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[1:20] <alongst_> ubuntu16: I'm here, but I still don't have a touchbook, waiting for it, so I might not be a big help. I do know my way around linux.
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[3:29] <mkxc> ,
[4:01] <jvs> .
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[4:21] <Meiz_n810> ;
[4:28] <Corsac> `
[4:30] <dpb> ??
[4:30] <dpb> Meiz_n810: got your TB yet?
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[5:29] <dpb> Meizirkki: got it yet?
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[5:39] <Meizirkki> Not yet
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[5:48] <dpb> Me neither.
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[5:48] <Meizirkki> dpb: in your country yet?
[5:49] <dpb> Came yesterday morning.
[5:49] <Meizirkki> mine too
[5:49] <dpb> I know. I read it from the backlog. :)
[5:49] <Meizirkki> i just can't keep my mouth shut ;)
[5:49] <dpb> :)
[5:50] <Corsac> still no news from local post office :)
[5:51] <Meizirkki> I have been calling aroud post and [toll/duty] offices today
[5:51] <dpb> And?
[5:51] <Stskeeps> Meizirkki: probably has to go through toll first
[5:51] <Stskeeps> takes ages
[5:51] <Meizirkki> really?
[5:51] <dpb> Did you find out anything with the calls?
[5:52] <Meizirkki> Nah, i just tried to find some kind of possibility to get it before the weekend
[5:52] <Meizirkki> Stskeeps, it really takes long?
[5:54] * Meizirkki is too unpatient ;)
[5:55] <DJWillis> Customs can eat posts for ages :-o
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[5:55] <Stskeeps> DJWillis: http://www.daimi.au.dk/~cvm/mer-fremantle-desktop.png
[5:56] * elmato does the 'touchbook' has landed dance
[5:56] <elmato> *moonwalks around in circles*
[5:57] <DJWillis> Stskeeps: on your Beagle? Nice :)
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[5:57] <Stskeeps> DJWillis: n810
[5:57] <Stskeeps> i don't have a beagle, but yeah
[5:57] <Eruquen> mine is just a few blocks away but it seems like our local postal service is too lazy to bring it to customs (they are basically in the same building)
[5:58] <elmato> shmick... I was about to ask if anyone had played with maemo yet :P
[6:02] <DJWillis> Stskeeps: sorry, for some reason I thought you had a Beagle :o, next question, why not ;-), I am supprised considering what you have been working on that TI have not offered you one :(.
[6:03] <Stskeeps> DJWillis: dunno :)
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[6:52] <martinh> ok. so, after running the tslib calibration stuff, it's much better about the amount of pressure it takes to register a touch.
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[6:53] <Brizzyce> My TB is in my city as of an hour and a half ago :D
[6:55] <Brizzyce> Canada Post says "item out for delivery" so it could come at any moment
[6:56] <DJWillis> Hehe, it's like a bunch of kids at Christmas round these parts ;-)
[6:56] <Brizzyce> It definitely is haha
[7:07] <martinh> that's about right. . .
[7:07] <martinh> and, once you have it, it'll be 6 months worth of christmas day.
[7:07] <dpb> what? it's not Christmas yet??
[7:07] <martinh> close enough. . .
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[7:28] <dpb> aaand the tracking seems to be down again...
[7:34] <Corsac> aha
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[8:35] <elmato> *sigh*
[8:35] <elmato> 2 hours Ive had this baby... and I have already lost the stylus
[8:35] <Stskeeps> not bad
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[8:37] <Corsac> alexandre: :)
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[8:38] <petrvlasic> Can I somewhere find out if I'm still on list?(My mailbox was full)
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[10:20] <mkxc> sry what is the base for TB OS ?
[10:21] <shiznebit> Angstrom
[10:21] <mkxc> thx
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[11:54] <blackvirus> anyone get hulu working?
[11:54] <shiznebit> blackvirus, what do you mean ?
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[11:55] <blackvirus> i can search for videos and get results but when i click on a video
[11:55] <azaghal> So... How's the October batch going? :)
[11:55] <blackvirus> nothing comes up
[11:56] <mkxc> ,
[11:56] <petrvlasic> blackvirus: I don't know, but Adobe Flash is for ARM too?
[11:56] <blackvirus> they added a hulu player in the last revision
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[11:57] <blackvirus> the last thing i get is "looking up video"
[11:57] <petrvlasic> blackvirus: Ah, sorry.
[11:57] <blackvirus> its all good!
[11:58] <petrvlasic> blackvirus: I don't know that because i still don't have my TB.
[11:58] <blackvirus> soon enough!
[11:59] <petrvlasic> blackvirus: Otherwise, you can use RTMPdump and Mplayer or something.
[12:02] <blackvirus> hyc where are you?
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[12:05] <honk> <petrvlasic> blackvirus: Otherwise, you can use RTMPdump and Mplayer or something. <-- errh.. actually I'm pretty sure you cant
[12:06] <petrvlasic> honk: Why?
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[12:06] <honk> cuz rtmpdump wont work :}
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[12:06] <honk> hulu is doing some weird stuff ^^
[12:06] <petrvlasic> honk: On Hulu?
[12:07] <honk> actually the hulu player that was added (afaik) was a program to grab movies from hulu, not a browser plugin
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[12:08] <petrvlasic> honk: Yes, but based on what?
[12:08] <petrvlasic> honk: On Flash?
[12:08] <honk> nah, it should be based on rtmpdump or something like that
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[12:09] <honk> ask hyc :p
[12:09] <honk> (or check if there's something about it in the wiki)
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[12:21] <petrvlasic> Und repete: Can i somewhere check if I'm still on the list? My mailbox was filled up so I don't know if something was sended.
[12:28] <DJWillis> petrvlasic: considered contacting AI ;-). No one from AI is in the chan.
[12:28] <petrvlasic> DJWillis: Al?
[12:29] <DJWillis> Always Innovating, the company making the Touchbook.
[12:29] <greengar> do you all have touchbooks?
[12:30] <petrvlasic> DJWillis: Oh, AI. Ok.
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[13:00] <hyc> hulu just added a new encryption key to their stuff, the script needs to be updated to include the new key
[13:00] <hyc> I already sent Gregoire a patch for it
[13:00] <shiznebit> gg
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[13:16] <yoru> 2009-09.c is the newest one.
[13:20] <petrvlasic> hyc: Can I somewhere check if I'm still on list?
[13:21] <hyc> petrvlasic: I don't know, I'm not an AI employee
[13:21] <petrvlasic> hyc: Dmn. And who is?
[13:22] <hyc> I think alexandre is
[13:22] <petrvlasic> hyc: Ok, thank you.
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[13:57] <Brizzyce> FINALLY
[13:57] <Brizzyce> I finally have my TB
[13:57] <Corsac> mpf ><
[13:58] <Brizzyce> International order too :)
[14:01] <derken> congrats! what country?
[14:01] <Zygo> and when did you order it?
[14:01] <Brizzyce> Canada, so not really that international, but I'm still a good 3000 or so km from where it was shipped.
[14:02] <Brizzyce> I ordered July 16
[14:02] <derken> mine's currently at customs in the Netherlands
[14:02] <Brizzyce> My order was processed Oct 1, and it shipped Oct 9
[14:03] <derken> I ordered on the 18th of sept.
[14:04] <Brizzyce> Of course, now I have to wait 6-10 hours before I can use it since it needs charging =\
[14:05] <derken> I thought you could start using it right away as long as you kept it charging
[14:05] <Brizzyce> Ah, it seems that may be the case, since the tablet needs to be on to charge
[14:08] <derken> what's your first impression?
[14:09] <Brizzyce> It looks good. I wasn't sure what I'd think about the red colour, but I'm really digging it. It's not as flimsy as some other people have suggested, but it's not built like a brick either.
[14:10] <Brizzyce> I'll definitely be getting a protective case for it
[14:10] <Brizzyce> I don't think I'm any more likely to break it than I am an ordinary laptop
[14:11] <Brizzyce> The line-in input is not aligned properly with the holy in the case, so it's going to be tricky to get a plug in there without voiding the warranty, but luckily the microphone jack is located properly
[14:13] <Brizzyce> *hole
[14:13] * hyc (n=hyc@ Quit ("Leaving.")
[14:13] <Brizzyce> About to turn it on
[14:13] * hyc (n=hyc@ has joined #touchbook
[14:14] <Brizzyce> There's the tipping issue, of course, but there's so many ways to get around it, like having something behind it to prevent the top part from coming down
[14:15] <Brizzyce> It's booting up now
[14:18] <Brizzyce> That didn't take long. I'll be sending this back, since there's a huge problem with the hardware. The left mouse button doesn't work. It's like it's constantly pressed down. The right one works, but there's no distinct "click" with the left.
[14:19] <yoru> well that seems nice.
[14:19] <Corsac> maybe check there's nothing stuck?
[14:20] <Brizzyce> There's nothing in there preventing it from being pushed down, it just doesn't...click
[14:21] <martinh> hmmm. i think the sensitivity on the ai_daemon rotation needs to be turned down a bit.
[14:21] <martinh> now. . .is that configurable. or, is that hard coded. . .
[14:21] <martinh> will have to look at home tonite.
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[14:24] <andrewgodwin> Brizzyce: someone else had that issue, I think they sent the KB part back for a replacement
[14:24] <andrewgodwin> contact AI :)
[14:24] <Brizzyce> Ah, that's a good point, hopefully I won't have to send back the whole thing!
[14:24] <derken> right, no need to send the entire touchbook back
[14:31] <andrewgodwin> now if the screen's digitiser had a problem, that WOULD be bad
[14:31] <andrewgodwin> but yes, it's nice you can send in the KB with no issues
[14:32] <andrewgodwin> if it works out, I might end up getting two for ultra-long-battery-life
[14:32] <Brizzyce> Alright, I just emailed AI, hopefully it gets sorted out
[14:32] <Brizzyce> Man, what a buzzkill
[14:32] <andrewgodwin> yeah :( I hope mine's alright
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[14:34] <Brizzyce> Does anyone know how shipping costs work for this sort of thing? I'm not going to have to pay out of my own pocket to have a new one shipped and to ship this back, am I?
[14:46] <Brizzyce> Aside from the keyboard issue, things are solid so far
[14:49] <andrewgodwin> Brizzyce: how does the build quality feel?
[14:49] <andrewgodwin> i've heard the catches can feel a bit plasticy
[14:50] <Brizzyce> I haven't used it purely in tablet mode yet, but so far so good. Better than I was expecting
[14:52] <Brizzyce> It doesn't feel cheap, but plasticy is a good word to describe it
[14:53] <Brizzyce> It won't let me connect to WiFi ><
[14:55] <Brizzyce> "Could not get IP address"
[14:55] <Brizzyce> Oh well, I
[14:56] <Brizzyce> I'll look into that later
[14:56] <Brizzyce> The keyboard feels awkward as hell at first, but I can see myself getting used to it pretty fast
[15:00] <martinh> yea. it doesn't feel anywhere near as awkard as my eee did.
[15:00] <martinh> this one is relatively sane.
[15:01] <martinh> right shift is still a pain, but i'm getting used to that.
[15:03] <Brizzyce> <--- Idiot
[15:03] <Brizzyce> WiFi works fine
[15:03] <Brizzyce> I put in the wrong password haha
[15:05] <Brizzyce> The resolution is surpisingly nice while browsing webpages, I don't feel like I'm limited at all in that sense
[15:06] <andrewgodwin> Brizzyce: yay!
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[16:03] <short> has anyone managed to get a cross compilation environment working?
[16:09] <hyc> yes
[16:11] <short> I keep getting errors when I use mine. I have it in a Debian virtual machine
[16:13] <short> I'm using the directions from the wiki, with a whitelist modification for bitbake to make it so I didn't hardcode the directory... but every so often it fails to build a task and dies
[16:13] <hyc> what error does it get?
[16:14] <hyc> just saying "I keep getting errors" doesn't tell anything useful
[16:15] <short> just a failure on one of the tasks, and it refuses to continue... right now I wiped out the dev directory, and am starting again from scratch with the bitbake build
[16:15] <short> sorry, about just saying errors, just don't know how to clasify it
[16:15] <hyc> if that's all you can tell, then you're not going to be a very effective developer.
[16:15] <hyc> there are log files for everything that bitbake does.
[16:16] <hyc> it will never just die without leaving a record of exactly what it was trying to do, and what went wrong.
[16:16] <short> okay, I'm just going to hunt down the documentation on bitbake. I need to read that a couple of times before I do anything more
[16:17] <hyc> every time a task fails the error message tells you explicitly "see such-and-such logfile"
[16:17] <hyc> all you have to do is pay attention to the messages it prints out, and read the logfile it tells you to look at.
[16:18] <short> okay, I guess I missed those comments.
[16:20] <short> when I get back to the failures I will read through the log file associated with it.
[16:21] <short> Also, does the psycho jit actually improve performance of bitbake?
[16:21] <hyc> no idea
[16:21] <hyc> bitbake is certainly a pig though, it can use all the help it can get
[16:23] <short> yeah, it is
[16:30] <martinh> hmmm. my feet are falling off.
[16:32] <short> like the glue is coming off?
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[17:01] <martinh> yea. the glue isn't holding.
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[17:39] <short> hyc: looks like the errors might have been segmentation faults. I should probably consider an actual install of linux instead of a virtual machine. It might be how virtual box is handling my memory that might be causing the issue.
[17:40] <hyc> yeah, I wouldn't waste my time with a VM if I didn't have too
[17:42] <short> Do you think I should stick with Debian then, or should I consider another distro for a full install?
[17:43] * alongst_ (n=alon@ has joined #touchbook
[17:50] <zooko> Has anyone tried Ubuntu?
[17:50] * robclark (n=robclark@ Quit (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
[17:50] <short> on the TB?
[17:50] <zooko> Yeah.
[17:51] <zooko> Ubuntu has a new ARM porting project.
[17:52] <short> haven't tried it yet, and haven't heard of anyone taking that on right now...
[17:53] <short> It has been mentioned though
[17:53] <short> Right now I think people are more eager to get the AI OS streamlined first
[17:54] <hyc> short: I'm building on ubuntu but it's close enough. pick whatever you like
[17:55] <hyc> as far as I know the ubuntu ARM binaries target ARMv6, so they won't take full advantage of the TB (ARMv7)
[17:55] <hyc> therefore, binaries will be slower than they could be...
[18:00] * alongst (n=alon@ Quit (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
[18:02] <short> It looks like they are going with a minimum of the ARMv5t instruction set with v6 and v7 optimized libraries where there is expected "significant performance gain" so probably quite a bit slower than they could be on the TB
[18:13] * alongst_ (n=alon@ Quit (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
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[19:01] * Managu_tb (i=62cc389e@gateway/web/freenode/x-wuvinoihgvwmtntl) has joined #touchbook
[19:02] <Managu_tb> Anyone had any luck getting a TB to boot with anything but the stock kernel?
[19:04] <Managu_tb> I tried building a kernel using the directions on the wiki (Cross_compiler). But when I try to run it, all I get is a blank screen. Now, from what I can see, the change set posted to the wiki (under "Kernel") has already made it into the OE git repository
[19:06] <Managu_tb> I've also tinkered a bit with the u-boot setup. Replacing the stock u-boot with my build u-boot gets rid of the AI logo on the startup screen, and introduces some delay (5 sec for serial terminal?) but otherwise works fine with the stock kernel
[19:07] <shtylman> Managu_tb: yea... I built a kernel with openembedded and that booted
[19:07] <shtylman> make sure you have machine=omap3-touchbook
[19:08] <Managu_tb> yup, got that
[19:08] <Managu_tb> shtylman: did you set up a boot.scr file?
[19:09] <shtylman> nope
[19:09] <Managu_tb> hrmm. did you replace the image as well? E.g. x11-image. Or stock AI image?
[19:10] <shtylman> I compiled the console-image
[19:10] <shtylman> to first see if I could get something running
[19:10] <shtylman> and that worked
[19:10] <Managu_tb> disk layout? fat32 / ext3 / swap?
[19:11] <shtylman> yep
[19:11] <Managu_tb> keyboard work?
[19:11] <shtylman> I could type :)
[19:11] <Managu_tb> cool. I must be doing something silly wrong, then.
[19:12] <shtylman> now...I didn't replace the stock uboot
[19:12] <shtylman> that might be something to note
[19:12] <Managu_tb> ok, worth trying
[19:13] <Managu_tb> had any more luck with the ts calibration? I notice (even with tslib), that on pendown/penup there seems to be really bad inaccuracy
[19:13] <shtylman> havn't had a change to play with it more
[19:13] <shtylman> yea...there were still a few inaccuracies
[19:14] * spvensko (n=spvensko@adsl-072-151-081-078.sip.rmo.bellsouth.net) Quit ()
[19:15] <Managu_tb> thanks for your thoughts. Off to tinker a bit more
[19:15] <shtylman> no prob
[19:17] <ratonk__> even laundry washing machine :D
[19:30] * tommd1 (n=Thomas_D@ Quit ("Leaving.")
[19:32] <Brizzyce> Hrm.
[19:33] <Brizzyce> I'm getting a tad frustrated with AI's warranty
[19:33] <Managu_tb> ahh, finally booting. Thanks, shtylman ;-)
[19:34] <Brizzyce> My TB arrived today with a defective keyboard attachment, so I emailed them and asked for a replacement. Now I have to pay to ship their defective part back to them, and because I live in Canada (about 30 minutes north of the border,) I might have to pay shipping on getting my new, hopefully non-defective, part too.
[19:34] <shtylman> no prob...glad you got it to work
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[19:49] <shtylman> is it really that big a deal?
[19:50] * spvensko (n=spvensko@adsl-072-151-081-078.sip.rmo.bellsouth.net) has joined #touchbook
[19:54] <Managu_tb> what is it you want multiple users on the TB for?
[19:54] <Managu_tb> I mean, this is far from the first time you've said that, Macer =p
[19:55] * tommd1 (n=Thomas_D@65-102-40-206.ptld.qwest.net) has joined #touchbook
[19:58] <martinh> and really, how hard is it to make another user?
[19:59] <martinh> took me about 10 seconds.
[20:07] <shtylman> noted :)
[20:09] * robclark_ (n=robclark@nat/ti/x-eqiitbruoglxjfpt) Quit (Remote closed the connection)
[20:11] <shtylman> Macer: I don't think anyone has really put that much effort into it
[20:11] <shtylman> when you say OS .. you mean distro right?
[20:11] <shtylman> cause im guessing all the OSes will run linux...maybe not
[20:12] <shtylman> cool
[20:12] <shtylman> (not to windows ce)
[20:12] <shtylman> I don't think I would care about CE on it
[20:12] <shtylman> heh
[20:13] <shtylman> yea
[20:13] <shtylman> *feature*
[20:13] <shtylman> lets you know its time to take a break
[20:13] <shtylman> indeed
[20:15] <shtylman> yea...power needs work
[20:15] <shtylman> lots could be the software
[20:15] <shtylman> the device itself is quite simple when it comes down to it really
[20:15] <shtylman> haha
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[20:18] <UMC> hello world
[20:19] <tommd1> Nope
[20:19] <tommd1> Or, not me anyway.
[20:20] <UMC> it works for me
[20:20] <short> it's really picky... I get it to work 50% of the time... but that is also a software issue
[20:22] <shtylman> yes it would
[20:23] <shtylman> n900 is nice
[20:23] <shtylman> but its a bit of a different device
[20:24] <shtylman> yea... the think that upsets me most about the TB is the poor hardware quality and attention to detail
[20:24] <UMC> does anybody know where I can get some rubber feet for my kb
[20:24] <shtylman> software I get takes time for a new device like this
[20:24] <shtylman> but the hardware is full of little annoyances and overlooks
[20:25] <shtylman> it just doesn't measure up to a production ready device
[20:26] <shtylman> the tipping
[20:27] <shtylman> the keyboard space key and the edge of the trackpad when you press the space key. the lack of power indicator light, the *needs to be on* to charge
[20:27] <shtylman> poorly secured battery
[20:32] <shtylman> I have been carrying it around a bit
[20:33] <shtylman> the top battery starts to get a little loose
[20:33] <shtylman> hasn't come off yet
[20:33] <shtylman> thankfully
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[22:39] * Meiz_n810 watches another bunch of pics someone posted @ Innovatingtouch
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[22:54] <Corsac> Arrived Abroad, October 14, 2009, 10:17 am, FRANCE
[22:56] <hyc> I take it you still haven't got it in your hands...
[23:00] <Corsac> hyc: you're right :)
[23:04] <Corsac> Stskeeps: you lier!
[23:05] <Corsac> Stskeeps: I just booted mer, I have a weather applet wich shows: Helsinki 34C
[23:09] <dpb> I got a snailmail from customs saying I have a package
[23:10] <dpb> Corsac: 34C? :o
[23:10] <dpb> It's only 5.3 here..
[23:12] <dpb> I got two of Gregoires signatures now :P
[23:13] <dpb> Now I know what he's been up to, tons of signatures...
[23:13] <hyc> lol
[23:13] <hyc> time to buy a rubber stamp
[23:16] <Corsac> Macer: I don't have a touchbook :)
[23:16] <Corsac> Macer: it's on my n810
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