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[0:00] <drantin> trying again after using fdisk to wipe the partitions off :/
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[0:06] <dpb> Meiz_n810: got an email back now saying my unit left the depot on the 9th, but no tracking number in it..
[0:06] <dpb> Meiz_n810: can you get some useful information with the tracking number?
[0:07] <drantin> "sometimes"
[0:07] <drantin> it's USPS :/
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[0:08] <dpb> drantin: is it "sometimes" for international orders too?
[0:08] <Meiz_n810> dpb: i was told that my unit was sent 10th
[0:09] <Meiz_n810> but there was a tracking number in the mail
[0:09] <Meiz_n810> there's a thread at forums
[0:09] <dpb> Meiz_n810: have you checked on the usps site if it shows anything with it?
[0:11] <Meiz_n810> i tried but the tracking system is under systemupdate or sometghing >_<
[0:11] <dpb> :s
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[0:30] <drantin> :/
[0:30] <drantin> still not working
[0:32] <drantin> aha
[0:33] <drantin> tried redownloading u-boot.bin
[0:33] <drantin> compared crc32's with the one I had
[0:33] <drantin> different!
[0:33] <drantin> mlo's is the same, uImage's is also different :/
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[0:35] <drantin> jackpot!
[0:35] * Meiz_n810
[0:35] <drantin> boots :D
[0:35] * drantin dances
[0:37] <drantin> odd, because I think the install script downloaded those :/
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[0:40] * Corsac grumbles
[0:40] <blunderer> \me guess that corsac don't have a USPS tracking number yet
[0:44] <Meiz_n810> that's bad O_o
[0:44] <andrewgodwin> yay, tracking!
[0:44] <andrewgodwin> Macer: what's wrong with the current tablet mode?
[0:45] <DJWillis> Macer: no way it will be using the PowerVR for compositing, I would suspect it's just using the bog standard OMAPFB X driver that is in OpenEmbedded.
[0:45] <Meiz_n810> DJWills, it was fbdev last time i checked
[0:45] <Corsac> Macer: yes; xfwm uses RENDER accel, no opengl
[0:46] <DJWillis> Macer: it could be tweaked but no one has worked on it, that much I am sure about ;-)
[0:46] <Meiz_n810> I'll just install ubuntu on it :)
[0:46] <DJWillis> Corsac: even if it did use OGL it would need to use OGLES2 to get any benifit.
[0:47] <DJWillis> Meiz_n810: not going to be faster but it will work well enough ;-)
[0:47] <Meiz_n810> not much slower though
[0:47] <DJWillis> Macer: really, just not setup well (jitter etc.) or out and out bad?
[0:47] <geist> compositing can be done pretty well with neon
[0:47] <geist> but not likely through X
[0:48] <geist> we used the crap out of neon at palm on essentially the same cpu
[0:48] <Meiz_n810> touchscreen uses evdev or what?
[0:48] <geist> some folks were recommending running the touchscreen calibration tool
[0:48] <Meiz_n810> would tslib work?
[0:49] <geist> yeah a tslib based one
[0:49] <geist> ts_calibrate? something like that
[0:49] <geist> dont have mine handy or i'd look
[0:49] <geist> left it at work
[0:49] <DJWillis> geist: yep, there are some nice tweaks that could be done using the NEON, in fact I seem to recall even the OMAPFB X driver can use NEON for some things.
[0:49] <DJWillis> geist: and your Palm ;-), good to know.
[0:50] <geist> yeah. when i get some time i'm gonna try to get webos up on it
[0:50] <geist> it's very similar, should almost work out of the box
[0:50] <dpb> the N900 has pretty good compositing, and it has nearly the same hardware as the touchbook
[0:50] <geist> can probably just jam a webos image on it and chroot it, or even just replace the root and use the kernel
[0:51] <DJWillis> N900, Palm Pre etc., ok they are 34** based but for all intents yep, same SoC :)
[0:51] <Meiz_n810> dpb: i was wondering earlier if N900 firmware would work with AI's kernel stuff
[0:51] <geist> yep. 34xx is identical
[0:51] <Meiz_n810> :)
[0:51] <geist> just different naming, sold from a differeny division
[0:51] <DJWillis> geist: I would be VERY supprised if that was not the case, esp. considering it's OE based in part anyway.
[0:51] <geist> the 35xx docs just dont mention a couple of blocks you're not supposed to know of
[0:52] <dpb> Meiz_n810: most likely there'll be tons of problems with it, the maemo kernel is quite hacked. :)
[0:52] <DJWillis> geist: yep, mass market V small volume ;-) and yep, those 'blocks' ;-)
[0:52] <Meiz_n810> Mer will bring maemo platform to the Touch Books anyway :)
[0:52] <geist> DJWillis: yep. and, pre is MMC based, so it's even already used to the flash layout
[0:53] <geist> would be nice to figure out if the uart is brought out to a couple of testpoints on the tablet though
[0:53] <geist> anyone know if it is?
[0:53] <dpb> N920 might be a nice device.. maybe I should wait for that instead of some android phone...
[0:53] <geist> i'm assuming it probably is
[0:54] <DJWillis> dpb: The N900 is 2.6.28 based with hacks IIRC.
[0:54] <dpb> DJWillis: Yep.
[0:55] <DJWillis> geist: It's very close to a Beagle so you will have a UART or 2, I would expect the one the Beagle uses for a console is there and easy to get at for sure.
[0:55] <geist> oh shoot, the beagleboard (and presumably this) doesn't use a twl5030 pmic
[0:55] <geist> it's a tps65950
[0:55] <geist> unless that's another ti rename... looking
[0:55] <DJWillis> Meiz_n810: Have you run Mer on a TB yet? I can't see why it would be a problem, works well enough on the Beagle/Pandora etc. already.
[0:55] <DJWillis> geist: it's another rename ;-)
[0:55] <geist> oh good
[0:56] <DJWillis> twl4030
[0:56] <geist> yeah, looking at the beagleboard schematic, sure looks like the same block as the 4030
[0:56] <Meiz_n810> DJWills: I haven't got my touchbook yet, but Mer is something i'll install on it for sure :)
[0:56] <geist> the touchbook schematics aren't public, are they?
[0:57] <Corsac> they are
[0:57] <Meiz_n810> s/got/gotten/
[0:57] <DJWillis> geist: the choice of Palm to use an internal MMC was a good one ;-).
[0:57] <geist> oh? on the wiki somewhere?
[0:58] <geist> DJWillis: yep, it made our life a lot easier
[0:58] <DJWillis> geist: I belive the TB specs are shared under an 'agreement' and not open as such. The underlaying Beagle specs are public but you have them ;-)
[0:58] <Corsac> http://www.alwaysinnovating.com/company/design.htm uh.
[0:58] <Corsac> at one point they were just freely available
[0:58] <geist> yeah, but i'm mostly looking for if the uart is borught out to a testpoint
[0:58] <Corsac> but there's an explanation
[0:58] <DJWillis> geist: In a lot of ways we regret not doing that with the Pandora but at least we pushed 2 MMC's out to sockets as well as the NAND (We use MMC3 for WiFi)
[0:59] <geist> yeah, same here. one of the other mmcs goes to wifi
[0:59] <DJWillis> The NAND is not as quick as a decent MMC hardware controller and some flash and is a lot more pain to work with ;-)
[0:59] <geist> trouble is emmc relies on Someone Else getting all their stuff solid
[1:00] <geist> ie, the micros and the FTL on the flash parts
[1:00] <geist> and as i expected, this is a pretty tall order
[1:00] <geist> and the performance of mmc parts is all over the map between vendors and products
[1:00] <geist> but if you go make a ton of devices, you are sometimes stuck with some of them
[1:00] <DJWillis> geist: true, what stopped us going down that road (Pandora), for a small project something like that would have made getting the thing done harder that it already was ;)
[1:01] <DJWillis> At least you can get a given spec NAND part for the PoP in reasonable volume for a reasonable time ;-)
[1:01] <geist> right
[1:02] <geist> well anyway, i hope to get some time in the next week or so to play with it
[1:02] <geist> i brought it into work this weekend and we all took it apart
[1:02] <DJWillis> geist: I would be very interested in how you get on
[1:02] <geist> might be a nice place to prototype stuff around work
[1:03] <DJWillis> geist: now if Palm and ops. would just get volume GSM devices out the door I would be a much happier hacker ;-)
[1:03] <geist> it's also interesting to see the difference between reasonably tuned software for the platform (what we did) and what happens if you just take the stock X and whatnot and jam it on a tiny cpu
[1:04] <geist> which i would have expected. benchmark wise these omaps are pretty fast for an ARM, but still almost an order magnitude off even an atom
[1:04] <geist> the cortex-a9 is really where the performance is going to start to come out
[1:04] <geist> a8 was kind of a stopgap, getting them into armv7
[1:04] <Meiz_n810> could the Touch Book be used as a phone if you slap in an 3G modem and install android? :P
[1:04] <DJWillis> geist: yep, that is what makes me panic a little with the Pandora, we have a lot of work that has gone into gaming libs (SDL 1.3 with GLES etc.) but the X is quite stock really like the TB :(. I am having to trim and tweak to get it where I want even for the 1st cut firmware.
[1:05] <geist> yeah. also sticking with a tiny screen helps a lot (320x480) like we have on the pre
[1:05] <DJWillis> Meiz_n810: USB ;-) and why would you need Android. Not that it would be a really good idea.
[1:05] <geist> much less bits to push around
[1:05] <geist> we had to get our graphics wizards a lot of time with neon to get the performance up
[1:05] <geist> since we didnt have the opportunity to use the SGX just yet (though we probably will in the future)
[1:05] <DJWillis> geist: 800*480 so somewhere in the middle, it's not bad and we make use of the hardware 400*240 LCD modes now and then ;-)
[1:06] <DJWillis> geist: really, now that I did not know (not that it supprises me)
[1:06] <geist> and our webkit based system draws direclty to the framebuffer
[1:06] <geist> yeah, TI was really late to get us usable opengl
[1:06] <geist> certainly not enough to bet the whole thing on
[1:06] <Meiz_n810> DJWills: i see nothing wrong with having ability to make a phone call with a netbook.. it would be a cellphone replacement though :) Android mainly because it's a cellphone OS :P
[1:06] <DJWillis> geist: tell me about it :(
[1:06] <Meiz_n810> s/would/wouldn't
[1:06] <geist> that being said, TI is good people really
[1:07] <geist> i have and still do deal with a lot of other vendors, and TI is great to deal with compared to most
[1:07] <geist> they may not be collectively the sharpest tool in the shed, but they try to help
[1:07] <DJWillis> geist: no question about that, but they are a big company so things do get lost in the mix, the OSS focused TI guys have been spot on with there help for Pandora anyway.
[1:08] <geist> yeah, they're really trying to position themselves as the OSS cpu
[1:08] <DJWillis> geist: sounds like you have been around this cycle more than once.
[1:08] <geist> i doubt it makes them any money directly, but i guess they figure they can get some mindshare and that'll pay off
[1:08] <geist> oh yeah, quite a while
[1:08] <geist> first time i dealt with TI was back in the omap331 days at Danger
[1:09] <DJWillis> geist: yep, TI want to go for the mindshare for OMAP3/4 and also want the app base. That's quite clear.
[1:09] <geist> then it was samsung, freescale, qualcomm, intel, and a few others i cant mention
[1:09] <DJWillis> geist: Danger? ;-). Sounds like your CV would make for interesting reading.
[1:10] <geist> yeah yeah, they killed themselves yesterday. that was MSFT dissassembling the company
[1:10] <geist> Danger and Apple and Palm in the cell phone stuff
[1:11] <geist> and pretty close ties to the android folks (lots of ex danger, ex Be people)
[1:11] <geist> just got back from dinner with their head kernel guy
[1:11] <DJWillis> geist: no shock there however :(. MSFT just lack direction and it really shows (knowing a fair few WM/WinCE MS core guys ).
[1:12] <geist> how did the pandora thing turn out anyway?
[1:12] <geist> i almost bought one but put it off
[1:12] <DJWillis> geist: yep, there is def. camps and if your core has been Palm/Be/Linux etc. etc. then the culture shift and different ideals are going to take a hit.
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[1:16] <DJWillis> geist: shipping a few units in small volumes, a slow process (I am just a freelance (i.e. unpaid) software hacker on it, doing a bit of kernel and OE work). It's been the mother of all uphill climbs as there are really only 4-5 people behind it and everything ???moves 2 steps forward, slips, breaks its leg and falls down the steps (again) ;-)???. Software side is more gaming, less PDA focused but being an OSS platform
[1:16] <DJWillis> it shares common immaturatity with the TB/Beagle et. all right now. And OGLES has only recently come in any meaningful way (Same reasons as Palm I would guess).
[1:17] <geist> yeah
[1:17] <geist> it's hard. at 'big' companies it's a pain to ship stuff, lots of problems always come up, but you have enough people to ride it out
[1:17] <geist> i can't imagine how the tiny shops actually produce real devices
[1:18] <DJWillis> geist: yep, this has eaten 2 plus years of my life as a 'fun side project' and caused so much stress and I don't have my entire finances riding on it ;-)
[1:19] <geist> i have some experience with that. i tend to be the guy that writes the bootloader and deals with the very low level bringup and thus get to visit the factory a bunch
[1:19] <geist> gets pretty stressful
[1:22] <DJWillis> geist: touche, I have done some of that but Mike (our board guy) gets to deal with the factory. The bring up is fun, it's when your trying to track down stupid image bugs at the other end it gets less interesting (or spending 3 months trying to get open WiFi docs so you can get an open driver working well) ;-)
[1:22] <geist> yeah
[1:24] <Meiz_n810> so there are two ways of playing HD video, using NEON or DSP?? (and compiz could also render some videos with SGX??) *confused*
[1:25] <Meiz_n810> any of those true? ^
[1:29] <DJWillis> Meiz_n810: NEON/ARM optmised software decode (on the Cortex side), gStreamer support for doing the decode on the c64 DSP. Not seen much about doing the decode using SGX to assist (at least not in an open way).
[1:30] <Meiz_n810> DSP seems to be somewhat difficult..
[1:32] <geist> yeah, we use the DSP for most of the media stuff
[1:34] <DJWillis> Macer: well it's more that the SGX drivers are there, no one has bothered to work out any cool glue (yet). Less N810 as drivers exist and, while closed souce, at least are avalable with API's documented (in a fashion).
[1:34] <geist> yeah, i dont think we even get the source
[1:35] <geist> not that you want it. the mbx and sgx are pretty hateful
[1:35] * DJWillis does like the C64 but the temptation is do use it for doing anything that seems inapproperate use for a DSP ;-)
[1:35] <Meiz_n810> Mer is probably going to have powervr drivers for n8x0
[1:35] <geist> derivatives of the old powervr stuff, same bits on the dreamcast
[1:35] <DJWillis> geist: for what I hear, you dont want the source, it makes your eyes bleed ;-)
[1:35] <geist> when i was at apple i got to look at the mbx specs and it was all deja vu from the dreamcast days
[1:35] <DJWillis> geist: and it still is ;-)
[1:36] <geist> well, at least the sgx is shader based
[1:36] <geist> the weird ass tiling thing in mbx was fine for 99 but makes t really hard to do good alphablending
[1:36] <DJWillis> geist: yep, but I think the heritige of the arch is quite clear (and I suspect more than one or two expedient hacks in there).
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[1:47] <DJWillis> geist: not sure if you would know but is the shipping Pre kernel based off Liniux-OMAP or TI's referance trees?
[1:47] <DJWillis> geist: if you can't answer that don't worry, it's an idle question
[1:47] <geist> TI at the moment, which turned out to be a really bad idea
[1:47] <geist> no, the source is out there anyway
[1:47] <geist> we're trying to rebase on 2.6.29, but it's a huge task
[1:48] <geist> since we essentially based our stuff on a dead branch
[1:48] <DJWillis> geist: ahhh, ok, yep, we did that to get the Pandora to .27 (at the time) but at least we could then track mainline, the TI stuff was a nightmare.
[1:49] <geist> yeah, i know
[1:49] <DJWillis> geist: I did wonder.
[1:49] <geist> we had to so heavily modify it it diverged even farther
[1:49] <geist> however what makes it even harder is we did some things better than what is in mainline
[1:49] <geist> thoughthe android omap3 branch is actually pretty good too
[1:49] <geist> i think we may just switch to that, since it adds some value because they largely know what they're doing
[1:50] <geist> trouble is with a handheld device, power management is so much bigger deal than mainline linux seems to care about
[1:52] <DJWillis> geist: yep, it's quite a lot of pain (and why we have to have our own trees). Mainline is getting a lot better (via Linux-OMAP) but it's still needed to maintain a big overlay to get basic features and even then power management is going to be a weak spot for a while at least.
[1:52] <DJWillis> When you say Android OMAP3, are you thinking of the OMAPZOOM guys work?
[1:53] <geist> no, android has their own brnahc now
[1:53] <geist> since there are omap3 devices pending
[1:53] <geist> and they took input from all over the place and did a pretty good job of getting a good design in place
[1:54] <Meiz_n810> i heard .32 has a lot of fixes regarding omap3 stuff
[1:54] <geist> whatyou want is aggressive power collapse
[1:54] <geist> complete power gating
[1:55] <geist> it's very hard to get right, but its the best way to do it
[1:55] <DJWillis> geist: ahhh, noted, i'll have to rape and pillage that code when I get a change. Some of the Android kernel guys (well the ones that are not running away ;-)) are really good people. I track the OMAPZOOM Android trees for the odd patches but an Andriod tree for shipping devices would be a much better bet.
[1:55] <geist> with the omap you can do it pretty quickly, and even leave the framebffer up and running
[1:55] <geist> yeah, if you're in the bay area you can probably bump into a few of em
[1:56] <DJWillis> geist: stuck in the UK ;-)
[1:57] <DJWillis> Macer: I have had 1.5 Android userspace using our Kernel running on the Pandora for some time but yes, in this case I am interested in just good Linux kernel code, no userspace bits, no munged LibC ;-)
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[2:02] <DJW|Home> Macer: I am a core software guy on it so I have about 8 of the damm things going back 2+ years ;-). There are a few slowly slipping out now (or will be in the next few weeks, honestly not sure, not something I am close too), not in any real voume yet :(. Been a real uphill battle, getting there however.
[2:08] <geist> eyeah, guess i should put in an order for one
[2:08] <geist> i've got a little embedded kernel that i keep meaning to do some graphics code on top of
[2:08] <geist> already runs on beagleboard, so should be easy to put on that
[2:08] <geist> or actaually the tablet, really
[2:10] <DJW|Home> geist: hold off for a bit on the OP (I am not sure any new orders will go out for a fair bit anyway, not untill the 1,000 per run builds start anyway). If your after one i'll see what I can do.
[2:11] <DJW|Home> geist: should run just fine then ;-), tablet is Beagle based and the OP kept a lot common setup with the Beagle to ease compatability (same console UART etc.)
[2:12] <geist> yep
[2:12] <geist> annoying the keyboard seems to be usb host based, haven't gotten around to writing a usb host stack
[2:12] <geist> and it's not a particularly quick task
[2:12] <DJW|Home> geist: no, that's a bit of a pig ;-)
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[2:25] <Meiz_n810> hi hyc
[2:25] <hyc> howdy
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[2:59] <DJWillis> geist: another off topic question, do you know much about the upstart support on WebOS to replace SysVInit? (I bet you regret mentioning Plam now ;-))
[3:00] <geist> yeah, what about it?
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[3:01] <DJWillis> geist: just interested in what version is used, how it's working etc. (looking to use it on the Pandora but run into a few curved balls with 0.6.3 and OE's main version is ancient)
[3:06] <DJWillis> geist: scratch that, I am slow as treacle today, you use 0.3.8.
[3:06] <geist> :)
[3:07] <geist> yeah, it's whatever was in OE at the time
[3:07] <geist> i think we need to upgrade it probably, but in general unless we need it we've been sticking to older stuff
[3:12] <DJWillis> geist: makes a lot of sense ;-), I tend not to upgrade without good reason.
[3:47] <dpb> The website says 10. Not 12.
[3:47] <hyc> I still get around 8
[3:48] <hyc> it turns out that the version of the kernel we're using doesn't have the cpufreq driver, that's in the linux-omap-pm branch
[3:48] <DJWillis> Power specs on any sites are always best case ;-), if your getting 6-8 and the PR says 10 then I think your doing well, esp. considering the state of PM in the kernel in the latest images.
[3:48] <hyc> I recall koen said he got that kernel working with the TB
[3:49] <DJWillis> hyc: yep, OE will build the -pm kernel tree for the TB if you build from OE.Dev without overlaying AI bits
[3:50] <hyc> hmm. will have to check that out. of course, you still need the AI patches for the accelerometer, touchscreen, and various other goodies.
[3:51] <hyc> which is why I've just been waiting to see the AI stuff merged into OE...
[3:51] <DJWillis> hyc: yep, ok, take the AI patches bar the kernel perferance ;-)
[3:51] <DJWillis> hyc: I thought Koen had merged most stuff (but I am not 100% sure I must admit).
[3:52] <hyc> right, I thought so too but haven't checked yet
[3:52] <hyc> in fact my laptop that had my build tree on it died. I just today got my old laptop running again.
[3:52] * Meiz_n810 is gonna try to kick AI pacthes in ubuntu kernel
[3:52] <hyc> copying the files over a USB HD adapter took half the day. USB sucks.
[3:53] <DJWillis> Meiz_n810: starting with the Beagleboard kernel base? Should take a few hours or so at a guess assuming your going to use ARM repros and not build your own ;-)
[3:54] <DJWillis> hyc: USB 2.0 snail speed ;-)
[3:54] <hyc> (and then I ran out of space, so I still haven't copied over my OE tree.)
[3:55] <hyc> the new laptop was on a 256GB SSD, my old laptop is only 128GB :P
[3:55] <DJWillis> Only!, ok for some ;-)
[3:55] <hyc> heh. tell that to my OE tree, it seems quite bloated
[3:56] <DJWillis> hyc: ;-), that's why I use SSH and my build server, considering I have a few temp folders on the go for vairous systems on top of normal OE it eats HDD space.
[3:57] <hyc> yeah, I guess I should consider moving this to another machine
[3:57] <hyc> unfortunately, my 16core server is behind a stupid 128kbit DSL pipe. fast compiles, slow transfers.
[3:58] <DJWillis> hyc: not sure I would want to build OE on a laptop, the time, heat and risk of burns to your legs is just to high ;-)
[3:58] <DJWillis> hyc: gah :(
[3:58] <hyc> it is definitely an exercise in patience. but better than building on the TB :P
[3:58] <hyc> I think it took 6 hours for my kernel to compile on the TB
[3:59] <DJWillis> hyc: that long? I know on device stuff is slow but not (in my experance) that slow :-o
[3:59] <hyc> might have been quicker than that. I left it overnight.
[3:59] <Meiz_n810> Is there a patch for the TB's u-boot to enable 720MHz clock?
[4:00] <hyc> it's fine for small stuff, one-off files to test patches...
[4:00] * mkxxxc (n=mkxxxc@ has joined #touchbook
[4:00] <hyc> Meiz_n810: just grab the AI u-boot recipe and change the 600 to 720
[4:00] <mkxxxc> hi all
[4:00] <Meiz_n810> hyc: that easy? Thanks :)
[4:00] <hyc> ah, du just finished - my OE tree is 60.1GB
[4:00] <Meiz_n810> hi mkxxxc
[4:01] <hyc> Meiz_n810: basically. of course, in the patch the values are in hex.
[4:02] * Meiz_n810 opens up an elinux.org arcticle abotu u-boot
[4:02] <hyc> nuts... I guess I'm not gonna copy that to this laptop.
[4:03] <Meiz_n810> nah, there's nothing at elinux :(
[4:03] <mkxxxc> can anyone tell me about problems with warranty in Europe ?
[4:04] <Meiz_n810> is there a problem?
[4:04] <DJWillis> Meiz_n810: there is stuff about it on the Beagle mailing list, search that, the valuses and setup will be just the same.
[4:04] <Meiz_n810> thanks
[4:05] <dpb> has anyone tried to make it 720MHz yet?
[4:05] <dpb> (touchbook that is, not beagleboard)
[4:06] <mkxxxc> I steel dont have TB but I want to know what to do if I get it already broken
[4:07] <DJWillis> Meiz_n810: depending on the U-Boot version if can just be a poke rather than a recompile.
[4:09] <hyc> yeah, I would figure it should be settable on the fly
[4:16] <mkxxxc> does anyone have it in Europe ?
[4:16] * yoru (n=yoru@ has joined #touchbook
[4:28] * Meiz_n810 (n=Meizirkk@ Quit (Read error: 145 (Connection timed out))
[4:29] <mkxxxc> nice. did you try OC?
[4:37] * yoru (n=yoru@ Quit ("I just clicked the 'X' in Vortec IRC - http://www.vortecirc.com")
[4:42] <mkxxxc> does anyone have it in Europe ?
[4:42] * koen wonders why people think 600MHz speedgrade chips run fine on 720MHz
[4:45] <DJWillis> koen: as ice'ing your new $400 toy has to be the way forward ;-)
[4:45] <DJWillis> Plus, what's the fun in an overclock, get the code tight ;-)
[4:59] <koen> :)
[5:02] <npx> i finally got my tracking number but the tracking page is off :<
[5:03] <blunderer> npx: which country?
[5:04] <npx> germany
[5:04] <npx> the unit was sent on saturday but they somehow didnt send me the tracking code
[5:05] <blunderer> sniff, still nothing for me
[5:05] <npx> did you already get the "order processed" mail?
[5:06] <blunderer> yep
[5:06] <blunderer> more than one week ago
[5:06] <blunderer> maybe the mail is stuck somewhere between USA and France
[5:06] <Eruquen> you should probably send them a short notice that you have not received your tracking number
[5:06] <npx> then try writing to the contact address. thats what they said in fhe forums
[5:06] <blunderer> Eruquen: I did it this morning
[5:07] <npx> oh then wait :D
[5:07] <npx> i bet yours wars shipped on saturday too
[5:07] <npx> -r
[5:07] <blunderer> I hope so
[5:07] <dpb> Mine was shipped on friday :P
[5:08] <blunderer> waiting is ok, I know how to do that, I trained a lot during the past few months ;-)
[5:09] <npx> hopefully usps manages to get it here this week. but i doubt that
[5:10] <npx> but next week for sure!
[5:11] <dpb> usps web site says 6-10 business days for priority international
[5:12] <npx> hum if saturday isnt a business day it will be definitely next week
[5:13] <dpb> usually mon-fri is counted as business days..
[5:14] <npx> okay but next week! :D
[5:14] <dpb> yep!
[5:18] <mkxxxc> nice but I steel need to know what about warranty in Europe
[5:20] <dpb> warranty? what's that? :)
[5:20] <mkxxxc> : )/
[5:20] <dpb> it's just the same as in America
[5:21] <dpb> you just send it back
[5:22] <mkxxxc> I wish I can see it before I buy it
[5:24] <npx> you can in videos and pictures :D
[5:29] <mkxxxc> heh
[5:43] * jofjdi (n=jsherman@user-10lfcke.cable.mindspring.com) Quit ()
[5:44] * Meizirkki (n=Meizirkk@bbwirelessgw2-feeedc00-64.dhcp.inet.fi) has joined #touchbook
[5:51] * mkxxxc (n=mkxxxc@ has left #touchbook
[5:57] * mkxxxc (n=mkxxxc@ has joined #touchbook
[5:59] <mkxxxc> how You people are using TB ?
[6:07] * spvensko (n=spvensko@rrcs-24-199-144-166.midsouth.biz.rr.com) has joined #touchbook
[6:08] * blunderer (n=tristan@LPuteaux-156-15-47-90.w82-127.abo.wanadoo.fr) Quit (Remote closed the connection)
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[6:14] * Managu (n=sawalk4@c-98-204-56-158.hsd1.md.comcast.net) Quit (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
[6:14] * MMlosh (n=MMlosh@2001:470:1f0b:b78:d1df:949f:36f3:80fb) has joined #touchbook
[6:15] * npx (n=npx@dslb-188-097-237-086.pools.arcor-ip.net) Quit (Read error: 113 (No route to host))
[6:16] * Managu (n=sawalk4@c-98-204-56-158.hsd1.md.comcast.net) has joined #touchbook
[6:16] * robclark_tb (n=ai@ppp-70-129-131-109.dsl.rcsntx.swbell.net) Quit (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
[6:20] * Meiz_n810 (n=Meizirkk@bbwirelessgw2-feeedc00-64.dhcp.inet.fi) has joined #Touchbook
[6:36] * jofjdi (n=jsherman@ has joined #touchbook
[6:36] <Meizirkki> Why is CONFIG_VMSPLIT_3G changed to CONFIG_VMSPLIT_2G in TB kernel?
[6:36] <Meizirkki> is it the beagle board revision or what ?
[6:37] <andrewgodwin> also, when is USPS tracking going to reappear? Having no idea where my TB is makes me sad.
[6:38] <Meizirkki> andrewgodwin, send a help desk ticket to ai with your order-id, i got my tracking-number that way
[6:39] <andrewgodwin> Meizirkki: oh, i have the tracking number
[6:39] <andrewgodwin> but the usps website says tracking is down
[6:39] <Meizirkki> ah
[6:39] <andrewgodwin> and my national courier only knows it's not in the country yet
[6:41] * blunderer (n=tristan@LPuteaux-156-15-47-90.w82-127.abo.wanadoo.fr) Quit (Remote closed the connection)
[6:42] * blunderer (n=tristan@ has joined #touchbook
[6:47] * MADgood (n=ai@ Quit (Read error: 145 (Connection timed out))
[6:50] * spvensko (n=spvensko@rrcs-24-199-144-166.midsouth.biz.rr.com) Quit (Read error: 113 (No route to host))
[7:03] * MADgood (n=ai@129-2-175-64.wireless.umd.edu) has joined #touchbook
[7:10] * blunderer (n=tristan@ Quit (Remote closed the connection)
[7:11] * blunderer (n=tristan@LPuteaux-156-15-47-90.w82-127.abo.wanadoo.fr) has joined #touchbook
[7:42] <mkxxxc> how You people are using TB ?
[7:47] <Managu> anyone had any luck building images? I checked out and build the angstrom/OE console-image, but I'm not sure how to get it set up to boot.
[7:48] <DJWillis> Managu: uptar it to your EXT2 SD partition and pop the kernel on the FAT partition
[7:49] <Managu> djwillis: Ok... when I try that, and turn the machine on, the backlight flickers, and then nothing happens
[7:50] <Managu> Doesn't seem that there's any way to setup a serial console to get a clue what's going on (not that I have the equipment handy if it were possible)
[7:50] <DJWillis> Managu: and you know your card is good? i.e. the stock uimage on the card boots, I assume you have left MLO and U-Boot and the boot.scr in tact?
[7:51] <Managu> djwillis: fresh runthrough of this card. But that's a good idea, I'll try that. BTW, what/where is boot.scr?
[7:53] <DJWillis> Managu: note, I don't have a TB but boot.scr is a uboot script used on other OMAP3 platforms to read in the kernel and boot it (without hard coding stuff into uboot or it's environment). I am not sure if the TB uses it.
[7:53] <mkxxxc> ll be nice i somene post instruction for it on forum
[7:53] <DJWillis> As an aside? Does the TB come with X-Loader and U-Boot on the NAND or the SD card?
[7:53] <mkxxxc> step by step : )
[7:54] <mkxxxc> (for people who are green with linux)
[7:54] <DJWillis> mkxxxc: Most beagle guides should be a pretty good base.
[7:55] <DJWillis> mkxxxc: if your green with Linux do you REALLY want to rebuild the OS ;-)
[7:55] <Managu> DJWillis: fair question. It appears that they're both on the SD card (i.e. files 'mlo' and 'u-boot.bin')
[7:56] <Managu> but there doesn't appear to be a boot.scr; I'm guessing it's hard-coded into the other stuff
[7:58] <DJWillis> Managu: I would guess that is the case then.
[8:05] * blunderer (n=tristan@LPuteaux-156-15-47-90.w82-127.abo.wanadoo.fr) Quit (Remote closed the connection)
[8:07] * blunderer (n=tristan@LPuteaux-156-15-47-90.w82-127.abo.wanadoo.fr) has joined #touchbook
[8:11] * shiznebit (n=shiznebi@ool-18b99096.dyn.optonline.net) has joined #touchbook
[8:13] * MADgood1 (n=ai@129-2-175-71.wireless.umd.edu) has joined #touchbook
[8:16] <Managu> sigh. Basically getting nowhere. Card works with the stock install. But if I try to replace the kernel, or replace the squashfs, it (apparently) fails to boot
[8:17] * MADgood (n=ai@129-2-175-64.wireless.umd.edu) Quit (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
[8:20] * jofjdi (n=jsherman@ Quit ()
[8:22] <DJWillis> Managu: urggg, I forgot it was SquashFS
[8:23] <DJWillis> Managu: you could try a new SD setup as a Beagle SD card ;-)
[8:25] <Managu> DJWillis: heh, I was trying to do that in the first place
[8:25] <DJWillis> Managu: well did you get nowhere with that?
[8:26] <Managu> nope. Backlight flickers once
[8:27] * jofjdi (n=jsherman@ has joined #touchbook
[8:31] <DJWillis> That sounds like U-Boot, hmmm, grab a boot.scr for a 2nd EXT2 SD partition and try with that, not sure if I have any suitable ones handy.
[8:31] <Managu> guess it's time to read a bit more. One thing that confuses me: it doesn't seem like OE built me an X-Loader ('mlo') file
[8:34] * blunderer (n=tristan@LPuteaux-156-15-47-90.w82-127.abo.wanadoo.fr) Quit (Remote closed the connection)
[8:35] <DJWillis> Managu: I am not sure there would be ANY need for it to, if you want it do a bitbake x-load
[8:37] <Managu> cool, ty
[8:37] <DJWillis> Managu: the x-load being built or not would depend on how the machine file is setup.
[8:39] <Managu> guess I won't be doing it anyways -- bitbake complains about a missing patch (name.patch).
[8:40] <Managu> Another thing I'm trying to figure out
[8:40] <DJWillis> Managu: got to go and pick up my GF but i'll be back later.
[8:41] <Managu> Cool, thanks for listening to me ;-)
[8:41] * spvensko (n=spvensko@nom19279a.nomadic.ncsu.edu) has joined #touchbook
[8:44] * blunderer (n=tristan@LPuteaux-156-15-47-90.w82-127.abo.wanadoo.fr) has joined #touchbook
[8:53] <mkxxxc> what do You think about on-screen keyboard ?
[8:53] <mkxxxc> i herd it,s slow and not too handy
[8:53] * MMlosh would love to have on-screen keyboard.. perhaps in style of "literki"?
[8:54] <MMlosh> perhaps.. but it's nice to be able to type in keyboardless configuration...
[8:56] <MMlosh> I'm using virtual keyboard on my OpenMoko and I was able to get used to it (and I can type quite fast; at nearly 1/4 of my regular typerate)
[8:58] <martinh> i think the biggest problem with the touch screen is that it doesn't feel like it's well calibrated for finger usage.
[8:58] <martinh> takes a lot of pressure to activate things.
[8:59] <MMlosh> ah... then perhaps.... my FreeRunner is sometimes too sensitive :)
[9:01] <martinh> well, if it's something that can be set then it might work better.
[9:10] * tommd (n=Thomas_D@65-102-40-206.ptld.qwest.net) has joined #touchbook
[9:11] * spvensko (n=spvensko@nom19279a.nomadic.ncsu.edu) Quit ()
[9:12] * Anges (n=Anges@lns-bzn-49f-62-147-173-3.adsl.proxad.net) has joined #touchbook
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[9:43] * mkxc (n=mkxxxc@ has joined #touchbook
[9:45] <mkxc> I get disconnected but my nick mkxxxc is still loged : )
[9:45] * tommd (n=Thomas_D@65-102-40-206.ptld.qwest.net) Quit (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
[9:49] * mkxxxc (n=mkxxxc@ Quit (Read error: 145 (Connection timed out))
[9:57] * blunderer (n=tristan@LPuteaux-156-15-47-90.w82-127.abo.wanadoo.fr) Quit ("Leaving.")
[10:10] * Anges (n=Anges@lns-bzn-49f-62-147-173-3.adsl.proxad.net) has joined #touchbook
[10:12] <mkxc> : ( I steel dont know if I want to buy it
[10:13] * dirk2 (n=dirk@p5B040767.dip0.t-ipconnect.de) has joined #touchbook
[10:13] * Anges (n=Anges@lns-bzn-49f-62-147-173-3.adsl.proxad.net) Quit (Remote closed the connection)
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[10:19] * spvensko (n=spvensko@nom19354a.nomadic.ncsu.edu) has joined #touchbook
[10:20] <DJWillis> martinh: is the touchscreen evdev or tslib setup, I am wondering if some presure tweaks to the tslib conf would make it more finger friendly.
[10:29] * spvensko (n=spvensko@nom19354a.nomadic.ncsu.edu) Quit ()
[10:35] <martinh> tslib
[10:35] <martinh> and it would. I just haven't had the time to work it all out. :->
[10:47] <mkxc> What U think about Asus Eee PC T101H?
[10:52] * Anges (n=Anges@lns-bzn-49f-62-147-173-3.adsl.proxad.net) Quit ("Quitte")
[10:53] * Anges (n=Anges@lns-bzn-49f-62-147-173-3.adsl.proxad.net) has joined #touchbook
[10:58] * Meizirkki (n=Meizirkk@bbwirelessgw2-feeedc00-64.dhcp.inet.fi) Quit (Remote closed the connection)
[11:01] <martinh> I think I don't have one.
[11:02] * Anges (n=Anges@lns-bzn-49f-62-147-173-3.adsl.proxad.net) has left #touchbook
[11:06] <DJWillis> mkxc: if your compairing a EeePc to the Touchbook chances are the touchbook is not what you want ;-)
[11:10] <mkxc> what I want is different from both : ) but i don't have money for what I want
[11:12] <DJWillis> mkxc: then ask yourself, do you want to hack and tweak on a cool niche etc. or lots of mainstream pick it up and go?
[11:12] * azaghal (n=azaghal@ has joined #touchbook
[11:16] <mkxc> I already asked that question byt steel waiting for answer : ) It's just I love the Idea of TB and don't know if it is enough for mee
[11:17] <DJWillis> You did not ask that question. What do you want to do, then look for a device that is close to your needs.
[11:20] * Anges (n=Anges@lns-bzn-49f-62-147-173-3.adsl.proxad.net) has joined #touchbook
[11:21] <DJWillis> mkxc: so what do you want the device to do?
[11:21] * Meiz_n810 (n=Meizirkk@bbwirelessgw2-feeedc00-64.dhcp.inet.fi) Quit (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
[11:23] * Anges (n=Anges@lns-bzn-49f-62-147-173-3.adsl.proxad.net) Quit (Remote closed the connection)
[11:25] * Meiz_n810 (n=Meizirkk@bbwirelessgw2-feeedc00-64.dhcp.inet.fi) has joined #Touchbook
[11:26] <mkxc> I was looking for nice tablet and I met idea of TB. OK it doesn't matter what the device I need, just thinking if I will make good use of TB.
[11:26] <mkxc> Sry Im so slow but Im steel in work : )
[11:30] <DJWillis> mkxc: no probs, ok, the key thing to consider with the TB is do you want an ARM based device, is not running 'usual' PC stuff/windows etc. going to be an issue? The Touchbook fills an interesting neich something like a modern Zaurus/Linux iPaq and part netbook. The touchbook will mature into a cool little device, software edges are a little rough right now but I am pretty sure that will improve.
[11:37] <mkxc> exactly what u sad is what attracts me to TB. Probably I will buy TB because I want to play with it but it would be nice to have something to use also in work and thats minus for TB.
[11:37] <Managu> mkxc: for now
[11:41] <martinh> well. depends on what you want to use it for at work.
[11:41] <martinh> For what I need it for at work, it'll be perfect.
[11:42] <mkxc> I work with mobile phones. Mostly ARM based toys but need Windows and pc to do most of things.
[11:43] <martinh> oh. you can probably set up dev environments on this. :->
[11:44] <mkxc> : ) ok I must go bb.
[11:47] * drantin still loves his zaurus
[11:50] <martinh> yea. i never got one.
[11:50] <martinh> I did have a newton 2k. . .and that's what I'm hoping the touchbook is like.
[11:50] <drantin> had an sl-c3000, then upgraded to the sl-c3200
[11:51] <drantin> clamshell arm-based linux with a touch screen that can flip around to normal pda style
[11:52] <koen> "The 720MHz capability can be probed run-time by reading the PRODID.SKUID[3:0] at 0x4830A20C."
[11:54] <Managu> koen: you were talking 'bout the cross-compile/build page the other day. Would you happen to know: once I've got a built image, how do I go about installing it?
[11:56] <Managu> I bitbake'd console-image with machine=omap3-touchbook. Then repartitioned a card to have FAT32 and EXT3 partitions. I copied (in order) mlo (from the stock image), u-boot.bin, and uImage to the fat partition. I then untar'd the console-image to the ext3 partition. But when I tried to boot it, all I got was a blank screen
[12:01] * Q_Continuum (n=Q_Contin@75-168-104-146.mpls.qwest.net) has joined #touchbook
[12:02] <DJWillis> Managu: thinking about it I am more sure you need to knock up a boot.scr with your bootflags (so the kernel knows it's an EXT3 root not SFS)
[12:06] <Meiz_n810> can u-boot boot from ext4-formatted partition ?
[12:08] <DJWillis> Meiz_n810: not really, well I don't think U-Boot has EXT4 read support.
[12:09] <Meiz_n810> meh
[12:09] <Meiz_n810> ext4 really kick ext3's ass on a flashcard
[12:12] <Managu> DJWillis hrmm, ok. I'll look into that.
[12:12] <Meiz_n810> is it possible to kick kernel and initrdin the NAND, and the ramdisk would boot the rootfs from an ext4 partition?
[12:13] <DJWillis> Meiz_n810: of course it is
[12:13] <DJWillis> No need for the initrd really is there ;-)
[12:13] <Meiz_n810> woo
[12:13] * Meiz_n810 wants ext4 :)
[12:14] <DJWillis> Meiz_n810: I am sure EXT4 will get into U-Boot in time.
[12:14] <Meiz_n810> ok
[12:15] <DJWillis> Meiz_n810: I have used EXT4 SD's on the Pandora setup as you suggest and also on the Beagle.
[12:16] <Meiz_n810> is the speedup noticeable compating to ext3?
[12:17] <DJWillis> Meiz_n810: IMHO no but I was using a slightly older EXT4
[12:19] <shiznebit> was that usb host issue resolved ?
[12:20] <DJWillis> shiznebit: I understand the Sept. batch has USB fixes, don't know if they had moved the EHCI power source around.
[12:21] <shiznebit> ??
[12:21] <shiznebit> ehci powerr....???
[12:21] * dirk2 (n=dirk@p5B040767.dip0.t-ipconnect.de) Quit (Remote closed the connection)
[12:36] * Meiz_n810 (n=Meizirkk@bbwirelessgw2-feeedc00-64.dhcp.inet.fi) Quit (No route to host)
[12:38] * MMlosh (n=MMlosh@2001:470:1f0b:b78:d1df:949f:36f3:80fb) Quit ("Bye...")
[13:14] * tommd (n=Thomas_D@dhcp-223-19.seas.pdx.edu) Quit ("Leaving.")
[13:14] * tommd (n=Thomas_D@ has joined #touchbook
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[13:22] * tommd (n=Thomas_D@ Quit (Nick collision from services.)
[13:22] * tommd1 is now known as tommd
[13:47] * DJWillis (i=djwillis@82-46-19-72.cable.ubr02.bath.blueyonder.co.uk) Quit ("Manny: It's my scythe. I like to keep it next to where my heart used to be.")
[13:51] <azaghal> USB fixes? As in hardware fixes?
[13:52] <shiznebit> well is it a hardware problem
[13:57] * jofjdi (n=jsherman@ Quit ()
[14:02] * tommd (n=Thomas_D@host-246-157.pubnet.pdx.edu) Quit (Remote closed the connection)
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[14:11] <mjr> that's the million dollar question
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[14:52] <martinh> Macer: is that when it died?
[14:52] <martinh> or, was that it reporting empty?
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[15:07] <martinh> ah. yea. I'm not totally sure the top battery charges correctly.
[15:07] <martinh> was it under serious usage?
[15:08] <martinh> I think hyc said he ran compiles for 8 hours on his.
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[15:53] <hyc> yes
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[17:25] <doc___> For the international orders, I found a site that you can track with http://trkcnfrm1.smi.usps.com/PTSInternetWeb/InterLabelInquiry.do
[17:26] <doc___> type in the order number you were given LL NNN NNN NNN US , where L is the letters N is the numbers and US is just "US" .
[17:26] <doc___> it worked for mine
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[19:04] <martinh> hmmm. i'm trying to calibrate. it's nowhere near.
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[19:05] <amdgoon> hello
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[19:21] <achhu> I have a question on the batteries.. POWER_SUPPLY_CAPACITY for one of them (twl.._battery) doesnt go beyond "50" while for the other battery, it goes up till 100.
[19:22] <achhu> is this a mistake with the sensors or is the twl_battery not charging completely ?
[19:29] <geist> depends on what the other sensor is
[19:29] <geist> if its on battery, it's probably much more reliable than whatever the twl thinks
[19:29] <shtylman> neither sensor is on the battery afaik
[19:30] <geist> if its a sensor at all. might just be some logic based on the voltage
[19:31] <MADgood> anyone interested in help me fix a bug with Xournal?
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[21:51] <ratonk__> k thansk anyway
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