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IRC Log for 2009-10-22

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[0:08] <Stskeeps> no, not yet
[0:08] <Meizirkki> okay
[0:09] <Stskeeps> and it seems i might take some time to get back on my feet again..
[0:11] <Stskeeps> #mer
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[1:43] <mjr> Macer, nothing wrong with helsinki! ;)
[1:49] * leinir is grabbing the touchbook image off of Macer's blog...
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[3:17] <leinir> hm... can't get that to work...
[3:17] <leinir> shall have to wait, lecture time now :)
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[4:07] <Corsac> hmhm
[4:07] <Corsac> /proc/sys/vm/mmap_min_addr is not 0. This will cause problems with qemu so please fix the value (as root).
[4:07] <Corsac> this is supposed to be fixed in qemu though
[4:08] <Corsac> koen: is it really not recommended to use dash as /bin/sh in bitbake?
[4:12] <Corsac> hmhm, bitbake libxfce4util get all the source dependencies
[4:13] <Corsac> is it possible to get the binary build-deps and only builds what needs to be?
[4:14] <koen> Corsac: the dash problem is not with bitbake, it's with things like gtk+ using bashisms in their libtool scripts
[4:14] <Corsac> ok
[4:14] <Corsac> fair enough
[4:15] <koen> I should say "not with bitnake/OE anymore"
[4:15] <Corsac> eheh :)
[4:15] <Corsac> (though with more and more people switching away from bash as /bin/bash I guess people with fix their scripts)
[4:15] <Corsac> (even by using #!/bin/bash)
[4:15] <koen> yeah
[4:16] <Corsac> hmh, for OE git tree, should I use org.openembedded.dev or stable/2009?
[4:17] <Corsac> (best would be to use what's AI is using, I guess, but we don't know that afaict)
[4:20] <koen> .dev
[4:20] <Corsac> ok
[4:20] <Corsac> thanks
[4:20] <Corsac> and about the binary stuff?
[4:20] <koen> I wish gregoire would use stable/2009, then he'd stop complaining about breakage so much :)
[4:21] <Corsac> aha
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[4:25] <Corsac> wow
[4:25] <Corsac> why is bitbake libxfce4util trying to download linux-2.6.23.tar.bz2
[4:25] <Corsac> I'm a bit puzzled
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[4:41] <koen> for the libc headers
[4:43] <Corsac> I guess the first build will take ages anyway, if it needs to setup all the build environment
[4:43] <Corsac> koen: but am I forced to build *everything*?
[4:44] <Corsac> (it seems to be currently building mpfr-native)
[4:45] <koen> only once, then it's incremental
[4:45] <koen> work on using pre-built binaries is ongoing
[4:45] <Corsac> ok
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[4:59] <shiznebit> wow what did i miss
[5:01] <Corsac> everything
[5:02] <shiznebit> ??
[5:02] <shiznebit> anything otherworldly ?
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[5:14] <Corsac> that'll require a new kernel
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[5:16] <dpb> really? why did both of my meters work?
[5:16] <noopman> impossible!
[5:16] * noopman is now known as npx_
[5:17] <dpb> Both showed something
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[5:17] <Eruquen> oh yeah
[5:17] <npx_> but did they do correctly?
[5:18] <dpb> well the top battery doesn't seem to go above 90%
[5:18] <npx_> yeah it and doesnt go down any bit does it?
[5:18] <Eruquen> actually, its 5, 55 or 90 iirc
[5:19] <dpb> I haven't used it much without the power cable.
[5:19] <dpb> Macer: which one?
[5:21] <npx_> like i told you :P
[5:23] <npx_> that will solve all your energy problems :D
[5:24] <npx_> me too on mer
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[5:24] <Stskeeps> sure it's not just traditional X blanking?
[5:24] <npx_> now i have to set up ssh so i can adjust the brightness of the screen via ssh :D
[5:24] <Stskeeps> do you use it when it happens? :P
[5:24] <Eruquen> happened on mer, too
[5:25] <npx_> Stskeeps, you were the mer master weren't you? :D any suggestions on how to browse with tear on a tb?
[5:26] <Stskeeps> npx_: i think tear might be looking for pressure info
[5:26] <dpb> Stskeeps: http://bugzilla.alwaysinnovating.com/show_bug.cgi?id=39
[5:27] <npx_> i c. are there any packages i could use? like an sshd and an irc client? also there is no use in reporting bugs as long as there is no TB image isnt it?
[5:27] <dpb> npx_: why would you want to cry while using the touchbook?
[5:27] <Stskeeps> ah.
[5:28] <npx_> nope just use it on my couch
[5:28] <Stskeeps> npx_: sudo apt-get install X, go mad
[5:29] <Stskeeps> it's ubuntu underneath. 95%, just don't try to install whole GNOME desktop.
[5:29] <npx_> i was just thinking about irssi and an sshd
[5:29] <npx_> the sshd just to adjust the brightness
[5:29] <npx_> but thanks ill try that
[5:30] <Stskeeps> sshd should already be installed
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[5:49] <dpb> Wouldn't be hard to make yourself..
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[5:56] <Stskeeps> Macer: should get compcache/ramzswap on it
[5:57] * leinir (n=leinir@amarok/usability/leinir) Quit (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
[5:58] <Stskeeps> http://code.google.com/p/compcache/
[5:59] <koen> only using software xrender
[6:01] <Stskeeps> Macer: what kernel are you using btW?
[6:01] <Stskeeps> and do you use squashfs or other?
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[6:03] <Stskeeps> ok
[6:03] <Stskeeps> you have time to test a new kernel and lib/modules?
[6:04] <Stskeeps> k, lemme just prepare it
[6:04] <Stskeeps> mm
[6:04] <Corsac> Stskeeps: btw, on maemo there's no sleep because, basically, when the device sleeps it consumes virtually no energy (though it depends on wireless too, especially for n900 I guess)
[6:04] <Corsac> Stskeeps: wouldn't it be possible to do so on TB too?
[6:04] <Stskeeps> Corsac: yeah, i know
[6:04] <Stskeeps> Macer: no warranties
[6:05] <Stskeeps> Corsac: when idle it will use near nothing.. suspend to mem is different
[6:05] <Stskeeps> wifi needs PSM support
[6:05] <Stskeeps> not sure if ralink has it
[6:05] <Stskeeps> but either way, we need people to step up and maintain the TB-specific stuff
[6:05] <Corsac> yeah but even without any plugged device
[6:05] <Stskeeps> i can't touch it personally
[6:06] <Stskeeps> beyond getting you started, so
[6:06] <Corsac> Stskeeps: I'd be interested in having an idle touchbook without network to virtually consume no power
[6:06] <Stskeeps> Macer: OBS
[6:06] <Stskeeps> Macer: basically native mer, if you can see it from that angle..
[6:07] * dpb is creating more and more scripts for creating an sd-card with ubuntu..
[6:08] <Stskeeps> dpb: got one that makes a bootable SD?
[6:08] <leinir> Hehe, i'm doing that right now, Macer, because i failed to get the buntu image working ;)
[6:08] <Corsac> Macer: far far better?
[6:09] <Corsac> (could you give some precisions?)
[6:09] <Corsac> since I don't yet have a working sdcard...
[6:09] <Stskeeps> Macer: http://www.daimi.au.dk/~cvm/kernel-modules_2.6.29-touchbook1_armel.deb - backgup your /lib/modules and dpkg -i it
[6:09] <Stskeeps> err
[6:09] <Stskeeps> wait 40 secs before dling
[6:09] <dpb> I got a mkrootfs script that uses rootstock to build a rootfs, it reads the 'packages' file to install extra packages to the system. A mkcard script that partitions the sd-card, a cpfiles script that copies some files from the TBOS rootfs.
[6:09] <Stskeeps> dpb: i'd be interested in mkcard
[6:10] <Stskeeps> Macer: k
[6:10] * Stskeeps waits for scp to finish
[6:10] <Stskeeps> ther
[6:10] <Stskeeps> e
[6:10] <Stskeeps> making kernel..
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[6:11] <dpb> Stskeeps: well I copied the on on XorA's blog and added a swap to it
[6:11] <dpb> Stskeeps: http://www.xora.org.uk/2009/09/07/omap3-card-formatter-license/
[6:12] <koen> if you want to make a filesystem image for the touchbook http://www.angstrom-distribution.org/narcissus/ might be a lot easier
[6:12] * asciiforever (n=asciifor@ has joined #touchbook
[6:13] <Stskeeps> Macer: http://www.daimi.au.dk/~cvm/uImage as well
[6:13] <Stskeeps> Macer: but yes, dl please
[6:13] <Stskeeps> dpb: k
[6:14] <Stskeeps> dpkg -i
[6:14] <dpb> Stskeeps: do you want the swap addition? I can put it online somewhere if you want
[6:14] <Stskeeps> dpb: sure
[6:15] <Corsac> ERROR: '/home/corsac/projects/touchbook/aios/openembedded/recipes/glibc/glibc_2.9.bb' failed
[6:15] <Corsac> mpf.
[6:16] <Stskeeps> Macer: too bad.
[6:16] * Stskeeps had too much stuff smoking today.
[6:16] <Corsac> NOTE: generating locale es_NI (UTF-8)
[6:16] <Corsac> mmap: Operation not permitted
[6:16] <leinir> Oi, device too new for that sort of joke, Macer ;)
[6:16] <Corsac> prft
[6:16] <Corsac> that looks like the vm.map_addr
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[6:17] <dpb> Stskeeps: http://koti.kapsi.fi/~dpb/tmp/mkcard.sh.txt
[6:17] <Stskeeps> dpb: ta
[6:17] <Stskeeps> have fun
[6:17] <koen> Corsac: fedora? it might be selinux interfering with qemu
[6:17] <Stskeeps> copied in uImage too?
[6:18] <Stskeeps> right
[6:18] <Corsac> koen: no, debian but I have the vm.mmap_min_addr = 65536
[6:18] <Stskeeps> remember to sync and all that
[6:18] <Corsac> so I temporarily set it to 0
[6:18] <Corsac> even if it's not really a good idea
[6:18] <Corsac> but the qemu included won't support the 0
[6:18] <Stskeeps> make sure it's sent to disk :P
[6:18] <Stskeeps> k
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[6:20] <CanI2012> Helloa
[6:26] * blunderer (n=tristan@ Quit (Read error: 145 (Connection timed out))
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[6:26] <dpb> Stskeeps: what's changed in that kernel?
[6:28] * Meiz_webchat (i=d98ce015@gateway/web/freenode/x-iogunxlnzdgofmwx) has joined #touchbook
[6:28] <Stskeeps> dpb: nothing, it just boots and builds on OBS
[6:28] <Stskeeps> so that a plus
[6:29] <dpb> OBS?
[6:29] <Stskeeps> opensuse build service/open build service
[6:30] <dpb> ah
[6:30] <Stskeeps> basically our cross-compilation environment
[6:31] <dpb> Yeah, I've read about it before.
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[6:50] <mkxc> hi
[6:50] <mkxc> http://www.gsmarena.com/arm_announces_the_first_mobile_multicore_processor__cortexa5-news-1200.php : )
[6:50] <mkxc> http://www.arm.com/news/26196.html
[6:50] <mkxc> 4 core ARM sounds nice
[6:51] <hyc> cortex a5 is lower perf than a8
[6:52] <Corsac> hey hyc
[6:52] <hyc> howdy Corsac
[6:53] <Corsac> ok, generating locales takes ages
[6:53] <Corsac> especially *all* locales
[6:53] <Corsac> do I really need to do that :(
[6:54] <hyc> I turned that off
[6:54] <Corsac> how do I do that?
[6:54] <Corsac> is it in local.conf?
[6:54] <hyc> there's a config option for that in local.conf, yeah
[6:54] <hyc> don't remember which
[6:55] <hyc> not handy at the moment
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[7:01] <Corsac> GLIBC_GENERATE_LOCALES = "en_GB.UTF-8 de_DE.UTF-8 fr_FR.UTF-8" 7
[7:02] <dpb> Meiz_webchat: do you have the touchscreen working in ubuntu?
[7:04] <dpb> (my screen hasn't blanked weirdly on this boot.. just normal timeout blanking.. hmm, wonder what's different..)
[7:22] <Meiz_webchat> yes
[7:23] * alongst (n=alon@ has joined #touchbook
[7:23] <Meiz_webchat> dpb: touchscreen works fine
[7:23] <Meiz_webchat> tslib
[7:23] <dpb> any special xorg configuration for that?
[7:23] <dpb> what does the TBOS use?
[7:23] <Meiz_webchat> evdev atm
[7:24] <Meiz_webchat> not special configs, just make sure you don't have xserver-xorg-input-synaptics installed :)
[7:26] <Meiz_webchat> dpb: ^
[7:26] <Meiz_webchat> synaptics will kill the touchsreen
[7:26] <dpb> I don't have synaptics installed
[7:27] <dpb> oh wait, I do.. argh..
[7:28] <dpb> forgot rootstock doesn't install packages the same way apt does... specifying alternative packages won't work the same way...
[7:29] <Corsac> dpb: might want to use tslib though
[7:29] <Corsac> or evtouch
[7:32] * fooq (n=reini@dyn166157.wlan.jku.at) Quit ()
[7:34] <dpb> ok, tslib "works" now. I can somehow move the cursor, but I need to press way too long for it to move
[7:34] <dpb> just a tab won't work
[7:34] <dpb> tap*
[7:35] <dpb> any ideas?
[7:35] <koen> tried recalibrating?
[7:36] <dpb> I used the file from http://alwaysinnovating.com/wiki/index.php/Touchscreen_calibration
[7:36] <dpb> that *should* work fine
[7:38] <koen> assuming all touchscreens are created equal, as well as the casings holding them
[7:38] <koen> hint: they aren't
[7:39] <Corsac> honestly, I reconfigured myself and it didn't really improve the situation
[7:39] <dpb> well the clicks come to the right place on the screen, just need to press long or press multiple times
[7:40] <Corsac> but the ts_calibrate is only about where is top/bottom/right/left
[7:40] <Corsac> not really about the pressure etc.
[7:40] <Corsac> NOTE: Tasks Summary: Attempted 687 tasks of which 634 didn't need to be rerun and 0 failed.
[7:40] <Corsac> wouhou
[7:40] <Corsac> nano built!
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[7:53] <Corsac> that looks like an hardware issue
[7:54] <Corsac> mine doesn't blank
[7:56] <dpb> I don't think it's hardware.
[8:00] <dpb> gone now ->
[8:01] <Corsac> Macer: nop
[8:04] <Corsac> Macer: please port that to AI
[8:04] <Corsac> support@
[8:05] <Corsac> because it's not really an expected behavior
[8:05] <Stskeeps> Macer: try rm fbcon
[8:05] <Stskeeps> for fun
[8:05] <Stskeeps> err
[8:05] <Stskeeps> rmmod
[8:06] <Corsac> koen: hmhm, after bitbake succeeds, where am I supposed to find the results?
[8:07] <Stskeeps> one theory down then
[8:07] <Stskeeps> zfs?
[8:07] * Stskeeps is so happy zfs has saved his ass on several occasions.
[8:10] * Stskeeps just uses a bunch of disks since zfs is better for that
[8:11] <Corsac> -rw-r--r-- 1 corsac corsac 24K oct. 22 17:06 tmp/deploy/glibc/ipk/armv7a/libxfce4util_4.4.2-r0.3_armv7a.ipk
[8:11] <Corsac> \o/
[8:12] <Corsac> no I only have to cook some 4.6 recipes
[8:12] <Corsac> now*
[8:32] * jofjdi (n=jsherman@ Quit ()
[8:56] * srobertson (n=steven@2001:470:8:3ec:0:0:0:1) Quit ("BFS kernel")
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[10:01] <Stskeeps> if cpu gets stressed it dims? thats bad..
[10:04] * Macer pictures meiz setting up a random screen blanking timer just to mess with me
[10:05] * dirk2 (n=dirk@p5B041045.dip0.t-ipconnect.de) Quit (Remote closed the connection)
[10:05] <Corsac> Macer: what exactly is better on the ubuntu part?
[10:05] * MMlosh (n=MMlosh@2001:470:1f0b:b78:d5d0:af32:289f:99e9) Quit (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
[10:05] <Corsac> like, is the touchscreen working fine?
[10:05] <Corsac> better than in AIOS? cool
[10:05] * MMlosh (n=MMlosh@2001:470:1f0b:b78:d5d0:af32:289f:99e9) has joined #touchbook
[10:06] <Corsac> broken?
[10:06] <Corsac> hmhm, I did that I didn't find much improvement, tbh
[10:06] <Corsac> (but maybe I should retry with evdev)
[10:06] <Corsac> the mouse is ok, I just hate the fact that it's not sensitive at all
[10:07] <Corsac> hmhm, fusesmb works pretty fine
[10:07] <Corsac> oh, ok
[10:07] <Corsac> if it's Xfce the problem, than I don't exactly care :)
[10:08] <Corsac> then*
[10:08] <leinir> Macer: Hmm... would it be possible for you to do a dd snap of your image in the style of the ai sd-card.gz snip? ;)
[10:09] <leinir> Macer: well, i put the aios back on it...
[10:09] <leinir> that worked
[10:09] <leinir> so... well, i might as well try again, and just not touch the sec/cyls, i guess :)
[10:10] <leinir> *nods* That's what i've been doing as well :)
[10:10] * leinir runs linux day-to-day ;)
[10:11] <leinir> Hehe, yeah... plus a few hundred million extra packages ;D
[10:14] <leinir> if you need hosting space, i've got a server with lots of space and no bandwidth cap, except for the download speed which is capped at 300 KB/s per connection :)
[10:15] <leinir> yeah, the fat32 partition was bootable :)
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[10:22] * tactilofan (i=5c951b11@gateway/web/freenode/session) has joined #touchbook
[10:23] <shiznebit> okay the ubuntu just aint working ....
[10:23] <shiznebit> vant ge the thing to boot urgh
[10:24] <shiznebit> cant*
[10:25] <tactilofan> did someone have tried to install lyx ?
[10:26] <tactilofan> I'm really interested about the touchbook but i need lyx for my work
[10:26] <tactilofan> sorry i have to leave
[10:26] <tactilofan> bye
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[10:49] <leinir> Macer: right... the u-boot.bin and mlo i've gotta throw onto the card, which ones exactly are those?
[10:50] <leinir> and the uImage is the one in /boot in the TBunbu... contents?
[10:50] <leinir> (it's not particularly clear from the instructions ;) )
[10:50] * MMlosh (n=MMlosh@2001:470:1f0b:b78:d5d0:af32:289f:99e9) Quit ("Bye...")
[10:51] * Meizirkki (n=Meizirkk@ has joined #touchbook
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[10:56] <leinir> Meizirkki: You the TBuntu guy, or do you just happen to share the first four letters of your nick with him? ;)
[10:57] <Meizirkki> yes i am (the guy who gave Macer an image to host when he didn't have a linuxpc to build one himself)
[10:57] <leinir> *nodnods* :)
[10:57] * shiznebit (n=shiznebi@shiznebit-laptop.poly.edu) has joined #touchbook
[10:58] * spvensko (n=spvensko@WirelessRouter.statgen.ncsu.edu) has joined #touchbook
[10:58] <leinir> In that case - you refer to uImage, u-boot.bin and mlo files in the instructions... Those are... the uImage inside the image (/boot/uImage) and the u-boot.bin and mlo files from http://www.alwaysinnovating.com/release/latest/ or? :)
[10:59] <Meizirkki> yup
[10:59] <leinir> right, thanks :)
[10:59] <Meizirkki> the uImage is original too though
[11:00] <shiznebit> Meizirkki, okay maybe im retarded but cant get the ubuntu to boot
[11:00] <leinir> so could just as fine grab all three, right :)
[11:00] <Meizirkki> s/original/the original one by AI/
[11:00] <leinir> *nods* :)
[11:00] <Meizirkki> shiznebit, what's the problem?
[11:01] <shiznebit> Meizirkki, okay so fdisk it so its 63 sectors and 255 cylinder
[11:01] <shiznebit> partition it
[11:01] <shiznebit> set the boot flag for 32
[11:01] <shiznebit> Fat32
[11:01] <Meizirkki> yup
[11:01] <shiznebit> copy the images
[11:01] <shiznebit> copy the boot
[11:02] <shiznebit> do sudo tar -xvjf /TBuntu_LXDE_9.10.tar.bz2 -C /media/LXDE/
[11:02] <shiznebit> and when i put it in and boot
[11:02] <shiznebit> it goes color white for a split sec
[11:02] <shiznebit> and then its just a blank screen
[11:03] <Meizirkki> does the AI image show up?
[11:03] <shiznebit> AI image ?
[11:03] <Meizirkki> s/image/screen
[11:03] <Meizirkki> the AI logo when you boot
[11:03] <shiznebit> the logo thing
[11:03] <shiznebit> nop
[11:03] <shiznebit> i only have 2 parts
[11:03] <shiznebit> partitions
[11:03] <Meizirkki> okay, no AI logo means something is wrong with the card
[11:04] <shiznebit> 1 is the FAT32 and 2 is ext3
[11:04] <Meizirkki> it's not 63/255 or you don't have bootflag or mlo, u-boot.bin and uImage are not in the Fat
[11:05] <Meizirkki> when AI logo shows up the u-boot start's
[11:05] * blunderer (n=blundere@tru75-1-81-57-71-229.fbx.proxad.net) has joined #touchbook
[11:05] <leinir> http://pastebin.ca/1637940 <-- my card's layout
[11:05] <leinir> do you see anything wrong there?
[11:06] <shiznebit> Meizirkki, yeah i have no clue why but its not 63/255
[11:06] <shiznebit> i set it
[11:06] <shiznebit> and it changed WTF
[11:07] <shiznebit> should i set the id of FAT32 to c ?
[11:07] * fooq (n=reini@cm56-152-97.liwest.at) has joined #touchbook
[11:07] <Meizirkki> leinir, it should be:
[11:07] <Meizirkki> 255 heads, 63 sectors/track
[11:07] <leinir> hmm... yeah, just spotted that too...
[11:07] <leinir> but i did change that
[11:08] <Meizirkki> sometimes fdisk just fails...
[11:08] <leinir> fdisk has not yet worked with that for me it seems
[11:09] <shiznebit> wtf
[11:09] <shiznebit> serious fail
[11:10] <leinir> ehrm... i see a problem here definitely
[11:11] <leinir> my fdisk reports as the first thing when it starts "You will not be able to write the partition table" - http://pastebin.ca/1637951
[11:11] <shiznebit> it'd be nicer just to dd the entire thing with a working image
[11:12] * MMlosh (n=MMlosh@2001:470:1f0b:b78:d5d0:af32:289f:99e9) has joined #touchbook
[11:14] <Meizirkki> leinir, shiznebit: try creating a whole new partition table
[11:16] * jkridner|web (i=c05b4b1d@gateway/web/freenode/x-oxmkrriqmsmekfig) has joined #touchbook
[11:17] * jkridner|web (i=c05b4b1d@gateway/web/freenode/x-oxmkrriqmsmekfig) Quit (Client Quit)
[11:20] * blunderer (n=blundere@tru75-1-81-57-71-229.fbx.proxad.net) Quit ()
[11:20] <leinir> trying... :)
[11:25] <shiznebit> Meizirkki,
[11:26] <Meizirkki> mm?
[11:26] <shiznebit> it just doesn't want to stay at 255 cyl
[11:26] <shiznebit> goes to 978 all the time
[11:27] <Meizirkki> no cyl
[11:27] <Meizirkki> heads
[11:27] <Meizirkki> heads should be 255
[11:27] <shiznebit> http://pastebin.com/m493155e
[11:27] <Meizirkki> cyclinders are supposed to be that much
[11:27] <shiznebit> dookay
[11:28] <shiznebit> should i set the first 1 as c ?
[11:28] <shiznebit> or leave it 83
[11:31] <Meizirkki> In you pastebin it looks like everyting's fine
[11:35] <Meizirkki> ah, sorry i didn't see that -.-
[11:35] <Meizirkki> yes it should be c
[11:35] <Meizirkki> sorry >_<
[11:37] <shiznebit> Meizirkki, whats the md5sum for TBuntu.tar.bz2
[11:37] <Meizirkki> 6bfed0734896b433cf0aa033b429d185
[11:38] <Meizirkki> shiznebit, how far do you get ?
[11:38] <Meizirkki> AI logo?
[11:38] <shiznebit> 6bfed0734896b433cf0aa033b429d185
[11:38] <shiznebit> nope
[11:39] <shiznebit> just the flicker white
[11:39] <shiznebit> and then a blank screen
[11:39] <Meizirkki> it means TB can't read the card
[11:39] <shiznebit> O_O
[11:39] <shiznebit> it all looks right
[11:39] <Meizirkki> do you have these in FAT? :
[11:39] <Meizirkki> mlo
[11:39] <Meizirkki> uImage
[11:40] <Meizirkki> u-boot.bin
[11:40] <shiznebit> should be a FAT32 or FAT16
[11:40] <shiznebit> should it ?
[11:40] <Meizirkki> My partition is fat32
[11:40] <shiznebit> Meizirkki, yeah they are there
[11:40] <shiznebit> lets try this again
[11:42] <martinh> the fact that FAT is still in use occasionally makes me weep.
[11:46] <shiznebit> the fact that this isn't working is making me unhappy
[11:47] <shiznebit> wonder if my TB board is broken
[11:47] <tommd> It doesn't have to be used. You could make a distro that uses squashFS instead.
[11:51] * leinir gives up for now, as he doesn't really have the time to be doing this at the moment...
[11:55] <leinir> Hmm... Kubuntu Netbook 9.10 release candidate was just released...
[11:55] * leinir wouldn't mind that on the touchbook ;)
[11:57] * srobertson (n=steven@2001:470:8:3ec:0:0:0:1) Quit (Remote closed the connection)
[11:58] * srobertson (n=steven@2001:470:8:3ec:0:0:0:1) has joined #touchbook
[12:04] <Meizirkki> leinir, needs GL
[12:05] <leinir> Meizirkki: ES not enough?
[12:05] <Meizirkki> leinir, dunno
[12:05] <Meizirkki> leinir, how do you get ES on the TB anyway..? :P
[12:05] <leinir> No idea, but that's what the chip does ;)
[12:07] <shiznebit> Meizirkki, FINALLY
[12:07] <shiznebit> WOOT
[12:07] <Meizirkki> shiznebit, :)
[12:07] <shiznebit> wow
[12:08] <leinir> shiznebit: Nicely :)
[12:08] <leinir> So... gonna do a dd image for the rest of us poor souls? ;)
[12:08] <shiznebit> hahahah
[12:08] <shiznebit> sure why not
[12:08] <leinir> (i'll host it if you need space)
[12:08] <shiznebit> how do i do that
[12:08] <shiznebit> :P
[12:08] <leinir> Hehe, no idea :)
[12:11] <shiznebit> dd if=/dev/mmcblk0 of= /home/me/SDUBUNTU
[12:11] <leinir> looks about right, yeah :)
[12:12] <Meizirkki> omfg
[12:13] <shiznebit> ???
[12:13] <leinir> wtf?! ;)
[12:13] <Meizirkki> i have a fear there's some page i had logged in before i packed up the image O_o
[12:14] <leinir> eep?
[12:14] <leinir> That isn't good
[12:14] * Meizirkki is gonna test
[12:14] <Meizirkki> Midori seems to go to my e17 packages in OBS..
[12:15] * shiznebit halts the DD img
[12:15] <Meizirkki> nah, I haven't probably logged anywhere..
[12:15] <Meizirkki> please tell me if you find a page with me loggen in though ;)
[12:16] <shiznebit> hahah
[12:16] <shiznebit> will do
[12:16] <shiznebit> but i doubt i go to any sites you'd visit
[12:17] <leinir> Yeah, i don't see anything in neither /root nor /home/ubuntu that looks like it might potentially be login information :)
[12:17] <Meizirkki> i checked the most usual sites i use .. no me logged in
[12:17] <leinir> i just looked through the home dir ;)
[12:19] * Meizirkki (n=Meizirkk@ Quit (Remote closed the connection)
[12:21] <shiznebit> btw
[12:21] <shiznebit> i realized what was wrong
[12:21] * Meiz_TB (n=Meizirkk@bbwirelessgw2-feeedc00-64.dhcp.inet.fi) has joined #touchbook
[12:22] <shiznebit> its not HEX id = c
[12:22] <shiznebit> it has to be = b
[12:22] <leinir> Ah... right :)
[12:22] * Meiz_TB (n=Meizirkk@bbwirelessgw2-feeedc00-64.dhcp.inet.fi) has left #touchbook
[12:22] * fooq (n=reini@cm56-152-97.liwest.at) Quit ()
[12:22] * Meiz_TB (n=Meizirkk@bbwirelessgw2-feeedc00-64.dhcp.inet.fi) has joined #touchbook
[12:23] <Meiz_TB> aargh
[12:23] <Meiz_TB> how do i change myy nickserv password?
[12:23] * Meiz_TB is logged in in X-chat
[12:23] <Meiz_TB> in that image
[12:23] <leinir> d'oh!
[12:24] <leinir> Try /nickserv help
[12:24] <Meiz_TB> ok
[12:25] <Stskeeps> Meiz_TB: wonder why i use imager? :P
[12:27] * Meiz_TB is now known as Meizirkki
[12:29] * Meizirkki is now known as Meiz_TB
[12:29] * Meiz_TB is now known as Meiz__TB
[12:30] * Meiz__TB is now known as Meiz___TB
[12:30] * Meiz___TB is now known as Meiz_TB
[12:30] <Meiz_TB> hmm
[12:32] <Meiz_TB> Stskeeps, it's just that i had to remove xserver-xorg-input-synaptics and other tricks before packing up the image :) Then i accidentally logged in..
[12:32] <Stskeeps> ah
[12:38] * Meiz_TB (n=Meizirkk@bbwirelessgw2-feeedc00-64.dhcp.inet.fi) Quit ("Leaving")
[12:43] * Meiz_TB (n=Meizirkk@bbwirelessgw2-feeedc00-64.dhcp.inet.fi) has joined #touchbook
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[13:14] <viridior> back
[13:16] * shiznebit (n=shiznebi@shiznebit-laptop.poly.edu) Quit ("Leaving")
[13:50] * jofjdi (n=jsherman@ Quit ()
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[15:15] * MaceN8x0 (n=macer@ma30736d0.tmodns.net) has joined #touchbook
[15:17] <shiznebit> MaceN8x0, yeah ner should be interesting
[15:17] <shiznebit> probably better than the LXDE
[15:17] * alongst (n=alon@ has joined #touchbook
[15:18] <shiznebit> MaceN8x0, i tried to but it to suspend
[15:18] <shiznebit> and that failed
[15:18] <shiznebit> just like it failed on the AIOS
[15:19] <shiznebit> MaceN8x0, im guessing it wont support ARMv7
[15:19] <shiznebit> 4 things ?
[15:21] * whoever (n=whoever@cpe-66-68-181-161.austin.res.rr.com) has joined #touchbook
[15:22] <shiznebit> blanking problem ?
[15:23] <shiznebit> MaceN8x0, nope, i have no clue how to blank the screen
[15:24] <shiznebit> well in AIOS it happened
[15:24] <shiznebit> but i couldn't get it to happen in LXDE
[15:25] <shiznebit> yeah
[15:25] <shiznebit> also
[15:25] <shiznebit> echo -n mem > /sys/power/stat
[15:25] <viridior> sup all
[15:25] <shiznebit> still ends up breaking the usb port
[15:26] <shiznebit> MaceN8x0, noooo, suspend
[15:26] <viridior> shiznebit: had no problem compiling all of the WMs earlier, but I'm starting over with a newer toolchain.
[15:27] <shiznebit> MaceN8x0, the screen dimmed, it went to standby
[15:27] <shiznebit> after i hit enter, it came back up
[15:27] * robclark (n=robclark@ Quit ()
[15:27] <shiznebit> but then all of a sudden all usbs died
[15:27] <shiznebit> right after i hit enter
[15:27] <shiznebit> yeah
[15:27] <shiznebit> FING WEIRD
[15:28] <shiznebit> try it out
[15:28] <shiznebit> is there an on screen keyboard
[15:29] <shiznebit> and killed the usbs permanently
[15:29] <shiznebit> well after reboot it works
[15:29] <shiznebit> i was wishing to try to restart x
[15:29] <shiznebit> lol
[15:30] <shiznebit> then i realized i have no kb
[15:30] <shiznebit> lol
[15:31] <shiznebit> im not sure what it uses
[15:32] <shiznebit> lol, i wonder why
[15:33] <shiznebit> if it was done by a real company
[15:33] <shiznebit> this thing would work MUCH better
[15:34] <shiznebit> yeah, but unless nokia buys ai, idoubt we'll see anything
[15:34] <shiznebit> lol
[15:34] <shiznebit> it is the easiest
[15:34] <shiznebit> just slap in Crap+RAM+GFX
[15:35] <shiznebit> and sell at 10000% markup
[15:36] <drantin> bleah, installing urxvt now tries to pull that libc update...
[15:42] <shiznebit> viridior, newer toolchain of what ?
[15:44] <shiznebit> yeah its slow since it doesn't leverage the DSP i
[15:48] <shiznebit> drivers ?
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[16:09] <alongst> I don't think it's drivers. It is code that utilizes the dsp, I don't think it has to have anything to do with the kernel, it can be userspace. Maybe you just need to copy over the mplayer and dependencies it uses (use ldd on mplayer or try to strace and see the open's if it's plugins)
[16:15] * robclark (n=robclark@ has joined #touchbook
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[16:34] <tommd> Yeah, if things are made right then the kernel doesn't need to be involved when applications access coprocessors (ex: the dsp).
[16:35] <tommd> It sounds like an mplayer plugin or customization that ubuntu for ARM doesn't have.
[16:53] * fooq (n=reini@cm56-152-97.liwest.at) Quit ()
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[19:05] <shtylman> anyone get ubuntu running on this thing yet...in one form or another? or at least any other distro?
[19:25] * edt (n=Ed@dsl-62-144.aei.ca) has joined #touchbook
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[19:42] <shiznebit> shtylman, yeah
[19:42] <shiznebit> Macer, has up'd meiz's image
[19:43] <shiznebit> its on tech. http://tech.rancorous.net/
[19:43] <shtylman> ahh
[19:43] <shtylman> very good...
[19:43] <shtylman> thank you
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[21:22] <gusto> hello world
[21:23] * alongst (n=alon@ Quit (Read error: 145 (Connection timed out))
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[21:49] <tommd> Macer: How is it you can have no RAM?
[21:52] * diroots_ (n=diroots@ has joined #touchbook
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[21:53] <tommd> That is a poor way to figure out the amount of free memory. Several applications (and the kernel) optimistically load data into RAM even if it isn't needed - free RAM is wasted ram.
[22:49] <Corsac> wow
[22:49] <Corsac> is it golden?
[22:53] * alongst (n=alon@ has joined #touchbook
[23:03] <Corsac> koen: if I want bitbake to use a more recent version of qemu, what should I do?
[23:16] * alongst (n=alon@ Quit (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
[23:45] * leinir (n=leinir@amarok/usability/leinir) Quit (Read error: 113 (No route to host))
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[23:52] <dpb> Macer: it doesn't disk cache o_O
[23:55] * spvensko (n=spvensko@rrcs-24-199-144-166.midsouth.biz.rr.com) Quit ()
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