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[3:12] <rahman_> hi, do you know if touch book ships to Turkey?
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[5:59] <dpb> Macer: apparently the keyboard part is quite cool, the screen part is a bit warm because everything is in it
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[17:20] <shiznebit> Macer, how old are you ?
[17:27] <shiznebit> hmm maybe it was do to my age
[17:27] <shiznebit> thats really unfair
[17:31] <hyc_tb> was there an age question on the surveys? I don't remember
[17:35] <shtylman> Macer: 30 ... and over the hill eh?
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[17:35] <shiznebit> hyc_tb, i don't know but i preordered in april
[17:36] <shiznebit> HOW DO I NOT GET IT !
[17:36] <shiznebit> >_<
[17:37] <hyc_tb> you know, come to think of it, I distinctly remember hearing them say "man who is this shiznebit guy, let's keep him waiting till last"
[17:37] <shiznebit> lol
[17:37] <shiznebit> seriously
[17:37] <shiznebit> well thats nice
[17:37] <hyc_tb> ;)
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[17:50] <JoeM> STOP THE MADNESS!!We are fortunate to be part of this up and coming device. I've been reading these chatroom and forums since the beginning and AI is making so much progress. As far as I've read, AI has NOT missed a deadline... First beta small batches was scheduled for July (although it was July 31st) & August with bigger batches in September.I feel your pain... I've been a prisoner in my house since Thursday because USPS Priori
[17:50] <JoeM> Although it also states that Priority mail is delivered within 2 - 3 days, personally it takes about 5 days. Those who received an email on Sept. 29 should expect their TB to arrive Monday or Tuesday... If not than you can start worrying.
[17:50] <shiznebit> okay
[17:51] <hyc_tb> yeah, a lot of people are acting like they've never used the USPS before in their lives
[17:51] <shiznebit> but i've been completely ignored
[17:51] <JoeM> I also would like to thank HYC, CORSAC, ASCIIFOREVER and ROBCLARK (and the many others) who has been an integral part of getting this device up and running... I don't know you but like what I've seen in the chatroom and forums. KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK!!!
[17:51] <shiznebit> JoeM, is Gregoire ?
[17:51] <JoeM> No Just Joe M... sorry
[17:52] <hyc_tb> heh. Gregoire signs on using his own name when he's around
[17:52] <hyc_tb> apparently he's still swamped
[17:52] <JoeM> Well the good thing is the OS is pretty stable...
[17:53] <hyc_tb> yeah, for the most part it just works
[17:53] <hyc_tb> and there's already a huge base of software ported over
[17:53] <JoeM> from what I hear.... Read all the problems earlier and was kinda of scared but very happy to see so much progress in such little time!
[17:54] <hyc_tb> I think all that's missing now is more customized apps, apps tailored for the touchscreen and such
[17:55] <JoeM> HYC I will need your help in the future... Just dont go OFF on me with "dont waste my time read the forums" LOL
[17:55] <hyc_tb> ah well, no guarantees JoeM
[17:55] <hyc_tb> I'm hanging out here to get what I want accomplished ;)
[17:57] <JoeM> Just Razzin' Ya HYC :-)
[17:57] <hyc> yep, no prob
[17:59] <hyc> and that's my stock answer everywhere - if information is already posted on a forum / wiki / web site, you've got no excuse asking about it in realtime
[17:59] <JoeM> Take care everyone and keep your fingers crossed!! Expect to see many in the chatroom once the get their TB (hopefully positive comments).
[18:00] <hyc> yeah, things got pretty lively around here when the processing emails went out
[18:00] <JoeM> I hear ya HYC... I can read the forums but the Wiki throws me for a loop...
[18:00] <hyc> I'm sure it's going to take off
[18:01] <JoeM> This will be my first Linux OS... very willing to participate in beta but not a developer or programmer.
[18:03] <hyc> I figure that's the price of entry for any open source project - if you want to use it for free, then you're obligated to file good bug reports on anything that doesn't work
[18:03] <hyc> alpha / beta / whatever
[18:04] <hyc> for the TouchBook you're basically paying for the hardware and getting an OS for free
[18:04] <hyc> and you can ditch that OS and install something else on it if you like
[18:04] <JoeM> Just happy to break away from windows...too much politics behind it
[18:05] <hyc> too much history / legacy
[18:05] <hyc> too much bloat
[18:05] <JoeM> Yep... bloat was the word I was looking for!! heehhee
[18:06] <JoeM> Take Care HYC... thanks for the info and keep up the good work!!! We need you in this community!!
[18:06] <hyc> thx
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[18:07] <JoeM> along with corsac, acsiiforever and robclark (I remember them from reading the log/forums they seem to know their stuff)
[18:08] <hyc> yeah, they've been good guys
[18:08] <hyc> robclark works for TI, so he certainly knows this stuff...
[18:08] <JoeM> Have a great nite and Happy Monday!!
[18:08] <hyc> g'nite
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[18:16] <virtual-penguin> how long on average is the wait for a touchbook after pre-order?
[18:17] <hyc> longer than the average patience of the person who ordered
[18:17] <virtual-penguin> hehe...
[18:17] <virtual-penguin> u get one?
[18:17] <hyc> yeah
[18:18] <virtual-penguin> worth it?
[18:18] <hyc> I preordered in March, got it in August
[18:18] <hyc> sure, it's been a lot of fun mucking with the code.
[18:18] <virtual-penguin> usb/hardware problems?
[18:19] <hyc> a lot of people will be getting theirs this week
[18:19] <hyc> mmm, not exactly. there are software/driver problems, as far as I can tell.
[18:19] <virtual-penguin> software been improving steadily?
[18:20] <hyc> yes
[18:21] <virtual-penguin> do you know the size (how many) of these batches of touchbooks?
[18:21] <hyc> nope
[18:21] <hyc> AI won't give any info like that out
[18:21] <virtual-penguin> software still alpha pretty much?
[18:21] <hyc> size of company, number of orders, whatever
[18:22] <hyc> mmm... what does that mean? most standard linux apps just work.
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[18:22] <virtual-penguin> is the touch book software alpha, very early unstable releases?
[18:23] <hyc> I guess some of it was. It seems pretty decent.
[18:24] <virtual-penguin> mythtv front end available for it? or some ability to stream from myth recordings?
[18:25] <hyc> haven't checked
[18:25] <hyc> video decode acceleration is still an open area. there are DSP codecs for mpeg2/4/xvid
[18:25] <hyc> H.264BP
[18:26] <hyc> no codec for H.264MP yet
[18:26] <hyc> playback using the ARM instead of the DSP is supported by ffmpeg, but has limited performance. it really needs the DSP.
[18:26] <virtual-penguin> have you tested watching video on say... FreeNAS or even windows ahres?
[18:27] <hyc> windows what?
[18:27] <virtual-penguin> shares
[18:27] <hyc> nope
[18:27] <virtual-penguin> streaming audio from NAS or linux files server?
[18:28] <hyc> probably works fine, I'm not interested
[18:28] <hyc> streaming video from youtube works, so audio should be no problem
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[18:28] <virtual-penguin> can you see samba, cifs, nfs shares or windows network?
[18:28] <hyc> yes
[18:28] <hyc> samba3 is part of the base OS install
[18:29] <virtual-penguin> many kudos hyc, 10q very much... i(i have a tiny bit more patience now...)
[18:30] <hyc> no prob
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[23:00] * Macer crosses fingers
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[23:02] <spvensko> Macer: if you get it be sure to post a review :)
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