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[0:08] <drantin> fbreader?
[0:09] <drantin> that's the one that was being talked about in the forums anyway
[0:11] <dpb> god I hate virtual keyboards that resize other windows...
[0:12] <drantin> ah
[0:13] <drantin> didn't he say that was one developed specifically for the touchbook?
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[0:20] <dpb> Macer: I dislike it in maemo. I don't like it resizing (which sometimes break some software) windows.
[0:21] <dpb> what scrolling problem?
[0:26] <dpb> Weird
[0:28] <DJWillis> I'll confess that FF is a hog on the Pandora, I have started to setup Midori as the default on that, interesting that it is used on the Touchbook, what version, 3.0 or 3.5?
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[1:17] <pliny> Macer: If you doing anything serious with the onscreen keyboard, I reccomend rotating the tablet 90 degrees to get the space you need. Trust me, I've spent *way* too much time with it trying to get USB up for the real keyboard...
[1:18] <pliny> Got my RMA today. Shipping the thing back tomorrow...
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[1:21] <TomMD> Why?
[1:21] <ratonk__> pliny: don't you enjoy the touchbook >\?
[1:22] <pliny> I'd enjoy it more if it had working USB.... No keyboard, mouse, BT or Wifi... :-(
[1:22] <Eruquen> I can see how that would be a disappointing thing to find out after waiting for the TB so long
[1:23] <ratonk__> i see
[1:23] <pliny> I was a sad sad panda yesterday... I've emailed back and forth with AI, and they agreed to exchange it for a working one.
[1:23] <ratonk__> i'm so surprised usb is not working properly though ..
[1:24] <ratonk__> ah ok just yours isnt working, not all of them
[1:24] <ratonk__> you got me scared and surprised actually
[1:24] <pliny> So far as I know. If anybody else here on the channel had the problem, we'd know. I have no USB funtioanlity at all one mine, and just about everything on the TB needs it.
[1:26] <ratonk__> yes of course
[1:26] <ratonk__> a computer without usb nowadays would be so useless..
[1:27] <mjr> pliny, was yours from the first batch or later?
[1:28] <mjr> (I'm keeping an eye on the usb thing before ordering myself...)
[1:28] <pliny> Mine was one of the first of the most recent batch. Got my tracking number on 9/29.
[1:28] <mjr> okay, thanks
[1:29] <pliny> It's likely this is an isolated problem that somehow slipped though whatever QA AI does.
[1:29] <mjr> quite possible
[1:32] <pliny> If all they check is that the Tablet boots, they would have missed this. While I'm annoyed that it had to happen to *me*, I did accept that there was a risk in buying the TB.
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[1:33] <ratonk__> at least they accept to change it
[1:33] <pliny> As long as it doesn't take too long to swap me out, I'll still be a happy customer.
[1:37] <virtual-penguin> the usb problem seems to be more widespread than just you from what I have observed...
[1:38] <pliny> Not exactly. The bug 24 thing from bugzilla isn't exactly what I have. My USB is non-functional starting at boot. With the others, USB works for a while, then stops. The September batch's boards have supposed been tweaked to avoid that problem.
[1:38] <DJWillis> pliny: I am supprised they are not running something like the Beagleboard validation images at build time to spot things like bad EHCI USB etc. - Was USB totally dead or did it seem to 'die' under load?
[1:39] <DJWillis> Ahhh, that answers that. So the Sept. boards have the EHCI power feed tweaked, cool.
[1:40] <pliny> What happened is that the OS sees the USB. When you do an lsusb, you see the root hub, but nothing else. There is no response to any device you try plugging in, and no power to them either.
[1:41] <DJWillis> pliny: Interesting, so it sees the extra hub chip that stuff is connected to or is it just seeing the EHCI root?
[1:41] <virtual-penguin> I still think the TB is such a unique device that I am still planning to get one...
[1:42] <DJWillis> virtual-penguin: no question about that, there are some damm interesting OMAP3 devices :)
[1:42] <pliny> DJWillis: Just the root. Three guesses as to what piece of hardware I think is b0rked....
[1:43] <DJWillis> ;-), in my experance with the EHCI bits I would agree.
[1:44] <virtual-penguin> on another note... amahi home server is rockin' the developer is very serious about the project
[1:44] <virtual-penguin> based on fedora
[1:46] <virtual-penguin> developer was a chip engineer at nvidia at one time
[1:54] <oly_> virtual-penguin, what sort of streaming support does amahi have out of intrest keep meaning to check it out :p
[1:56] <oly_> curious if it has upnp media server and how it goes about achieving that ie using mediatomb ?
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[5:37] <petrvlasic> September batch means ordered in Septmber or shipped in September?
[5:38] <dpb> shipped in September
[5:38] <dpb> well, shipped in the beginning of October rather..
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[5:45] <Meizirkki> the US customers got theirs in the beginning of October...
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[5:46] <Meizirkki> I, and probably all the other non-U.S. customers are still without a tracking-number >_<
[5:47] <petrvlasic> And EU customers at least this year?
[5:48] <Meizirkki> My money was taken over a week ago. I really hope i'll get it before the end of the year.
[5:54] <Corsac> yeah I think so :)
[5:54] <Corsac> remember that in the post, Alexandre said not to worry before sunday
[5:55] <Corsac> (sunday evening pacific time, which means like monday for us)
[5:55] <Eruquen> it still is a little odd.. why would we have to wait more than a week just to get our tracking number?
[5:55] <Eruquen> it's great and all that he told us not to worry
[5:56] <Eruquen> but I still hate the all waiting :D
[5:56] <Meizirkki> Are they working over weekend?
[5:56] <Meizirkki> Why sunday..
[5:56] <Corsac> I assume so
[5:56] <Corsac> you know, it's a really little company :)
[5:57] <Meizirkki> yup :)
[5:57] <Corsac> Eruquen: because they have to manually install the units, prepare it, pack it, receive the USPS box, etc.
[5:57] <Corsac> I don't exactly know how much international shipping is there on the ???september??? batch
[5:57] <dpb> Corsac: he said friday
[5:57] <Corsac> he said the oct 11
[5:58] <Eruquen> yeah I know.. but why make us even more desperate by sending us those notifications last friday? totally cruel!
[5:58] <Corsac> http://alwaysinnovating.com/forums/viewtopic.php?f=3&t=246 in this post
[5:58] <dpb> the forums seems unresponsive for me atm..
[5:59] <Corsac> one thing, too, is that shipping outside of CONUS makes it difficult for them to manage problems
[5:59] <Corsac> (hardware ones, I mean)
[5:59] <Meizirkki> I am really concerned about the OS getting nuked by only one hard-shutdown
[5:59] <Meizirkki> Are they being stupid enough to use ext2 or is it just the aufs..?
[6:00] <Meizirkki> :P
[6:01] <Meizirkki> (Just read the wiki: no ext2)
[6:01] <Meizirkki> It's weird :/ ext3 shouldn't get screwed that easily..
[6:06] <martinh> w
[6:07] <martinh> I think the OS nuking is more due to the way it boots off the sd card.
[6:09] <Meizirkki> I have used my Nokia n810 now over 1.5 years off the SD card, even though i have reinstalled the OS many times, the SD isn't why
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[6:28] <Zygo> ext3 is probably worse for sd cards than ext2
[6:29] <Zygo> although ext3 does write full pages to the journal, so if the block size of the card is the same as the journal page size, ext3 will just sort of paper over the failures
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[6:51] <DJWillis> Macer: Yep, I have quite a few OMAP3 devices on my desk (and have had for some time), ok, all suffer from the odd common gotcha's but yep, decent platforms.
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[6:53] <mjr> it's probably worse, but probably not exceedingly worse
[7:03] <Meizirkki> Zygo, no, ext2 is so easy to get corrupted i'd never use it on my TB
[7:04] <Meizirkki> ext4 kicks @$$ :D
[7:16] <mjr> yeah, ext3(/4) has its advantages, and the slightly increased wear is IMO quite compensated by those
[7:16] <mjr> SD cards are cheap and will get cheaper all the time if you actually manage to burn through one in normal use even with journal
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[7:47] <shiznebit_> how long should it take to burn through one
[7:47] <shiznebit_> with ext4
[7:50] <DJWillis> shiznebit_: to be honest, a long time (years of normal use) assuming the card has something like decent hardware wear leveling ontop of the NAND chip. Not something I would worry about. On RAW NAND you need to be very careful but less so with SD's (of course, IMHO, don't hunt me down when your SD burns and sets fire to the cat etc.)
[7:50] <shiznebit_> lol
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[8:37] <rrebel> So, I am a first time bitbake and openembedded user. I just kicked off the last step in the wiki (bitbake nano)..
[8:37] <rrebel> I see lines like this: NOTE: Unpacking ../openembedded/recipes/stage-manager/files/stage-manager-ipkg-build to ../angstrom-dev/work/x86_64-linux/stagemanager-native-0.0.1-r11/
[8:38] <rrebel> That x86_64-linux makes me nervous.
[8:38] <rrebel> that's the platform I am building on, not for.
[8:39] <rrebel> I don't want to waste a day of compiling stuff and end up with the wrong kind of build.
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[9:01] <robclark> rrebel: oe/bitbake will bootstrap itself... it will build some native tools that it will later use to cross-compile the ARM stuff
[9:02] <robclark> so having some x86_64 stuff is ok..
[9:02] <rrebel> robclark: Okay. Thanks. I've done cross platform dev in the past, but not this way.
[9:03] <robclark> as long as you eventually get some armv7a-none-linux-gnueabi stuff, it will be ok ;-)
[9:04] <rrebel> ./work/armv7a-angstrom-linux-gnueabi/linux-libc-headers-2.6.23-r4/linux-2.6.23/scripts/kconfig/conf.o
[9:05] <robclark> yup, that looks good
[9:05] <rrebel> is x86_64
[9:05] <rrebel> file says it's ELF 64-bit LSB relocatable, x86-64, version 1 (SYSV), not stripped
[9:05] <robclark> well, kconfig stuff runs on the host machine, I believe
[9:06] <robclark> but do you end up with any .o files, for example under drivers or kernel subdirectories.. those should be armv7
[9:06] <rrebel> ./work/armv7a-angstrom-linux-gnueabi/binutils-cross- ELF 64-bit LSB relocatable, x86-64, version 1 (SYSV), not stripped
[9:07] <rrebel> Maybe it's not far enough along. Perhaps it's building the cross platform binutils still.
[9:07] <robclark> yeah, that would be my guess
[9:07] <robclark> afaik, oe will actually build the cross-compiler for compiling the arm stuff.. so it might take some time to build gcc, glibc, etc, etc
[9:07] <rrebel> Has anyone even attempted to get lastest webkit to build for arm?
[9:08] <rrebel> IMHO, all of the shipping browsers are too slow for most sites, even reddit's jquery gives script warnings in midori.
[9:08] <rrebel> I am sure it builds, since it's on the iphone.
[9:09] <robclark> probably.. but I've not tried
[9:09] <rrebel> Just wondering if anyone's tried the latest and greatest for the beagleboard/touchbook.
[9:09] <robclark> I guess you need both webkit, but also some web browser app (since webkit is just the render engine)
[9:10] <rrebel> I got my TB yesterday, and the sw stack is really buggy, so I am doing what I can starting with building a browser that's fast enough on the platform.
[9:11] <rrebel> I also need an ssh daemon.
[9:11] <robclark> rrebel: main annoyance so far is the screen blanking.. but I found fn-f7 makes the screen come back
[9:11] <robclark> I think it already has ssh
[9:11] <robclark> well, maybe it is only the client side
[9:12] <rrebel> robclark: Hah. Mine is the mousepad and nearly nonfucntional buttons. Oh, and double pressing the AI button does not load the on screen keyboard when in tablet monde.
[9:12] <rrebel> Yeah, only the client is installed.
[9:12] <rrebel> or a client. I don't think it's the openssh one
[9:12] <robclark> no, I think it is dropbear
[9:12] <rrebel> Yup, that's it, I just checked.
[9:13] <robclark> there seams to be an anstrom pkg repository: http://alwaysinnovating.com/wiki/index.php/Installing_applications_on_the_Touch_Book_OS
[9:13] <robclark> (although the wiki page doesn't mention to first become root.. and then run p
[9:13] <robclark> ipkg update
[9:13] <robclark> and then install the pkgs you want)
[9:14] <robclark> I did install git last night ;-)
[9:14] <rrebel> I sure missed that.
[9:14] <rrebel> I've never use ipkg, to be honest.
[9:14] <rrebel> apt, dpkg, rpm, yum, etc.
[9:15] <robclark> it's basically the same principle as the other pkg systems
[9:15] <rrebel> robclark: are you using a beagleboard or a tb?
[9:15] <robclark> a tb
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[9:16] <rrebel> I am thinking of getting a card ready for my linux box and some extra cards and testing my alterations that way. Is that the most prescribed way?
[9:16] <rrebel> ready == reader
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[9:17] <robclark> It is probably useful to have a card reader.. I think when I start changing too much, I'll switch to a different SD card so I can recover more easily when I screw things up ;-)
[9:17] <rrebel> I've never used a card reader on Linux before. Have any compatibility problems?
[9:18] <robclark> I'd had some problems with those combo multi-card readers
[9:18] <robclark> but single purpose card readers have been ok
[9:20] <rrebel> Great. I hope radio shack has something I can use, I don't wanna run all the way downtown.
[9:20] <robclark> I'm sure they do
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[11:26] <rrebel> Hey, i was recently reading in the Wiki about the kernel recipe for the touchbook. When I went back to it, I now get this wonky page: http://alwaysinnovating.com/wiki/index.php/Kernel
[11:27] <Eruquen> try http://alwaysinnovating.com/wiki/index.php?title=Kernel&oldid=701 or maybe a version before that
[11:35] <rrebel> I should have htought of looking at older versions DOH!
[11:35] <rrebel> I tink someone just fixed the current version anyways.
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[11:35] <Eruquen> yeah, I did
[11:36] * drantin canceled his touchbook order, will be picking up a touchbook this evening >_>
[11:36] <Eruquen> how?
[11:37] <drantin> my dad preordered one and got his
[11:37] <drantin> he's not happy with it
[11:37] <drantin> I preordered one over a month before him and didn't get it this month...
[11:37] <rrebel> Eruquen: I see that request for help in the sleep to ram issue. There seems to be no pointers to further info other than it may be a beagleboard issue.
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[11:38] <drantin> he doesn't know how to get around well in linux and wanted a more complete system
[11:38] <rrebel> Eruquen: Have any ideas where I can look for further info? This is why I was looking in the Wiki for the kernel recipe.
[11:39] <Eruquen> nope, I don't even have touchbook yet
[11:40] <rrebel> Well, all I see is that it doesn't work and they want some help with it. Suspend to RAM has worked in linux for a while.
[11:40] <Eruquen> +a
[11:40] <rrebel> Albeit with issues.
[11:40] <rrebel> (eg restarting USB devices and graphics modes) My HTPC does it.
[11:41] <Eruquen> hm, I've never managed to get it to work on my current desktop system
[11:41] <Eruquen> supsend to disk (I guess they call it hibernate or something like that) works fine though
[11:42] <rrebel> Odd, as all that needs to be done is to set the ACPI state and idle the CPU and keep the memory refreshed (done by chipset automatically)
[11:42] <rrebel> That would seem to be the easiest one to get working.
[11:43] <Eruquen> yeah, that's what I thought
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[11:43] <Eruquen> but I can't really say that I tried to hard apart from, um, clicking on the button >_>
[11:43] <Eruquen> *too
[11:44] <rrebel> here is an old article: http://www.linux.com/news/hardware/laptops/8253-how-to-suspend-and-hibernate-a-laptop-under-linux
[11:44] <rrebel> Now, i have no clue what you do with ARM and beagleboards... yet.
[11:45] <Eruquen> damn, there's no "mem" in my /sys/power/state
[11:45] <Eruquen> no wonder it didn't work
[11:46] <drantin> http://elinux.org/Suspend_To_Disk_For_ARM
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[11:50] <rrebel> drantin: thanks. Wouldn't that be really slow on an sd card though?
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[11:57] <doc_> anyone outside of the U.S. get a tracking number yet for the Sept batch?
[11:58] <Eruquen> not that I know of
[11:59] <doc_> Anyone based in Menlo Park, Calif, that wants to swing by the office and put mine in the mail?
[11:59] * azaghal__ (n=azaghal@ Quit (Connection timed out)
[11:59] <Eruquen> I would totally pay for that
[11:59] <Eruquen> (except I already did :/)
[12:02] <doc_> Is there some documentation on how to build a bitbake recipe
[12:02] <rrebel> Do any of the core devs hang out on this channel?
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[12:05] <doc_> ahh... found it ... now to see if it works http://wiki.openmoko.org/wiki/BitBake_recipe
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[12:47] <rrebel> If anyone is interested, 2.6.32 has a bunch of changes to support power management on OMAP arch: http://git.kernel.org/?p=linux/kernel/git/khilman/linux-omap-pm.git;a=log
[12:50] <DJWillis> rrebel: that is based on the OMAP-PM branch, not all that is in .32 mainline (or the feeding linux-omap tree)
[12:51] <rrebel> DJWillis: http://www.mail-archive.com/linux-arm@vger.kernel.org/msg00045.html gave me the idea it was.
[12:52] <rrebel> Anyways, this probably won't fix the issue with USB devices on the beagleboard.
[12:53] <DJWillis> rrebel: you may need to move some EHCI patches into that tree if you want it to play nice with the Touchbook ;-) - Cool however, I follow Linux-OMAP but tend to only dip into Linux-Arms mail list due to volume, good to see the PM branch is finding it's way upstream :).
[12:54] <rrebel> I notice there are a ton of patches in the .29 omap recipe, but very few to the .31 omap recipe. Is this what you mean?
[12:54] <DJWillis> rrebel: either way, you will be wanting to get Linux from the feeding Linux-OMAP tree for OMAP3 (and it's purpose branches) for a few version yet as there is a lot of stuff that needs to go up.
[12:56] <DJWillis> rrebel: I am talking about http://git.kernel.org/?p=linux/kernel/git/tmlind/linux-omap-2.6.git;a=summary that is Tony's tree and Tony maintains the OMAP march. There is also the very active Linux-OMAP mailing list, as its an march list there is a LOT more focus on the device level stuff and getting things there means they will find there way up.
[12:57] <rrebel> DJWillis: I just found this i nthe comments on the wiki. http://patchwork.kernel.org/patch/45104/
[12:58] <rrebel> It's from the linux-omap mailing list.
[12:59] <DJWillis> rrebel: yep, seen that patch from Steve.
[12:59] <rrebel> DJWillis: So that maid it into linux-omap master.
[12:59] <rrebel> made
[13:00] <rrebel> DJWillis: assuming this works, then we are looking for a kernel version that has omap master merged after this was put in then correct?
[13:01] <DJWillis> rrebel: well you can use a web git app to check ;-). One way to check it try it but I am not sure that is the only EHCI patch you need.
[13:01] * doc_ (i=c7a60eed@gateway/web/freenode/x-hmpgchuvdpacxzst) Quit ("Page closed")
[13:03] <rrebel> DJWillis: Well, there is the difference of trying to apply this patch to .29, or trying to create a recipe for .32 (there isn't one yet), forward patching anything necessary and also AI's additions.
[13:03] <rrebel> DJWillis: I am not sure I am up to creating a .32 recipe. I just started working with these tools.
[13:04] <rrebel> DJWillis: OE etc.
[13:05] <rrebel> BTW, am I blind or is the recipe for midori missing.
[13:05] * shiznebit_ (n=shiznebi@ool-18b99096.dyn.optonline.net) has joined #touchbook
[13:05] <DJWillis> rrebel: I am not sure I would bother with going back with recent stuff, well maybe to .31 but that's just me. As the Touchbook is very similar to the Beagle ;-) you could just build a kernel from the Linux-OMAP GIT tip and try it ;-)
[13:06] <DJWillis> rrebel: no, it's there
[13:06] <rrebel> Not in the openembedded depository I pulled down today.
[13:06] <DJWillis> rrebel: it's tied up with gtk-webcore (webkit) so in there.
[13:06] <rrebel> repository.
[13:07] <rrebel> Oh, so just building webkit will produce it?
[13:07] <DJWillis> rrebel:bitbake midori will build it ;-)
[13:08] <rrebel> I was looking for a midori directory in openembedded/
[13:09] <rrebel> DJWillis: I see. Oh boy, this is gonna be a long build.
[13:09] <rrebel> DJWillis: bitbake has a "provides" search feature, didn't know that.
[13:09] <DJWillis> Not every package has it's own folder, I mean looking at midori you could say it's part of XFCE, maybe part of GTK-webcore etc. etc. - grep and ls are your very very good friends ;-)
[13:10] <DJWillis> bitbake is a very decent tool (well python aside ;-)).
[13:10] <rrebel> I am now wishing I had installed all this into a virtualbox instance on my mac. My iMAC is way faster than my Linux machine.
[13:11] <rrebel> 3045 tasks!
[13:12] * Q_Continuum (n=Q_Contin@75-168-112-176.mpls.qwest.net) Quit ("Ex-Chat")
[13:12] * setanta (n=setanta@ Quit ("aaand... it's gone")
[13:12] <DJWillis> rrebel: yep, it will build the toolchain, build the dependency tree, build the libs, build the apps etc. ;-). Not good for one offs, awesome for images.
[13:13] <rrebel> DJWillis: Well, once you get going and have most of the basics built it would be that bad.
[13:13] <DJWillis> rrebel: I have been using OpenEmbedded for years ;-)
[13:13] <rrebel> Of course this errored out.
[13:14] <rrebel> DJWillis: ERROR: Error in executing: /srv/work/touchbook/openembedded/recipes/openssl/openssl-native_0.9.8j.bb
[13:14] <rrebel> Yay!
[13:15] <DJWillis> rrebel: what happened, hmmm, bad flags, there are no symlinks in your path?
[13:15] <rrebel> symlinks? To what?
[13:15] <rrebel> No, I am in the build directory.
[13:16] <DJWillis> And there are no symlinks in that tree (i.e. between it and the root)?
[13:16] <rrebel> No
[13:16] <rrebel> http://www.pastie.org/648850
[13:17] <DJWillis> rrebel: on oe.dev or stable/2009? And what is your build host?
[13:19] <rrebel> I just cloned openembedded. And build host is x86_64 linux. Ubuntu
[13:21] * Managu (n=sawalk4@c-98-204-56-158.hsd1.md.comcast.net) has joined #touchbook
[13:21] <DJWillis> rrebel: do a git info in there
[13:22] * setanta (n=setanta@ has joined #touchbook
[13:23] <rrebel> It's dev, and nothing to commit.
[13:26] * hyc_tb (n=hyc@ has joined #touchbook
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[13:36] <hyc_tb> A lot of pkgs failed to build for me because they had a space embedded in their version string
[13:37] <hyc_tb> seems that all the escaping done in the shell scripts and makefiles was insufficient
[13:37] <hyc_tb> dunno if it works for everyone else and it's just my build env that was busted tho
[13:37] <hyc_tb> I just broke the display on my laptop, so my dev environment is in pieces now
[13:39] * tommd (n=Thomas_D@dhcp-223-19.seas.pdx.edu) has joined #touchbook
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[14:11] <shiznebit_> ???
[14:11] <shiznebit_> hyc_tb, hammer ?
[14:16] <hyc_tb> I took it all apart to replace the display panel
[14:16] <hyc_tb> but the new one doesn't work either
[14:16] <shiznebit_> :(
[14:16] <hyc_tb> and now I'm too pissed off to figure out what to do next
[14:16] <shiznebit_> HAMMER TIME !!!!
[14:17] <tommd> hyc_tb: Your display went kaput after a couple months?
[14:17] <hyc_tb> my laptop
[14:18] <hyc_tb> it's just over a year old
[14:18] <shiznebit_> did Macer receive his TouchBook
[14:19] * asciiforever (n=asciifor@74-140-212-76.dhcp.insightbb.com) Quit ("Leaving.")
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[14:50] * MADgood (n=ai@calbach.student.umd.edu) Quit ("Powered by OE: www.openembedded.org")
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[15:45] <shtylman> hyc_tb: ping
[15:45] * spvensko (n=spvensko@adsl-072-151-081-078.sip.rmo.bellsouth.net) Quit ()
[15:45] <hyc_tb> hey shtylman
[15:45] <shtylman> howdy... I got my tb yesterday :)
[15:46] <hyc_tb> congrats!
[15:46] <hyc_tb> whatcha doing with it?
[15:47] <shtylman> so far... have several things planned: 1) open the bottom and install more weights or move them around... 2) try and get kubuntu on it and watch kde eat all the ram 3) develop something usefull (maybe look at this jitter when using the stylus
[15:47] <hyc_tb> cool
[15:47] <shtylman> 4) figure out if I can cut the bevel back a mm to show the parts of the screen it covers
[15:48] <shtylman> were you able to get the arm ubuntu version running on it? supposidly it *should* work...
[15:48] <hyc_tb> I don't think you're really missing anything. mebbe 1 pixel at most
[15:48] <shtylman> oh and kudos for that wpa fix
[15:48] <hyc_tb> no, haven't tried ubuntu on it
[15:48] <hyc_tb> heh no prob
[15:49] * fmbork (n=bork@216-19-219-61.getnet.net) has joined #touchbook
[15:49] <shtylman> yea...the 1px isn't so much the problem as being able to *touch* the screen near the edge
[15:49] <shtylman> but that is low priority
[15:49] <hyc_tb> months of wrestling with NM and wifi on my laptop gave me a lot of experience on that...
[15:49] <shtylman> haha
[15:50] <hyc_tb> yeah good point, even with the stylus it's tough to register a touch near the edge/corner
[15:50] <shtylman> I hope they eventually make a new bottom piece to really fix the tipping issue...I don't have too much fail in the *foot*
[15:50] <shtylman> other than that I think I will grow to like it
[15:51] <shtylman> I want to try kde on it though as I think the plasma interface lends nicely to making cool touch widgets
[15:51] * shiznebit_ (n=shiznebi@ool-18b99096.dyn.optonline.net) Quit (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
[15:51] <shtylman> yes..it will :/
[15:51] * shiznebit_ (n=shiznebi@ool-18b99096.dyn.optonline.net) has joined #touchbook
[15:52] <shtylman> I might try a cut down version of the shell, they have that too
[15:52] <fmbork> Hello, all. I just received my TB, and want to log a few defects into Bugzilla, but there is no Version 2009-09.c yet. Is anyone here that has admin rights on bugzilla?
[15:53] <fmbork> Yes, it is working fine for me.
[15:53] <fmbork> Um, not sure about network manager. I did force, because I have a broken DHCP here.
[15:53] <shtylman> hyc_tb: did you try any other os on it?
[15:54] <hyc_tb> nope, not yet
[15:54] <hyc_tb> not much point at the moment
[15:54] <shtylman> so mostly just playing with what it has?
[15:54] <hyc_tb> the kernel needs some AI-specific patches, won't get that in other OS builds
[15:54] <hyc_tb> yeah
[15:54] <shtylman> true
[15:55] <fmbork> Should I report them against 2009-09.b and use correct version in comments, or just wait?
[15:55] <hyc_tb> I've recompiled the kernel, stripped out a bunch of drivers that I don't need. shaved 400K.
[15:55] <shtylman> nice
[15:55] * drantin will be getting a touch book this evening
[15:56] <shtylman> I have some tests I want to run with seeing how well Qt can perform on it... since they have put lots of work into making it fast and handle lightweight devices
[15:56] <shtylman> maybe I can get it running on the kernel AI provides and then put some stuff on top of that
[15:57] <shtylman> cause I do want to help with some of the driver stuff and user interaction with the actual device
[15:57] * azaghal_ (n=azaghal@ has joined #touchbook
[15:58] * fmbork (n=bork@216-19-219-61.getnet.net) has left #touchbook
[16:00] <shtylman> I need to make a receipie app :)
[16:01] <shtylman> the battery in the base is huge...
[16:02] <shtylman> but alas! there is room to add my weights :) exactly where I hoped to put them
[16:02] <hyc_tb> Macer: too bad about that one, I sent the info to Gregoire a while ago
[16:03] <hyc_tb> well... it worked out of the box. it only became a problem if you updated anything on your machine using ipkg, and pulled in a newer python as a result
[16:03] <hyc_tb> but of course, I ran into it right away because of other stuff i was installing
[16:04] <hyc_tb> the base just needs a bit of rearranging. if the battery was moved to the front edge, away from the hinge, then it would act as the counterweight.
[16:05] <shtylman> yea...dunno if it would be enough though
[16:05] <shtylman> im very suprised this wasn't fixed earlier on
[16:06] <hyc_tb> no idea what they're internal devel cycle looked like
[16:06] <hyc_tb> their
[16:08] <shtylman> Macer: nothing yet... but I will venture out (probly in the morning) to go find various *items* to use
[16:08] <shtylman> if I can find small lead *pellets* that would be best
[16:08] <hyc_tb> lead slugs, fishing weights
[16:08] <hyc_tb> bullets...
[16:08] <shtylman> yea...good idea on the fishing weights
[16:08] <shtylman> hahah
[16:08] * robclark (n=robclark@nat/ti/x-moszogzoafsakrlz) Quit (Remote closed the connection)
[16:09] <shtylman> I think I will find fishing weights...oo ... maybe I cna run out to hardware store right now...
[16:09] <shtylman> just one block away so..
[16:09] <shtylman> wow...
[16:09] <shtylman> a mouse with weights?
[16:09] <shtylman> why?!
[16:09] <hyc_tb> might be easier just to glue a lip onto the back of the base
[16:09] <shtylman> hyc_tb: I don't think that will work as well for lap and non deks situations
[16:10] <shtylman> *desk
[16:10] <hyc_tb> yeah, dunno
[16:10] <shtylman> I like how there are little *pockets* in the base at the front...purfect for adding more weights
[16:10] <hyc_tb> well, some folks are concerned at the overall weight
[16:11] <shtylman> hyc_tb: yea...I can see that concern... but I find that it shouldn't take *too* much more to make it *much* better
[16:11] <hyc_tb> right
[16:11] <shtylman> and the benefit for me would outweight the cost (no pun intended)
[16:11] <hyc_tb> me, I just work with it open 180 degrees now
[16:11] <shtylman> mut thats just me
[16:11] <shtylman> *but
[16:12] <hyc_tb> propped on my lap, it's better actually
[16:12] <hyc_tb> because at 90-120 degrees, the screen would be aimed at my stomach :P
[16:12] <shtylman> brb...wish me luck on my hunt
[16:12] <shtylman> fn-f7
[16:13] * azaghal__ (n=azaghal@ has joined #touchbook
[16:15] <hyc_tb> what is it with all these people in the forums whining "I paid $400 for an unfinished product" ?
[16:16] <hyc_tb> everyone was told that it was still beta, not production ready...
[16:18] * azaghal (n=azaghal@ Quit (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
[16:30] * MaceTB (n=ai@rancorous.net) has joined #touchbook
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[16:33] * azaghal_ (n=azaghal@ Quit (No route to host)
[16:38] <hyc_tb> yeah, funny how one issue (wifi) can totally drive you batty. that's why it was the first thing I had to fix when I got mine.
[16:40] <martinh> yea. I like the direction it's going.
[16:40] <martinh> and, it's better to type on than my eee was.
[16:40] <martinh> I could easily see using that as a standard day to day carry around.
[16:41] <martinh> yea. the right shift is a bit wacky.
[16:41] * alongst (n=alon@ Quit (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
[16:41] <shtylman> well...couldn't find lead weights...but did find brass hex nuts
[16:41] <shtylman> time to hot glue them in and see how it goes
[16:42] <shtylman> k
[16:42] <shtylman> heh
[16:42] <shtylman> of all the things wrong with the TB this one for some reason gets to me the most
[16:44] <martinh> as of yet, the tippyness hasn't been a problem for me.
[16:44] <shtylman> yea...I also can't use it at that angle :)
[16:44] <martinh> mine goes far enough.
[16:44] <shtylman> martinh: how? whats your secret??
[16:44] <martinh> probably not needing it to go too far. :->
[16:45] <shtylman> hmmm
[16:45] <hyc_tb> put velcro on the base
[16:45] <martinh> mine probably goes at 75 degrees or so.
[16:45] <shtylman> mine won't go past 90 without tipping
[16:45] <shtylman> velcro on base...hmmm
[16:46] <shtylman> yea..and on yor lap...
[16:46] <shtylman> *your
[16:46] <shtylman> yes!
[16:46] <shtylman> best solution ever
[16:47] <shtylman> what happened to yours?
[16:48] <shtylman> aww
[16:49] <martinh> shtylman: do you keep the magnets on yours?
[16:49] <shtylman> martinh: no...that would be more weight where I don't want it :)
[16:50] <shtylman> hyc_tb: and yes...prying those magnets apart was fantastic
[16:50] <martinh> right. that's why I was wondering.
[16:50] <hyc_tb> lol
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[16:55] <shtylman> wow
[16:55] <shtylman> 10 hex nuts later and it is usable!
[16:55] * shiznebit_ (n=shiznebi@ool-18b99096.dyn.optonline.net) Quit (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
[16:55] <shtylman> and not much weight added
[16:55] <shtylman> the nuts don't weight too much
[16:55] * shiznebit_ (n=shiznebi@ool-18b99096.dyn.optonline.net) has joined #touchbook
[16:55] <shtylman> I might try to find lead weights or two more nuts
[16:56] <shtylman> it is good but I want *perfect*
[16:56] <shtylman> yea
[16:56] <shtylman> its the only thing i could buy at this hour this quick
[16:56] <shtylman> thats what she said
[16:57] <shtylman> but yea
[16:57] <shtylman> putting the weights closer to the front is much better
[16:57] <shtylman> as would be expected
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[17:10] * nhg (n=Nipuna_G@cpe-76-186-222-191.tx.res.rr.com) has joined #touchbook
[17:13] <nhg> howcome there is a backlog for ordering tbs? how long is the wait time?
[17:14] <nhg> you all have purchased tbs?
[17:15] <drantin> there's a backlog because they were all preordered and it's a small company
[17:15] <nhg> have you used it?
[17:16] <drantin> getting one tonight
[17:16] <nhg> what made you get one?
[17:16] <nhg> I saw some cool demos on it
[17:17] * spvensko (n=spvensko@rrcs-24-199-144-166.midsouth.biz.rr.com) has joined #touchbook
[17:17] <drantin> linux + ARM + price + touch screen
[17:17] <nhg> + the DSP
[17:17] <drantin> only one that I might have been able to do without is the ARM
[17:17] <shtylman> full open and you can tinker with it
[17:17] * spvensko_ (n=spvensko@adsl-072-151-081-078.sip.rmo.bellsouth.net) has joined #touchbook
[17:18] <nhg> You dont like the ARM?
[17:18] <shtylman> im fine with it being arm
[17:18] <shtylman> fanless
[17:18] <shtylman> lower power use
[17:19] <nhg> are you guys all developers of tb or just users or waiting to become users?
[17:22] <shtylman> user = developer :)
[17:23] <drantin> nhg: I have absolutely nothing against the ARM architecture, but I'd probably still be getting one if it just had the rest of the stuff
[17:23] <nhg> rest of the stuff?
[17:25] <nhg> hopefully TI will have an OMAP4 out soon...
[17:25] * shiznebit_ (n=shiznebi@ool-18b99096.dyn.optonline.net) Quit (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
[17:27] <nhg> Yes
[17:28] <nhg> Not just....
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[17:36] <shtylman> can I make the TB book off a usb key? or go into the boot menu settings?
[17:37] <shtylman> is there a special key sequence?
[17:37] <shtylman> or do I have to be in the OS?
[17:37] * MaceTB (n=ai@rancorous.net) Quit (Remote closed the connection)
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[17:39] * alongst (n=alon@ Quit (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
[17:51] <shtylman> check samba settings?
[17:51] <shtylman> etc/samba/smb.conf
[17:54] <shtylman> does the TB use the base battery first and then the screen bat? or does it use them at the same time?
[17:54] <drantin> it it's not base first, it's a design flaw imho
[17:54] <shtylman> agreed
[17:55] <drantin> if it's*
[18:04] * robclark_tb (n=ai@ppp-70-129-131-109.dsl.rcsntx.swbell.net) has joined #touchbook
[18:06] <martinh> i'm pretty sure it uses the base firist
[18:10] * robclark_tb (n=ai@ppp-70-129-131-109.dsl.rcsntx.swbell.net) has left #touchbook
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[18:15] <martinh> hmmm. wish this thing had a 2nd sd slot.
[18:19] <shtylman> put an microsd card reader in it
[18:19] <shtylman> or one of those tiny sd card readers
[18:20] <martinh> yea. i'm probably going to get another one of the super mini microsd readers
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[20:01] <shtylman> hyc_tb: is there a way to pop into the boot menu?
[20:02] <shtylman> where are these *magical* boot settings stored/set?
[20:02] * robclark_ (n=robclark@nat/ti/x-tbadljawdrudwkiq) Quit ()
[20:14] <hyc_tb> shtylman: you need to tweak the uboot environment
[20:14] <hyc_tb> use fw_printenv and fw_setenv
[20:15] <shtylman> from the tb I assume?
[20:15] <hyc_tb> yes
[20:15] <shtylman> and no way to do it not from tb?
[20:15] <hyc_tb> no idea
[20:16] <shtylman> hmm
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[23:51] <Meizirkki> MaceTB: Are you planning to install other OS'es on your TB?

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