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[0:47] <dpb> Meizirkki: are you going to provide Mer instructions?
[0:48] <Meizirkki> I just wrote them to the forums
[0:49] <Meizirkki> There'll be better instructions once Mer-team will provide images for the TB, now it's just an ugly hack :)
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[0:49] <Meizirkki> (empty sqfs and such)
[0:49] <dpb> why do you use sqfs then? you could just use a 3-partition layout
[0:50] <dpb> Meizirkki: and a wiki page would be better
[0:50] <Stskeeps> dpb: failed to build a kernel of our own :)
[0:50] <Stskeeps> well, at least a working one
[0:51] <Meizirkki> dpb: those aren't the final instructions. I'll probably write a wikipage once there's Mer Touch BOkk images
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[4:55] * Meizirkki has now ubuntu installed on his TB
[4:55] <Meizirkki> What would i install tomorrow :P
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[4:57] <Stskeeps> hehe cool
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[4:59] <shrykull> my gf somehow managed to disable all stuff on the desktop, the background is black and there are no desktop symbols anymore, even if /home/ai/desktop still contains all files... wtf?
[5:01] <shrykull> it just seems to not start xfdesktop on boot
[5:03] <shrykull> CRITICAL **: settings_register_callback: assertion 'cb && user_data && mcs_client' failed
[5:03] <shrykull> (thats what happens when i start xfdesktop manually)
[5:06] <shrykull> (the desktop is still shown correctly when i start xfdesktop manually, but i have to do it every boot. WHY?)
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[5:13] <npx> anyone with a (working) device in here? :D
[5:15] <Q_Continuum> I wish I had a touchbook, period.
[5:15] <Q_Continuum> lol
[5:16] <npx> :D
[5:16] <shrykull> lol.
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[5:49] <shrykull> where can i see my remaining battery capacity
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[5:51] <npx> try the "New battery monitor" in the forum
[5:51] <npx> works fine for me
[5:51] <npx> http://www.alwaysinnovating.com/forums/viewtopic.php?f=12&t=49
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[5:58] <shrykull> oic
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[6:01] <npx> what will happen if the bottom runs out of battery and the tablet is still full?
[6:04] <npx> lief da grad pendulum auf sat1?
[6:04] <npx> sorry wrong channel :x
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[6:20] <shrykull> yay i think i found out what causes xfdesktop not to load
[6:20] <shrykull> failed to setup the ICE authentication data, session management might not work properly
[6:20] <shrykull> well, how am i supposed to fix that without killing the whole system again
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[6:32] <Q_Continuum> Hopefully the touchbook's speakers are loud enough for my horribly effective alarm clock?
[6:32] <Q_Continuum> echo 'cat /dev/random > /dev/dsp' | at 11:30
[6:33] <shrykull> /dev/dsp? /dev/random!
[6:33] <shrykull> evul shit!
[6:33] <shrykull> and how do you disable it?
[6:33] <shrykull> :D
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[6:35] <Q_Continuum> You kill it. With fire.
[6:35] <Q_Continuum> (Ctrl-C)
[6:35] <Q_Continuum> but first, you must A) unlock your new, complex password
[6:35] <Q_Continuum> and/or B) figure out which non-X11 terminal you left it on.
[6:35] <shrykull> wat
[6:35] <shrykull> hehe
[6:36] <Q_Continuum> I set it on a random terminal.
[6:36] <Q_Continuum> I honestly don't know which one it is on.
[6:36] <Q_Continuum> (usually I'll fire up a term in a window, and then change account pw to something about 15 characters long, and lock it)
[6:36] <Q_Continuum> but this time I hit Ctrl+Alt+ Random F1-F4 button.
[6:37] <Q_Continuum> and typed it in.
[6:37] <Q_Continuum> so when it goes off in 3 hours I *WILL* wake up.
[6:39] <shrykull> im pretty sure white noise can kill your speakers
[6:39] <Q_Continuum> I don't put it at 100%.
[6:39] <Q_Continuum> about 70%
[6:39] <Q_Continuum> hasn't yet.
[6:40] <Q_Continuum> If it does, oh well. One more item in the 'I should get new laptop' category.
[6:40] <Q_Continuum> then I find a better solution, or find disposable speakers.
[6:42] <shrykull> thros /dev/random at your comport and trigger a stroboscopelight with it.
[6:44] <Q_Continuum> Heh
[6:44] <Q_Continuum> In any case, time to sleep.
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[13:20] <shrykull> hi, what can cause xfdesktop not to start at boot?
[13:21] <shrykull> i got a warning here: failed to setup the ICE authentication data, sessionmanagement might not work properly, i think its somehow related
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[13:31] <shrykull> how do i access the backup partition on the sdcard in the touchbook without using other hardware?
[13:31] <shrykull> 'backup' as in partition1
[13:32] <Stskeeps> how many of you would be interested in contributing if we got the nokia n900 desktop (ui, not the closed stuff) going on TB?
[13:32] <Stskeeps> to make it a complete port
[13:33] <npx> does it run android?
[13:33] <npx> j/k never used a nokia phone in my life b4
[13:34] <Stskeeps> plus 95 percent of ubuntu arm sw underneath able to install
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[13:37] <andrewgodwin> Stskeeps: I thought someone was already porting Mer?
[13:38] <andrewgodwin> (which seems to have the same end result)
[13:38] <andrewgodwin> but if you can combine the maemo5 UI with Ubuntu packages, consider me an interested man
[13:38] * TomMD-TB (n=ai@65-102-40-206.ptld.qwest.net) has joined #touchbook
[13:39] <koen> except that ubuntu==slow,bloated,unoptimized for the cortex a8
[13:39] <Stskeeps> yes, same thing i talk about, we just need some more people to help out :) getting something on screen is the easy part
[13:39] <koen> not to mention it lacks drivers for 3d and dsp and the dss
[13:40] <npx> i wish i had at least a browser which doesnt fuck around and can play videos :<
[13:42] <Stskeeps> koen, different choices done and paradigms.. ubuntu kernel stuff is a bit screwy though
[13:44] <TomMD-TB> but the handwritting support is pretty good!
[13:44] <andrewgodwin> koen: but, it has heaps of packages
[13:45] <andrewgodwin> with a better kernel and base libraries, it'd be alright
[13:45] <TomMD-TB> I still wantmy keyboard back though.
[13:45] <andrewgodwin> TomMD-TB: did you send it off?
[13:45] <andrewgodwin> oh, a mouse button issue?
[13:45] <TomMD-TB> yep
[13:45] <TomMD-TB> yes
[13:46] <andrewgodwin> :(
[13:46] <andrewgodwin> i'm happy mine wasn't afflicted with that
[13:46] <andrewgodwin> although it's had some weird battery issues
[13:47] <TomMD-TB> you saw my reddit comment?
[13:47] <andrewgodwin> where?
[13:47] <TomMD-TB> or is the mouse a common issue
[13:47] <andrewgodwin> it might be you I read
[13:48] <andrewgodwin> but I'm sure I read at least two people with funny mouse buttons
[13:48] <andrewgodwin> then again, my memory is far from organised
[13:48] <TomMD-TB> http://www.reddit.com/r/linux/comments/9th5k/my_experience_with_the_tb/
[13:48] <TomMD-TB> That
[13:49] <npx> ive read it
[13:50] <npx> whats mer
[13:50] <andrewgodwin> ah yes, I have read that one recently
[13:51] <TomMD-TB> should I go get coffee? My wallet says no while my reasearch says yes.
[13:53] <andrewgodwin> Macer: yes, that's a known issue
[13:53] <andrewgodwin> they appear to be slightly too far in on some people's TBs
[13:53] <andrewgodwin> although it's more likely that some people just have fat headphone plugs
[13:55] <andrewgodwin> my speakers work, but the jack doesn't click in like on my laptop
[13:58] <andrewgodwin> indeed.
[13:58] <andrewgodwin> yes, I'd quite like my tslib and python fixes
[14:01] <npx> hum but it seems that the screen is in one direction more precise thatn in the orthogonal one
[14:01] <npx> but cant remember which it was
[14:03] <andrewgodwin> Macer: yes, ipkg update brought in too new a python
[14:03] <andrewgodwin> among other things
[14:03] <npx> also .. i havent seen anybody complaining about the speed of the touchbook especially browsing. am i doing it wrong? :<
[14:06] <npx> it doesnt matter which browser you choose. i dont even dare to open firefox. even less fennec. midori also isnt really the best browsing experience i could imagine tho it doesnt play the videos :\ scrolling is a bitch yes
[14:07] <npx> its the hell for me
[14:08] <npx> why do you thinkg so?
[14:08] <npx> -g
[14:09] <npx> does it use less resources than angst?m with xfce? :<
[14:10] <npx> Macer are you currently running the TB OS?
[14:10] <npx> would you mind installing nbench and compare it to mine?
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[14:11] <shiznebit> how do i install irssi ? ?
[14:12] <npx> ipkg install irssi
[14:12] <npx> worked for me
[14:13] <shiznebit> yeah :D
[14:13] <shiznebit> what ya think
[14:13] <shiznebit> oh
[14:13] <shiznebit> forgot to do ipkg update
[14:13] <shiznebit> thats why.....
[14:15] <shiznebit> error code 7
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[14:15] <shiznebit> macer i have
[14:15] <shiznebit> its completely awkard to use
[14:16] <shiznebit> i want to completely get rid of it so it never goes to ts interface
[14:16] <viridior> feel free to send me a list of what you want and ill see what i can do to put it in Neuvoo
[14:16] <shiznebit> pm manager
[14:16] <Managu_tb> hehe, quite the invitation.
[14:17] <shiznebit> yeah and x isnt good either
[14:17] <shiznebit> 6^
[14:17] <viridior> ive had that offer outstanding on the forums, no one wants to submit anything though... offer always stands
[14:17] <npx> oh btw my firefox doesnt play youtube anymore :)
[14:17] <shiznebit> how do i get root
[14:18] * Macer is waiting for shiznebit to ask "how do i change my user name to something other than ai"
[14:18] <Managu_tb> my screen blanking 'fix' do anything for you, Macer?
[14:19] <shiznebit> where is that fix
[14:19] <Managu_tb> yeah. I posted what I thought might be a fix to bugzilla.
[14:19] * TomMD-TB (n=ai@65-102-40-206.ptld.qwest.net) Quit (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
[14:20] <Managu_tb> I'm now not sure. It kept my screen on a lot longer. And it totally solved the same problem on a diff os install
[14:20] * shiznebit_ (n=ai@ool-18b99610.dyn.optonline.net) has joined #touchbook
[14:20] <Managu_tb> macer: actually #3 on the TB, but the blanking timer is shared among all of the consoles
[14:20] <shiznebit_> it works
[14:21] <Managu_tb> Macer: just a different build of angstrom
[14:21] <Managu_tb> (but one that does multiple users, heh)
[14:22] <Managu_tb> I saw some videos of Fremantle's hildon widget set; I really liked them.
[14:22] <shiznebit_> how would i set pg_up and pg_down to shift home and shift+end
[14:22] <shiznebit_> cool
[14:23] <npx> :'(
[14:23] <shiznebit_> is there gksudo
[14:23] <shiznebit_> yeah its to fara from the pinky
[14:23] <shiznebit_> id switch end and shift
[14:23] <shiznebit_> keymappings
[14:25] <shiznebit_> damn how do i launch keyboard as root
[14:25] <Managu_tb> Ehh, just got to get used to it is all. Same with most keyboards
[14:26] <Managu_tb> Spend a few solid days typing on it, I bet you get used to it ;-)
[14:27] <shiznebit_> yeah
[14:27] <shiznebit_> viridior: how close is gentoo from release
[14:30] <shiznebit_> worse when it goes tablet on you andswitches back and forth 10000x then deletes the start panel
[14:31] <shiznebit_> seriously there is no way back if the start panel is deleted
[14:31] <shiznebit_> its insane
[14:31] <npx> you could try open a console and start it manually :D
[14:31] <shiznebit_> how
[14:32] <shiznebit_> whats the sortcut to terminal
[14:32] <npx> or edit the switch script
[14:32] <shiznebit_> npx where is sthat located
[14:33] * tommd (n=Thomas_D@ has joined #touchbook
[14:34] <npx> /usr/bin/ai/desktop/switch.sh iirc
[14:42] * tommd1 (n=Thomas_D@65-102-40-206.ptld.qwest.net) Quit (Connection timed out)
[14:53] <andrewgodwin> the network program is a bit... dodgy
[14:53] <andrewgodwin> I never thought I'd say this, but NetworkManager would be an improvement
[14:53] <andrewgodwin> well, apart from using all the RAM, most likely
[14:53] <shiznebit_> heh
[14:54] <shiznebit_> does the card support wpa2 and aes ?
[14:55] <andrewgodwin> doesn't look like it
[14:55] <andrewgodwin> at least, they're not options
[14:55] <shiznebit_> aes ?
[14:55] <andrewgodwin> it might support it and not be in the menu
[14:55] <shiznebit_> well yeah
[14:56] <andrewgodwin> correction: it's not in the menu
[14:56] <andrewgodwin> because it's not the card that matters IIRC :)
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[15:02] <shiznebit_> damn
[15:03] * xqer (n=ai@c-76-118-178-22.hsd1.ma.comcast.net) has joined #touchbook
[15:05] <xqer> hi all
[15:05] <andrewgodwin> hi xqer
[15:05] <shiznebit_> how do i keep it from standing by randonly ?
[15:06] * npx (n=npx@dslb-188-097-250-106.pools.arcor-ip.net) Quit ()
[15:06] <shiznebit_> it does it seemingly everyy 5minutes
[15:06] <xqer> someone said if you drop the brigghtness to 10% that'll stop
[15:06] <shiznebit_> lol maver
[15:06] <shiznebit_> yeah macer
[15:07] <shiznebit_> so itst a power issue
[15:07] <shiznebit_> well thanks
[15:07] <xqer> fn-f6 or fn-f7 works as well
[15:07] <shiznebit_> okay
[15:07] <shiznebit_> does that mean it went standby
[15:08] <xqer> not really
[15:08] <xqer> people say the input is still read
[15:08] <shiznebit_> lets see
[15:08] * tommd is now known as TomMD
[15:09] <shiznebit_> bpose
[15:09] <xqer> is xf86-input-tslib already loaded on the tb? I can't find it
[15:10] <shiznebit_> boise, idaho
[15:10] <shiznebit_> lol hahahahha wow people just come up with thte weirdest stories
[15:10] <xqer> ah, thx
[15:11] <shiznebit_> a random spirit frisks me, oh no, its the first time i had human contact....booooooooooo
[15:12] <xqer> yeah, i'm actually trying to follow that page, but didin's specify that I need to dl that package :D
[15:12] <xqer> lol, what are you reading?
[15:13] <shiznebit_> guys can i run tvtime with a tvtuner card onthis ?
[15:13] <shiznebit_> that would be sweeet
[15:15] <xqer> selecting 'show desktop' so should not crash/close midori
[15:18] <xqer> at least that's somethihng... i was getting tired of staring at black screens anyways
[15:21] <shiznebit_> okay so it just idles
[15:21] <shiznebit_> wow
[15:22] <shiznebit_> MAGIC
[15:25] <shiznebit_> psh
[15:25] <shiznebit_> better to get a mini
[15:26] <shiznebit_> or a bmw 1 series
[15:26] <shiznebit_> those flip like a dime
[15:32] <xqer> which brower are you using?
[15:32] <xqer> browser
[15:38] <xqer> might be the background bleeding into it
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[15:41] <xqer> did they specify the new key for the hulu videos?
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[16:53] <shiznebit> suddenly network manager doesn't oull up anything
[16:53] <shiznebit> how do i check if wireless is on and functioning
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[18:11] <TomMD> shiznebit: iwconfig?
[18:12] * alongst (n=alon@r220-101-90-57.cpe.unwired.net.au) has joined #touchbook
[18:12] <shiznebit> TomMD, nevermind i got it
[18:12] <shiznebit> but the gui is broken for some reason
[18:13] <shiznebit> TomMD, do you know if there is support for WPA AES ?
[18:14] <TomMD> Yes, that's what I use.
[18:14] <TomMD> shiznebit: The GUI works for me.
[18:14] <shiznebit> how did you set it up
[18:14] * TomMD-TB (n=ai@65-102-40-206.ptld.qwest.net) has joined #touchbook
[18:14] <shiznebit> TomMD, i open the gui but it is completely blank, no biggy
[18:16] <shiznebit> TomMD-TB, what do you use for irc ?
[18:17] <TomMD-TB> start-ctrlpanel-network is blank?
[18:17] <shiznebit> yes sir
[18:17] <shiznebit> no biggy though
[18:17] <shiznebit> i have WPA showing up
[18:17] <shiznebit> but its only TKIP
[18:17] <TomMD-TB> Pidgin for now
[18:18] <shiznebit> is that the one with the good encryption or crappy encryption
[18:18] <TomMD-TB> its ok
[18:19] <TomMD-TB> sorry if I am slow - no keyboard
[18:20] <shiznebit> h/o let me get on mine
[18:26] * shiznebit_TB (n=ai@ has joined #touchbook
[18:27] <TomMD-TB> mmm, TB
[18:29] * shiznebit_TB (n=ai@ has left #touchbook
[18:30] <TomMD-TB> bye
[18:31] <shiznebit> not really
[18:31] <shiznebit> im still here, just don't know how to scroll through channels in irssi
[18:32] <TomMD-TB> ahh
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