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[0:28] <wooz_> lo
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[4:11] <dpb> How quick should the tracking number come after the processed email?
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[9:16] <blunderer> did anybody from a non US country receive a USPS tracking email or a debit on his bank account?
[9:17] <Anges> I didn't
[9:17] <petrvlasic> me too
[9:18] <dpb> My visa was charged. No tracking number though.
[9:19] <blunderer> dpb: ok so you're lucky because mine isn't yet
[9:19] <andrewgodwin> blunderer: i've got a processed email, and I'm in the UK
[9:19] <andrewgodwin> no tracking yet
[9:19] <andrewgodwin> not sure about the debit
[9:19] <dpb> Mine was charged before I got the mail.
[9:20] <dpb> And I think they always do that. It can't be processed otherwise.
[9:21] <blunderer> I got the processed email too, on friday, but nothing else since
[9:21] <dpb> Have you checked your card?
[9:21] <petrvlasic> blunderer: And your order date?
[9:22] <blunderer> I was thinking they would take my money the sooner they can ;-)
[9:22] <blunderer> petrvlasic: begining of august I think
[9:22] <blunderer> but that seems very far far ago...
[9:22] <dpb> They have taken it, your card details probably just are slow to update it.
[9:23] <dpb> You're lucky to have it processed so fast.
[9:23] <dpb> I ordered in June.
[9:28] <Anges> I??don't remember if I paid with AmEx or Mastercard
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[9:39] <yoru> hi
[9:40] <ratonk__> i cant wait to try new xpud actually
[9:41] <petrvlasic> ratonk__: xpud is bloat.
[9:42] <petrvlasic> ratonk__: And xPUD is for ARMs?
[9:44] <ratonk__> petrvlasic: sorry misclick on right button
[9:44] <ratonk__> auto paste in putty actually
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[13:49] <Corsac> I didn't yet receive a mail
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[13:58] <pliny> Macer: Check out the second-to-last post from AI here: http://www.alwaysinnovating.com/forums/viewtopic.php?f=17&t=211&start=30
[13:58] <pliny> Evidently ther're waiting for USPS to pick things up.
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[14:02] <Corsac> wouuh, my credit card has been charged ;)
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[14:05] <JoeM> Still no TB here in Florida
[14:06] <JoeM> I checked out Plinys link but dont understand
[14:06] <JoeM> It looks like it pretains to the october batch???
[14:07] <JoeM> Macer did I read that link wrong?
[14:11] <JoeM> I got the confirmation on Sept 29th but according to USPS Customer Service at 800-222-1811 I should have received it already. They gave me a case number. It will probably get here tomorrow :-)
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[14:28] * robclark_ reloads USPS tracking info.. sees no update
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[14:29] <hyc> yeah, because it's only a delivery confirmation number, not a tracking number
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[14:29] <hyc> it won't update any more until it's delivered
[14:30] <hyc> and by then, you'll already know
[14:30] <robclark> true.. but there is still an undetermined amount of time between when it is delivered to the shipping dock, and when it gets to my desk... it's a big place here
[14:31] <robclark> (I think main hallway is about 1/4 miles long)
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[14:34] <spvensko> Macer: did you get it?
[14:37] <hyc> n bn bbbmn,m kmnijuhuhuyuiuitgytrtr5rf
[14:37] <hyc> \
[14:37] <hyc> =-\
[14:37] <spvensko> hyc: cool story, bro
[14:37] <robclark> hyc: you don't say
[14:38] <hyc> .`11`Q````.//;JHGVUYGTFDSAgtfdxrtt5frttfrffftujjkiklllkllo,lk,.//.mnbvcxzASDFGHJKL;;LOO;KIIL;'
[14:38] <hyc> oops
[14:39] <spvensko> cat invasion?
[14:39] <hyc> sorry, cat got on the keyboard
[14:40] <hyc> decided it looked like a warm spot for a nap or something
[14:40] <spvensko> CAT ATTACK
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[15:02] <azaghal> As long as it doesn't start chasing the mouse...
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[15:10] <hyc> I have a couple scratches in my old laptop screen from that. cat batting at the moving mouse pointer on the screen.
[15:11] <hyc> needless to say, I also don't run any aquarium screensavers
[16:00] <hyc> Macer: how did you find that out?
[16:03] <hyc> I doubt it
[16:03] <hyc> and I think the USPS has rules about that anyway
[16:04] <hyc> yeah
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[17:18] <JoeM> Hello Everyone
[17:19] <JoeM> Macer are you still freakin out??
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[17:21] <JoeM> Has anyone who received a USPS confirmation number from 9/29 got their TB?
[17:23] <JoeM> Hello hyc... hows the Cat? LOL mine does the same thing
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[17:35] <JoeM> I guess everyone is busy... :-)
[17:39] <drantin> hm
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[18:05] <JoeM> OK no one has time to chat...Good night everyone... Have a great Tuesday :-)
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[18:58] <pliny> Yes! I just got a status change on my TB from Twitter!
[19:00] <pliny> Electronic Shipping Info Received, September 29, 2009 - Processed through Sort Facility, October 05, 2009, 5:43 pm, SAN JOSE, CA 95101
[19:04] <pliny> BTW - If you guys aren't using TrackThis, you should be - http://www.usetrackthis.com
[19:04] <pliny> ... and now my co-wrokers are looking at me funny for bouncing up and down in my seat....
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[19:27] <JoeM> Very Strange.. USPS also updated with same message?? According to their website http://faq.usps.com/eCustomer/iq/usps/request.do?session={f2077980-b21f-11de-4fd3-000000000000}&event=1&view()=c%7B12adaeb0-57e2-11dc-51b6-000000000000%7D&objectId=&eksObjectId=&objectType=Case&isJumpEnabled=false&isContentJumpEnabled=false&vendorKey=&objTitle=&versionId=2562&searchProperties=type:natural&naturalAdvance=false&allStr=&phraseStr=&anyStr
[19:27] <JoeM> and personal experience they never update status until it has been delivered... Kool
[19:29] <JoeM> Kinda of suspicious that it was processed on 9/29 but just got to the San Jose facility today????????????
[19:32] <pliny> I'm guessing San Jose is AI's closest Post Office.
[19:33] <hyc> it's the regional hub.
[19:33] <hyc> AI is in Mt. View, which has its own post office
[19:34] <hyc> but everything non-local goes to San Jose before heading out to the rest of the world
[19:34] <pliny> I just got something from PA via USPS Priority that hit the mail on Friday. I got one update on Friday from the hub, and then one as it left my local hub in Portland today.
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[19:39] <JoeM> I have never received a USPS Priority package where the tracking was that detailed (until after I received the package)... Not complaining here just in shock
[19:40] <JoeM> I called USPS today in hopes of changing the address and the REP was in shock that I hadn't received it yet...
[19:43] <JoeM> I told her it would be delivered soon since I've figured it didn't ship on the 29th (although USPS sent confirmation) and she said "hogwash" any priority mail not received in 5 delivery days had to be documented.
[19:45] <JoeM> She was more on edge than me!! LOL... She gave me a case number but don't think it was necessary. Dealt with USPS many times and confident that the TB will be here soon. :-)
[19:46] <pliny> I think tomorrow may be likely for mine. I should see if I can get Ustream working when I get home.
[19:47] <JoeM> pliny that link you sent macer about waiting for USPS to pick up was confusing to me...
[19:47] <Pebby> I was curious - did AI say when they'd be caught up with pre-orders to the point where they could actually take an order on the site and deliver the thing? More people might be motivated to get one if they could actually get it in a timely manner ;)
[19:48] <JoeM> pebby: are you overseas?
[19:48] <hyc> pretty sure they won't be caught up till the shipment at the end of this month, from what's been posted so far
[19:48] <Pebby> JoeM: nah, I actually live about 15 miles from AI, haha
[19:49] <Pebby> I was just curious, as I hadn't heard anything aside from 'still catching up'
[19:49] <JoeM> I agree hyc... I think things will go much smoother during/after october.
[19:49] <Pebby> hyc: cool, thanks for the info :) Is there somewhere where they're posting about this? I just read the channel to figure it out
[19:49] <hyc> I just got an email reply from Gregoire today, saying he's shifting back to software work now that the shipment is done
[19:50] <hyc> Pebby: check the web forum. www.alwaysinnovating.com/forums/
[19:50] <pliny> JoeM: Alex from AI was explaining that Touch Books weren't all going out the same day as the tracking email was sent.
[19:50] <JoeM> hyc... was there a problem with the TB waiting to be picked up by USPS?
[19:50] <Pebby> hyc: doh, I forgot about that one - thanks again
[19:51] <JoeM> Pliny: okay but it did not pertain to those who received an email directly from USPS?
[19:51] <hyc> JoeM - dunno
[19:51] <hyc> I just know that last week all they were doing was shipping orders.
[19:52] <hyc> and this week they're done with that shipment
[19:52] <JoeM> hyc was just refering to the link pliny sent
[19:52] <JoeM> to macer
[19:52] <pliny> JoeM: The USPS email is being sent when the label is printed. The label then gets slapped on a box, and the box then waits for USPS to come get it, which happens within a "couple of days".
[19:53] <JoeM> I understand that but once USPS picks up you receive an email directly from USPS correct?????
[19:53] <JoeM> at least I did
[19:54] <JoeM> dont get me wrong... very happy camper here just knowing its coming soon!! been waiting for months a few more days wont kill me. LOL
[19:56] <pliny> JoeM: The email is sent when the shipping label is printed via the USPS API.
[19:57] <pliny> It looks like if you're lucky you can use the Tracking number to find out when it makes it to the hub @ San Jose.
[19:58] <JoeM> really?? I got 2 one from AI and one from USPS the numbers were slightly different.
[19:59] <JoeM> I did track it and it made it past the hub!! Yippie, according to USPS website priority mail is not trackable (which I have personally experienced no tracking updates in the past)
[20:03] <pliny> JoeM: I think what we're used to is the label and email being done the same day the item ships, so when we go to track, the hub update is already there. I seem to remeber seeing a city listed on that page for other shipments I've gotten.
[20:04] <pliny> EIther way, we've both got Touch Books on the way. That's good enough for me.
[20:07] <JoeM> Mee Tooo :-) I appreciate all the info
[20:10] <JoeM> Take Care Everyone and goodnite!!
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[23:06] <Corsac> MaceN8x0: did you see Alexandre's post?
[23:07] <Corsac> MaceN8x0: http://alwaysinnovating.com/forums/viewtopic.php?f=17&t=211&start=34#p1123
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[23:25] <wooz_> lo
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[23:27] <Corsac> hey
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[23:48] <Corsac> yeah :/
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[23:54] <dpb> I haven't even gotten a tracking number yet.
[23:59] <pliny> Macer: Some of us got updates from USPS today saying the package made through the hub in San Jose. Have you checked yours?

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