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[0:43] <hyc> hmm, so DisplayLink open sourced their video drivers for linux in May
[0:43] <hyc> which should mean that anything based on their chipset is supported in 2.6.31
[0:44] <hyc> http://www.displaylink.com/shop/
[1:00] <koen> hyc: http://www.flickr.com/photos/koenkooi/3748865129/
[1:01] <hyc> ah, cool
[1:01] <hyc> so that means displaylink is a viable route for a USB VGA out on the touchbook
[1:02] <hyc> i think then all I need is to build an unstable version of Abiword to get its presentation module
[1:02] <hyc> and then I can leave my laptop at home for most trips
[1:03] <hyc> koen: have you run your own kernel using the AI 2009-09b rootfs?
[1:03] <koen> hyc: 'bitbake xf86-video-displaylink' that will build both kernel module and X driver
[1:03] <koen> not yet
[1:03] <hyc> my kernels boot up to a black display
[1:03] <koen> I trashed my uboot env to get boot.scr to work
[1:03] <hyc> they work fine on 2009-09a and 08b
[1:04] <hyc> same kernel
[1:04] <koen> but I don't have a boot.scr with the vrfb stuff
[1:04] <hyc> oh
[1:04] <koen> so I now get a 1024x768 picture
[1:04] <koen> aka invisible 168 pixels at the bottom
[1:04] <hyc> was just gonna ask ;)
[1:04] <hyc> but you can just fix that with fw_setenv
[1:05] <koen> yeah
[1:05] <koen> but 09b doesn' seem to start dropbear properly
[1:05] <hyc> as a server?
[1:06] <hyc> it doesn't start by default, that's for sure
[1:08] <hyc> by the way, did I mention that I built the rt3070 driver from the 2.6.31 staging tree on 2.6.29? it's working fine
[1:08] <hyc> I'm going to try the 2.6.32-rc1 source now, apparently it's been streamlined further
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[1:14] <koen> you mentioned that indeed
[1:14] <koen> I'm going to stay on .31, since that's the kernel TI will be basing their new PSP on
[1:14] <hyc> makes sense
[1:15] <hyc> and it doesn't seem like the dma_coherent_free errors are due to the wifi driver, they appear to be due to the USB susbsystem
[1:15] <mjr> hyc, oh, that's good, I'd only seen that sis usb stuff earlier but was unsure what used that these days...
[1:15] <mjr> (if any)
[1:18] <hyc> there were 3 uninit'd vars in the 2.6.31 driver
[1:18] <hyc> mjr: presumable the sisusb stuff is still OK
[1:19] <hyc> hmm, the 2.6.32 driver is still not clean
[1:20] <hyc> 'return with no value' non-void function
[1:20] <hyc> sloppy, very sloppy
[1:50] <hyc> doesn't work either
[1:51] <hyc> ok, so that's another good reason to stick with .31
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[2:09] <hyc_tb> ok, the 2.6.32 wifi driver works after all
[2:10] <hyc_tb> but it installs wlan0, not ra0
[2:10] <hyc_tb> it also uses about 40K less RAM, kinda nice
[2:18] <fooq> hyc_tb: do you have numbers on how much RAM these .py scripts/demons take?
[2:18] <fooq> if i am right AI supplied quite some .py stuff
[2:18] <hyc_tb> yeah most of their stuff is in python
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[2:19] <hyc_tb> what are you interested in?
[2:19] <fooq> in the general question whether these should be rewritten ;)
[2:19] <hyc_tb> probably
[2:20] <hyc_tb> the onscreen keyboard would be faster / more responsive in C no doubt
[2:20] <fooq> ok ok . well, looking forward
[2:20] <hyc_tb> other menus and such, not sure I care enough
[2:20] <fooq> ic
[2:20] <hyc_tb> the only long-running python code is network_daemon.py
[2:21] <fooq> for the updating?
[2:21] <hyc_tb> I've been wondering whether that needs to be there or not...
[2:23] <koen> hyc_tb: there's a bit of behind-the-scenes work done to tackle your init-should-not-be-void report
[2:24] <hyc_tb> done already? or being done...
[2:24] <hyc_tb> I see there's a lot of sub init calls involved
[2:25] <koen> hyc_tb: it involves rebuilding some stuff that "customers" pretty much never needed to rebuild
[2:25] <koen> hyc_tb: so there are some bugs in that field that have been fixed
[2:27] <hyc_tb> that sounds like a familiar theme... stuff that never needed to be touched before
[2:28] <hyc_tb> I guess I have a habit of poking into dark dusty corners ;)
[2:29] <hyc_tb> hey, to anyone with their TB - my headphone jack only has right channel output. anyone else?
[2:30] <hyc_tb> also there's something funky with the microphone jack, a spring inside keeps pushing my mic plug out of the jack
[2:30] <hyc_tb> no big deal I guess...
[2:32] <hyc_tb> I guess in the usual embedded environment, all of your devices are always there so you don't need to check for those kind of init failures
[2:33] <fooq> once you touch sensor networks and dynamic connectivity, this is another story of course
[2:33] <hyc> good point
[2:42] <koen> hyc_tb: "usually" you have an FAE to solve those problems for you :)
[2:42] <hyc_tb> heh
[2:42] * koen still needs to find out why his speakers don't work anymore
[2:43] <koen> yes
[2:43] <koen> I suspect I messed up software volume control
[2:43] <hyc_tb> koen: I've had the audio randomly missing on some bootups
[2:43] <hyc_tb> but it usually works fine if it was present at boot
[2:44] <koen> headphone works fine
[2:44] <koen> my touchbook hacking is a bit timelimited, so I keep postponing a decent investigation
[2:44] <hyc_tb> that's a bit more of a puzzle
[2:45] <koen> Macer: I suspect it mutes the speakers and I haven't found the magic unmute
[2:45] <hyc_tb> heh
[2:46] <hyc_tb> I guess that's possible
[2:47] <hyc_tb> haven't used it yet. it's a broadcom bluetooth dongle, pretty standard
[2:47] * koen is using his brokenmoko battery in his gps. it went from 650mAh to 1100mAh
[2:47] <hyc_tb> but I haven't even gotten my laptop working with any bluetooth devices yet
[2:48] <hyc_tb> come to think of it I have no idea where my bluetooth headset is at the moment. it came with a phone, I hardly ever use that either
[2:49] <hyc_tb> not yet. cupsd is running tho
[2:49] <hyc_tb> I figure it probably works
[2:50] <hyc_tb> it's xfce
[2:50] <hyc_tb> gnome is a lot more of a pig
[2:50] <hyc_tb> but there are a lot of gnome apps installed already
[2:51] <hyc_tb> hm, bummer, ekiga doesn't start
[2:51] <koen> ekiga is *@$(*#(&%(#%#( broken
[2:51] <hyc_tb> terminate called without an active exception
[2:51] <hyc_tb> so I see
[2:52] <koen> the error is in a thread, so debugging it is a pain
[2:52] <koen> my gut feeling says it's in ptlib
[2:53] <hyc_tb> hmmm. it would help to have unstripped libraries
[2:53] <hyc_tb> and turn off optimization so we can get worthwhile stack traces
[2:54] <dpb> Anyone heard of any international orders yet?
[2:54] <hyc_tb> hmm, this isn't good. both libldap and libldap_r are present in the process
[2:55] <hyc_tb> there should only be one, and since this is a threaded program, it should only be libldap_r
[2:55] <fooq> dpb: so long nothing regarding international shipments
[2:55] <dpb> :/
[2:56] <fooq> still waiting for one single positive event ;)
[2:56] <hyc_tb> and why is BerkeleyDB 4.3 on here, that was one of their less stable versions. should use 4.4 at least. We're using 4.8.24 now, which has much better performance.
[2:57] <hyc_tb> man I do not feel like tracking down all the -dbg versions of every shared library that ekiga loads
[2:57] <koen> hyc_tb: opkg install <foo>-dbg to install debugging symbols
[2:57] <hyc_tb> yeah I know
[2:57] <koen> hyc_tb: and that's recursive
[2:58] <koen> so opkg install ekiga-dbg will drag in glib-dbg, gtk-dbg, etc
[2:58] <hyc_tb> but there are a 50-some shared libs here
[2:58] <hyc_tb> oh
[2:58] <hyc_tb> ahhhhh.....
[2:58] <koen> it's -ggdb3 material, so quite big :)
[2:58] <hyc_tb> oh great.
[2:58] <hyc_tb> the ekiga pkg is 3.2.6
[2:59] <hyc_tb> the ekiga-dbg is 3.2.5
[3:00] <hyc_tb> hm, and apparently that pkg is missing. I just did an ipkg update tho....
[3:01] <koen> hmmm
[3:02] <hyc_tb> bah
[3:02] <hyc_tb> wget: server returned error: HTTP/1.1 404 Not Found
[3:02] <hyc_tb> the ekiga-dbg pkg is listed in the db but not present
[3:02] <fooq> 404 compliance is way overrated
[3:02] <fooq> ;)
[3:03] <hyc_tb> seems the debug pkg db needs to be regenerated
[3:04] <koen> corrupt package index, fixing it now
[3:09] <koen> hyc_tb: try now
[3:10] <hyc> ok
[3:13] <hyc_tb> hmm. just did another ipkg update, but it's still trying to install ekiga-dbg_3.2.5 not 3.2.6
[3:13] <hyc_tb> and of course still getting a 404
[3:14] <hyc_tb> is there a mirror of the main index? is there a propagation delay to the mirror?
[3:15] <koen> no, it's an idiot delay
[3:17] * koen had a copy/paste error when running the command
[3:26] <hyc_tb> so it's ok now?
[3:28] <koen> it should be
[3:29] <hyc_tb> yeah, that's better
[3:29] <hyc_tb> thx
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[3:46] <hyc_tb> too bad my wifi seems to be acting up again, getting really really slow throughput
[3:47] <koen> I need to ask the gfx team if the sgx slub/slob/slab situation has improved
[3:47] <hyc_tb> what was the problem? I'm using slob in my current kernel
[3:48] <koen> some old version of sgx kernel modules only with a specific one
[3:48] <koen> but I forgot which ine
[3:48] <koen> and that was a year ago :)
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[6:24] <yoru> hi
[6:25] <dpb> hi
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[6:41] <moon|loggin> I haven't really found any specs or reviews on the Touchpad's keyboard. Besides being "about 95% of full keyboard size," where do they trim off the 5%, and how does it compare to current netbooks?
[6:48] <moon|loggin> I have 'beefy' fingers and don't possess the best typing skills. I have been able to use the larger (98% sized) netbook keyboards just fine, but struggled with the 'abridged' versions on some of the other netbooks.
[6:49] <moon|loggin> "Struggled", meaning I would have been better off hiring a chicken to peck for me. :)
[6:52] <dpb> Mmmm, chicken..
[6:52] <moon|loggin> Yes, that is my second question. Can the Touchbook cook me a nice chicken dinner?
[6:53] <fooq> can the touchbook ship itself over the sea?
[6:53] <dpb> If you have some usb oven, I bet it's possible.
[6:54] <moon|loggin> USB on the oven? Now that is an idea.
[6:54] <dpb> or bluetooth
[6:54] <dpb> that would be even better
[6:54] <moon|loggin> Anyone here have a touchbook and can answer my keyboard question?
[6:55] <mjr> 2.5W oven, yay
[6:55] <mjr> with usb 3, you could have a 4.5W oven!
[6:56] <moon|loggin> You could cook a programmer's lunch on that, easy. They would likely forget to eat it anyways.
[6:56] <moon|loggin> They do make usb mug warmers, after all.
[6:58] <jvs> can the touchbook see dead netbooks?
[7:00] <moon|loggin> I do.... all the time.
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[7:09] <martinh> the touchbook has no cam. so, i suspect it doesn't see anything.
[7:10] <moon|loggin> Bluetooth... it has psyonics.
[7:10] <moon|loggin> It can feel dead netbooks.
[7:11] <DJWillis> moon|loggin: if they are dead I doubt there BT stack is upto much ;-)
[7:11] <martinh> moon|loggin: as soon as I get my touchbook i'll answer your keyboard questions. :-> I, too, have sausage fingers and have serious trouble typing on my eee.
[7:12] <jvs> mmm k??sekrainer
[7:12] <martinh> but really, I don't care. once I have the tb, i'll learn to live with it. :->
[7:12] <fooq> once one has the tb
[7:13] <martinh> yea. i got my tracking number last night.
[7:13] <fooq> whew
[7:13] <fooq> i suppose US ?
[7:13] <moon|loggin> The eee was one I tried.
[7:13] * jvs hates martinh
[7:13] <moon|loggin> And failed.
[7:13] <martinh> of course US. a bunch of people got emails last night.
[7:13] <jvs> lucky you :)
[7:14] <moon|loggin> How about you post a keyboard review on the forum for inquiring minds? >.>
[7:15] <fooq> what do you mean with of course? AI [couldn't/did not want to] say whether shipments to europe will happen for this 'september' batch
[7:15] <martinh> i believe they said some european shipments will happen. but, not many.
[7:15] <dpb> they said some international would happen
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[7:17] <moon|loggin> Well, I am glad that they are doing what they can.
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[7:23] <moon|loggin> Well, from what I can see of the pictures, vids, and renders, it looks like number row is trimmed, and there is some oddness with the enter and right shift. Curious what is going on there.
[7:25] <dpb> the right shift is completely useless anyway..
[7:26] * koen is in europe and has a touchbook
[7:27] <Corsac> mrpff
[7:27] <dpb> you're a special case.
[7:27] <fooq> yeah?
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[7:28] <dpb> Of course they'd send you one as the whole OS is based on yours..
[7:28] <jvs> koen, when did you receive it?
[7:28] <jvs> I see
[7:28] <fooq> candidate for being gold member of the year?
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[8:45] <mturquette> robclark: still no email yet. getting worried.
[8:45] <robclark> doh
[8:48] <mturquette> oh crap. just had a realization.
[8:49] <mturquette> i placed my preorder with my gmail account.
[8:49] <mturquette> but I think I filled out the survey with my ti.com email address.
[8:49] <moon|loggin> go go go
[8:49] <robclark> mturquette: yeah, it helps if you check the *right* email acct
[8:50] <mturquette> nonono, my point is that alwaysinnovating never got a survey from mturquette@gmail.com, which means I count as one of the people that didn't say I was OK with a half-baked product
[8:51] <robclark> ohh.. well, go fill another survey ASAP
[8:52] <moon|loggin> go go go
[8:52] <robclark> I guess you should hopefully still get one with this batch, but might be at end of the batch instead of beginning..
[8:52] <moon|loggin> How backordered are they?
[8:52] <mturquette> moon|loggin: I don't think we have any visibility into that situation
[8:53] <moon|loggin> Oh well. I just got here and have not placed an order at all yet, so no worries to me.
[8:56] <moon|loggin> I am curious if it will run Blender. I read that it is stated that is will not run GIMP (well?).
[8:56] <robclark> theoretically, with this batch, they should catch up on most of the back-order.. I think this is the first big batch
[8:57] <mturquette> robclark: did you get an email response after filling out the survey?
[8:58] <robclark> I think so
[9:05] <koen> moon|loggin: gimp buffers everything at least 3 times, so you run out of ram pretty soon
[9:07] * moon|loggin nods
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[9:27] <spvensko> nice!
[9:27] <spvensko> does anyone here have their touchbook in their posession now?
[9:30] <Corsac> gngng;nng;
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[9:32] <spvensko> Corsac: asdf;lj322dsfl;'sdafljwe?
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[9:33] <Corsac> somethine like that :(
[9:34] <Corsac> yes
[9:35] <Corsac> Macer: I'm from France
[9:35] <Corsac> and international orders aren't top priority
[9:35] <Corsac> so I'm not really sure to be in that batch
[9:36] <Corsac> he knows
[9:36] <Corsac> we knew each other before, he asked me some stuff about xfce some years ago
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[10:02] <doc__> Has anyone outside of the US gotten a tracking number for the Sept batch?
[10:04] <Corsac> nop
[10:04] <yoru> didnt somebody say, he got one?
[10:04] <doc__> just wondering if there was still hope :) for this batch
[10:16] <Corsac> yeah, I wonder too
[10:16] <Eruquen> so do I
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[12:36] <jtb_> so has anybody else not get the email yet?
[12:36] <jtb_> but think they should have
[12:36] * jtb_ (n=irchon@ Quit (Client Quit)
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[12:50] <azaghal> If I say 'me', will I get it? ;)
[12:57] <Agneees> I rated myself 8, then saw that outside US, you had to be 9 or 10 to receive your TB on the sept batch???
[13:00] <azaghal> Still, I think everyone will select 9 or 10, so that's not much use?
[13:01] * srobertson (n=steven@2001:470:8:3ec:218:f3ff:fea2:9452) Quit (Read error: 60 (Operation timed out))
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[13:04] <Corsac> I rated myself as 10, but I'm not sure to have it
[13:04] <Corsac> AI prefers to ship domestic first
[13:08] <azaghal> AI?
[13:09] * dirk2 (n=dirk@p5B041EBE.dip0.t-ipconnect.de) Quit (Remote closed the connection)
[13:11] <koen> hyc_tb: I'm meeting gregroire next week to merge a bunch of svn stuff into OE
[13:11] * koen starts working on his "y'all" pronouncement
[13:11] * derken (n=mail@a80-101-220-148.adsl.xs4all.nl) has joined #touchbook
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[13:12] <Corsac> azaghal: Always Innovating
[13:13] <azaghal> Ah
[13:13] <Corsac> koen: y'all?
[13:13] <koen> meeting is in texas
[13:13] <koen> where they make instruments
[13:14] * hyc (n=hyc@ has joined #touchbook
[13:19] <Agneees> koen, you???re so funny???
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[15:17] <hyc_tb> koen: cool... was wondering why you weren't meeting in Mt View
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[16:59] <pliny> Macer: Chances are it has alreadyshipped. USPS tracking is kinda coarse grained.Chances are it'll change from the "Electronic Shipping Info Received" messageto something else about 6 hours before it hits your door.
[17:00] <pliny> Doesn't keep me from refreshing thepage every couple of hours though... ;-)
[17:00] * pliny needs a keyboard with a working spacebar...
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[21:57] * Hugh (n=hugh@pool-173-74-147-32.dllstx.fios.verizon.net) has joined #touchbook
[21:57] <Hugh> hey, need help
[21:57] <Hugh> anyone on?
[21:58] <Hugh> i require assisance
[21:58] <Hugh> i am requiring assistance, please elp
[21:59] * tommd (n=Thomas_D@70-59-140-243.ptld.qwest.net) has joined #touchbook
[21:59] <Hugh> who else on already has a touchbook?
[22:10] * Hugh (n=hugh@pool-173-74-147-32.dllstx.fios.verizon.net) Quit ("Ex-Chat")
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[22:18] <pliny> Hugh: My TB is stillin the mail, but I've been apying attention to what the people with them have been saying. What's the trouble?
[22:18] <pliny> er.. paying attention...
[22:25] <hyc_tb> Hugh, what's up?
[22:25] * spvensko_ (n=spvensko@adsl-074-239-169-046.sip.rmo.bellsouth.net) has joined #touchbook
[22:37] <Hugh> imtrying to updatemy tb bt i cantget it to work
[22:40] * hyc (n=hyc@ has joined #touchbook
[22:40] <Corsac> mpf
[22:40] <spvensko_> Hugh: what do you think about the build quality? is it nice?
[22:40] <Corsac> still no mail, guess it's doomed for the sept batch ><
[22:41] * dirk2 (n=dirk@p5B04024B.dip0.t-ipconnect.de) has joined #touchbook
[22:42] <Hugh> sp: its pretty nice, thback plate does feel a tad flimsy, but since its removable, i see no reason why it couldnt be replaced witha sturdier one.
[22:47] <hyc_tb> what steps are you doing to update?
[22:47] <hyc_tb> what software version do you have on it now?
[22:47] * spvensko (n=spvensko@rrcs-24-199-144-166.midsouth.biz.rr.com) Quit (Read error: 113 (No route to host))
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[22:50] * Tiffany (n=Tiffany@pool-70-104-119-252.chi.dsl-w.verizon.net) has joined #touchbook
[22:51] <azaghal> When's the next coming, btw?
[22:52] <azaghal> *next batch
[22:54] <Corsac> october
[22:54] <Corsac> I guess oct end
[22:54] <Tiffany> msg Hugh hi:)
[22:55] <Tiffany> oops
[22:55] <Corsac> huhu
[22:55] * Corsac gives a / to Tiffany
[22:55] <Hugh> hey hows it goin?
[22:56] * Tiffany_F (n=Tiffany@pool-68-238-2-236.chi.dsl-w.verizon.net) has joined #touchbook
[22:56] <Tiffany_F> strange that I got disconnected
[22:57] <Tiffany_F> even stranger irc thinks I'm still logged in
[22:57] <Tiffany_F> I mean
[22:57] <hyc_tb> it'll take a minute for irc to notice that the other connection died
[22:57] <Tiffany_F> oh
[22:57] <Tiffany_F> I'm unexperienced with irc
[22:58] <Tiffany_F> I'm probably in the Octber batch
[22:59] * spvensko_ (n=spvensko@rrcs-24-199-144-166.midsouth.biz.rr.com) has joined #touchbook
[22:59] <Tiffany_F> though I did order in late apirl
[22:59] * spvensko__ (n=spvensko@rrcs-24-199-144-166.midsouth.biz.rr.com) has joined #touchbook
[22:59] <Tiffany_F> but only had prority 5
[23:00] <Tiffany_F> I wasn't sure where I belonged on it so I just picked a neutrul proirity
[23:00] <Tiffany_F> I mean I wanted to be honest
[23:12] * Tiffany (n=Tiffany@pool-70-104-119-252.chi.dsl-w.verizon.net) Quit (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
[23:17] * spvensko (n=spvensko@adsl-074-239-169-046.sip.rmo.bellsouth.net) Quit (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
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