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[0:37] <Meizirkki> http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RhvltQXHZ5w
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[1:13] <Corsac> Attempted Delivery Abroad, October 16, 2009, 11:14 am, FRANCE
[1:13] <Corsac> mpf.
[2:30] * Meizirkki installs Mer on his TB
[2:51] <dpb> Meizirkki: My touchbook is at Elielinaukio, pity the customs aren't open today.. :(
[2:53] <Meizirkki> yup .. i had a big e-mail @ phone-call war at Thursday to get mine before the weekend :D
[2:54] <dpb> yeah.. I should have done that too..
[2:55] <Corsac> mine has seen an ???attempted delivery??? yesterday, when I was at work
[2:55] <Corsac> and nothing since
[2:55] <Corsac> and local post office doesn't know about it :(
[2:57] <Meizirkki> Local post office doesn't know about it? O_o
[2:58] <Meizirkki> Mine was taken back to the office after the failed delivery attempt..
[3:01] <Corsac> yeah but dispatching is not done by the same people than the local post office
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[3:02] <Corsac> basically, package people will attempt to deliver to the user (maybe twice), then if it fails, deliver it to the local post office
[3:02] <Meizirkki> k
[3:03] <Corsac> and between the attempted user delivery and the post-office delivery, it's stored in the ???packages depot???, which $user can't access :/
[3:03] <Corsac> and we are saturday...
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[3:30] <npx> anyone having problems with the provided "networking" tool?
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[3:41] <Meizirkki> i had once, but reboot helped
[3:46] <npx> the networking tool just worked once the first time i turned it on. since then it just wont work anymore
[3:47] <npx> my wireless device is able to scan networks but the networking thing doenst show up anything and the buttons dont seem to work
[3:55] <andrewgodwin> yay, TB is here
[3:55] <npx> yay :D
[3:56] <andrewgodwin> although I have yet to find out where the battery charge meter is >.<
[3:57] <Corsac> raaaaah
[3:57] <Meizirkki> forums => OS Development => New Battery meter
[3:58] <andrewgodwin> Meizirkki: thanks, I'll go try it out
[3:59] <npx> id love to but i cant connect to my wpa network :D
[4:01] <andrewgodwin> at least the keyboard is waay better than my eee701's
[4:03] <Meizirkki> I like the keyboard too
[4:04] <andrewgodwin> and the touchscreen's more responsive now i took the protector off
[4:04] <Meizirkki> touchscreen still needs some work
[4:04] <andrewgodwin> yes, the calibration's a bit dodgy
[4:04] <Meizirkki> evdev => tslib should make it better :)
[4:04] <andrewgodwin> indeed
[4:09] <andrewgodwin> i'm not concerned about software - that can be fixed - and I only have a few hardware misgivings
[4:10] <andrewgodwin> given how picky I am, that's probably alright
[4:11] <andrewgodwin> hrm, it just turned off randomly
[4:14] <npx> try fn+f7
[4:15] <andrewgodwin> i'll do that next time
[4:16] <npx> it seems to happen that the screen turns off a lot of times . with fn+f7 you set the brightness and usually the screen will turn on again
[4:16] <andrewgodwin> ah, right
[4:16] <andrewgodwin> oh, that's how you make it brighter
[4:17] <npx> you should really charge it to its fullest :D also the touchpad works MUCH better without having the bottom part being charged
[4:17] <npx> while charging my mouse stops working randomly
[4:18] <andrewgodwin> heh
[4:18] <andrewgodwin> it's charging to its fullest, but it's been at it for an hour and it's only at 2%/25%
[4:18] <andrewgodwin> i have a feeling this thing will outlast my phone :)
[4:18] <npx> :D
[4:21] <Stskeeps> any way to get serial console on touchbook? or similar
[4:21] <andrewgodwin> without a serial port? I imagine you'd need a usb-to-serial converter
[4:21] <Stskeeps> well, i was talking about kernel boot messages :)
[4:21] <andrewgodwin> although personally I'd go with usb-to-ethernet and SSH
[4:21] <Stskeeps> or uboot
[4:21] <andrewgodwin> ah, them :)
[4:22] <andrewgodwin> the JTAG on the motherboard probably would give you that
[4:23] <andrewgodwin> but there's no connector on it :)
[4:25] <npx> i really need to get the networking tool to work. where do i find the script which is executed
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[4:52] <npx> okay seems like the networking dialog doenst find my interface
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[5:20] <blunderer> hello from my brand new tb
[5:20] <Q_Continuum> nice!
[5:21] <Meizirkki> hey blunderer
[5:21] <Meizirkki> what irc client btw?
[5:21] <blunderer> the one in the original tb os: pidgin I think
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[6:41] <martinh> hmmm. someone ported the stuff for playing off a tivo yet?
[6:46] <npx> fixed \o/
[7:04] <npx> anyone used ipkg update so far?
[7:04] <andrewgodwin> npx: yes, it seemed to run fine
[7:06] <npx> okay please try if your network tool still works
[7:06] <npx> for me ipkg update updated python aswell which results in bugs in some scripts
[7:07] <npx> because of Popen
[7:07] <andrewgodwin> hrm, it has indeed stopped working
[7:07] <npx> same for the kb layout switcher
[7:07] <npx> fix will be submitted to the bugzilla
[7:08] <andrewgodwin> ah, right
[7:08] <andrewgodwin> what was the python update? a major version?
[7:09] <npx> im currently running 2.6.1 ^^"
[7:09] <andrewgodwin> and it was 2.6.0 before?
[7:10] <andrewgodwin> i have 261 as well, obviously
[7:10] <npx> actually i havent checked which version runs on the basic os image
[7:10] <npx> i guess its 2.5
[7:11] <andrewgodwin> i seem to remember looking at the python version and seeing it was 2.6
[7:11] <andrewgodwin> (i instinctively do this with new OSs)
[7:11] <andrewgodwin> but then, that wouldn't make any sense
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[7:31] <npx> http://bugzilla.alwaysinnovating.com/show_bug.cgi?id=60 hopefully this is somewhat correct
[7:32] <andrewgodwin> npx: what part did you change? the popen call?
[7:32] * andrewgodwin bothers to go look at his version
[7:32] <npx> yes and added the import
[7:33] <npx> sorry i have never used bugzilla b4 please change what is neccessary to make this a correct bug report :x
[7:33] <andrewgodwin> oh, I see, they were using os.popen
[7:34] <viridior> morning
[7:34] <andrewgodwin> it looks good to me npx, there's a proposed fix, a reason, and a patch
[7:34] <npx> i was informed that it's not a patch :x
[7:34] <andrewgodwin> it's not :)
[7:34] <andrewgodwin> but it's a small enough file, so if I were maintainer, I wouldn't mind so much
[7:35] <andrewgodwin> but, in future, diff is your friend
[7:35] <hyc> that's already a known bug
[7:35] <npx> i didnt find it by looking for "network"
[7:36] <npx> ill never submit again i promise :<
[7:36] <hyc> it's probably not showing up in the open bug list because it's already been fixed and closed
[7:36] <Eruquen> that's.. really not helping anyone then? :D
[7:37] <andrewgodwin> ack, bugzilla is just annoying
[7:37] <Eruquen> yes, it is
[7:37] <npx> then how to find fixed bugs?
[7:37] <hyc> #58 is also the same problem
[7:37] <andrewgodwin> npx: click "advanced search", and select all statuses
[7:38] <Eruquen> http://bugzilla.alwaysinnovating.com/show_bug.cgi?id=26
[7:38] <hyc> yep
[7:38] <hyc> #26
[7:38] <Eruquen> FIXED in the search query seems to be working
[7:38] <npx> oh i c
[7:38] <npx> then just remove my report
[7:38] <Eruquen> still, why is this not on by default? I fail to see the logic behind that
[7:38] <andrewgodwin> npx: I wouldn't get disheartened, it was a reasonable bug report apart from being a duplicate
[7:39] <andrewgodwin> Eruquen: yes, me too - finding fixed bugs is, uh, useful
[7:39] <npx> hmpf i still feel sorry and wont touch bugzilla anymore :D
[7:39] <hyc> well... I think the AI folks just need to be trained better in how to use bugzilla
[7:40] <hyc> you shouldn't mark a bug "closed" until the fix is actually released
[7:40] <hyc> if you look at the help for Status, it says that explicitly, look at the Verified state
[7:40] <hyc> fixed bugs should be in Verified until the fix actually ships.
[7:42] <hyc> telling us the fix is in 2009-10 is great, but if no one has that release yet, it's not much help
[7:42] <Eruquen> yup
[7:43] <npx> okay now to fight the DSP stuff
[7:43] <Eruquen> thats why I like patches so that everyone who finds that bug (if it's not hidden in the FIXED group) can patch that file instantly without having to wait for the next version
[7:44] <npx> so am i able to delete my report again?
[7:44] <npx> or am i allowed*
[7:46] <Eruquen> click on (edit) behind Status: new at the top of the page
[7:47] <npx> i can only mark it as a duplicate
[7:47] <hyc> that's good enough, mark it as a dup of 26
[7:48] <npx> hopefully it worked out fine :x
[7:49] <hyc> hm. the default search filter is still New / Assigned / Reopened
[7:50] <hyc> so even leaving the bug non-Closed (Verified) won't make it turn up by default
[7:50] <hyc> mebbe they should change the default filter to everything-but-closed
[7:51] <npx> is there a solution for watching video with midori?
[7:51] <hyc> not that I know of
[7:52] <hyc> I dunno enough about webkit yet, or what kind of plugins exist for it
[7:59] <mkxc> Hi did You try to play rmvb on it ?
[8:00] <hyc> me, nope
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[8:02] <mkxc> sry enyone : )
[8:08] <andrewgodwin> hrm, I have the thing where it you press the power button, it gets to the AI logo, then the screen flashes and goes black, and it turns off
[8:08] <andrewgodwin> I also forget how this is fixed
[8:09] <npx> mh charge it? dunnp
[8:09] <hyc> andrewgodwin: check the charger? sounds like it
[8:10] <andrewgodwin> hyc: it's charging, the KB has a yellow light on
[8:11] <andrewgodwin> it does reek of low power
[8:11] <andrewgodwin> but plugging directly into the screen with the power means it won't boot at all
[8:11] <hyc> and you're plugging into the correct port on the tablet? ;) on the bottom of the tablet, not the audio jacks on the side...
[8:12] <andrewgodwin> yes, the one labelled "5V"
[8:12] <andrewgodwin> oh, it's booting now
[8:12] <andrewgodwin> hrm.
[8:12] <andrewgodwin> I suspect the tablet part's battery was drained
[8:12] <hyc> very likely
[8:12] <andrewgodwin> especially since it's new
[8:12] <andrewgodwin> strange that giving it power directly didn't seem to help
[8:13] <andrewgodwin> perhaps the tablet battery needs a minimum level before it boots
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[8:30] <shtylman> hyc: I build a care console-image ... and am trying to get it to connect to my wifi (WPA) ... got any pointers for doing that from the console...
[8:30] <hyc> shtylman: use a standard wpa_supplicant config file
[8:31] <hyc> if you ever connected from the control panel, it spit out a config file in /var/run
[8:31] <shtylman> etc/wpa_supplicant.conf right?
[8:31] <hyc> you can copy that over to somewhere else and use it...
[8:31] <shtylman> thats where the network info goes
[8:31] * shtylman wiped the sd card :)
[8:32] <hyc> well, there's no special location for the config file. you just have to provide its path with -c
[8:32] <shtylman> ahh .. ok ... I thought it checked etc/wpa_supplcant.conf for some reason
[8:32] <hyc> wpa_supplicant -Dwext0 -ira0 -c <path>
[8:32] <hyc> -B to run it in the background
[8:33] <shtylman> "unsuported driver wext0"
[8:33] <hyc> then you have to wait for it to actually authenticate... use wpa_cli to monitor its status
[8:33] <shtylman> k
[8:33] <hyc> -Dwext sorrt
[8:33] <hyc> sorry
[8:34] <shtylman> hm... SIOCSIFFLAGS: Operation not permitted. Could not set interface 'ra0' UP
[8:34] <shtylman> maybe it didn't compile with the wpa patch?
[8:34] <hyc> you need to be root
[8:34] <shtylman> I am
[8:34] <hyc> then check dmesg output
[8:34] <hyc> the driver and kernel are both flaky. sometimes the driver is unable to raise the interface.
[8:35] <shtylman> ra0 () not using net_device_ops yet
[8:35] <shtylman> NICREeadRegParameters failed
[8:35] <shtylman> rt28xx initialized fail
[8:35] <shtylman> with some !!! for emphasis :)
[8:35] <hyc> initialize fail, that's the one
[8:35] <hyc> means you probably need to reboot. you can try rmmod and reload the driver first
[8:36] <shtylman> k
[8:36] <hyc> but I think it's hosed until you reboot.
[8:36] <shtylman> interesting...cause I *just* booted
[8:36] <hyc> mmmm, then that's kinda odd
[8:36] <hyc> which driver did you use?
[8:36] <shtylman> for wpa sup?
[8:37] <shtylman> -Dwext
[8:37] <hyc> no, which device driver did you build for the wifi?
[8:37] <shtylman> lsmod says rt3070sta
[8:37] <hyc> and you used the AI recipe to build it?
[8:37] <shtylman> yep
[8:37] <shtylman> I built the omap3-touchbook machine
[8:37] <shtylman> which looked for that receipie
[8:37] <hyc> then it should be working ok. strange.
[8:37] <shtylman> and I copied it from the wiki
[8:38] <shtylman> ifconfig can't even bring up the interface..
[8:38] <hyc> well, try the rmmod / modprobe
[8:38] <shtylman> which I find very strange
[8:38] <shtylman> tried that as well
[8:39] <shtylman> I have the ipv6 module loaded...wonder if that matters
[8:39] <hyc> no guesses then
[8:39] <hyc> nom that makes no difference
[8:39] <shtylman> hmmm
[8:40] <hyc> if you want to experiment, you can do what I'm doing. I now build the rt3070 driver from 2.6.32 staging
[8:40] <hyc> the code is derived from the original ralink tarball, but is cleaned up quite a bit
[8:40] <hyc> and it's been working decently for me
[8:41] <shtylman> k
[8:41] <shtylman> how are you building from 2.6.32 staging?
[8:41] <hyc> in your kernel source tree, rm -rf drivers/staging/rt28*
[8:41] <hyc> then copy the same directories from the 2.6.32 source tree
[8:41] <shtylman> did you have to copy over the patches?
[8:41] <shtylman> ahh
[8:42] <shtylman> also...my top battery just fell out...great...
[8:42] <hyc> bummer. I've had no problems with loose batteries, thankfully
[8:42] <shtylman> I carried it around for a day
[8:42] <shtylman> actually two days
[8:42] <shtylman> and then noticed the battery getting loose
[8:42] <shtylman> its cause the damn thing is just held on with double sided tape
[8:43] <hyc> I carried it all over San Jose and Portland for a week, no issues
[8:43] <shtylman> lucky
[8:43] <andrewgodwin> it probably depends on the strength of said tape
[8:43] <hyc> I guess so
[8:43] <andrewgodwin> I have some sticky Velcro I can turn to if it gets bad
[8:44] <andrewgodwin> the battery in the top part of this thing is v. odd
[8:44] <hyc> odd how?
[8:44] <andrewgodwin> if it runs out, you have to keep booting it so it gets enough power to boot further
[8:44] <andrewgodwin> or so it seems
[8:44] <shtylman> yea..thats really dumb
[8:44] <andrewgodwin> hrm, hold on
[8:44] <shtylman> that it has to be on to charge..
[8:44] <andrewgodwin> it can't see the keyb
[8:44] <hyc> seems to be an issue with the charge controller
[8:45] <shtylman> hyc: where is the source tree for the 2.6.29 line for you?
[8:45] <andrewgodwin> or rather, it can see the battery but not the keyboard or mouse
[8:45] <hyc> shtylman: what?
[8:45] <shtylman> I still havn't figured out the tmp directory or where it unpacks everything
[8:45] <hyc> ohhh
[8:45] <hyc> tmp/work/
[8:45] <hyc> I don't have the updated OE stuff that you have
[8:46] <hyc> so my kernel is under beagleboard
[8:46] <shtylman> k
[8:46] <shtylman> I *think* I found my kernel...
[8:46] <hyc> beagle/linux-.../git
[8:47] <shtylman> right
[8:47] <shtylman> for me its omap3...blah blah blah
[8:47] <shtylman> and you just pulled the latest 2.6.32 kernel from kernel.org?
[8:47] <hyc> right
[8:47] <shtylman> cool
[8:48] <shtylman> I will try that now
[8:49] <hyc> lemme know if you get a warning compiling cmm_data.c
[8:49] <andrewgodwin> does lsusb work on other people's TBs?
[8:49] <hyc> I sent a patch for it but dunno if it got integrated yet
[8:49] <shtylman> k
[8:49] <npx> lsusb works for me [as root]
[8:49] <shtylman> also... can I just rebuilt virtual/image after copying the files? it won't try to unpack crap over it or patch it again will it?
[8:50] <hyc> bitbake virtual/kernel
[8:50] <shtylman> ahh right
[8:50] <hyc> also, you can just run make
[8:50] <hyc> make modules CROSS_COMPILE=arm-something or other
[8:50] <hyc> whatever the prefix is to gcc
[8:50] <shtylman> in the kernel source dir I imagine?
[8:50] <hyc> right
[8:51] <shtylman> k...I will try that first
[8:51] <hyc> assuming you have rt2870 selected in your kernel config
[8:51] <hyc> I think it is, in the AI default
[8:51] <shtylman> well...im gonna go with yes... as it compiled once already
[8:51] <hyc> ok
[8:51] <shtylman> otherwise I can't imagine how I would have the module :)
[8:52] <hyc> hm, does AI build it as a module by default? it used to be static
[8:52] <hyc> AI was building rt3070sta as a module, but rt2870 static.
[8:52] <shtylman> dunno...module/driver.. either way... I think its in there...but im gonna doble check
[8:53] <hyc> I think it's best to build rt2870 as a module.
[8:54] <hyc> they build in a lot of drivers that don't need to be built in. I ripped a bunch of them out, shrank my kernel by over 400K
[8:54] <shtylman> nice
[8:59] <npx> btw will there be any changes in case of performance?
[8:59] <hyc> npx: what do you mean?
[9:00] <npx> have you tried using firefox or fennec?
[9:00] <hyc> yes, hate them both.
[9:00] <npx> any alternatives for fennec.. best would be with an inguildt onscreen keyboard
[9:01] <shtylman> hyc: can I force bitbake to rebuild virtual/kernel? cause it thinks it already built it... :/
[9:02] <hyc> shtylman: yes... go into tmp/stamps/omap-whatever
[9:02] <shtylman> got it :)
[9:02] <hyc> and rm the kernel_compile stamp
[9:02] <shtylman> I removed the stamps for it .. thanks
[9:10] <shtylman> hyc: I copied over all the rt* from 32 staging, ran menuconfig to check if they are modules or static, but in the ralink driver support tab I only see rt2500 and 2501/rt73 listed
[9:10] <shtylman> doesn't seem right...
[9:10] <hyc> yeah, you should see rt28
[9:11] <hyc> oh....
[9:11] <hyc> check the staging/Kconfig file
[9:11] <hyc> it probably needs to be patched to look in the rt28 directories
[9:11] <hyc> compare the .29 and the .32 staging/Kconfig ...
[9:12] <shtylman> it seems to be looking in the rt2860 and 2870 dirs
[9:12] <hyc> and also
[9:12] <shtylman> at least from the kconfig I can see
[9:12] <hyc> the rt2500 is not the right driver, you're looking at the wrong menu
[9:12] <hyc> you have to go to the Drivers -> Staging menu
[9:12] <shtylman> ahh
[9:13] <hyc> turn off that rt2500 stuff, it's the wrong stuff anyway
[9:13] <shtylman> k
[9:13] <shtylman> yea...staging doesn't list it either...hmm
[9:14] <hyc> ok, one more thing (doh)
[9:14] <hyc> the Kconfig for this driver says that it depends on X86
[9:14] <hyc> you need to remove that dependency
[9:14] <shtylman> noted
[9:14] <hyc> that's why it's not showing up in the meny
[9:14] <shtylman> the 2870 right?
[9:15] <hyc> right
[9:15] <shtylman> interesting...cause the module that currently loads on my touchbook is for the 3070
[9:15] <shtylman> at least it says rt3070
[9:15] <hyc> yes
[9:15] <shtylman> but could be for all of them
[9:16] <hyc> the original ralink rt3070 driver code was 90% the same as the rt2870 code
[9:16] <hyc> the Linux staging version has them merged
[9:16] <shtylman> ahh ... gotcha
[9:16] <shtylman> ok..I see it now :)
[9:16] <shtylman> im gonna compile it in first...see how that goes...
[9:16] <shtylman> why do we have atheros support?
[9:16] <shtylman> heh
[9:17] <hyc> no good reason!
[9:17] <npx> lol
[9:17] <shtylman> lol
[9:17] <hyc> I guess if you really decide to buy some other wifi stick you can use it
[9:17] <hyc> but I don't see why you would...
[9:18] <shtylman> agreed
[9:18] <shtylman> openembedded makes the deepest directory trees
[9:19] <hyc> yeah
[9:19] <shtylman> im glad I have widescreen monitors
[9:19] <shtylman> just to see the damn paths
[9:19] <hyc> lol
[9:20] <hyc> I busted my dv5z while trying to install a 1920x1200 screen. I think I broke a conductor in the LCD cable.
[9:20] <hyc> the 1920x1200 screen image is unstable, and putting the original 1680x1050 screen back in doesn't work at all.
[9:20] <shtylman> hahah
[9:21] <shtylman> you tried to change the screen...thats pretty great
[9:21] <hyc> it should've been a no-brainer, they had the same connector pinout
[9:21] <hyc> but I got the cable jammed in the hinge...
[9:21] <shtylman> ouch
[9:21] <shtylman> yea...those things are fragile
[9:22] <hyc> yeah. pisser. I guess I might still try to order a new cable from HP
[9:23] <hyc> probably better to get it working again, since none of the new laptops I've seen so far have 16:10 screens
[9:24] <shtylman> 16:10...
[9:24] <shtylman> thats a rather interesting aspect ratio
[9:24] <hyc> aspect ratio
[9:24] <hyc> 1920x1200
[9:24] <shtylman> on a laptop...how big is the screen?
[9:24] <hyc> right now I'm seeing a ton of laptops with 1366x768, which is pathetic
[9:24] <hyc> it's 15.4"
[9:25] <shtylman> can you even see anything on a 15" screen at 1920x1200?
[9:25] <hyc> new 15" laptops seem to all be using 15.6" 16:9 ratio
[9:25] <shtylman> everything would be soo tiny
[9:25] <hyc> nah, it looked great
[9:25] <shtylman> cool
[9:25] <shtylman> what do the mac pros have?
[9:25] <hyc> not sure. Dell and Lenovo both have some models with 15.4" WUXGA
[9:25] * Zygo had one of those
[9:26] <Zygo> and a 1600x1200 before that
[9:26] <hyc> but they're last year's designs, not sure they're being refreshed.
[9:26] <shtylman> I see
[9:26] <hyc> all the new models I see are 16:9, and I hate them.
[9:26] <shtylman> so how are you coping with the TB screen :)
[9:27] <hyc> oh... I don't demand as much from it ;)
[9:27] <hyc> 1024x600 is plenty for watching videos
[9:27] <hyc> not so great for getting a lot of work done
[9:28] <shtylman> indeed
[9:28] <shtylman> right now ive got some *plans* for it :)
[9:29] <shtylman> im looking at getting one of those old school x10 controllers
[9:29] <hyc> I still need to write a directfb module for MGR, wanna see how that runs on the TB
[9:29] <shtylman> and hooking it up to my desktop
[9:29] <hyc> Once I can get rid of X it'll be a much more efficient machine
[9:29] <shtylman> and then making a small app to have the TB control lights or whatnot through a simple server
[9:29] <hyc> cool
[9:29] <shtylman> what will you run instead of X?
[9:29] <hyc> MGR
[9:30] <shtylman> never heard of it
[9:30] <hyc> heh, you're just a kid.
[9:30] <hyc> :P
[9:30] <Eruquen> am I right in assuming that all the stuff on the touchbook was compiled with plain old gcc? I wonder how much performance one could gain from switching to llvm
[9:30] <hyc> it's a graphical window manager written at Bellcore back in the 1980s
[9:30] <shtylman> probly not too much...
[9:30] <shtylman> damn
[9:30] <hyc> Eruquen: last I checked, llvm sucks.
[9:30] <shtylman> old school
[9:31] <shtylman> hyc: but can It run qt :)
[9:31] <Eruquen> last I checked it managed to speed up things considerably
[9:31] <hyc> shtylman: hm, that could be another project ;)
[9:31] <shtylman> haha
[9:31] <Eruquen> what's the downside of llvm?
[9:31] <hyc> but I don't need any of that stuff anyway. heck, right now I'm running finch inside a screen session.
[9:32] <shtylman> haha... more than I have
[9:32] <shtylman> im in console-image ;)
[9:32] <shtylman> bare as anything
[9:32] <hyc> Eruquen: I thought it didn't even have a complete code generator yet
[9:32] <hyc> perhaps it has improved a lot since the last time I looked
[9:33] <hyc> certainly its compile speed is much slower than stock gcc
[9:33] <Eruquen> compile speed would be the time it takes to compile stuff?
[9:33] <shtylman> k...well wpa_supplicant worked...
[9:33] <shtylman> ooo
[9:33] <hyc> yes
[9:33] <shtylman> I have wlan0 instead of crappy ra0 :)
[9:33] <Eruquen> well, that would be no problem at all
[9:33] <shtylman> now...why do I not have dhclient!
[9:33] <hyc> shtylman: congrats
[9:34] <hyc> yeah, you have dhcpcd by default
[9:34] <shtylman> what the hell is that
[9:34] <hyc> I think it would be wise to use dhclient instead
[9:34] <hyc> but for now, dhcpcd works
[9:34] <shtylman> yea...just gotta figure out how to get dhclient
[9:34] <hyc> dhcp client daemon
[9:34] <hyc> just start dhcpcd for now: dhcpcd wlan0
[9:34] <shtylman> I don't think I have dhcpcd either...although I don't know anything about it or what commands to run for it ...so who knows
[9:35] <shtylman> nope...not in the console image install ... :/
[9:35] <hyc> oh well
[9:35] <shtylman> I only have dhcprelay
[9:35] <hyc> so how do you know wpa_supplicant worked?
[9:35] <shtylman> don't know that it *worked* but I do know it didn't error out like before...
[9:35] <shtylman> which is progress
[9:35] <shtylman> of some sort
[9:35] <hyc> heh ok
[9:36] <Eruquen> what would I have to do in order to set up an environment to compile software for the touchbook on my destkop pc (or better, on my server.. more cores and all!)?
[9:36] <hyc> shtylman can answer that ;)
[9:36] <shtylman> hell...I will manually set the ip..and see how that goes
[9:37] <shtylman> Eruquen: what distro?
[9:37] <Eruquen> debian sid
[9:37] <shtylman> Eruquen: read this first: http://wiki.openembedded.net/index.php/Getting_started
[9:37] <shtylman> k... you can ignore the bitbake from svn parts
[9:37] <shtylman> just install bitbake from repos
[9:37] <Eruquen> is this the same as the cross compiler howto on the tb wiki?
[9:37] <shtylman> basically...
[9:37] <Eruquen> I've already done that :)
[9:37] <shtylman> ahh ...good
[9:38] <Eruquen> but I'm not quite sure how to go on from there
[9:38] <shtylman> then that should be all you need to setup
[9:38] <shtylman> after that you just *compile* for a while
[9:40] <Meizirkki> http://picasaweb.google.com/meizirkki/MerOnTheTouchBook#
[9:41] <shtylman> nice
[9:42] <shtylman> how is it?
[9:42] <Meizirkki> working on the wireless atm.
[9:43] <shtylman> very nice
[9:43] <shtylman> hyc: if I run supplcant in foreground...should it say anything if it works?
[9:43] <hyc> very cool...
[9:43] <hyc> shtylman: yes, it will say quite a lot
[9:43] <shtylman> I just see CTRL-EVENT-SCAN-RESULTS
[9:44] <shtylman> hmm
[9:44] <shtylman> sadness
[9:44] <hyc> push it into the background
[9:44] <hyc> then run wpa_cli
[9:44] <hyc> then try "scan_res"
[9:44] <shtylman> k
[9:45] <shtylman> could not connect to wpa_supplicant
[9:45] <shtylman> very stange
[9:45] <Eruquen> yay, got it working
[9:45] <hyc> Meizirkki: I wonder how hard it would be to tie that phone interface into a SIP / VOIP client. like ekiga...
[9:45] <Eruquen> ${USER} was empty in local.conf
[9:45] <hyc> shtylman: what's in your wpa_supplicant.conf ?
[9:46] <shtylman> network={ ssid="Shtylman" psk= .... }
[9:46] <hyc> it has to have a line: ctrl_interface=/var/run/wpa_supplicant
[9:46] <shtylman> I see
[9:46] <hyc> otherwise it doesn't create a control socket
[9:46] <hyc> put that first, before any network clause
[9:46] <shtylman> makes sense
[9:48] * spvensko (n=spvensko@adsl-072-151-081-078.sip.rmo.bellsouth.net) has joined #touchbook
[9:49] * spvensko (n=spvensko@adsl-072-151-081-078.sip.rmo.bellsouth.net) Quit (Remote closed the connection)
[9:49] <hyc> Meizirkki: makes me want to try it on my G1 even more now...
[9:49] * spvensko (n=spvensko@adsl-072-151-081-078.sip.rmo.bellsouth.net) has joined #touchbook
[9:49] <Meizirkki> G1 has too low res screen i guess
[9:50] <hyc> bummer. 480x320 is too low? use smaller icons :P
[9:51] <shtylman> well...wpa supplicant appears to be better now
[9:52] <shtylman> I still need to figure out how to get an ip
[9:52] <mellon_> you're sure you don't have a dhcp client? it's dhclient, not dhcpclient
[9:52] * Managu_tb (i=62cc389e@gateway/web/freenode/x-wwwxvflvrkiazwnr) has joined #touchbook
[9:52] <shtylman> @mellon im sure
[9:53] <shtylman> mellon_: im sure
[9:53] <mellon_> oh well.
[9:53] <mellon_> ifconfig or ipv6 then
[9:53] <shtylman> indeed
[9:55] <shtylman> wpa_cli does say I am associated with my AP but that the authentication time out
[9:55] <hyc> then it hasn't succeeded yet
[9:55] <shtylman> :(
[9:55] <hyc> it will keep retrying indefinitely
[9:56] <hyc> assuming you have the correct key, it should succeed
[9:56] <Managu_tb> shtylman: tried udhcpc?
[9:56] <hyc> and then you'll see a CTRL-EVENT-CONNECTED
[9:56] <shtylman> k
[9:57] <shtylman> Managu_tb: ahh yes...I have that one :)
[9:57] <Managu_tb> also, to get the ra3070sta drivers to work on console-image, I had to copy over /etc/Wireless/* from the TB base image (sorry bout the late answers, just skimming the chat log)
[9:58] <shtylman> I see...well... pulling from 32 kernel also seems to work
[9:58] <shtylman> wooooooooooooo I have interwebs
[9:58] <shtylman> hyc thanks ;)
[9:59] <hyc> you're welcome ;)
[9:59] <hyc> yes, there is a config file in /etc/Wireless that the driver looks for
[9:59] <hyc> but it doesn't seem to actually need it
[10:00] <hyc> i.e., works fine without it
[10:00] <shtylman> well...this is great...I don't have ipkg though... :)
[10:00] <Managu_tb> opkg?
[10:00] <shtylman> yep
[10:00] <shtylman> have that
[10:01] <hyc> there ya go, same thing.
[10:01] <shtylman> what is with all these variations on pkg :)
[10:01] <Managu_tb> seems to be the same thing. No clue ...
[10:01] <shtylman> im gonna start gussing random letters for my common packages
[10:01] <Managu_tb> opkg list | grep
[10:01] <shtylman> indeed
[10:02] <Managu_tb> but watch out for the damn lock file, heh
[10:02] * shrykull (n=nexus@HSI-KBW-078-043-120-124.hsi4.kabel-badenwuerttemberg.de) has joined #touchbook
[10:03] <shtylman> hehe
[10:04] <shtylman> so what should I install now ... ponders
[10:04] <Managu_tb> finally got x11-image up and running. And I have to say, I really like GPE as an interface to the TB
[10:04] <shtylman> gpe?
[10:04] <shtylman> haha
[10:04] <shtylman> I might try that
[10:04] <Managu_tb> it's the desktop environment packged in x11-image
[10:04] <shtylman> qt had one too
[10:04] <shtylman> opie of something like that
[10:04] <Managu_tb> opie?
[10:04] <shtylman> *or
[10:05] <shtylman> oh..hey...there are packages for opie
[10:05] <Managu_tb> yup, might give that a whirl sometime
[10:05] * shtylman tires that
[10:06] <shrykull> hmm my touchbook wont boot properly anymore
[10:06] <shrykull> i get a nice "TouchBook" ascii-art and a console login
[10:07] <Managu_tb> shrykull: ouch. Been messing with the SD card?
[10:07] <shrykull> mmh no, didnt even open it yet
[10:07] <mellon_> what sd card are they shipping with the touchbook?
[10:07] <shtylman> 8gb sandisk
[10:07] <mellon_> oh boy.
[10:07] <mellon_> I've had problems with those.
[10:08] <shrykull> all i did was 'ipkg update' and 'ipkg install pidgin' :D
[10:08] <mellon_> yeah, writing to them is what triggered my problems.
[10:09] <andrewgodwin> my TB won't get past "please wait" (it immediately flashes off) but I'm not sure if the SD card's gone (unlikely) or there's no power in the tablet (far more likely)
[10:09] <mellon_> I don't know if the problem is hardware or software, and it was on an OLPC, not a Touchbook, so it could be a red herring, but I could never get them to work reliably - they would always fail pretty early on.
[10:09] <mellon_> heh, yeah
[10:09] <andrewgodwin> i've not had an sd card fail on me yet
[10:10] <mellon_> I always suspected this was a driver problem.
[10:11] <mellon_> But couldn't prove it, and now I have a different card that's rock solid, so I haven't looked into it anymore.
[10:13] <Managu_tb> andrewgodwin: I got that with a imperfectly setup SD card. Tried reinstalling the image?
[10:13] <andrewgodwin> Managu_tb: I'm downloading it now
[10:13] <shrykull> yay i see a red loading screen
[10:13] <andrewgodwin> thing is, it _ocasionally_ makes it further
[10:14] <andrewgodwin> say, to the red loading bar
[10:14] <andrewgodwin> and then cuts out
[10:14] <shrykull> boo, red loading screen gone, console login there
[10:14] <shrykull> and it keeps blinking
[10:14] <shrykull> wtf
[10:15] <viridior> shrykull: you are using 2009.9c?
[10:15] <viridior> back, btw
[10:15] <shrykull> viridior: no idea
[10:15] <shrykull> ah here, terminal 1 (ctrl+alt+F1) gives me some x errormessages
[10:15] <viridior> do you have a linux workstation with sdhc support by chance?
[10:16] <shrykull> i got a linux workstation (my laptop runs on arch linux) but ive got no idea what sdhc means
[10:16] <viridior> sd cards
[10:16] <Managu_tb> secure digital high capacity. Think he just means can you read/write an SD card on your linux box
[10:17] <shrykull> ye, the laptop got an sd cardreader but i never tried it on linux
[10:17] <viridior> yes ;)
[10:17] <viridior> quick-and-easy is to pull the sd card out of your TB and throw it into your laptop to check if you have a working sd card and os
[10:17] <shrykull> well it worked an hour ago
[10:17] <viridior> assuming your sd card reader works
[10:18] <viridior> what did you change ;)
[10:18] <shrykull> "ipkg update" and "ipkg install pidgin"
[10:18] <shrykull> :D
[10:18] <viridior> hmm...
[10:18] <Managu_tb> anyone heard of any progress on the screen blanking issue?
[10:18] <shrykull> will i see if the sd card works on a windows machine?
[10:19] <viridior> shrykull: ipkg update will pull package updates from the default angstrom repo which may not be configured correctly for TBOS
[10:19] <shrykull> or isit some strange filesystem xp wont recognize?
[10:19] <Managu_tb> shrykull: not as well; there will be 2 FS's that windows won't know
[10:19] <viridior> rootfs is ext3, not immediately recognized in windows
[10:19] <shrykull> kay ill boot to arch
[10:19] <viridior> there are drivers for it in windows, but i think they are mostly crap
[10:19] <Managu_tb> rootfs is squashfs4, actually, but same deal
[10:20] <Managu_tb> in fact, my Ubuntu installation can't do squashfs4 =/
[10:20] <viridior> :/
[10:20] <viridior> need to up your kernel to 2.6.29+
[10:21] <Managu_tb> makes sense. I'm making due with the squashfs tools, for the moment
[10:21] * viridior is getting pretty frustrated with getting his beagleboard to work as a MythTV box
[10:21] <Managu_tb> viridior: that sounds like a fairly large undertaking ;-)
[10:21] <viridior> the more and more i use Angstrom the more i really want to get Gentoo working... :/
[10:22] <Managu_tb> someone here last night was talking about a OMAP3 Gentoo distribution. Nevoo, I think he called it
[10:22] <viridior> Managu_tb: it should be fairly straight forward, but then Angstrom kernels are just to fickle to do anything consistant
[10:22] <shrykull> arch recognized the tbs' sdcard
[10:22] <Stskeeps> hmm, anyone know the right mkimage parameters for TB uImage?
[10:23] <viridior> Managu_tb: thats was me ;) I help start Neuvoo, which is a re-org from Gentoo Pandora
[10:23] <viridior> Stskeeps: should be the same as beagleboard... one sec
[10:23] <Managu_tb> viridior: too fickle? How so? I'd think the big problems would be getting the hardware codecs to play nice
[10:23] <Managu_tb> viridior: oh, heh, ok. Just trying to be helpful -- can't keep all the names straight
[10:24] <shrykull> 3 volumes
[10:24] <shtylman> I find the angstrom dependencies for packages kind of a failure
[10:24] <shtylman> if I install xterm
[10:24] <shrykull> viridior: well, the sdcard seems to work
[10:25] <shtylman> I expect it to get everything it needs to run xterm
[10:25] <viridior> Stskeeps: you are going to have to edit this... but its a start...
[10:25] <viridior> Stskeeps: mkimage -A arm -O linux -T kernel -C none -a 0x80008000 -e 0x80008000 -n "Linux" -d ./temp/boot/vmlinuz-* /mnt/uImage
[10:25] <viridior> shtylman: ive ran into many other package dep issues also, reminds me of the old Red Hat days
[10:26] <shtylman> heh
[10:26] <Stskeeps> viridior: hm, ok - loadaddr=0x82000000
[10:26] <Managu_tb> ehh, you don't necessarily need to have an xserver to run xterm
[10:26] <viridior> Stskeeps: make uImage in /usr/src/linux should be good enough with defaults
[10:26] <shtylman> Managu_tb: true...
[10:26] <shrykull> oh hey, whne i access the volumes on the sdcard it says: "can't read superblock" - is this bad? :D
[10:26] <Stskeeps> k
[10:27] <Managu_tb> shrykull: depends on which partition. But generally, yes
[10:27] <shrykull> all partitions
[10:27] <viridior> Stskeeps: ive been building omap kernels for the last few months and /usr/src/linux$ make uImage has always worked for my BB
[10:27] <Eruquen> sounds like your card reader does not support high capacity sd cards
[10:27] <shrykull> mmmmh that might be true
[10:28] <viridior> thats a possiblity, that or the driver it loaded isn't right
[10:28] <Stskeeps> viridior: thanks
[10:28] <Stskeeps> viridior: - trying to get mer/ubuntu going on it
[10:28] <viridior> Stskeeps: np, gl
[10:28] <Stskeeps> we have it running but it's nice to have kernel going too :P
[10:29] <shtylman> Stskeeps: let me know how ubuntu goes .. im curious...did you get it working with the TB kernel and ubuntu root?
[10:29] <viridior> for the most part you need to use the Angstrom kernels for the BB/TB, they have a hell of a ton of custom patches that dont necessarily make it to tmlind's git tree quickly
[10:29] <Stskeeps> shtylman: seems so
[10:30] <Stskeeps> at least the mer part, but ubuntu should work too
[10:30] <Stskeeps> viridior: yeah, spent the afternoon applying them to a local tree ;p
[10:30] <viridior> Stskeeps: you can use tmlind's git tree to make working kernels, but they are usually 1 or 2 kernel branches behind the curve
[10:30] <shrykull> well, what am i supposed to do now?
[10:30] <shtylman> Stskeeps: interesting.. cause I tried making a root image from ubuntu and copying that over
[10:31] <shtylman> but it didn't boot
[10:31] <viridior> Stskeeps: good, since im using Gentoo ive had to make a custom scripts to import them into our ebuild git tree... pain in the ass
[10:31] <shtylman> cause it was looking for /proc something ot other
[10:31] <Stskeeps> shtylman: Meizirkki can explain more what he did i guess
[10:31] <shtylman> gotcha
[10:33] <shrykull> _XSERVTransSocketOpenCOTSServer: Unable to open socket for inet6
[10:33] <shrykull> thats the first error (of about 12) i see when i try "startxfce4"
[10:34] <Managu_tb> shrykull: shouldn't be a problem
[10:34] <shrykull> well the problem is that xfce wont load
[10:34] <Managu_tb> tried logging in?
[10:34] <shrykull> im logged in as "ai" on the console
[10:34] <shrykull> thats all i can see
[10:34] <Managu_tb> and looking at /var/log/Xorg.0.log?
[10:35] <shrykull> loads of drivers that werent found in there
[10:35] <Managu_tb> all fine, most likely. Anything toward the bottom?
[10:36] <shrykull> couldnt open module glx, freetype, type1, record, dri, dri2
[10:36] <shrykull> falling back to old probe method for fbdev
[10:36] <Managu_tb> that's normal
[10:37] <shrykull> humkay... blahrg, i gotta wait 1 minute the screen blinks again as it automatically tries to start xfce again and again
[10:37] <Managu_tb> odd. Anything in ~/.Xsession-errors (or something like that)
[10:38] <shrykull> warning. couldnt open module null
[10:38] <shrykull> config/hal NewInputDeviceRequest failed
[10:38] <shrykull> (still in xorg log)
[10:38] <shrykull> but i guess thats it from xorg log
[10:39] <shrykull> .Xsession-errors doesnt exist
[10:39] <Managu_tb> I might have the name wrong
[10:39] <shrykull> nothing with .X
[10:40] <shrykull> in /home/ai/ or /home/root?
[10:40] <Managu_tb> both would be good places to look
[10:40] <Managu_tb> but I'd think /home/ai
[10:40] <shrykull> hmm no, theres nothing like that in both folders
[10:41] <hyc> yeah, ipkg update / ipkg install usually causes a lot of problems
[10:41] <hyc> because the TB is using a much older version of most of the angstrom stuff
[10:41] <Eruquen> it worked fine for npx
[10:41] <hyc> and you'll suddenly be installing much newer packages. libc jumps from 2.6 to 2.9
[10:42] <hyc> and that brings a lot of problems. python jumps to 2.6.x which breaks all of the scripts in /usr/bin/ai
[10:42] <hyc> (which brings us to bug 26 that was discussed in here a little while ago)
[10:42] <Eruquen> well yeah, the os.popen stuff
[10:42] <shrykull> is there any possibility to set evverything back to default?
[10:43] <hyc> yes, follow the Revert OS instructions on the wiki
[10:44] <Eruquen> he'd still need a sdhc card reader for that, right?
[10:44] <shrykull> yup
[10:45] <Managu_tb> could mess everything up (try at your own risk). As root (on the TB): mount /dev/mmcblk0p4 /mnt; rm -rf /mnt/*; sync; umount /mnt. Hard power off (5 sec on power button)
[10:46] <shrykull> wat.
[10:47] <shrykull> sounds too risky
[10:47] <shrykull> INIT: ID "1" respawning too fast: disabled for 5 minutes
[10:48] <shrykull> is what x says now btw
[10:48] <Managu_tb> well, p4 has an ext3fs that holds all the differences between the stock image and now. Erase everything on it, and you're back at a pristine image. Of course, it's rather risky to modify that partition while it's mounted
[10:49] <hyc> indeed
[10:50] <hyc> you might have a fair shot at it if you drop to single-user mode. init S.
[10:52] <shrykull> well, its the ext3 partition that needs to be reset, right?
[10:52] <hyc> yes
[10:53] <shrykull> what happens if i put an empty sdcard in the touchbook?
[10:54] <hyc> ? it certainly can't boot from it
[10:54] <shrykull> and how would i upgrade the touchbook?
[10:55] <shrykull> lets say i got a 16gb sdcard right here, how can i get the OS on that card
[10:56] * mellon_ (n=mellon@ Quit ()
[10:56] <npx> with a card reader and another pc?
[10:56] <hyc> you need a PC with an SD slot, or a second SD slot on the TB
[10:56] <hyc> a USB reader should do fine
[10:57] <hyc> then use fdisk and create 4 partitions on the new card. make p1 and p2 exactly the same as the original card.
[10:58] <hyc> you can set a different size for the p3 swap partition if you want.
[10:58] <hyc> dd p1 and p2 from the original card to the new card.
[10:58] <hyc> make the p4 partition use the rest of the card, then make an ext3fs on it.
[10:58] * azaghal (n=azaghal@ Quit ("leaving")
[10:59] <hyc> do a mkswap on the p3 partition...
[10:59] <shrykull> ic
[10:59] <shrykull> well, that wont help me either as i cant get my cardreader to work properly
[10:59] <shrykull> (under linux)
[11:04] <shrykull> hooray it works
[11:05] * azaghal (n=azaghal@ has joined #touchbook
[11:07] <shrykull> and 'mkfs.ext3 /media/disk' wont fuck it up even more? <.< im kinda scared
[11:07] <hyc> shrykull: that's definitely wrong
[11:08] <hyc> you have to run mkfs on the device file. /media/disk is a mount point, not a device file.
[11:09] <shrykull> oh. how do i find out what the according devicefile is? my OS seems to have mounted it automatically
[11:10] <hyc> run "mount"
[11:11] <shrykull> /dev/mmcblk0p4 on /media/disk
[11:11] <shrykull> so its 'mkfs.ext3 /dev/mmcblk0p4'
[11:13] <hyc> yeah, but unmount /media/disk first
[11:14] <shrykull> i have to do this as superuser, right?
[11:14] <hyc> yes
[11:15] <shrykull> mmmh kay either this takes a while or my laptop is stuck
[11:17] <shrykull> it says "writing superblocks and filesystem accounting informations"
[11:17] <shrykull> ah done
[11:19] <shrykull> wooo
[11:19] <shrykull> the touchbook seems to work now
[11:19] <shrykull> now, tell me why it got fked up so it never happens again :D
[11:19] <viridior> dont run 'ipkg update'
[11:20] <shrykull> :|
[11:20] <viridior> it pulls from the Angstrom repo which is updated more often then TBOS
[11:20] <shrykull> oookay
[11:20] <viridior> when you ran it you broke some library and package compatibilities
[11:20] <shrykull> (and why does it work for others, like, npx?)
[11:21] <hyc> well, technically it's not ipkg update that broke things, but ipkg install.
[11:21] <npx> because i'm awesome
[11:21] <hyc> it all depends on which packages you chose to install.
[11:21] <hyc> and what dependencies they brought along with them
[11:21] <viridior> ipkg update/ipkg install will work if you go back and make sure that your libraries/packages/configs are correct
[11:22] <viridior> otherwise you are playing roulette
[11:22] <hyc> pretty much
[11:22] <hyc> the only way I was able to cope was just to bitbake my own copy of anything I want to install
[11:22] <shrykull> ic
[11:23] * Meizirkki (n=Meizirkk@ Quit (Remote closed the connection)
[11:23] <hyc> and then point my ipkg config at my bitbake repo
[11:24] <npx> so installing irssi couldve killed everything? :D
[11:25] <shrykull> well, it obviously didnt
[11:25] <viridior> i doubt irssi pulls in too many changes
[11:25] <npx> has anybody tried the "arora" browser?
[11:26] * hyc needs a nap. outtahere
[11:26] <shrykull> nn
[11:27] <drantin> viridior: ipkg update is just fine, but ipkg upgrade will mess stuff up, and installing some packages that pull for example glibc updates will also break it
[11:27] <shrykull> pidgin puolled glibc stuff iirc
[11:28] <drantin> ntp also pulled in glibc updates -_-
[11:28] <shrykull> woo were all doomed
[11:28] <drantin> ntp == the thing that lets you use the automatic function in the time/date config
[11:29] <shrykull> i know
[11:29] <shrykull> network time protocol
[11:29] <drantin> indeed
[11:29] <drantin> a daemon client
[11:29] <shrykull> the thing that lets the clock of my laptop go wrong when i plug it in at work cuz they fked up their ntpserver
[11:29] <drantin> make it only pull from official ntp servers?
[11:30] <shrykull> naw :D
[11:31] <drantin> how fked up is it? do they go by the local time zone on the server without setting the time zone having your laptop think it's pulling a UTC time and compensating?
[11:31] <drantin> or just totally messed up?
[11:32] <shrykull> drantin: i think its an UTC/localtime issue, the ntp-clock is always 2 hours ahead
[11:33] <shrykull> btw is there a pidgin icq plugin availible for the tb?
[11:35] * trothigar (n=fabian@ Quit (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
[11:35] <drantin> not seeing one on http://www.angstrom-distribution.org/repo/ :/
[11:35] <drantin> wit
[11:35] <drantin> wait*
[11:35] <drantin> the libpurple one should work
[11:36] <drantin> http://www.angstrom-distribution.org/repo/?pkgname=libpurple-protocol-icq so long as it doesn't need to pull in those extra libraries
[11:40] <shrykull> mmmmmmmmmh
[11:43] <shrykull> can someone else try it? :D
[11:44] <drantin> I need to start backing that up before running anything that could make it not function anymore...
[11:46] <shrykull> btw that tank game really made me giggle
[11:47] <drantin> there's supposed to be an exit button in the next version :D
[11:48] <npx> hehe
[11:48] <npx> i always had to put the tabled back on the kb and kill it by alt+f4
[11:48] <npx> tablet*
[11:49] <drantin> indeed
[11:49] <drantin> that's pretty much the only way for now
[11:49] <drantin> next version should let you exit from tablet mode though
[11:49] <npx> but you scared me with the ipkg stuff and now i dont know what to do with the TB :|
[11:52] <drantin> just a sec, I can look up the commands to use to show what'll be installed before it goes ahead and does them
[11:53] <npx> id like to test a bunch of webkit browsers and try to get them play flash stuff. cause mozilla is the only one playing at least youtube but firefox and fennec just suck at the tb :<
[11:53] <drantin> ah, just pass -noaction before installing anything
[11:54] <drantin> npx: midori is a webkit browser
[11:54] <npx> i know :D
[11:54] <npx> stillt googling my way on how to make it flashable!
[12:06] <npx> looking for flash in the angstrom repo doesnt do anything food :<
[12:07] <drantin> orly?
[12:07] <drantin> perhaps gnash would work better
[12:07] <drantin> since adobe hasn't released an ARM flash yet
[12:08] <npx> youve got a point
[12:10] <npx> looks like its already installed
[12:11] <npx> the gnash browser plugin
[12:14] <shrykull> oh btw where to you put your touchscreen-pen?
[12:16] <npx> up your... :D
[12:17] <npx> you have to drill a hole in your keyboard to pt the stylus in
[12:17] <npx> there more than enough space for it
[12:17] <npx> +'s
[12:17] <drantin> shrykull: as I understand it, it only comes with the preorders, and as such the hardware doesn't have a spot for it
[12:18] <drantin> I've taken to using the one from my phone as I usually have that with me
[12:18] <drantin> you could also just get one of the larger pen-sized styluses for use with it...
[12:18] <npx> which is more handy? :D
[12:20] <drantin> I plan on getting a pen-sized one, as those also have built-in pens and are thus more useful...
[12:20] <npx> hum any opinion on swfdec?
[12:20] <drantin> nope, had forgotten the name of it last time I tried to find the flash alternatives :D
[12:20] <npx> nope as in "NOOOO" or "i just didnt try it yet"
[12:21] <drantin> although, I should probably order another of the pen-styluses for my zaurus... it's the size of a normal stylus for the zaurus, but expands and has a small pen in it
[12:21] * spvensko_ (n=spvensko@ has joined #touchbook
[12:21] <drantin> npx: nope as in, I haven't tested it in years because I couldn't recall the name of it, and cba to look it up
[12:21] <npx> okay now's your chance
[12:21] * spvensko (n=spvensko@adsl-072-151-081-078.sip.rmo.bellsouth.net) Quit (Read error: 60 (Operation timed out))
[12:22] <drantin> heh
[12:22] <drantin> also, installing the icq plugin for libpurple wants to upgrade libc6 as well...
[12:23] <drantin> so that's a no-go
[12:23] * Meiz_TB_Mer_Webi (i=50dcee40@gateway/web/freenode/x-smqaajmwvpfcmahs) has joined #touchbook
[12:23] * drantin almost wants to go ahead and install a source-based distro on his touchbook...
[12:23] <Meiz_TB_Mer_Webi> good morning #TouchBook!
[12:23] * viridior is already doing that ;)
[12:24] <viridior> drantin: what distro are you looking at?
[12:24] <drantin> although as the touchbook variant of angstrom matures a bit more, this should be less of a problem
[12:25] <drantin> viridior: not sure, that's why I left the generic term 'source-based distro' in there
[12:25] <drantin> I know the distro I'm using on my laptop has had several people succesfully install on ARM before...
[12:26] <viridior> well, i have a bootable Gentoo image optimized for the omap3. http://neuvoo.org/wiki/index.php?title=Pre-built_Images/0.1.0
[12:26] <drantin> but... I'd like my touchbook to be usable within the next few weeks too, and they don't yet supply anything precompiled except for the base applications needed to install the other things
[12:26] <drantin> yeah, don't really like the way gentoo's politics have been going for the past two years :/
[12:26] <drantin> and I also don't really trust all the devs :\
[12:27] <andrewgodwin> why do you want a source-based distro? debian have had an ARM fork for years
[12:27] <viridior> ive only compiled about half of xorg so far, took a break for a month and getting it going again now
[12:27] <viridior> andrewgodwin: not exactly pushing the envelope with Debian, works good though
[12:27] <drantin> andrewgodwin: because it's trivial to fix things like this libc6 problem by just reinstalling whatever's broken against it...
[12:28] <andrewgodwin> viridior: I'd rather push the envelope by writing new DE bits
[12:28] <drantin> unless the app itself has problems with the new version of libc6
[12:28] <viridior> last i checked Debian didn't have ARMv7a-based images either
[12:28] <andrewgodwin> yes, that is the issue
[12:28] <andrewgodwin> but you can at least bootstrap and then dpkg-buildpackage your way up
[12:28] <viridior> true enough, basically what i did with Gentoo
[12:28] <drantin> and in this case, wifi doesn't work with the version of libc6 that ipkg upgrade installs
[12:28] <andrewgodwin> but I agree, one designed to build everything from source would be easier, if not take an age
[12:29] <drantin> also, doing a full ipkg upgrade doesn't even let you boot...
[12:29] <drantin> well, past a certain point
[12:29] <andrewgodwin> ouch.
[12:29] <viridior> andrewgodwin: i built a xorg image from scratch on a BB a few months back. 128MB ram, took about 2 to 3 days
[12:29] <andrewgodwin> I had my libc6 upgraded for me, had to revert
[12:29] <andrewgodwin> viridior: heh :)
[12:30] * viridior shrug
[12:30] <andrewgodwin> there must be arm7 buildservers somewhere out there
[12:30] <viridior> not bad if you remember < 2003
[12:30] * drantin had gentoo on an old laptop a few years back, 400Mhz, 160M RAM
[12:30] <drantin> amd k6-2 iirc
[12:30] <viridior> another 2 to 3 day event ;)
[12:30] <andrewgodwin> I moved away from gentoo around 4 years back since it didn't go so well on my underpowered laptop
[12:30] <drantin> started it up before going on vacation :D
[12:31] <drantin> from stage 1
[12:31] <andrewgodwin> i believe it wanted to upgrade OO.org, and then I found this "ubuntu" thing and switched
[12:31] <viridior> no one remembers stage1s anymore :P
[12:31] <drantin> pfff
[12:31] <andrewgodwin> ugh, stage1s
[12:31] * drantin started on gentoo with v 1.4
[12:31] * viridior did also
[12:31] <andrewgodwin> like self-flagellation, but with a lower resolution
[12:31] * spvensko_ is now known as spvensko
[12:31] <viridior> haha
[12:32] <viridior> well, i can say that Gentoo on the BB has worked very well... boots fine on the TB also
[12:32] <drantin> if gentoo had GRP packages for armv7, I'd try that... but they don't provide GRP packages anymore...
[12:32] <viridior> my biggest issue really is finding good kernels for the two
[12:32] <viridior> drantin: im building a binary repo for Gentoo... also ARMv7a
[12:33] <viridior> err... all ARMv7a
[12:34] <viridior> believe it or not, most people don't want to build everything from source... so i spent a lot of time working on documentation for proper cross-compiling and im populating the binary repo when i can
[12:34] <drantin> and I don't really like sabayon's lead maintainer's attitude either :/
[12:34] <drantin> viridior: for me it depends on the options or use flags the package has, and just how much customization I want...
[12:35] <viridior> once i get my BB back up ill have a dedicated native compiler for the odd packages that still dont cross-compile nicely
[12:35] <drantin> if there's not much customization, or the customization is pointless, by all means provide a binary
[12:35] <viridior> drantin: im releasing two images. a -base image which is basically a bootable stage3 to command prompt and a -desktop image which will be comparable to what you see on TBOS... except i want to go with e17
[12:35] <drantin> or, if compile time on the target platform is horrid, provide a sensible default I can deviate from if I need to
[12:36] <drantin> I have no objection to any lightweight WM's
[12:36] <drantin> well
[12:36] <drantin> so long as it's not the one that needs recompiling to change configurations
[12:36] <drantin> can't recall which that is
[12:36] <drantin> dwm?
[12:36] <viridior> -base image will be a standard profile, -desktop will have enough to get a useable xorg with what most people want. I'm not crazy about getting USE flag happy
[12:37] <andrewgodwin> i thought the xfce WM was pretty lightweight, but I see that even it has compositing now
[12:37] <andrewgodwin> madness.
[12:37] <drantin> ah yes, dwm is the one I was thinking of
[12:37] <drantin> has no configuration, all settings are done by editing the source and recompiling
[12:37] <viridior> http://images.google.com/images?q=e17+pics&oe=utf-8&rls=org.mozilla:en-US:official&client=firefox-a&um=1&ie=UTF-8&ei=Zh3aStSDLYmoMYm5kNgH&sa=X&oi=image_result_group&ct=title&resnum=1&ved=0CBIQsAQwAA
[12:37] <andrewgodwin> also, the enlightenment core libs rock :)
[12:38] <viridior> ive been talking to rasterman about a custom e17 interface for embedded devices. and also fully supporting SGX.
[12:38] <drantin> viridior: http://images.google.com/images?q=e17+pics gets the same stuff ;)
[12:38] <viridior> thx
[12:39] <viridior> the -desktop image will probably be pulling in some of the openmoko and mer/mamona stuff as i can. Haven't settled on any of that yet
[12:40] <drantin> viridior: if you can get the opie-reader ebook reader, there's a 90% increase in the chance that I'll switch
[12:40] <viridior> and of course i'm really interested in getting these to work: http://pandorawiki.org/Projects_Under_Development
[12:41] <viridior> drantin: i haven't done it yet, but talking to solar (Gentoo embedded lead dev) all the opie stuff should be trivial
[12:41] <viridior> same with gpe
[12:41] * Meiz_TB_Mer_Webi (i=50dcee40@gateway/web/freenode/x-smqaajmwvpfcmahs) Quit (Ping timeout: 180 seconds)
[12:41] <viridior> let me get there and ill let you know
[12:41] <drantin> http://www.timwentford.uklinux.net/
[12:42] <drantin> after trying all the others available on my zaurus, that's the one that I find I like the most
[12:42] <viridior> drantin: ping me about it on occasion, i rebuilding my home network in order to start building my image again. I'll put that in as a priority once i get xorg working
[12:43] * drantin likes a single tap at the bottom of the page to go forward, and a single tap at the top to go backward
[12:43] <viridior> hopefully i can just do a 'emerge -DNuav <opie*>' and walk away
[12:43] <drantin> none of that silly tap and dragging of the finger
[12:44] <viridior> drantin: good to know, i also want a good bookreader and haven't looked at them yet
[12:45] <drantin> although, fbreader has more exposure due to it being maintained and more portable... might be able to ask for that mode :/
[12:47] * viridior afk
[13:34] * MMlosh (n=MMlosh@2001:470:1f0b:b78:d9eb:9028:57ee:3c79) Quit ("Bye...")
[13:50] * spvensko (n=spvensko@ Quit (Read error: 131 (Connection reset by peer))
[13:51] * spvensko (n=spvensko@adsl-072-151-081-078.sip.rmo.bellsouth.net) has joined #touchbook
[13:57] * edgar5 (n=edgar@p5DC01736.dip0.t-ipconnect.de) has joined #touchbook
[13:59] <edgar5> Is there are rtc clock in the tb ?
[14:04] <drantin> /proc/config.gz indicates one, don't see it in /dev though
[14:07] * blunderer (n=ai@tru75-1-81-57-71-229.fbx.proxad.net) Quit (Read error: 113 (No route to host))
[14:11] * cospan (n=cospan@74-212-230-114.static-ip.telepacific.net) has joined #touchbook
[14:24] <edgar5> drantin: found it. It's in the TPS65950
[14:34] <viridior> back
[14:34] <viridior> miss anything good?
[14:35] <edgar5> It's hard to reset the device. You have to remove the tiny connector for the batterie. :)
[14:35] <viridior> edgar5: what are you resetting?
[14:37] <edgar5> Only the whole board. ;) Missing a reset button.
[14:37] <viridior> hardware reset?
[14:37] <edgar5> yes, of course
[14:37] <viridior> holding power button down for 10sec doesn't work?
[14:38] <viridior> or however long it takes
[14:38] <viridior> probably closer to 5 sec
[14:38] <npx> the so called 5-second-power-trick
[14:39] <edgar5> no, look like there are still some power management problems.
[14:39] <drantin> yeah, I've had to do the disconnecting of the power cable too...
[14:39] <viridior> edgar5: yes, they haven't really been looked at much
[14:39] <viridior> not really happy with bluetooth setup either
[14:40] <viridior> but, it does work
[14:40] <edgar5> If you run in low power, you lost :)
[14:40] <viridior> well, supposedly you can up the max speed to 720MHz now also
[14:41] <viridior> hasn't been implemented yet, im going to see if i can get it to work in Neuvoo and then if i have time push a patch back to AI
[14:44] * cospan (n=cospan@74-212-230-114.static-ip.telepacific.net) Quit (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
[14:46] <edgar5> Nice. But it looks like it's more important to have a distribution with lesser memory usage.
[14:46] <viridior> http://focus.ti.com/dsp/docs/dspcontent.tsp?contentId=53403
[14:46] <viridior> ^^^
[14:46] <viridior> part of the issue with using gnome in the first place
[14:48] <DJWillis> viridior: you do realise that the 720MHz certification is not applied to existing chips in the chan or in hardware (as I understand it) just new batches (not sure if it was a shrink or if a shrink comes in the new year)
[14:49] <viridior> DJWillis: hadn't heard that
[14:50] <DJWillis> viridior: That's how it was explained to me, only features added for 'new orders' from a given point (and a given ES revision).
[14:50] <viridior> of course it would be like that... :/
[14:50] <viridior> my understanding was that there wasn't any hardware changes, just a loosening of the speed restriction
[14:51] <viridior> ill look into it more
[14:51] <DJWillis> viridior: I guess TI can confirm, i'll try and get something official. We (well I) understood diff.
[14:53] <DJWillis> viridior: The OMAP3530 is now available in two versions: 600MHz ARM/430MHz DSP and 720MHz ARM/520MHz DSP << I understand they are distinct part SKU's and one costs more. I suspect it is more the case that TI have started clock screening chips more so adding to the range.
[14:53] <viridior> that would make sense
[14:55] <DJWillis> viridior: so no magic free overclock to any existing chips, run them at that and they are well out of spec, fine on a case by case basis (user aware) insane at the distro/maker level ;-)
[14:55] <viridior> DJWillis: you might need to send me two pandoras... ive already broken one of my TBs ;)
[14:56] <DJWillis> viridior: how did you do that?
[14:56] <viridior> DJWillis: took it apart a dozen or two times ;)
[14:56] <tommd1> ... too much beer.
[14:56] * DJWillis still wants to get a Touchbook, I wonder if I can cut some sort of deal with AI.
[14:56] <viridior> how did you know...
[14:56] <DJWillis> viridior: and? These boards should be hard to kill ;-)
[14:57] <viridior> well, im having two issues... one is that i have a problem with either blue and/or green because everything is in a red tint... and also i have two sine waves across the screen
[14:58] <viridior> its pretty funky. but i didn't do any mods to the hardware, so it might just be something loose from me taking the board out
[14:59] <DJWillis> viridior: sounds like the LCD connector/cable at a guess for a 1st place but I am sure you have checked that.
[15:00] <viridior> its a little difficult to get back into the board due to how it is set up. That is my first suspect also.
[15:02] <viridior> i do enjoy all the space on the touchpad portion, i would love for the keyboard portion to match the proportions of the touchpad to allow some more internal/external usb slots or maybe another battery. Might help with the balancing issue also
[15:02] <viridior> if i was to pay for a mod for the TB, that would probably be my first
[15:03] <viridior> an SD/MMC slot there would be great also
[15:03] <Managu_tb> yeah, an external SD slot would be nice. I could do without MMC (for what? wireless?)
[15:03] <viridior> it would make it especially easy for people to flash updated OSes and test builds
[15:04] <Q_Continuum> No way to flash from say, an external USB drive?
[15:04] <Managu_tb> Oh, that's certainly possible
[15:04] <Q_Continuum> Or a USB-SD adaptor?
[15:04] <Managu_tb> though having a usb drive sticking out the side doesn't seem as aesthetically pleasing to me
[15:04] <viridior> ive noticed that a lot of people here dont necessarily have linux boxes and/or SD/MMC ports. I simple "Insert SD card and press <Enter>" for them would make life a lot easier
[15:04] <Q_Continuum> If you're doing lots of testing, I don't see the need to design the machine to support that - extra spots to collect junk and all :-P
[15:05] <Managu_tb> that's a fair criticism
[15:05] <Q_Continuum> extra USB ports are good though. generic, and usable for many purposes.
[15:05] <DJWillis> well using the 2nd MMC on the OMAP (or 3rd) is trivial really, but there Beagleboard base makes MMC2 the easy choice to put somewhere. Dealing with it being on the daughter board would be fun from a software point of view (the kernel does not like to randomly loose platform devices ;-))
[15:05] <viridior> DJWillis: good point
[15:06] <Managu_tb> 4 internal + 3 external USB is nice. Though I haven't yet figured out how you'd do much with the internal usb-mini port
[15:06] <Q_Continuum> I wish I could order a touchbook :-(
[15:06] <viridior> i guess if i was king for a day i would loose a usb slot on the touchpad and install a usb hub on the keyboard section
[15:06] <DJWillis> viridior: and a USB/SD IC would be an epic fail ;-)
[15:06] <viridior> haha, that would be humerous
[15:07] <Q_Continuum> Heck, I wish Microcenter HAD a touchbook I could go play with.
[15:07] * viridior loves microcenter
[15:12] <martinh> i would. but our microcenter is far away.
[15:14] <viridior> DJWillis: ive been meaning to go back and build/test the emulators for the Pandora on the TB... is there anything you would like me to start with?
[15:15] <DJWillis> viridior: not really my scene but most/all should run, they play fine on my Beagle's (input permitting)
[15:15] <viridior> DJWillis: i have a BB rev. B7 and i can't seem to get the damn thing to play nice anymore with Angstrom etc :/
[15:16] <viridior> might be from me bastardizing it for Neuvoo, but im getting to the point i think it has more to do with the Rev C configs
[15:21] <viridior> DJWillis: any luck with wireless-tools, hadn't talked to you in a while about it
[15:22] <DJWillis> viridior: yep, patchs are up for mainline for WL1251 just need to push a platform patch in via Linux-OMAP
[15:22] <viridior> thats great
[15:33] * edgar5 (n=edgar@p5DC01736.dip0.t-ipconnect.de) Quit ("Java user signed off")
[15:43] * shiznebit (n=shiznebi@m4e5a36d0.tmodns.net) has joined #touchbook
[15:43] <shiznebit> oh yeah
[15:43] <shiznebit> i gots it
[15:57] * blunderer (n=blundere@tru75-1-81-57-71-229.fbx.proxad.net) has joined #touchbook
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[16:35] <andrewgodwin> argh, *still* can't boot the thing
[16:35] <andrewgodwin> definitely a power issue - the bottom battery won't charge
[16:36] <andrewgodwin> the little yellow light comes on, but take out the power and it will only let you try and boot a few times before it gives up the ghost
[16:36] <hyc> the little yellow light means it is charging, but is not full
[16:37] <hyc> after 6-9 hours the light should either start blinking, or turn green
[16:37] <hyc> then it's full
[16:38] <andrewgodwin> it's been charging for 8 now, and still seems to be losing charge when you try and boot
[16:38] <andrewgodwin> but, I'll leave it overnight
[16:38] <andrewgodwin> at least I ruled out SD card issues, after imaging two of them
[16:39] <andrewgodwin> also, is there a difference between blinking and green?
[16:39] <andrewgodwin> seems a bit weird there's two states for "full"
[16:40] <hyc> not sure yet
[16:40] <hyc> if I leave mine plugged in long enough eventually the LED turns off
[16:40] <hyc> I'm guessing there's a relation to whether just one or both batteries is full
[16:41] <andrewgodwin> i gues
[16:41] <andrewgodwin> anyway, time to sleep on it
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[17:39] <shiznebit> hey guys how do i turn off the backlight ?
[17:40] <GUido-> cut the wire
[17:40] <hyc> tap the power button once
[17:41] * spvensko (n=spvensko@ Quit (Read error: 145 (Connection timed out))
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[17:51] <shiznebit> hyc, while keeps the computer itself on
[18:00] <shiznebit> is there a reason i can't connect to the adhoc network
[18:07] * shrykull (n=nexus@HSI-KBW-078-043-120-124.hsi4.kabel-badenwuerttemberg.de) Quit ("wtf?")
[18:07] <hyc> shiznebit: seems to be a bug in iwconfig, invoking it with mode auto should work for any network but doesn't
[18:07] <hyc> the network script uses iwconfig / auto
[18:08] <hyc> you can connect manually: iwconfig essid "the ssid" mode adhoc
[18:08] <hyc> or something like that
[18:08] <shiznebit> alright
[18:22] * person1 (n=ed@ has joined #touchbook
[18:28] <shiznebit> how do i disable the touch book mode, permenantly ?
[18:31] * wgraham (n=wgraham@208-104-107-173.fmgh.2wcm.comporium.net) has joined #touchbook
[18:32] <wgraham> Hello all!
[18:36] <Q_Continuum> hello
[18:37] <wgraham> Why does it sound like a piece is loose in my keyboard? When I tilt it, I can hear something clunking around in there :(
[18:38] <wgraham> Thats how it came out of the box, by the way,
[18:38] <npx> open it up and check
[18:38] <wgraham> how do you open the keyboard :X
[18:39] <npx> well ^^
[18:39] <npx> turn it over. rip off the feed and use a screedriver
[18:39] <npx> but you have to glue the feet back on
[18:39] <npx> feet*
[18:40] <wgraham> oh sure
[18:40] <wgraham> tell me AFTER i rip em off
[18:40] <wgraham> xD
[18:40] <npx> :D
[18:41] <wgraham> also
[18:41] <wgraham> is it possible to recalibrate the touch screen?
[18:42] <npx> there is an article on the wiki
[18:42] <npx> sec
[18:42] <wgraham> kk ty
[18:44] <npx> http://www.alwaysinnovating.com/wiki/index.php/Touchscreen_calibration
[18:44] <npx> but!
[18:45] <npx> it seems that you have to use "ipkg update" which will update your python and mess up some scripts. but there are fixes for that in the bugzilla
[18:46] <drantin> ikpg update is just fine
[18:46] <drantin> it's ipkg upgrade that kills kittens
[18:46] <drantin> and installing some things
[18:46] * spvensko_ (n=spvensko@rrcs-24-199-144-166.midsouth.biz.rr.com) has joined #touchbook
[18:46] <npx> i c
[18:47] <drantin> all ipkg update does is grab updated listings of packages
[18:47] * spvensko (n=spvensko@adsl-072-151-081-078.sip.rmo.bellsouth.net) Quit (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
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[18:48] <npx> then i wonder how my python got upgraded :D
[18:49] <drantin> installed anything after doing the update?
[18:49] <drantin> installing some things will pull updates to lots of things :/
[18:49] * jtigermi (n=ai@c-98-243-171-194.hsd1.mi.comcast.net) has joined #touchbook
[18:50] <wgraham> hmmm
[18:50] <wgraham> one of the weights isn't glued
[18:50] <wgraham> :(
[18:50] <npx> then glue it :D
[18:50] <shiznebit> is xchat safe to install
[18:50] <wgraham> i has no glue
[18:50] <npx> irssi is
[18:50] <wgraham> :(
[18:50] <shiznebit> or should i just use irssi
[18:50] <wgraham> also:
[18:50] <wgraham> i want to get hulu desktop installed on this beast
[18:50] * drantin uses irssi over ssh to his main computer :D
[18:50] <wgraham> someone do it for me
[18:50] <wgraham> because i don't know jack about linux
[18:51] <shiznebit> damn i lost the start menu
[18:51] <shiznebit> wtf
[18:51] <shiznebit> its just gone
[18:51] <drantin> hit the AI button ?
[18:51] <npx> :D
[18:51] <shiznebit> nope
[18:51] <drantin> hm :/
[18:51] <shiznebit> how weird
[18:52] <shiznebit> it started spazing from tablet mode to regular mode
[18:52] <shiznebit> so i just reset it
[18:52] <shiznebit> and now the start thing is gone
[18:53] <wgraham> when i use just the tablet
[18:53] <wgraham> it randomly turns the screen off
[18:53] <wgraham> when im in the middle of reading a book
[18:53] <wgraham> :|
[18:53] <jtigermi> is hulu working for people?
[18:54] <shiznebit> nay
[18:54] <wgraham> search works
[18:54] <wgraham> getting video info works
[18:54] <wgraham> then nothing
[18:54] <jtigermi> same here
[18:54] <shiznebit> but that was reported since the encryption key changed
[18:54] <jtigermi> ahhh OK didn't know the key changed
[18:54] <wgraham> oh bob saget
[18:54] <jtigermi> how did they get it in the first place?
[18:57] <jtigermi> OK, found engadget article from march explaining it
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