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[0:08] <dpb> Customs is transferring my package to a customs office nearer to me, probably getting the touchbook on monday.
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[0:31] <blunderer> Attempted Delivery Abroad, October 15, 2009, 3:10 pm, FRANCE
[0:31] <blunderer> but there was nothing in my mailbox
[0:32] <blunderer> not even a msg
[0:34] <Stskeeps> welcome to postal realities
[0:35] <blunderer> the closer it is, the more difficult it is to wait
[0:35] <Stskeeps> in .dk i got a letter the next day saying they were here, heh
[0:37] <ratonk__> int'l orders shipped already ????
[0:37] <ratonk__> how cocmes
[0:37] <ratonk__> i pre-order way before int'l shipments and still no news... :(
[0:55] <Corsac> blunderer: I have the same thing
[0:56] <Corsac> ha no
[0:56] <Corsac> I have
[0:56] <Corsac> Arrived Abroad, October 14, 2009, 10:17 am, FRANCE
[0:56] <Corsac> but no attempted delivery
[0:57] <Corsac> and my tracking number isn't recognized nor by coliposte.fr nor chronopost.fr
[1:02] <blunderer> Corsac: same here
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[2:58] <npx> finally got my touchbook (germany [german customs sucks]) but i ordered 2 and now im missing 1 unit :<
[2:59] <honk> how much did you pay overall?
[2:59] <npx> in euros or USD
[2:59] <honk> ???
[2:59] <npx> hum about 380
[2:59] <honk> thanks =)
[3:00] <npx> for 1 unit
[3:00] <honk> of course :)
[3:00] <npx> yeah :D
[3:02] <dpb> is that with some german taxes on top?
[3:02] <npx> thats with all german taxes on top
[3:02] * dpb nods
[3:03] <npx> hopefully the contact responds soon
[3:03] <dpb> probably around 311 EUR without them, right? :P
[3:03] <npx> yeah 320 iirc
[3:04] <honk> that's a lot of shipping o.O
[3:04] <npx> btw i entered tablet mode opened somethign and closed it.. now how to i get the 3d interface back on my screen?
[3:04] <npx> 45 USD for shipping
[3:05] <honk> 320??? would be ~475$ :)
[3:05] <npx> the touchbook was lying on the customs for 3 days now.. it was a very quick send. but the customs ppl kept telling me that it wasnt there.. and today "oh well youre right.. it's here" :|
[3:06] <honk> yeah, that's customs ^^
[3:06] <andrewgodwin> aaaargh
[3:06] <andrewgodwin> the tracking number I have is being delivered to cambridge
[3:07] <andrewgodwin> (i.e. it's not my order)
[3:07] <npx> and where it is supposed to go :D
[3:08] <dpb> Damn, if the order would be charged *now*, it would cost me much less...
[3:08] <dpb> 444 usd currently is only 297.61 euros
[3:08] <npx> hmpf :D
[3:08] <dpb> Indeed.
[3:08] <andrewgodwin> it's supposed to go to oxford
[3:08] <npx> so youre waiting too?
[3:09] <dpb> My device is in customs
[3:09] <dpb> I'm getting it on monday
[3:09] <andrewgodwin> I've emailed AI, hoping I have the wrong tracking number rather than them picking the wrong address
[3:10] <npx> dpb why on monday? just call them ask if it's there and go grab it
[3:10] <npx> i still dont have the notifier of the post
[3:11] <dpb> npx: I could have done that, but it's a bit too far away. I called them to deliver it to a closer customs office.
[3:12] <npx> oh ic i live close to france we have a lot of customs around here
[3:13] <dpb> One hour there, one hour back by bus doesn't sound like fun.. and the customs close at 16:15, so I would have lost some work time to do that.
[3:14] <npx> i c
[3:14] <npx> hum i connected to wlan and now the screen turned off
[3:14] <npx> oh standby huh? :D
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[6:34] <npx> how to browse websites without the keyboard attached?
[6:38] <andrewgodwin> npx: IIRC, pressing the AI button twice brings up an onscreen keyboard
[6:42] <npx> that's what it's supposed to do but it won't
[6:44] <npx> also is there any possibility of getting back the 3d menu? when i choose video and close the player the interface is gone. how to get it back?
[6:44] <npx> ai button .. wait
[6:44] <npx> now it works :<
[6:46] <npx> but now fennec won't open :)
[6:48] <npx> nope on-screen kb wont show up
[7:03] <martinh> I wonder if I can get a commission on TB's I sell. :->
[7:04] <martinh> gregiore should send business cards out with them so I can give them away.
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[7:30] <npx> hum i think i killed the 3d accelerator
[7:31] <npx> got it back :D
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[7:51] <martinh> yea. it's tough to kill most of the compents in there. unless they show up dead.
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[8:57] * Meiz_webirc got his TB today!
[8:57] <Meiz_webirc> WOHOO!
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[8:57] <Meiz_webirc> man, that thing is heavy :)
[8:59] <Eruquen> it sure is
[9:00] <Eruquen> not too bad though.. some thing just feel better when they are heavier and this seems to be one of them
[9:01] <Meiz_webirc> yeah
[9:01] <Stskeeps> Meiz_webirc: you got both parts (tablet + keyboard?)
[9:01] <Meiz_webirc> yes
[9:01] <Stskeeps> k
[9:02] <Meiz_webirc> I never thought i'd have any use for the ability to detach the keyboard.. now i just love the feature
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[9:04] <Meiz_webirc> I have heard some complains about the headphones jack. Luckily the one if this unit works perfectly :)
[9:05] <Meiz_webirc> s/if/in/
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[9:11] * Meiz_webirc is playing the "Tanks game" highly addicted
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[9:16] <robclark> Meiz_webirc: it is highly addictive.. you can't even quit if you want to ;-)
[9:16] <Meiz_webirc> haha, true :D
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[9:46] <blunderer> hey, got my touchbook
[9:46] <blunderer> it's waiting for me at home
[9:46] <blunderer> can't wait
[9:48] * andrewgodwin is still annoyed he has the wrong tracking number
[9:49] <andrewgodwin> the only thing worse than knowing your fate in detail is not knowing it at all
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[10:05] <doc__> anyone else have a touchbook that doesn't boot?
[10:08] <martinh> can you define "doesn't boot"?
[10:09] <martinh> because a number of people have broken theirs and recovered.
[10:11] <doc__> Currently the backlight comes on but the screen stays blank with no AI logo though any of the process
[10:11] <doc__> I think the SD card went, as it is no longer recognizable on a Windows or Linux machine, I have build another 8GB card with the linux build instructions
[10:14] <doc__> The helpdesk suggested to boot with the power from just the tablet, but I can't try that for a couple of hours as my power adapter is at work and my touchbook at home :(
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[10:21] <andrewgodwin> doc__: it sounds like your OS image on the SD card is kaput
[10:21] <andrewgodwin> those symptoms are very similar to when someone mucked up their main squashfs
[10:24] * drantin had those problems when he had a bad uImage and whatnot
[10:24] <drantin> in the /boot partition
[10:25] <drantin> afaik, you should at least get the first AI logo if /boot is good, even if the squashfs is corrupted
[10:26] <doc__> that's what I figured. I'll work with the support desk and see what they can do.
[10:27] <drantin> you might try checking the crc of the files in the /boot partition, and redownloading just those files
[10:28] <doc__> kinda sucks, months of waiting for the international orders to be delivered and only got the wireless setup and two crazy tank games in before it stopped.
[10:28] <drantin> after reformatting and copying stuff over to my sd card about 3 or 4 times, it turned out I had somehow got corrupted versions of two of those files that I was copying each of those times
[10:29] <drantin> just copying over those files was enough to fix it, no need to redo the rest of it
[10:29] <doc__> I was trying to get easystroke compliled on the touchbook, anyone want to give it a go? http://sourceforge.net/apps/trac/easystroke/wiki
[10:31] <doc__> drantin: I'll take another look when I get home at the boot position, but I though you would get the AI logo whether the SD card was in the machine or not.
[10:32] <drantin> never got it without the SD card here
[10:32] <drantin> pretty sure it's from the kernel
[10:33] <elmato> I just happened to try booting with out the SD card... I get a horrible looking bleeding WSOD
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[10:56] <doc__> Cool ... I just got a response from the support desk ... I'll post it below if anyone else needs it.
[10:56] <doc__> If you manage to begin the booting process, you can type ctrl-alt-F1 to see the booting messages
[10:56] <doc__> If you remove the red back cover, you should see only red LEDs at the beginning, then you should see a blue LED on the wifi dongle.
[10:56] <doc__> You should see the AI logo only with the SD card. The best thing to try is to power the tablet and turn the system on. Are you sure your SD OS install was successful?
[10:57] <doc__> End of note from support ... I will have to see when I get home.
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[11:49] <Eruquen> are there reference values for the values provided by /sys/class/power_supply?
[11:50] <Eruquen> or, more importantly, is there something that indicates the actual charge percentage in those directories?
[11:51] <martinh> i believe capacity
[11:52] <Eruquen> capacity seems to be very static
[11:52] <martinh> i believe there's issues with the reporting right now though. I haven't worked it out.
[11:52] <martinh> in uevent?
[11:52] <Eruquen> yeah
[11:52] <martinh> my capacity starts going up when its charging and down when it's not.
[11:52] <Eruquen> its 100 for the 1st battery and 50 for the 2nd
[11:53] <martinh> but. . .not very fast.
[11:53] <martinh> because well, there's a lot of capacity so it takes a while to notice it.
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[13:36] <mattmart> hi guys, does anyone have any experience with the touchbook as a device for taking notes?
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[13:42] <martinh> well. . .most of us haven't had it for more than a couple weeks.
[13:42] <martinh> but, as a netbook for typing on it's better than any other netbook I've played with.
[13:45] <mattmart> martinh: gotcha
[13:45] <mattmart> martinh: but no experience with any stylus or anything yet?
[13:46] <mattmart> martinh: only reason I ask is because I'm a college student, and if i could actually use a stylus, this would be a great way to digitize all my math notes
[14:02] <martinh> I've played with it. as long as you arent writing way too fast, it seems to work for now.
[14:03] <martinh> I suspect that will get better as there's no apps specifically for that kind of stuff yet.
[14:10] <mattmart> martinh: gotcha
[14:10] <mattmart> alrighty, well thank you sir!
[14:10] <mattmart> martinh: i'll keep a close eye on the touchbook in the future
[14:11] <mattmart> martinh: thanks for your time
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[15:26] <Eruquen> did anyone actually manage to play 720p videos on the touchbook? any special configuration needed?
[15:29] <martinh> well. . .it won't play native. since it's only a 600 line display.
[15:30] <Eruquen> any video would be good enough actually
[15:31] <Eruquen> all players seeem to have problems with the avi files we've got here
[15:36] <martinh> oh. yea. i've played a bunch of video.
[15:36] <martinh> including stuff off hulu.
[15:36] <Eruquen> which player did you use?
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[15:42] <npx> :<
[15:52] <npx> who was the guy who watched a bunch of videos without any problems?`
[15:55] <mjr> hyc?
[15:56] <hyc> I've mainly been focusing on the hulu videos
[15:56] <hyc> but generally, mplayer has played everything I've tried
[15:56] <hyc> and the hulu player uses mplayer
[15:56] <npx> hulu wont work for me. im in germany
[15:56] <npx> i you got some spare time i can link you the file i wanted to play
[15:57] <npx> but its kinda large
[15:57] <hyc> what kind of file is it, and what's the problem with it?
[15:57] <npx> also ive tried the dspbridge
[15:57] <npx> it's an avi
[15:57] <npx> with mplayer it plays with about 1 frame per 3 seconds
[15:57] <hyc> the dspbridge is rather limited, and it's also an older version because we couldn't get the newest version to work
[15:57] <npx> with vlc it just plays sound with errors in it and doesnt even show video
[15:57] <hyc> dsplink is slightly better
[15:58] <hyc> what codec does mplayer say it's using?
[15:58] <npx> dsplink doesnt even start
[15:58] <npx> how to get that information?
[15:58] <hyc> when you first start mplayer it prints all the info from the stream
[15:59] <npx> sex
[15:59] <npx> sec*
[16:00] <npx> opening video decoder: ffmpeg / selected video codec ffh264
[16:01] <hyc> ok, h.264 then. most likely this won't play well.
[16:01] <hyc> with dsplink you can get H.264BP pretty well
[16:01] <hyc> but most H.264 videos are H.264MP
[16:01] <hyc> and that is unsupported in the current DSP codecs
[16:02] <hyc> and mplayer/ffmpeg is too slow for H.264 larger than about 256x192
[16:02] <npx> hum :\
[16:04] <npx> also is there any kind of benchmark we could run and compare our touchbooks? mine feels kinda slow and also my mousepad just stops reacting for short periods
[16:16] * Brizzyce (n=Bryce@ has joined #touchbook
[16:24] <npx> *running nbench
[16:31] * person (n=ed@ has joined #touchbook
[16:41] <person> How does the performance of a touchbook differ to that of an Acer Aspire One A110?
[16:41] <person> As in an Acer One A110 with 1GB RAM/
[16:46] <npx> hyc it seems that its possible to play a 480p h264 file without problems
[16:46] <hyc> cool
[16:46] <hyc> where did you get the file?
[16:47] <hyc> and using what player?
[16:47] <npx> mplayer with some settings. file hum lemme check
[16:48] <npx> http://narutoverse.blogspot.com/ seems to be a file from that page _NarutoVerse__Naruto_Shippuuden_130_-_480p.avi
[16:49] <npx> runs on touchbook without problems. and my vlc on here tells me that it uses h264
[16:49] <hyc> animation compresses very easily
[16:50] <hyc> 480p movies generally choke for me
[16:50] <hyc> however, mp4 and xvid also works fine with the DSP
[16:50] <npx> to me it seemed fluently
[16:51] <npx> -ly
[16:51] <npx> and the dsp doesn't work for me
[16:51] <hyc> sure. animation is easy. real video, much harder.
[16:51] <npx> im only testing with animation atm
[16:52] <npx> however .. the Naruto thingy works but the other one which also is 480p wont
[16:53] <npx> and wasnt even upscaled or anything
[16:54] <npx> if youre bored get the latest bleach episode from www.dattebayo.com and try running it :o
[16:55] <npx> ill try to fight the DSP stuff now
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[17:27] <Guest45417> I have a question about my order. Anybody here tat can help with orders?
[17:35] <Managu_tb> Doubt it. You might try sending email to support@alwaysinnovating.com -- AI people only occasionally drop by here
[17:37] <npx> i always contacted contact@AI and they managed all the order stuff
[17:37] * npx (n=npx@ Quit ()
[17:40] <Guest45417> Ok, thanks. Was hoping to get a live person.
[18:11] <Guest45417> How many items does AI ship?
[18:12] <martinh> er. what do you mean?
[18:17] <Guest45417> How many packages do they send for a single order?
[18:19] <hyc> 1 box
[18:20] <hyc> it's a tiny little notebook, why would they need to send more than 1 package...
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[18:43] <Guest45417> Well, I got a box...
[18:44] <Q_Continuum> Open it then!
[18:58] <person> How does the performance of a touchbook differ to that of an Acer Aspire One A110 and EeePC 900A?
[19:00] <Managu_tb> person: It's not clear how one would make a comparison. Those are x86 based notebooks; the touchbook is an ARM based notebook
[19:00] <person> Right
[19:00] <Managu_tb> person: and generic "performance" comparisons are pretty meaningless anyways. Is there something specific you're trying to determine?
[19:00] <person> I mean this beagleboard thing only has 256mb RAM it seems; that scared me
[19:01] <person> Not really anything specific. Games performance and the performance of ordinary applications like browser, office suites, desktop environments, chat clients, etc?
[19:03] <Managu_tb> So far as I'm aware there is currently one game available for the TB. It runs fine
[19:04] <Managu_tb> Browser support is pretty poor atm; firefox is a bit too memory hungry for the TB.
[19:04] <person> Well surely it depends on the OS?
[19:04] <viridior> TB has a few standard games installed that come with Gnome and a couple others, but there are a lot of other games that can be easily installed
[19:04] <person> Surely if I ran Debian, I could run any game that ran on Debian on it?
[19:04] <viridior> the OS isn't Debian/Ubuntu based
[19:04] <Managu_tb> I've yet to hear of anyone successfully running Debian on a TB. Not that it's impossible, mind you.
[19:04] <person> Yeah but I could wipe it and put Debian on
[19:05] <viridior> person: http://www.angstrom-distribution.org/repo/
[19:05] <person> Hmm, I thought it was easy-peasy to run any Linux distro on it
[19:05] <person> Well, any desktop one
[19:05] <viridior> any distro that has ARM support, yes
[19:05] <person> Debian has ARm support doesn't it?
[19:05] <viridior> person: also from the openpandora crowd... http://pandorawiki.org/Projects_Under_Development
[19:06] <viridior> person: yes
[19:06] <Managu_tb> I wouldn't say that. It's a new device, if not entirely new hardware. There aren't any distributions that have builds specific to the TB, barring the AI OS
[19:06] <viridior> not specifically optimized for ARMv7a Cortex-A8, but it will run
[19:07] * Brizzyce (n=Bryce@ Quit ()
[19:07] <person> I see thanks Managu_tb
[19:08] <viridior> Managu_tb: not true, im a dev for Neuvoo and we have an optimized Gentoo for Beagleboard/Touch Book/OpenPandora... http://neuvoo.org
[19:08] <person> I mean would it probably be slower or faster than an Acer Aspire One A110 for normal things like IM, office, etc?
[19:08] <viridior> Managu_tb, person: Angstrom and TBOS are more refined however
[19:08] <Managu_tb> person: I'd guess a bit slower
[19:08] <person> I see
[19:09] <viridior> person: a bit slower, but still very useable
[19:09] <person> Hmm
[19:09] <person> Well I found my Aspire One a bit slow tbh
[19:09] <Managu_tb> viridior: hrmm, maybe you could help me then. Still trying to get Angstrom up and running on my TB, but I seem to be having trouble with the xorg.conf
[19:09] <person> That's running Ubuntu with optimisations
[19:09] <viridior> Managu_tb: copy from TBOS?
[19:10] <person> I dunno about running Debian with optimisations though. I started running Debian on my Acer Aspire One and ran into problems - the Wiki page was a bit dodgy
[19:10] <viridior> TBOS and Angstrom aren't much different... reason for "switch"?
[19:10] * mellon_ (n=mellon@ has joined #touchbook
[19:10] <viridior> not being argumentative... just curious
[19:11] <person> Thanks folks
[19:11] <Managu_tb> viridior: I want to tinker with some minor modifications to the kernel -- changing the settle time on the touchscreen controller. But I haven't yet figured out how to just replace the kernel in the TBOS image
[19:11] <viridior> person: np, ill be more then happy to talk more indepth about the TB and like devices if you wish
[19:12] <person> Thanks
[19:12] <person> Oh, and I'm also interested in battery life
[19:12] <viridior> person: np, can't beat the TB for battery life... thats why they went with ARM
[19:12] <viridior> Managu_tb: a simple swap of /boot/uImage
[19:12] <Managu_tb> person: I've heard reports of 8 hour battery life (w/ bottom half). It's expected to increase (possibly dramatically) once they get power management working
[19:13] <person> Say, my Acer Aspire One can run for about 3 hours on a 3-cell battery. How does touchbook battery life compare to that of the aspire one ignoring the batterie themselves?
[19:13] <viridior> person: ^^^
[19:13] <viridior> thats 8 hrs under full load
[19:13] <Managu_tb> viridior: you'd think, no? But I don't think the angstrom-built kernel is patched to support the funky aufs configuration
[19:14] <viridior> Managu_tb: thats likely... however aufs installs fairly easy if you want to stick with Angstrom default kernel
[19:14] <person> Basically, I like the idea of being about to stock up on lots of batteries and have a total of more like 72 hours' battery life.
[19:15] <person> That's what brought me to the idea of a touchbook in the first place; I was searching for ARM netbooks :D
[19:15] <viridior> person: i doubt you will be swapping the TB batteries easily. They are hard installed and not easy drop like on notebooks
[19:15] <person> Is anyone aware of any other ARM netbooks?
[19:15] <viridior> closest i can think of is OpenPandora, but its more geared as a gaming device
[19:16] <Managu_tb> Not in the same form factor. Other arm devices with similar capabilities exist (Nokia's N800 / N900 lines come to mind)
[19:16] <person> gaming device huh? Interesting
[19:16] <viridior> same hardware as the TB and beagleboard
[19:16] <person> Oh, like instead of a PSP eh?
[19:17] <viridior> person: http://openpandora.org/
[19:17] <mellon_> what are lead times like now?
[19:17] <viridior> my Neuvoo project is working on a common OS for the BB/TB/OpenPandora
[19:17] <viridior> OP isn't released yet, being mass-produced now
[19:18] <mellon_> sorry, I was asking about the touchbook.
[19:18] <person> BB?
[19:18] <mellon_> BeagleBoard
[19:18] <viridior> beagleboard
[19:18] <person> Aha thanks
[19:29] <mellon_> So does anyone here have a Touchbook?
[19:32] <viridior> yes, i have 1 working... and another not-so-much ;)
[19:32] <Managu_tb> mellon_: aye
[19:32] <mellon_> not-so-much?
[19:32] <mellon_> How is the touchscreen?
[19:32] <viridior> yeah, video output is screwed... probably took it apart too many times ;)
[19:33] <mellon_> oh dear
[19:33] <Managu_tb> mellon_: software is very immature; so as a platform it's difficult to do much with
[19:33] <mellon_> sounds like a bad cable
[19:33] <mellon_> I'm interested in it to hack on.
[19:33] <Managu_tb> imho
[19:33] <viridior> 2009.08a and 2009.9a wasn't that great, but im using .9c and it seems to be more responsive
[19:33] <mellon_> I'm curious if the touchscreen makes the display blurry
[19:33] <Managu_tb> display is quite crisp to me
[19:33] <viridior> i dont think so, but then again im not too focused on it
[19:34] <viridior> seems nice as far as small LCDs are concerned
[19:34] <mellon_> the literature says it's pressure-sensitive, which to me means plastic, so that's why I was concerned.
[19:34] <viridior> haven't found any blank spots either for touching
[19:34] <mellon_> fingerprint smudges?
[19:35] <Managu_tb> fingerprint smudges are noticible, yes
[19:35] <viridior> a little
[19:35] <Managu_tb> price of touching the screen *shrug*
[19:35] <mellon_> hard to clean, or easy like the iphone?
[19:35] <viridior> i think its easy
[19:36] <Managu_tb> not quite as easy as the iphone (due to bevel surrounding screen), but not difficult
[19:36] <mellon_> oh, yeah, that would be a problem.
[19:36] <mellon_> does it look like it's plastic, or glass (sorry if these questions are annoying)?
[19:36] <viridior> plastic
[19:36] <mellon_> ok
[19:36] <mellon_> how's the mechanical quality?
[19:37] <viridior> im a little cranky about it being top heavy and the keyboard hinge being weak, but otherwise i like it a lot
[19:37] <Managu_tb> it's all plastic, with a lot of empty space. And it feels like it.
[19:37] <mellon_> heh, yeah, that's the problem with putting the CPU on top.
[19:37] <viridior> err.... i think the hinge is weak
[19:37] <mellon_> they put a metal plate in the bottom of the olpc
[19:38] <mellon_> hm, sounds like an argument for just getting the touchscreen and using a USB keyboard.
[19:39] <Managu_tb> might work. Of course, part of the appeal of the kb-half is the bigger battery
[19:39] <mellon_> yeah
[19:40] <mellon_> how's the keyboard itself?
[19:40] <viridior> fairly nice for a netbook kb... only thing i dont like is the right-shift key location
[19:40] <Managu_tb> fairly reasonable. Main complaints I've read are "home/end" are in an odd place, right-shift is kinda small
[19:41] <viridior> home-end is a little annoying also
[19:41] <viridior> i have large hands and this is the first netbook keyboard i could use easily though
[19:41] <mellon_> oh, that's high praise!
[19:42] <viridior> the right side under the Enter key is a little awkward with key-placement, but thats my only issue
[19:43] <mellon_> ew, euro-style enter key
[19:44] <viridior> ive taken the whole thing apart a few times, there isn't much space in the keyboard section for mods unless you want to do some major cutting. The touchscreen however has lots of space for addons
[19:45] <viridior> i personally wouldn't mind the keyboard section being enlarged to the same size as the touchpad to allow some more usb internal or external slots or possibly another battery addon
[19:45] <viridior> help with the balance issue also
[19:45] <mellon_> that's cool. actually the main hack I'd want to do would be to put a Pixel Qi screen when they finally come out... :')
[19:46] <viridior> a few people have talked about that
[19:46] <mellon_> I'll bet. Pixel Qi + ARM CPU would be a really nice low-power combination.
[19:48] <mellon_> My main question right now is whether I should just order one now or wait until they've ramped up volume.
[19:51] <Managu_tb> wasn't there some talk about the Pixel Qi being basically incompatible with touchscreen tech?
[19:52] <mellon_> don't think so.
[19:53] <tommd1> Yes, there was such talk.
[19:57] <mellon_> A touchscreen will reduce the amount of light transmitted *to* the display, which will in turn reduce the amount of light reflected back. So the direct sunlight mode wouldn't work as well.
[20:04] <person> Thanks for the help folks; bye
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[20:42] <MADgood> Hey, does anyone know if the reinstall of the OS can be done from the Touch Book?
[20:43] <Managu_tb> might be kinda tricky writing over your OS while you're running it. If you had an external SD card writer and a second SD card, it might be doable
[20:44] <MADgood> sounds reasonable :)
[20:44] <MADgood> for some reason i stopped getting wireless signals...
[20:45] <Managu_tb> the wireless is very hit or miss for me. Sometimes it takes a while to get a signal and DHCP response
[20:47] <MADgood> hmm... mine has been working really well up until now. I can't even refresh the list of wifi sources
[20:47] <Managu_tb> rebooting fix it?
[20:48] <MADgood> nope.. I've tried probably 8 times now
[20:48] <MADgood> I'm in range of about 8 wifi hotspots... which my other laptop is able to pickup
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[21:15] <Managu_tb> anyone messed around with the OE 'x11-image' on the TB?
[21:31] <MADgood> ah HAH http://bugzilla.alwaysinnovating.com/show_bug.cgi?id=26
[21:37] <Managu_tb> umm, ok
[21:39] <MADgood> that was my problem -.-
[21:40] <Managu_tb> ahh, congrats then =)
[21:50] <MADgood> lol.. I plugged in my ipod to the touchbook to transfer the script, and 3 random empty gnome player windows opened
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[21:52] <Doc__> andrewgodwin: still on?
[21:57] <Doc__> It appears that the SD card that was shipped with the touchbook fried. It appears if you have a brand new SD card you need to run the install-sd.sh with the -e option first.
[21:57] <Doc__> otherwise the new card doesn't boot
[21:58] <Doc__> I guess I'll rebuild another spare in case :) and to see if this is right
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