
[11:33] <Meiz_TB> sleep freezes USB atm
[11:33] <Meiz_TB> and when they get the powermanagement to work nobody needs the sleepmode anymore :P
[11:35] <ryuo> windows where every insignificant change requires the reboot button.
[11:35] <DJWillis> OMAP3 supports 512MB of RAM on designs like the Beagle/TB but it's using a cheaper, more common, 256MB PoP chip on top of the OMAP3.
[11:35] <ryuo> oh.
[11:35] <npx_> hum to keep the screen on in mer we wrote a python timer which sets the brightness to 100 every 5 seconds xD
[11:35] <ryuo> not like I'd use more than this :P
[11:36] <ryuo> whatever floats yer boat :P
[11:39] <DJWillis> ryuo: you can NEVER have enough RAM but 256 is fine for most things and is a good incentive to be clever with mem use ;-)
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[11:48] <Stskeeps> npx_: oh dear
[11:49] <npx_> i call that "quickfix" :P and im really satisfied with mers powers :x
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[12:35] <viridior> back
[12:38] <DJWillis> front
[12:41] <leinir> Hmm... my touchbook charge light is now green :)
[12:41] <drantin> center
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[13:44] <ryuo> does the touchbook boot in the same manner as my PC and its BIOS?
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[14:02] <hyc> no
[14:02] <hyc> there is no BIOS
[14:02] <hyc> it uses u-boot
[14:02] <hyc> read the wiki, it's all explained there
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