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[1:04] <honk^away> are you using ssl? :}
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[1:24] <doc___> macer: did you enable imap within the gmail settings?
[1:29] <doc___> or I'm not sure if this will work, but you could try http://talk.maemo.org/showthread.php?t=30231
[1:39] <honk> doc___: connection refused doesnt sound like wrong login credentials :}
[1:40] <honk> he's either using a wrong host or port :]
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[2:09] <honk> Macer: that's what i said
[2:09] <honk> wrong port :}
[2:19] <honk> there are only 2 ports for imap - imap or imaps
[2:20] <honk> and if you say the host is correct, then you're not using ssl where you should
[2:23] <Corsac> in 4.4 you have the menu editor which will work
[2:23] <Corsac> or you can just add a .desktop file in /usr/share/applications or .local/share/applications
[2:23] <Corsac> using the good category and stuff like that
[2:23] <Corsac> and it should appear automagically
[2:24] <Corsac> you can exo-desktop-item-edit to do that
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[2:29] <Corsac> xfce4-menueditor
[2:29] <Corsac> not sure if it's provided in TBOS though
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[3:25] <Meizirkki> Are the SGX libraries licensed under something that allows them to be included in community operating systems?
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[7:45] <drantin> is there any reasonI shouldn't do an ipkg update && ipkg upgrade
[7:45] <drantin> ?
[8:05] <shtylman> it failed for me
[8:05] <shtylman> but you can try it
[8:06] <shtylman> how do I prevent it from bringing back the damn x server after I kill X ... it doesn't want to die!
[8:10] <martinh> inittab restarts it.
[8:11] <shtylman> martinh: thank you
[8:11] <martinh> so, either change init level or comment out the line and restart.
[8:11] <martinh> but, some people have complained that changing default init level breaks things.
[8:14] <shtylman> interesting... yea... im trying to see if I can run the ev touch calibration routine to get more accurate clicking... then I will try tslib and see how that compares
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[8:23] <robclark_tb> Macer: if you didn't figure out already, fn + up/down arrow for pg up/down
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[8:52] <shtylman> what is the ai user's password?
[8:53] <shtylman> sudo -s asks me for a password
[9:05] <shtylman> woooooo
[9:05] <shtylman> tslib works!
[9:05] <shtylman> after calibration is it much better...now to set the jitter constants
[9:13] <martinh> shtylman: that process sounds like something to document on the forums or wiki or both.
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[9:14] <shtylman> martinh: indeed... im still trying to work out the jitter and devariance constants but the accuracy is much better... the cursor is actually under my finger when I click
[9:14] <martinh> mine's very close. but could definitely use some calibration.
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[9:35] <shtylman> martinh: http://shtylman.com/stuff/tslib1.png
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[9:38] <shtylman> cpu usage is really the biggest downside
[9:42] <shtylman> and I need to figure out a way to make the touchscreen more sensitive
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[9:57] <rrebel> shtylman: Hear, Hear! Please do put a complete howto in the wiki.
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[10:51] <martinh> hmmm. investigating getting another power adaptor. text on page: You can specify a number from 1 to 956.
[10:56] <martinh> but. . .i'm not sure I want to spend $20.
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[14:03] <Managu> fn-up/fn-down, iirc
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[15:26] * koen wonders why some idiot reverted his edit
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[15:27] <koen> so I tried to be nice and fix wrong info in wikis on subjects I'm the absolute master at
[15:27] <koen> and some nitwit reverts it again
[15:27] <koen> so, the touchbook wiki is now officially useless
[15:27] <shtylman> koen: undo their changes?
[15:28] <shtylman> koen: mind sharing what you tried to fix :)
[15:28] <koen> I tried to fix the crosscompiler wiki
[15:28] <koen> by having it use the omap3-touchbook machine instead of beagleboard
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[15:29] <koen> but that wiki should actually get deleted entirely, since it is just a dupe of the angstrom instructions
[15:29] <koen> another reason I hate wikis
[15:29] <koen> they copy working instructions and then make them non-working
[15:29] * koen really hates wikis
[15:30] <koen> that's not true actually
[15:30] <koen> I hate clueless nitwits
[15:31] <shtylman> koen: yea..I folloed the openembeded instructions actually... but you sure it should use omap3-touchbook for the machine?
[15:31] <koen> yes
[15:31] <shtylman> k
[15:31] * shtylman makes a note of that for reference
[15:32] <shtylman> dammit...I forgot where openembedded build process extracts sources to again..
[15:32] * koen is mentioned on http://www.alwaysinnovating.com/company/thankyou.htm
[15:33] <koen> and I had a meeting with gregoire last week about the OE stuff
[15:33] <shtylman> cool
[15:34] <koen> I'm only saying that to establish that anyone who reverts my edits to OE wiki stuff deserves to get kicked in the genitals
[15:35] <shtylman> hahah
[15:35] <koen> twice a day till they repent
[15:35] <shtylman> fair enough
[15:35] <shtylman> I will spearhead that initiative...we should setup a task force
[15:36] * koen eats some more crackerjacks to raise his bloodsugar
[15:36] <shtylman> heh
[15:36] <shtylman> I have a bugfix for tslib
[15:36] <koen> sweet
[15:36] <shtylman> and then it should be good to go for use on touchbook instead of evdev
[15:37] <koen> you mean xf86-input-tslib?
[15:37] <shtylman> yea
[15:37] <koen> doesn't hal tell X to use that?
[15:37] <shtylman> ?
[15:37] <koen> iirc you need evdev for the keyb and side buttons
[15:38] <shtylman> well...the current xorg config file uses evdev for the touchscreen
[15:38] <shtylman> as well
[15:38] <koen> hmmm
[15:38] <koen> the one in OE for the touchbook uses tslib :)
[15:39] <koen> or rather, it doesn't use evdev and has hal tell X to use xf86-input-tslib
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[15:39] <shtylman> interesting... oh.. koen you would be the right person to ask this..
[15:40] <shtylman> I want to build a clean from the ground up version of the OS from openembedded
[15:40] <shtylman> what image would be best to build?
[15:40] <shtylman> I built the xorg-image to get started
[15:40] <shtylman> but when I installed that... the display was messed up
[15:43] <koen> that's a problem with the vrfb kernel drivers
[15:43] <koen> if you disable vrfb (and hence rotation), it works
[15:43] <koen> gregoire and I are trying to find the exact bit in his image that makes it work
[15:44] <shtylman> interesting...
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[15:47] <koen> summarry: messed screen or no rotation, pick one
[15:49] <shtylman> heh
[15:50] <hyc_tb> koen: there was no omap3-touchbook target before
[15:50] <hyc_tb> so they were probably just doing the best they could with an out of date tree
[15:52] <hyc_tb> re: vrfb, it looks like the omapfb driver has evolved a bit from the version Gregoire is using
[15:52] <hyc_tb> shtylman: I take it you're building the latest OE source?
[15:53] <hyc_tb> I'm still using the snapshot from Gregoire, so it's from ~2 months ago
[15:53] <shtylman> hyc_tb: yea... I figure why not... at least learn how to build it and start from scratch
[15:54] <hyc_tb> which makes things a bit tough. every time I want to install something from the current angstrom repo it wants to update libc from 2.6 to 2.9
[15:54] <shtylman> im not too fond of xfce so ...
[15:54] <shtylman> ah yea
[15:54] <hyc_tb> and that makes a lot of other dependencies go nuts
[15:54] <shtylman> mine updated that...I think it went ok...
[15:54] <shtylman> right now im playing around with the tslib stuff
[15:55] <shtylman> the bugfix was successful and tslib results are very good
[15:55] <hyc_tb> cool.
[15:55] <shtylman> hyc_tb: http://shtylman.com/stuff/tslib1.png
[15:55] <hyc_tb> but koen just said that X is already using tslib
[15:55] <shtylman> well...it isn't in the version that ships by default :/
[15:55] <shtylman> and anyhow...tslib had a bug
[15:55] <hyc_tb> ah
[15:55] <shtylman> was driving me insane
[15:56] <hyc_tb> looks nice, was that with the stylus or your finger?
[15:56] <shtylman> stylus
[15:56] <hyc_tb> cool
[15:56] <shtylman> its my test pattern :)
[15:56] <shtylman> try doing the same on a stock install
[15:56] <hyc_tb> will be great to get that in
[15:56] <shtylman> will look like someone bit pieces out of it
[15:57] <hyc_tb> right now it seems my touchscreen dies after several hours of runtime
[15:57] <shtylman> ouch
[15:57] <hyc_tb> I've had the TB up for 3 days straight
[15:57] <hyc_tb> it's not responding to touch now
[15:57] <hyc_tb> but the KB touchpad still works
[15:57] <shtylman> :(
[15:57] <shtylman> ive noticed that it has no *heat* holes
[15:57] <shtylman> like the back tends to get quite warm
[15:57] <hyc_tb> doh. and as soon as I typed that, it works again
[15:58] <hyc_tb> mebbe something else in the event stack is hanging
[15:58] <shtylman> heh
[15:59] <hyc_tb> yeah, the back gets warm. but it doesn't build up any worse than that.
[15:59] <shtylman> thats good
[15:59] <shtylman> I tried to find a messenger bag for it today
[15:59] <shtylman> no luck :(
[15:59] <hyc_tb> bummer
[16:00] <hyc_tb> that bag that was posted in the forum looked perfect
[16:00] <hyc_tb> they didn't give a name or anything tho, dunno what it was
[16:01] <koen> hyc_tb: I changed the wiki right after verifying the omap3-touchbook machine worked (sans rotation)
[16:01] <koen> hyc_tb: if people are too illiterate to do 'git pull', they shouldn't be reverting my changes
[16:01] <hyc_tb> agreed
[16:02] <hyc_tb> koen: you should have logged in to make your changes
[16:02] <hyc_tb> it only shows your IP address
[16:03] <hyc_tb> those anonymous updates tend to have less credibility than signed updates
[16:04] <hyc_tb> hmmm, building inside a virtualbox? why not just build natively?
[16:04] * koen builds inside VB as well
[16:04] <koen> on my corporate dell running XP & outlook
[16:04] <koen> hyc_tb: ah, the wiki allows anon edits....
[16:05] <koen> I thought I *was* logged in since I could edit stuff and all
[16:05] <koen> teaches me to stop assuming stuff
[16:05] <hyc_tb> heh heh
[16:06] * koen moved one timezone east today
[16:06] <koen> hello maryland
[16:06] <hyc_tb> fun. weren't you just in Texas?
[16:06] <koen> avis shouldn't give away those crackerjacks
[16:06] <koen> I'm going to OD on popcorn and nuts
[16:07] <koen> hyc_tb: yes, dallas
[16:07] * koen has the shot up targets from the gun range to prove if
[16:08] <hyc_tb> lol
[16:08] <hyc_tb> so is the default kernel still 2.6.29, or does 2.6.31 work now?
[16:09] <hyc_tb> or should we skip .31 entirely and use .32 ?
[16:09] <koen> personally, I'd go for .32, but TI is going to support .31 for omap3....
[16:10] <koen> drat, I forgot to discuss getting the touchbook upstream into linux-omap with gregoire
[16:10] <hyc_tb> gahhhh
[16:11] <hyc_tb> I sent my omapfb rotation patches to Tomi Valkeinen but it doesn't look like he did anything with them
[16:11] <koen> I guess I should jsut do cp board-omap3beagle.c board-omap3touchbook.c ; sed -i -e s:beagle:touchbook:g -e s:BEAGLE:TOUCHBOOK:g board-omap3touchbook.c
[16:11] <koen> that should get us near enough
[16:12] <hyc_tb> it would be nice to have that straight
[16:12] <koen> it would require patching u-boot to pass the correct machine id
[16:12] <hyc_tb> can u-boot detect that at runtime?
[16:14] <hyc_tb> btw, how do we tweak the CPU speed? I see that u-boot sets it to 600MHz but presumably we can increase that post-boot
[16:15] <spvensko_> is the processor passively cooled or actively cooled?
[16:15] <shtylman> is the cpu speed limited to 600mhz?
[16:15] <spvensko_> shtylman: afaik but it's an ARM processor, not an x86 processor
[16:16] <spvensko_> 600 mhz ARM != 600 mhz x86
[16:16] <tommd> "speed limit" hehe
[16:16] <hyc_tb> spvensko_: look at the bill of materials on the board - do you see a fan listed anywhere?
[16:16] <hyc_tb> answer: passively cooled...
[16:16] <spvensko_> might limit the amount of overclocking :(
[16:17] <shtylman> spvensko_: that is nowhere near what my question was about...
[16:17] <hyc_tb> shtylman: the speed was spec'd at 600MHz but TI recently recertified them for 720MHz
[16:17] <shtylman> interesting...
[16:17] <hyc_tb> and I hear some beagleboards have been clocked over 800MHz without issues
[16:17] <shtylman> shit
[16:17] <spvensko_> shtylman: sorry, wasn't sure how much you knew
[16:17] <hyc_tb> basically the silicon was better than TI expected
[16:18] <shtylman> thats good to know
[16:18] * shtylman ... damn that tslib fix wasn't the problem... (cries)
[16:18] <koen> hyc_tb: even to 1GHz :)
[16:19] <koen> hyc_tb: the 600MHz uboot patch undervolts it
[16:19] <shtylman> maybe gregoire is playing it safe for now :)
[16:20] <koen> for 720 you need newer chips
[16:21] <koen> tv time now
[16:23] <shtylman> hulu > tv
[16:23] <shtylman> hulu's new linux desktop interface is quite nice
[16:25] <hyc_tb> of course without cpufreq working, I don't really want to run at 720MHz all the time
[16:25] <hyc_tb> that would cut the battery life...
[16:25] <hyc_tb> strange thing is linux-omap supposedly has had cpufreq support since last December
[16:25] <hyc_tb> so mebbe there was just something wrong with my kernel build
[16:25] <hyc_tb> shtylman: what problem are you looking at?
[16:26] <hyc_tb> koen: I thought the 720MHz spec was retroactive
[16:26] <hyc_tb> but whatever...
[16:26] <shtylman> hyc_tb: with tslib active and variance and dejitter modules running, I open up the note taking app
[16:26] <hyc_tb> I haven't looked at the new hulu program yet.
[16:26] <shtylman> and begin to draw and whatnot
[16:27] <shtylman> and place the pen up and down to test at various points often when you place the pen down
[16:27] <shtylman> it draws a line from a nearby point
[16:27] <shtylman> or sometimes even the far away point
[16:28] <shtylman> its like it doesn't detect the pen up properly...or the pressure gets distributed and it detects a press nearby when you put the pen down gently
[16:28] <shtylman> if you look at my screenshot you can see it
[16:29] <shtylman> the line that doesn't look like it belongs on the test pattern
[16:29] <shtylman> (horizontal line)
[16:29] <shtylman> I didn't draw that
[16:29] <shtylman> it drew itself when I put my pen down to start the test pattern
[16:30] <shtylman> im still not too happy with the filtering
[16:31] <shtylman> just doesn't feel perfect yet :)
[16:31] <hyc_tb> sounds odd, but remember that there are a few input tweaks active already
[16:31] <hyc_tb> In the current build there's a tweak that turns a long mouse-click into a right-click
[16:31] <hyc_tb> this was supposed to benefit the touchpad mode, since there is no right mouse button there
[16:31] <hyc_tb> but it's killing me because it's affecting keyboard mode too
[16:31] <hyc_tb> so holding down the mousebutton to do a long scroll operation on a scrollbar doesn't work
[16:31] <hyc_tb> it scrolls for 1 second and then the right-click menu pops up
[16:32] <shtylman> I don't like that tweakt at all...
[16:32] <hyc_tb> what makes you think that's not just an artifact of the drawing program?
[16:32] <shtylman> hyc_tb: could be... could make my own drawing program :)
[16:33] <shtylman> I think its an artifact of the screen actually...
[16:33] <hyc_tb> yeah, I need to dig up that thread in the forum so I can find the name and remove it...
[16:34] <shtylman> if you try it on yours you should see the same thing
[16:34] <shtylman> place the pen down slowly somewhere
[16:34] <shtylman> its more prevalent near the edges
[16:37] <shtylman> very interesting... wonder why that happens...
[16:59] <shtylman> the calibration alone is enough to use tslib ... unfortunately it does use some cpu
[17:00] <shtylman> might look into seeing if that can be optimized anymore
[17:06] * Q_Continuum (n=Q_Contin@75-168-120-19.mpls.qwest.net) Quit (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
[17:26] <spvensko_> what's wrong Macer ?
[17:32] * edt (n=Ed@dsl-62-144.aei.ca) Quit (Remote closed the connection)
[17:32] <shtylman> anyone know a way to make the touchscreen more responsive?
[17:32] * edt (n=Ed@dsl-62-144.aei.ca) has joined #touchbook
[17:50] * npbitch (n=npx@dslb-188-097-237-086.pools.arcor-ip.net) Quit (Read error: 113 (No route to host))
[18:00] <spvensko_> is the touchbook fast enough to watch HD on?
[18:00] <spvensko_> or are you limited to SD?
[18:01] * shiznebit (n=shiznebi@ool-18b99096.dyn.optonline.net) Quit (Read error: 113 (No route to host))
[18:03] <robclark_tb> spvensko_: HD is in theory possible
[18:10] * alexandre (n=alexandr@c-76-21-41-103.hsd1.ca.comcast.net) Quit ()
[18:29] <shtylman> anyone willing to try: http://www.alwaysinnovating.com/wiki/index.php/Touchscreen_calibration
[18:29] <shtylman> it *should* work out... :) I just tested it from a stock install on sd card
[18:33] <Managu> I'd love to take a look at it shtylman
[18:33] <Managu> give me a few
[18:39] <tommd> Managu: Let me know too.
[18:41] <Managu> ehh? Surething. Just as soon as I manage to connect to a network (this worked yesterday...)
[18:42] <hyc_tb> shtylman: you know the innards of ubiquity? i want it to use the partition table i already have, but it always rewrites it
[18:42] <hyc_tb> (non-TB question...)
[18:42] <spvensko_> that's true, it is 9 inches
[18:43] <spvensko_> i was interested in more gauging the processing power than using it for watching HD
[18:43] * drantin is downloading the os image, messed it up earlier with that ipkg upgrade -_-
[18:43] <shtylman> hyc_tb: unfortunately I don't know the innards... (maybe lucky for me :) but I keep myself confined to the frontend ... that may not even be ubiquity there... it could be debian-installer... I recommend looking at something called preseeding
[18:44] <shtylman> hyc_tb: preseeding might have the feature you are looking for but truthfully I have never used it
[18:44] <shtylman> its supposed to be quite powerful
[18:44] <shtylman> hyc_tb: what do you mean by rewrite though?
[18:45] <shtylman> it should be just showing you the partitions as they exist..
[18:45] <hyc_tb> shtylman: I have a specific disk geometry already set in the partition table
[18:45] <hyc_tb> but the installer always reverts it to the default geometry 255/63 which sucks since I'm using an SSD
[18:47] <shtylman> hyc_tb: interesting...I thought that if you don't change anything in the partitioner in ubiquity then it doesn't touch anything... sounds like a bug to me if it does... (on another note... what disk settings do you have for ssd? I have ssd as well and would be curious to benefit from it :)
[18:47] <robclark_tb> spvensko_: well, HD playback would require using the dsp
[18:49] <spvensko_> dsp?
[18:50] <shtylman> well...you can have multiple users, just have to go to a different runlevel
[18:50] <shtylman> (it should work) :)
[19:02] * Managu1 (n=sawalk4@c-98-204-56-158.hsd1.md.comcast.net) has joined #touchbook
[19:02] <Managu1> shtylman: "Cannot find package xf86-input-tslib."
[19:03] <shtylman> Managu1: have you done ipkg update?
[19:04] <Managu1> nay; I got the idea that wasn't a grand idea. But let me give it a go
[19:04] <shtylman> you need to do update
[19:04] <shtylman> otherwise it doesn't have the latest package list
[19:04] <shtylman> update != upgrade
[19:05] <Managu1> ahh, ok, that explains my confusion. I've only been skimming IRC logs
[19:11] <Managu1> shtylman: anything else I need to do for your instructions? wget pointercal/ipkg update/ipkg install/reboot?
[19:11] <shtylman> nope... that should be it... make sure that the file is in the /etc directory
[19:12] <Managu1> the calibration is still off for me. Though the debouncing looks to be a bit better
[19:13] <shtylman> Managu1: is it better than before? finger use should improve lots (like clicking at the right place)
[19:13] <drantin> if I just downloaded the sd-card.gz file, do I still need the installer script, etc. or is piping the output from gunzip sd-card.gz to dd enough?
[19:13] <shtylman> if it is the original card dd is fine
[19:14] <drantin> original card messed up with an ipkg upgrade ;)
[19:14] <shtylman> then dd over it :)
[19:14] <Managu1> shtylman: I held down the stylus on the TB for a bit, and now it doesn't seem to be recognizing clicks -- it's as if the right mouse button is stuck down, maybe?
[19:14] * edt (n=Ed@dsl-62-144.aei.ca) Quit ("Leaving")
[19:15] <Managu1> shtylman: my finger accuracy seems to be nearly spot on. Stylus accuracy not so good
[19:15] <shtylman> Managu1: hmm... don't know about that... try hitting escape maybe? it might actualyl be stuck down
[19:16] <shtylman> hyc_tb said that they put in a patch that when you click and hold on the screen it can act as a right click...that might be screwing with something ?
[19:16] <Managu1> nah, my mistake. Xournal just crashed
[19:17] * Managu (n=sawalk4@c-98-204-56-158.hsd1.md.comcast.net) Quit (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
[19:17] * Managu1 is now known as Managu
[19:19] <Managu> not really sure what happened. KB stopped responding (but not it's touchpad).
[19:19] <Managu> sooo, let's reboot and try again :-)
[19:21] <Managu> shtylman: how'd you take that screenshot?
[19:32] <Managu> In any case, I've still got a ton of jitter :-(
[19:35] <shtylman> Managu: printscreen
[19:39] <shtylman> Managu: I think I might have left out a step... you might have to change the xorg.conf file
[19:39] <Managu> fair enough
[19:39] <shtylman> there is a line in it that has evdev for the input section
[19:40] <shtylman> evdev has to change to tslib
[19:40] <Managu> ok, lemme see 'bout that
[19:40] <shtylman> k
[19:41] * virtual-penguin (n=opensour@cpe-24-92-112-211.elp.res.rr.com) Quit ("ChatZilla 0.9.85 [Firefox 3.5.3/20090824101458]")
[19:43] <Managu> oh, yes. Much better. I can draw nearly straight lines
[19:43] <shtylman> ahh ok...so that is needed
[19:43] <shtylman> lemme update wiki
[19:45] * TomMD1 (n=ai@65-102-40-206.ptld.qwest.net) has joined #touchbook
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[20:01] * MADgood (n=ai@ has joined #touchbook
[20:17] <MADgood> could someone help me out patching something? involves rebuilding gtk and i don't want to screw it up (i am intermediate with linux)
[20:38] * tommd (n=Thomas_D@ Quit ("Leaving.")
[20:39] * virtual-penguin (n=opensour@cpe-24-92-112-211.elp.res.rr.com) has joined #touchbook
[20:40] <virtual-penguin> google wave sounds cool
[20:42] <drantin> indeed, but why is that your first comment upon joining a non-google channel?
[20:42] <drantin> the touchbook sounds nice :D
[20:43] <virtual-penguin> no my first by a long shot
[20:43] <virtual-penguin> TB wave group...?
[20:44] <MADgood> has anyone tried 'Annotate PDF' in Xournal?
[20:49] * jvs (n=jvs@ Quit (Remote closed the connection)
[20:51] <drantin> virtual-penguin: I'll join it, got my wave account set up yesterday
[20:57] <shtylman> oh yea! ... synergy setup across my desktop and touchbook
[20:57] <shtylman> three screen power!
[20:58] * fmbork (n=bork@216-19-219-61.getnet.net) has left #touchbook
[21:02] <virtual-penguin> waiting for my inite yet to google wave.... c u there drantin
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[22:29] * Meiz_n810 (n=Meizirkk@ has joined #Touchbook
[22:29] * Meiz_n810 got his tracking number !!!
[22:30] <Meiz_n810> w00f
[22:34] <dpb> unfair :(
[22:36] * MMlosh (n=MMlosh@2001:470:1f0b:b78:29f5:6bd2:9d7b:364b) has joined #touchbook
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[23:17] <drantin> ok, as best I can tell from my normal laptop, the SD card is in fine condition, but the touch book refuses to boot with it :/
[23:17] <drantin> the screen turns white for a moment, then black
[23:17] <drantin> although the red light on the inside that shows power is still on
[23:22] <Managu> yeah, I got that too, drantin
[23:22] <Managu> they mention it on the wiki in the "reinstall os" spot
[23:22] <Managu> roughly: the geometry needs to be modified
[23:23] <Managu> needs to be 63 sectors/track, 255 heads.
[23:24] <drantin> even though I used the install script?
[23:24] <drantin> to format and all...
[23:24] <Managu> the script is supposed to handle it.... but it took me about 4 times through to get it right. Did you sync, then remove the SD card between the format step and the install step?
[23:25] <drantin> Disk /dev/sdf: 8048 MB, 8048869376 bytes
[23:25] <drantin> 255 heads, 63 sectors/track, 978 cylinders
[23:25] <drantin> :/
[23:25] <drantin> that's from fdisk's output
[23:26] <Managu> and it has the 4 expected partitions?
[23:26] <drantin> yes
[23:27] <dpb> that looks correct
[23:27] * wooz_ (n=wooz_@ has joined #touchbook
[23:27] <Managu> checked to make sure there's stuff on the partitions? especially the boot partition?
[23:27] <drantin> http://dpaste.com/106021/plain/
[23:27] <Managu> I can't think of anything else off hand
[23:27] <drantin> Managu: yes, mounted the boot partition, mounted the ext3 partition, tried unsquashfs on the squashfs partition
[23:27] <drantin> checked for content on all of them
[23:28] <drantin> the ext3 is just a lost+found directory though
[23:28] <drantin> I'd assume the stuff is being unsquashed on top of that...
[23:28] <drantin> would it be harmful to manually unsquashfs the stuff?
[23:28] <drantin> probably not moreso than it already is...
[23:29] <Managu> the 4th partition should be empty (as you report) on a fresh install
[23:29] <dpb> the ext3 should be empty, it's just mounted on top of the squashfs
[23:29] <dpb> all the changes you make will go to the ext3
[23:29] <Managu> the only thing that looks curious to me in the pastebin is "Disk Identifier: 0x00000000".
[23:29] <wooz_> lo
[23:30] <Managu> try removing the SD card, and checking it somewhere else? Or rebooting (to clear any cache)? Just shooting in the dark here.
[23:30] <drantin> the card's been removed and placed in the touch book and brought back, but I have another reader that sometimes works I can try it in
[23:40] <ratonk__> hi
[23:40] <ratonk__> just met new fr guy na
[23:41] <dpb> what?
[23:43] <Meiz_n810> dpb: i got my traking number coz i sent a ticket to the help-desk last night
[23:44] * drantin is trying the install script again
[23:44] <Managu> sorry, wish I had more to offer =(
[23:45] <drantin> you still have money and life!
[23:45] <drantin> </jk>
[23:46] <dpb> Meiz_n810: I sent an email to contact@ an hour ago... lets see...
[23:48] <ratonk__> uh !
[23:49] <ratonk__> sorry mistype ...
[23:52] <drantin> faileda again :/
[23:53] <drantin> hm, fdisk does report "8940 unallocated 512-byte sectors"

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