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[0:17] <koen> hyc: no, I didn't get to the kernelpart et
[0:17] <koen> yet
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[0:21] <hyc> ok, just checking
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[5:06] <diroots> hi all, what is the default window-manager of the TBos? and will e17 be installable on TB OS? did s-one already tried it?
[5:06] <Corsac> it's xfwm4 (4.4.2)
[5:08] <diroots> 4.6 not installable?
[5:09] <diroots> i imagine with thunar as file manager,...
[5:10] <Corsac> well, I think Gr??goire is more familiar with 4.4, but sure 4.6 might be planned
[5:10] <Corsac> (or 4.8 directly, maybe)
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[5:34] <DJWillis> diroots: e17 should just be an install and run from the Angstrom OMAP3 repros, I was working on XFCE4.6 packages for OpenEmbedded (for the OpenPandora but the Touchbook could use them just as easilly), if I ever get them finished off it would be trivial (i.e. install and run) to use on the Touchbook.
[5:34] * koen is running e17 on his touchbook
[5:34] <DJWillis> koen: no shock there ;-)
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[5:35] <Corsac> DJWillis: I'll be interested by the package, once I have it
[5:35] <Corsac> (I'm the debian xfce maintainer)
[5:35] <koen> DJWillis: the e17 battery monitor just works :)
[5:36] <DJWillis> Corsac: cool, I may poke you about some of the packaging issues I have been having with 4.6 ;).
[5:37] <Corsac> sure
[5:37] <DJWillis> koen: ;-)
[5:39] <DJWillis> koen: so how many OMAP3 devices are running now? Is the touchbook worth the investment (in a later batch, I could not get AI to send one over to the UK ;-))
[5:41] <DJWillis> are 'you' running now ;-)
[5:41] <diroots> DJWillis: \o/
[5:52] <diroots> and would xfe be a nice file-manager with the TB screen, it's option of double panel with tree, as it's light to use? now depending on if it's running on arm,...
[5:54] <DJWillis> diroots: back later but nothing wrong with Thunar as a FM really, no better or worse than other options really.
[5:59] <diroots> DJWillis: it's actually my FM
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[6:47] <koen> DJWillis: the sw has some rough edges (e.g. suspend), but the tb is working pretty well
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[7:08] <martinh> wow. when did the new videos go up?
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[7:42] <DJWillis> koen: good to know, I really like the idea of the higher res screen.
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[10:09] <fooq> the nearer Wednesday comes, the more I am concerned about the word "probably" in http://www.alwaysinnovating.com/forums/viewtopic.php?f=4&t=201&start=10#p848
[10:15] <Corsac> eheh :)
[10:18] <azaghal> Btw, who else is in Always Innovating except Gregoire?
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[10:22] <yoru> hi
[10:27] <Corsac> azaghal: nobody here, afaik
[10:27] <azaghal> Well, just weird to see only him at videos etc :)
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[10:36] <Corsac> azaghal: not much people work there
[10:37] <Corsac> and anyway his french accent is now a trademark imho
[10:38] <Corsac> I find it quite funny
[10:38] <Corsac> but maybe that's because I'm french too
[10:38] <blunderer> Corsac: +1
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[13:33] <robclark> sweeeeet... I got "the email"
[13:35] <martinh> wooo! just got it too!
[13:35] <azaghal> o.o
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[13:35] <azaghal> Any two of you Europeans?>
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[13:37] <robclark> not living in europe.. but I thought I heard that there might be a few oversees orders filled in this batch..
[13:44] <fooq> when did you order?
[13:44] <robclark> 3 March
[13:44] <fooq> XD ic
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[13:57] * mturquette really wants the email.
[14:08] <fooq> congrats
[14:08] <yoru> btw: how long do you think an order that is being filed tommorrow would take to fulfill?
[14:10] <martinh> as I hear it. processed means "shipping almost immediately". so, I would suspect that most people that are getting them in this batch will get them by the end of the week.
[14:12] * robclark hopes to get it before the weekend
[14:14] <drantin> :/
[14:14] * drantin didn't get an email -_-
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[14:18] <yoru> na. i meant about people that order tommorrow. I would wanna buy one, but i would need it probably sometime in january oder at least it being shipped in january, thats why im asking, wether somebody knows something about how long aprox. it will take.
[14:18] <yoru> or a guess or something like that ;)
[14:22] <hyc> hard to tell
[14:23] <hyc> but yeah, from the email to arrival was only 2 days for me
[14:23] <hyc> but I also live in California, and AI is based here
[14:24] <hyc> no idea what their backlog looks like now, or how much of it they're clearing with this batch
[14:24] <yoru> hm. k. maybe ill write them an email.
[14:28] * MaceN8x0 puts on prayer beads
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[14:31] <tommd> I got e-mail from AI!
[14:31] <fooq> europe?
[14:31] <tommd> No, US.
[14:31] <fooq> damn ;)
[14:31] <tommd> Ordered in June
[14:31] <fooq> me too
[14:32] <tommd> sorry fooq, it isn't fair, I know :-(
[14:32] <fooq> nevermind ;)
[14:32] * tommd smiles and dances
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[14:52] <tommd> You too, huh?
[14:56] <drantin> MaceN8x0: always innovating is based in menlo park, california...
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[15:02] <yoru> 256 times 2 as far as i know.
[15:03] <yoru> one time nand. maybe the second 256 mb are ram
[15:05] <yoru> there you have it: Texas Instruments OMAP3530 with Micron 256MB (RAM) + 256MB (NAND) Memory
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[15:06] <yoru> maybe? dont know
[15:06] <hyc> the nand has the bootstrap loader
[15:07] <hyc> and basically is off-limits, if you muck with it you will probably brick it
[15:07] <hyc> yep
[15:08] <robclark> you wouldn't want to put swap on NAND normally..
[15:08] <robclark> normally you'd put your core OS on NAND..
[15:08] <hyc> the 1GB swap partition on my 16GB SD card is fine
[15:08] <pliny> 256M of ram is as much as you can get in the PoP config the Omap uses.
[15:08] <robclark> so maybe / on NAND, /usr on MMC
[15:08] <hyc> most of the time I only see a few megs of swap in use
[15:08] <hyc> and yes, 256MB of RAM is the current hard limit
[15:08] <yoru> yeah. but swap on flash? how long until the stick isnt working anymore? any figures, somebody?^^
[15:08] <robclark> but, I guess there is some page on AI wiki that explains how they lay it out... IIRC they use some stack fs arrangement
[15:09] <pliny> Yup. you can get different amounts of nand and ram in the things, but nobody makes one with more thatn 256M of ram.
[15:09] <robclark> yoru: better to wear out the MMC card than your built in NAND which is stacked on top of the omap chip (ie. not replaceable by mere mortals)
[15:09] <hyc> indeed
[15:10] <hyc> the key is to always keep some free space
[15:10] <yoru> of course, robclark, did not say, that swap on the nand would be better ;)
[15:10] <hyc> which the wear leveling system can then use as it needs
[15:10] <robclark> it is prolly a 3530.. so 600MHz..
[15:10] <hyc> dude... that's all on the published specs and wiki
[15:10] <hyc> 600MHz
[15:10] <robclark> the 3440 (and I assume there is also a 3540??) go higher
[15:10] <hyc> please read, don't waste time with questions that already have their answers published...
[15:11] <robclark> n810 is omap2
[15:11] <robclark> ARM11 vs cortex-a8
[15:11] <robclark> complete different ballpark
[15:11] <pliny> Didn't TI uprate the cpu?
[15:11] <hyc> yes
[15:11] <hyc> apparently you can overclock to 720MHz and still be within safe parameters
[15:12] <robclark> I think TI tweaks the cortex-a8.. but more for power consumption.. not so much for MHz
[15:12] <robclark> MHz is not king
[15:12] <hyc> right
[15:12] <pliny> I thought according to TI 720 is no longer "overlocking".
[15:12] <hyc> pliny: right
[15:12] <hyc> well - you get 10 hours of use with it right now
[15:12] <hyc> up the speed, decrease the life
[15:12] * GUido-- is now known as GUido-
[15:13] <pliny> hyc: Maybe. There's that whole race to idle thing too.
[15:13] <hyc> pliny: yes... not sure how much impact that has yet
[15:13] <hyc> I got 8 hours of continuous use, editing / compiling, no pauses
[15:14] <hyc> the system never went idle long enough for the screen blanker
[15:14] <hyc> on a less frantic workload, it should last longer
[15:15] <hyc> at the time I was fighting with the wifi driver so I pretty much worked non-stop till I got something I liked
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[15:15] <shiznebit> noo
[15:15] <shiznebit> you did ?
[15:16] <shiznebit> FUCK
[15:16] <shiznebit> thats not fair
[15:16] <pliny> I got the email a few hours ago, but it got shunted by an email filter. Im going to dance around the room now...
[15:16] <shiznebit> well i ordered before that
[15:17] <shiznebit> right here in NY
[15:17] <shiznebit> really
[15:17] <robclark> check your spam filters ;-)
[15:17] <hyc> heh
[15:17] <shiznebit> nithing
[15:17] <pliny> robclark: Or your filters from email from the wiki....
[15:17] <shiznebit> nil
[15:17] <hyc> they may still be going out in order of survey result
[15:17] <shiznebit> i believe i did
[15:18] <pliny> I did.
[15:18] <hyc> I did the first day it went up. was monitoring the web site...
[15:18] <shiznebit> if i don't get it
[15:18] <shiznebit> that would be really disappointing
[15:18] <hyc> heh, yeah me too
[15:19] <pliny> As did I, I also volunteered a while back for one to the "extra" machines being offered for testers.
[15:19] <robclark> mturquette is a co-worker of mine... ordered on same day as me (I think I ordered in the morning, and he ordered in the evening).. but he hasn't got the email yet
[15:19] <shiznebit> thats weird
[15:19] * tommd (n=Thomas_D@mavlo.cs.pdx.edu) Quit (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
[15:19] <robclark> so I'm not quite sure what the algorithm they use to fill orders.. but seems not to be FIFO (both of us ordered in March)
[15:20] <shiznebit> wish it was
[15:20] <shiznebit> obviously that would be the fair thing to od
[15:20] <hyc> robclark: well, he must have given very different survey answers than you
[15:21] <pliny> Gr??goire said on the site that they were focusing on people with surveys first, and catching up the rest with the "October" batch.
[15:21] <robclark> yeah, we both did the survey.. I'm not sure what he put.. but I guess we are both equally comfortable w/ getting beta sw running on omap ;-)
[15:21] <shiznebit> hmm
[15:22] <shiznebit> well ill shoot him an email
[15:22] <hyc> I wonder if he's uploaded 2009-09c yet, since that is what's being loaded on these machines
[15:22] <robclark> so.. what's the the TB todo list for multimedia? Anyone get 720p material playing yet?
[15:23] <hyc> robclark: 720p is still a problem for H264
[15:23] <hyc> mpeg4 is fine
[15:23] <hyc> I would guess mpeg2 is also fine
[15:23] <robclark> I don't think 3530 will quite hack 720p for H264... H263 or MPEG4 should be fine
[15:23] <robclark> yup
[15:23] <shiznebit> whats the difficulty with H264 ?
[15:23] <robclark> H264 is more difficult to parse
[15:23] <shiznebit> not fast enogh ?
[15:24] <robclark> more expensive to parse, that is, in terms of CPU/DSP cycles
[15:24] <robclark> not quite
[15:24] <hyc> well... it *may* be ok if you have some H264BP media
[15:24] <hyc> geektechbrief or somesuch is H264BP and that works, actually
[15:24] <hyc> Hulu is H264MP, and that's just not supported by the DSP
[15:24] <robclark> AFAIK, 3630 should be able to do H264 720p... maybe 3440 can too (higher clock).. I'm not really sure..
[15:24] <hyc> and the CPU is too slow
[15:25] * shiznebit flips off the TouchBook-LogBot
[15:25] * shiznebit flips off the TouchBook
[15:25] * shiznebit flips off the AlwaysInnovating
[15:25] <robclark> it will be interesting to see what can be done if ffmpeg is ported to DSP..
[15:25] * shiznebit flips off himself
[15:26] <hyc> yeah... mru has already started on that, but seems to have hit many snags
[15:26] <robclark> I guess I should find a USB DVD player... I guess if I can find one that works ok with the TB, I should be able to watch DVDs..
[15:27] <hyc> just copy them to usb flash
[15:27] <hyc> me neither
[15:27] <robclark> tru..
[15:27] <shiznebit> RIPS FTW
[15:28] <pliny> Handbrake is your friend ;-)
[15:28] <hyc> pch?
[15:28] <shiznebit> Mace does your N810 do h264 ?
[15:28] <hyc> too bad there's no video out on the touchbook
[15:29] <hyc> 1080p is kinda academic too given the 1024x600 screen ;)
[15:29] <hyc> but whatever. as a tablet it wouldn't make much sense
[15:29] <mjr> you could get usb to vga and not watch any decent video through that!
[15:29] * robclark thinks the TB should have had video out
[15:30] <hyc> yeah, Gregoire said he regretted not having time to get that in
[15:30] * mjr doesn't think it's a big deal for such a device
[15:30] <hyc> but that just gives fodder for the next version ... ;)
[15:30] <hyc> most xvids I've tried work fine
[15:31] <hyc> they're the same as mpeg4
[15:31] <hyc> except for the ones that aren't :P which I haven't found yet
[15:31] <hyc> I think it just has totem and gnome-mplayer
[15:31] <hyc> not sure what a tablet mode player would need to do
[15:32] <shiznebit> rotate ?
[15:32] <hyc> yes, and all of the DSP support is done thru gstreamer
[15:32] <robclark> I don't know if any atom netbooks have HD video out yet.. it would have been cool for an ARM netbook to be the first one to play HD video to TV..
[15:32] <shiznebit> robclark: they have vga
[15:32] <yoru> there are a few
[15:32] <hyc> rotate works fine, now. I fixed that for 2009-09b ;)
[15:32] <robclark> vga != HD
[15:32] <shiznebit> but whats the max out on supported ?
[15:32] <yoru> those that use gma 500 can encode h264 through that
[15:33] <shiznebit> yoru: we have the same core as the gma500
[15:33] <hyc> gma500 is the same graphics accelerator as omap3530
[15:33] <hyc> though we don't know if the clock rates are the same
[15:33] <shiznebit> i think they would be
[15:33] <yoru> and? robclark just wanted to know wether any atom netbooks can play hd videos^^
[15:33] <yoru> gma 500 ones can
[15:34] <shiznebit> and so can ours
[15:34] <shiznebit> just not h264
[15:34] <yoru> yes^^
[15:34] <robclark> any idea what the clock is on gma500?
[15:34] <yoru> for the cpu or the gpu?
[15:34] <robclark> gpu
[15:35] <yoru> 200-250 says one source
[15:35] <shiznebit> its on wikipedia
[15:35] <shiznebit> http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/PowerVR
[15:35] <robclark> ahh, just found http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Intel_GMA
[15:35] <yoru> yes, 200 and 250
[15:35] <yoru> ar 200
[15:35] <yoru> i mean
[15:36] <shiznebit> well thats the graphics
[15:36] <yoru> gma 950 is 250
[15:36] <shiznebit> not the DSP ?
[15:36] <robclark> ahh, gma500 is sgx535
[15:36] <shiznebit> yeah dont know how fast that is
[15:37] <shiznebit> but we have the 540, no ?
[15:37] <hyc> sgx530
[15:37] <shiznebit> nvm
[15:37] <shiznebit> lol
[15:37] <robclark> I'm not sure exactly what the diff is between 530 and 535.. but I guess at least in the PC it is clocked higher
[15:37] <robclark> omap4 will have 540
[15:37] <shiznebit> yeah
[15:37] <shiznebit> i was looking to far into the future
[15:39] <shiznebit> wait a sec
[15:39] <shiznebit> thats not the DSP
[15:39] <robclark> nope.. that is the gpu..
[15:40] <hyc> sgx5xx is just the GPU
[15:40] <robclark> one of many processors on the chip ;-)
[15:40] <hyc> but we have no specs on how to use it for video decode acceleration
[15:40] <shiznebit> so wheres the DSP
[15:40] <hyc> c64x+
[15:40] <hyc> it's part of the IVA2.2 subsystem
[15:41] <hyc> one of you TI guys needs should rewrite the DM6467 H.264MP decoder to use OMAP3's video accelerators instead of HDVICP
[15:41] <hyc> needs to / should
[15:42] <shiznebit> heh
[15:42] <mjr> We have "you" TI guys here? Yes, "you" do that :]
[15:42] <shiznebit> tell the omap peeps
[15:43] * hyc nudges robclark ....
[15:43] * robclark ducks
[15:43] <hyc> doh...
[15:43] <robclark> I'm actually a bit curious about the DM6467... I need to find out more about what hw accel's it has
[15:44] <hyc> yeah. I've actually started looking at the HDVICP wrapper library
[15:44] <hyc> but lacking real docs on the OMAP IVA, there's not much I can do with it
[15:45] <robclark> do you have a link where you find it? I can at least compare to the NDA TRM... and maybe say if they are somehow comparable or not
[15:45] <hyc> all I have is the 3430TRM
[15:45] <hyc> which has a lengthy chapter on IVA, quite a bit more than the 3530 TRM
[15:45] <robclark> ok.. that might be the same as I have..
[15:46] <hyc> it doesn't describe anything at all about vlc acceleration, which I recall is listed as one of its features
[15:47] <hyc> and since CABAC is one of the more processor intensive bits, that would be useful...
[15:55] <mturquette> robclark: still haven't gotten the email. will check later tonight. bye!
[15:55] <robclark> mturquette: doh
[15:58] * robclark (n=robclark@nat/ti/x-cpnzeheclspqbnxf) Quit ("be seeing you")
[16:00] <shiznebit> hyc: what would be needed done to the DSP ot get h264 working ?
[16:00] <hyc> shiznebit: not a simple question. h264 bp already works
[16:00] <hyc> h264mp/hp, not yet
[16:01] <shiznebit> i mean flash works, how much more resources do you need
[16:01] * DJW|Home (n=djwillis@82-46-19-72.cable.ubr02.bath.blueyonder.co.uk) has joined #touchbook
[16:01] <hyc> I have the feeling that there are sufficient resources for 720x480
[16:01] <hyc> maybe even 1280x720
[16:01] <hyc> though I'm not so concerned with anything higher than 1024...
[16:02] <hyc> it's just a matter of getting the code. if TI would give me access to their current source code and docs it would probably be only a couple days work.
[16:03] <shiznebit> whats the chance of convincing TI
[16:03] <hyc> right now they're trying to decide if it's worth it to them to support this use case
[16:06] <mjr> MaceN8x0, well, you could have a small companion hd if you plan on watching media from it
[16:06] <mjr> but *shrug*
[16:07] * mjr is just waiting for reports on build quality and usb on the second batch anyway ;]
[16:12] <shiznebit> stupid green movement BS
[16:12] <shiznebit> shhh
[16:12] <shiznebit> dont tell
[16:12] <hyc> eh... some of it is BS...
[16:13] <drantin> my dad got an email about his, I ordered two months before him and he filled out the questionaire such that he didn't want it until the OS was more mature -_-
[16:13] <hyc> CARB was a good thing, smog wise
[16:13] <drantin> while I filled it out that I like using experimental OSes >_>
[16:14] <hyc> heh...
[16:14] <drantin> he just called me to brag about it -_-
[16:14] <hyc> no, he added a comment on the survey "and make sure i get mine before my son"
[16:15] <hyc> probably
[16:15] <hyc> I know I'm not gonna stick mine to the fridge all day
[16:16] <hyc> no it holds fine
[16:16] <hyc> but i prefer being able to use it with a real keyboard
[16:16] <hyc> I guess I can just ssh into it
[16:17] * DJWillis (n=djwillis@82-46-19-72.cable.ubr02.bath.blueyonder.co.uk) Quit (Success)
[16:18] <hyc> wtf is up with the guy and his smart UK-style kettle?
[16:18] <drantin> you could get a lirc-compatible remote and try with that
[16:19] <drantin> mplayer supports lirc :P
[16:19] <drantin> or you mean a media browser?
[16:19] <drantin> pfff
[16:20] <drantin> just make a media browser that calls mplayer
[16:20] <hyc> yeah, the watch_hulu app just calls mplayer
[16:20] <hyc> yeah
[16:20] <hyc> I wrote that
[16:20] <hyc> it's in 2009-09b
[16:21] <shiznebit> can i send you a cookie hyc
[16:21] <shiznebit> ?
[16:21] <drantin> does it work anything like http://wiki.multimedia.cx/index.php?title=MPlayer_youtube_script ?
[16:22] <hyc> shiznebit: hm... I don't like browser cookies. but I'll take peanut butter / chocolate chip ;)
[16:22] <shiznebit> heh, how about cash ?
[16:22] <drantin> MaceN8x0: or sshfs ;)
[16:22] <drantin> etc, etc
[16:22] <hyc> lol... shiznebit: you can paypal me hyc@highlandsun.com
[16:23] <hyc> not necessary tho...
[16:23] <shiznebit> lollol
[16:23] <hyc> drantin: it is a lot more complicated to get hulu media
[16:24] <drantin> figured
[16:24] <hyc> it's not just a single URL...
[16:25] <hyc> the current app is a somewhat bulky perl script.
[16:25] <hyc> I really ought to rewrite it in C, that would save a big chunk of memory
[16:26] <shiznebit> oh
[16:26] <shiznebit> hyc: may i give it a go ?
[16:26] <hyc> no, it uses rtmpdump, wget isn't enough
[16:26] <hyc> shiznebit: knock yourself out
[16:26] <shiznebit> wheres the script ?
[16:26] <hyc> you can download the image.squashfs or the rootfs tarball and pull out the script
[16:27] <hyc> /usr/bin/ai/various
[16:27] <shiznebit> ah
[16:30] <hyc> it would have been nicer if we could use the DSP
[16:33] <hyc> I should say, the watch_hulu script was a collaboration; Gregoire added the frontend to it and we kicked it back and forth between us a few times
[16:34] * robclark (n=robclark@nat/ti/x-wamrrtgsiykamsmb) has joined #touchbook
[16:36] <hyc> hm, on the topic of other devices... I wonder if anyone has figured out how to get one of these embedded OSs running on a Motorola z6c
[16:36] <hyc> Mine is gathering dust since I got my G1 phone but it would have been a pretty nice handset if it wasn't running such a slow UI
[16:40] <hyc> ok, back on topic...
[16:41] <hyc> the lack of a video output means I can't use this to replace my laptop for conference trips / presentations
[16:41] <hyc> so i guess I need to find a USB vga dongle
[16:42] <hyc> the other thing missing is an office app for presentations... I don't think openoffice will run well in 256MB
[16:43] <shiznebit> hyc: if only you had access to the bootloader and the drivers
[16:43] <shiznebit> to the motorola z6c
[16:43] <hyc> yeah
[16:44] <hyc> I hate to see otherwise good hardware held back by crap software
[16:44] <shiznebit> dumb companies think their drivers are so incredible
[16:44] <shiznebit> when infact the mostly suck
[16:44] <robclark> hyc: I've seen a screenshot of openoffice running on an n900
[16:45] <robclark> so I guess it should run on a TB
[16:45] <yoru> they "run" but how good?
[16:45] <robclark> (but not sure if it would be slow)
[16:45] <shiznebit> i wouldn't bother with openoffice
[16:45] <shiznebit> abi ?
[16:45] <robclark> it would be interesting to try.. openoffice does a pretty good job with all the word docs and ppt presentations I come across
[16:46] <robclark> TB or an n900 would be a nice thing for meetings
[16:46] <shiznebit> whats puppylinux use
[16:46] <shiznebit> n900 has video out ?
[16:46] <robclark> (but OOo isn't the lightest sw in the world)
[16:46] <robclark> not sure.. I assumed it does
[16:46] <robclark> let's see what google says
[16:47] <shiznebit> There is an addon for SeaMonkey, see the menu "Graphic --> FullerScreen slide presenter".
[16:47] <shiznebit> Abiword has a presentation mode, quite nice. Lobster has used it recently to create a web presentation:
[16:47] <shiznebit> so my pick would be Abi
[16:47] <hyc> hmm, I just started Abiword for the first time a minute ago
[16:47] <hyc> will take a look
[16:48] <shiznebit> http://www.puppylinux.com/blog/?viewDetailed=00938
[16:48] <hyc> I guess if I just export the presentation to pdf then evince will be fine
[16:48] <hyc> but i usually need to make last minute changes too...
[16:48] <robclark> looks like n900 should do at least ntsc/pal output.. with some nokia video cable..
[16:48] <robclark> hmm, at least vga out would be nice..
[16:51] <shiznebit> any clue on how they do it
[16:51] <shiznebit> is it built in ?
[16:51] <shiznebit> is this real ?
[16:51] <shiznebit> http://www.dealextreme.com/details.dx/sku.11209
[16:52] <robclark> the video out? or usb<-->vga?
[16:52] <shiznebit> the usb<-->vga
[16:53] <robclark> hmm, no idea
[16:53] <yoru> btw: how is agnubis?
[16:53] <yoru> as presentation software
[16:54] <yoru> never used it
[16:55] <hyc> never heard of it till now
[16:55] <hyc> ok, the TB has abiword 2.6.8
[16:56] <yoru> was a part of gnome office
[16:56] <hyc> looks like the dev stream 2.7 has a presentation mode
[16:56] <yoru> is not active anymore, but could be used for rudimental presentation.
[16:58] * hyc_tb (n=ai@ has joined #touchbook
[17:10] <hyc_tb> openoffice is quite a pig
[17:11] <hyc_tb> I think eve if it were available I wouldn't use it here
[17:11] <hyc_tb> it seems that a fair chunk of it is in java, yes?
[17:12] <hyc_tb> yeah
[17:12] <hyc_tb> might as well have written it in C
[17:12] <hyc_tb> I'd rather have mature tools...
[17:13] <hyc_tb> and didn't actually fix any of C's problems
[17:13] <hyc_tb> not to mention, I don't like leaving my optimizations in someone else's hands (JIT, jvm)
[17:14] <hyc_tb> Android uses their own jvm, yeah
[17:14] <hyc_tb> fortunately you can still use the shell
[17:14] <hyc_tb> yeah
[17:15] <hyc_tb> It only got tolerable for me with root access and connectbot
[17:15] <shiznebit> if dalvik had jit
[17:15] <shiznebit> that would make things much fast
[17:15] <shiznebit> well you have a n810
[17:15] <hyc_tb> heh, that's pushing it. I just had uninstalled a bunch of apps cause they were slowing everything down
[17:16] <hyc_tb> stupid things and their background services that I couldn't turn off
[17:16] <hyc_tb> who the hell writes servers in java anyway, that's just freakin stupid.
[17:16] <hyc_tb> yes, but iphone processes aren't each jvms
[17:17] <hyc_tb> yes
[17:17] <hyc_tb> damned annoying, but what's more annoying is that memory ran low in the first plave
[17:17] <hyc_tb> place
[17:17] <hyc_tb> running each app inside its own jvm
[17:18] <hyc_tb> just totally braindead
[17:18] <hyc_tb> no, there's no swap by default
[17:18] <hyc_tb> it blows my mind that people are wasting their time porting android to beagleboard
[17:19] <hyc_tb> I'm going to other way, I want to run angstrom on my G1
[17:19] <hyc_tb> hmm. is that open now?
[17:19] <hyc_tb> could give maemo a try I guess
[17:19] <hyc_tb> yea
[17:20] <hyc> hmmm... android and maemo are both using a 2.6.29 linux kernel
[17:20] <hyc> can't be that big a problem
[17:23] <hyc> yeah, that works
[17:23] <hyc> but now that I have USB tether working, I don't use wifi as much
[17:23] <hyc> right
[17:23] <hyc> of course, usb tether probably kills the TB battery, because it charges the G1 as long as it's plugged in
[17:24] <hyc> true
[17:24] <hyc> 12000 and 6000
[17:25] <hyc> it's definitely got juice...
[17:26] <hyc> heh. sounds like the number of happy people in this forum is going to go up significantly
[17:26] <hyc> yeah...
[17:27] <hyc> I'm sure it was on their side too
[18:03] * spvensko (n=spvensko@nom19918a.nomadic.ncsu.edu) has joined #touchbook
[18:03] <spvensko> hi, is this netbook currently available for purchase?
[18:04] * spvensko (n=spvensko@nom19918a.nomadic.ncsu.edu) Quit ()
[18:30] <drantin> must not be that used to irc if he quits that quickly :/
[18:31] * asciiforever (n=jon@ has joined #touchbook
[18:36] * tommd (n=Thomas_D@70-59-140-243.ptld.qwest.net) has joined #touchbook
[18:38] * spvensko (n=spvensko@nom19918a.nomadic.ncsu.edu) has joined #touchbook
[18:39] <hyc> anyone with so little patience is probably not a good prospective customer ... ;)
[18:40] <spvensko> referring to me? i am going over a talk i have to give tomorrow with a group, didn't want to be rude so i shut my lid :)
[18:44] <yoru> wasnt rude. at least not in my perspective. but about your question: you can order one today, but the devices are manufactured in batches, and are send out according to where you are on the waiting list
[18:44] <yoru> at least that is what i know.
[18:45] <spvensko> ah... seem pretty interesting but i'm not sure if i can justify $400 on a toy just yet :/
[18:45] <spvensko> will definitely keep an eye on it
[18:46] <yoru> well i think its just as good as many other tablets/netbooks, but cooler and cheaper
[18:46] <yoru> so a better choice :P
[18:46] <spvensko> i agree
[18:46] <spvensko> it's just i have a netbook already :(
[18:47] <yoru> well. then its a question, wether you like your old one
[18:47] <spvensko> nope
[18:47] <spvensko> i would have purchased a touch book yesterday if it were 10" :)
[18:47] <yoru> the tb can play 720p videos, which in x86 terrain, only ones with gma500 chipset can
[18:48] <spvensko> i'm not concerned with video playback, just python scripting and small sql databases
[18:48] <yoru> well its 8,7" ^^ big enough for me. but, well its your decision. a netbook+tablet with 10 hours battery life and only 400$ is a great deal, that i havent found anywhere else yet
[18:48] <spvensko> i am waiting for the haiku OS ARM port for me to definitely decide
[18:48] <spvensko> if that goes through i'll purchase one
[18:49] <shiznebit> umm ???
[18:49] <shiznebit> haiku
[18:49] <shiznebit> ?
[18:49] <spvensko> http://www.haiku-os.org/
[18:49] <yoru> http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Haiku_(operating_system)
[18:50] <drantin> gah, another person I linked to the touchbook site is getting theirs shipped, and I still don't have an email -_-
[18:50] <drantin> I preordered over a month before them ;_;
[18:50] <shiznebit> drantin: yeah i sent gregoir an email
[18:50] <shiznebit> we'll see what he says
[18:50] <spvensko> the book OS seems pretty nice
[18:51] <shiznebit> the book ?
[18:51] <shiznebit> you mean touchbook
[18:51] <spvensko> touch book OS, sorry
[18:51] <drantin> I can wait just fine if I have to, I'll just complain every now and again ;)
[18:51] <drantin> no long rants though, promise
[18:51] <spvensko> how is the support so far?
[18:51] <spvensko> des the community seem to be growing?
[18:53] <spvensko> i also have a MBP which I hate... and a C2D desktop and will be ordering a ~26 core ~64 GB RAM workstation soon too
[18:53] <tommd> The community is funny - they will comment on the forum about a wiki change they want to see...
[18:54] <spvensko> odd indeed
[18:54] <spvensko> why do something yourself when you can convince someone else to do it for you? :)
[18:54] <tommd> It seems ok, but my main (real) objection is the lack of any developer community. Where is the repository? How about the mailing list?
[18:54] <spvensko> so is stylus typically a no-no with this screen?
[18:54] <yoru> you can use one
[18:55] <spvensko> aww, the OS doesn't have a repo? :(
[18:55] <spvensko> can you use .debs with it?
[18:55] <tommd> I've heard people using one - but it sounds like some stylus's will work better than others.
[18:55] <hyc> the OS is basically angstrom
[18:55] <tommd> spvensko: It isn't debian based
[18:55] <spvensko> what is it based on?
[18:55] <tommd> spvensko: Its OpenEmbedded based.
[18:55] <hyc> so you can just install openembedded and built it yourself
[18:55] <tommd> Angstrong based
[18:55] <spvensko> honestly if haiku OS gets an ARM port then you may be able to draw some of the Haiku fanbois in
[18:55] <hyc> uh huh.... as if BeOS ever had a large following
[18:55] <tommd> hyc: They have patches, for example, that they simply pasted to the wiki! That is not exactly a great method.
[18:56] <hyc> tommd: I know
[18:56] <hyc> but they're still in bootstrap mode
[18:56] <hyc> they're obviously not intentionally withholding anything
[18:56] <tommd> Yes, but like investments its better to start early.
[18:56] <hyc> every time we ask to see something it gets published
[18:56] <hyc> I have no doubt that they're using git internally
[18:56] <tommd> Yes, I'm not knocking their openness - just community organization.
[18:57] <hyc> but obviously their infrastructure is still weak
[18:57] <tommd> Some things really have to come from them and an ML and repo are two of those things.
[18:57] <spvensko> hyc: any addition to the community is better than no addition :)
[18:57] <tommd> ("have to come from them" as opposed to us outsiders providing it, if that wasn't clear)
[18:58] <hyc> right
[18:58] <drantin> spvensko: it uses .ipk files
[18:58] <spvensko> i see
[18:58] <hyc> at the moment I'm a little stumped; my latest kernel build doesn't run with their latest root filesystem
[18:58] <spvensko> i'm definitely interested
[18:58] <asciiforever> evening folks
[18:58] <hyc> but it still works with the earlier images
[18:59] <asciiforever> has anyone successfully updated their OS following the directions on the wiki?
[18:59] * tiredofwa (n=irchon@ has joined #touchbook
[18:59] <drantin> it's the same file packaging system used by the zaurus and openembedded projects
[18:59] <drantin> s/file/app/
[18:59] <hyc> asciiforever: I've updated several times
[19:00] <asciiforever> i seem to be missing something... i have accomplished only making my card unbootable
[19:00] <hyc> anyway, what's more important, i think, is to get their machine-specific OS patches into the openembedded repo, and then into the Linux mainline
[19:00] * hyc_g1 (n=hyc@ Quit (Remote closed the connection)
[19:00] <hyc> and that's been underway
[19:00] <hyc> (oops, looks like my phone just died, time to recharge...)
[19:01] <hyc> as for mailing list vs forum, it's a tossup. since they have a forum, I'm not too bothered about a mailing list
[19:01] * tiredofwa is now known as jtb_
[19:02] * jtb_ (n=irchon@ Quit (Client Quit)
[19:03] <spvensko> wonder what it would take to get the touchbook at best buy and wal mart
[19:03] <spvensko> impossible i know but one can dream
[19:03] * jtb_ (n=irchon@ has joined #touchbook
[19:03] <hyc> impossible today, yeah. they would need to be pretty big to engage a distributor that can sell in to such large chains.
[19:03] <jtb_> so how many people have gotten the tb or the email
[19:04] <hyc> jtb_ I guess you're referring to the september batch, since I got mine 5 weeks ago
[19:04] <jtb_> yes I am
[19:04] <spvensko> hyc: like i said, one can dream :)
[19:04] <spvensko> who knows, maybe if it makes a big enough splash in the future
[19:05] <jtb_> I am expecting to get one this batch
[19:05] <jtb_> unless gregoire does not like me personally
[19:05] * jtb_ (n=irchon@ Quit (Client Quit)
[19:07] <spvensko> holy crap, it's magnetic? sweet
[19:08] <asciiforever> spvensko: the magnets aren't built in
[19:08] <asciiforever> but it comes with some
[19:08] <spvensko> ah, i see
[19:08] <shiznebit> and you have to pull them apart
[19:08] * spvensko (n=spvensko@nom19918a.nomadic.ncsu.edu) Quit ()
[19:08] * jtb_ (n=irchon@ has joined #touchbook
[19:09] * jtb_ (n=irchon@ Quit (Remote closed the connection)
[19:09] <tommd> jtb_: I did and I've seen a number of people comment they have on the forums.
[19:09] * jtb_ (n=irchon@ has joined #touchbook
[19:10] <jtb_> he must hate me
[19:11] <tommd> jtb_: Sounds personal - if he asks I'm going to tell him I've never heard of you.
[19:12] <hyc> lol
[19:12] <jtb_> it's too late
[19:12] <pliny> Just got a USPS email about 4 minutes ago. I've been checking obsessively...
[19:13] <jtb_> This has been logged already
[19:13] * jtb_ (n=irchon@ Quit (Client Quit)
[19:13] <hyc> mmm, that reminds me, I ordered a backlit keyboard from my laptop on ebay
[19:13] <hyc> and it's being sent here from hong kong
[19:14] * edt (n=Ed@dsl-216-221-38-250.aei.ca) Quit ("Leaving")
[19:14] * jtb_ (n=irchon@ has joined #touchbook
[19:14] <hyc> hope it isn't coming by boat, since there was just an earthquake in the pacific and there's a tsunami alert now
[19:15] <pliny> Only a little one. Alert said 2 feet here in Oregon.
[19:15] <hyc> ah ok
[19:15] <pliny> It's coming on top of hight tide though, in a little less then three hours.
[19:16] <hyc> was wondering when it's due to hit
[19:16] <tommd> Everyone go surfing.
[19:16] <hyc> someone must be tracking it in realtime right now, wonder if there's a satellite image on the web
[19:19] <hyc> ah, the warning's been cancelled
[19:20] <pliny> Really? NOAA's still showing it... Not that I have to worry here in the Metro area...
[19:21] <hyc> their web site is really slow, they must be getting pummeled
[19:21] <hyc> http://www.prh.noaa.gov/ptwc/?region=1
[19:24] * shiznebit (n=chatzill@ool-18b998ed.dyn.optonline.net) Quit (Read error: 60 (Operation timed out))
[19:24] <asciiforever> hyc, do you update with gunzip, install-sd.sh, or updater.exe?
[19:25] <hyc> this last time I just zcat'd the sdcard.gz to dd
[19:25] * shiznebit (n=chatzill@ool-18b998ed.dyn.optonline.net) has joined #touchbook
[19:26] <drantin> hurrah for dd
[19:27] <asciiforever> if i say i think my sd card is on /dev/mmcblk0, does that sound sane? because i tried gunzip | dd and install-sd.sh and neither worked
[19:27] <asciiforever> i was about to boot windows and try updater.exe
[19:27] <hyc> yeah, /dev/mmcblk0 sounds right
[19:28] <hyc> zcat sdcard.gz | dd of=/dev/mmcblk0
[19:28] <hyc> but that will take a very long time to write the entire card
[19:28] <hyc> I will probably never update this way ever again
[19:29] <hyc> are you using the stock 8GB SD card?
[19:30] <asciiforever> yes
[19:30] <hyc> I would do it all by hand, and ignore the script (even though the script probably just does the same things...)
[19:30] <hyc> download the partition-SP-8GB file
[19:30] * drantin will probably format his card, extract the gzipped file, and cp -a or rsync it over
[19:30] <hyc> and dd that directly to /dev/mmcblk0
[19:31] <hyc> that will rewrite the partition table.
[19:31] <asciiforever> dd: opening `/dev/mmcblk0': Permission denied
[19:31] <hyc> you have to be root
[19:32] <asciiforever> that was with sudo
[19:32] <hyc> then your linux machine is screwed up
[19:32] <asciiforever> :(
[19:32] <hyc> mebbe you have selinux or apparmor in your way
[19:33] <pliny> Or the protect switch on the card in the worng position....
[19:34] <pliny> er.. wrong
[19:34] <asciiforever> switch looks write
[19:34] <asciiforever> er, right
[19:34] <pliny> Just a thought... ;-)
[19:35] <pliny> What does an ls -l of /dev/mmcblk0 say?
[19:36] <drantin> and does `fdisk -l` list it?
[19:36] <asciiforever> pliny: nothing useful
[19:37] <asciiforever> drantin: yes, with 3 partitions
[19:38] <pliny> ascii, what distro are you using?
[19:38] <asciiforever> ubuntu
[19:38] <drantin> wait, what command are you using to write exactly?
[19:38] <drantin> Is the root access for the whole command, or just on the one side of the | ?
[19:39] <tommd> good question.
[19:39] <asciiforever> now there's a thought
[19:39] <pliny> Doesn't *buntu run everything through SCSI emulation? Are you sure you don't have a /dev/sd* entry for it?
[19:39] <asciiforever> i have sda, which is my hard drive
[19:39] <asciiforever> just that and mmcblk0
[19:39] <pliny> Odd.
[19:40] <hyc> mmcblk0 is the right device
[19:40] <hyc> I'm using ubuntu jaunty and that's the device I use
[19:40] <drantin> asciiforever: try `gunzip whatever | sudo dd of=/dev/mmcblk0`
[19:40] <hyc> that should work
[19:40] <pliny> Well, now I'll be ready when my reader arrives from NewEgg...
[19:40] <hyc> but screw this sudo crap and just do "sudo -s" and stay root until you're done with the whole process.
[19:41] <drantin> sudo -i
[19:41] <asciiforever> is zero output initially a good thing?
[19:41] <drantin> yes
[19:41] <asciiforever> cool
[19:42] <drantin> asciiforever: check `man dd` to find out how to get the progress
[19:42] <tommd> humm, usps says it doesn't know about my tracker number. Guess they're e-mail goes out before the db gets updated.
[19:42] <hyc> yes, the partition table is only 512 bytes, one sector
[19:42] <hyc> that should take no time
[19:42] <hyc> but if you're unziping the sdcard that will take hours
[19:43] <pliny> USPS tracking is only really good for telling you the package arrived. Before it gets there, there won't be any updates unless it has to travel *really* far.
[19:43] * spvensko (n=spvensko@rrcs-24-199-144-166.midsouth.biz.rr.com) has joined #touchbook
[19:43] <asciiforever> tommd: usps' website has never had info on any tracking number i've ever received until something like 2 days after i was issued the number
[19:43] <tommd> asciiforever: I'll probably have the package by then.
[19:43] <tommd> oh well
[19:43] <asciiforever> yep
[19:44] <pliny> Tommd: You're in Portland, right? I'm guessing it'll hit Thursday if we're lucky, with Friday being more likely.
[19:45] <spvensko> where is the factory for the touchbook?
[19:45] <tommd> spvensko: Baghdad.
[19:46] <spvensko> hehe, probably seems that way with the wait huh? :P
[19:47] <hyc> pretty sure it's all made in China
[19:47] <hyc> like most other stuff these days
[19:47] <spvensko> how much lead is in it? will it kill me if i lick it?
[19:48] <shiznebit> yeah
[19:48] <hyc> i suppose it might if you lick the battery contacts....
[19:48] <shiznebit> rather how much dimethylmercury leaks from the battery
[19:48] <shiznebit> :P
[19:50] <tommd> I'm confused: I thought I read something about AIOS 9c being made to fix a couple bugs and ship with the latest TBs. Is this the case and we just don't see the latest OS on the support page or are the TBs shipping with version 9b?
[19:50] <asciiforever> so i guess the touchbook should come with a "do not lick" warning?
[19:50] <shiznebit> well "do not touch" warning
[19:51] <asciiforever> it already has that
[19:51] <tommd> "Do not play with happy fun ball"
[19:52] <tommd> "Do not taunt happy fun ball"
[19:53] <drantin> hehe
[19:53] <hyc> I think they are shipiing with 9c
[19:53] * drantin wonders if that came from somewhere besides sluggy freelance
[19:53] <hyc> and they just haven't uploaded it yet
[19:54] <drantin> ah
[19:54] <drantin> it's from SNL
[19:54] <tommd> drantin: You _must_ get the SNL commercial episode and watch the whole thing as punishment for being under-informed.
[19:55] <drantin> pfff, it apparently aired when I was in 1st grade
[19:57] <tommd> Hum... I must have been in 3rd grade.
[19:59] <spvensko> tommd: i can't find a link :(
[20:00] <tommd> http://www.nbc.com/saturday-night-live/video/clips/happy-fun-ball/229058/
[20:01] <spvensko> ty
[20:02] * shiznebit (n=chatzill@ool-18b998ed.dyn.optonline.net) Quit ("Thoughts of a Terrorist: Eh, whatever !")
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[20:33] <yoru> bye
[20:33] * yoru (n=yoru@ Quit ("Verlassend")
[20:33] * jtb_ (n=irchon@ Quit ()
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[20:49] <asciiforever> man, next time i'll make sure to plan well ahead for the os upgrade
[20:49] * tommd (n=Thomas_D@70-59-140-243.ptld.qwest.net) Quit (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
[20:50] <spvensko> asciiforever: what do you mean? were you the one having kernel issues?
[20:50] <drantin> dd permission problems
[20:50] <asciiforever> no, it's just taking a long time to write everything to the sd card
[20:50] <hyc> yeah, figure 8GB at 6MB/sec
[20:50] <hyc> a long long time
[20:51] <hyc> which is why I don't use that approach any more
[20:51] <hyc> just set the partitions, copy the boot files, dd the image.squashfs, and you're done
[20:51] <hyc> takes couple minutes, tops
[20:51] <asciiforever> you should add that to the wiki
[20:52] <hyc> about 23 minutes to write the sdcard.gs file
[20:52] <hyc> gz
[20:53] <hyc> I'll add a note about that
[20:53] <asciiforever> my dd is reporting 1.8 MB/s
[20:53] <hyc> then you're going to have a longer wait...
[20:54] <asciiforever> clearly
[20:54] <hyc> ah, no edit privs on the page
[20:54] * drantin would leave it on and go to sleep
[20:54] <hyc> guess I'll edit the talk page
[21:02] <hyc> hm, the wiki page refers to 2009-09c but it's still not up
[21:09] <asciiforever> maybe a typo? i mean, 09b was just released this week, right?
[21:14] <hyc> could be
[21:41] * asciiforever (n=jon@ Quit ("Ex-Chat")
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[22:12] * drantin is now known as otaku
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[22:44] <Corsac> hyc: Gr??goire referred to a c too
[22:45] <hyc> yeah I think they've just been too busy preparing shipments
[22:45] <hyc> the new upload probably won't happen till the shipping is done
[22:45] * tommd (n=Thomas_D@ Quit (Remote closed the connection)
[22:45] <Corsac> hyc: http://www.alwaysinnovating.com/forums/viewtopic.php?f=17&t=211#p845
[22:45] <hyc> but I think the changes are pretty minor
[22:45] <Corsac> yeah
[22:46] <fooq> good morning
[22:46] <hyc> morning
[22:46] <fooq> i may repeat myself, but have you heard of a international order being processed?
[22:46] <hyc> as for the USB accessories wiki page; I thought it was pointless to list items that are already included and working with the touchbook
[22:47] <hyc> there's no reason to search for another USB wifi adapter; the included one works fine
[22:47] <hyc> fooq - haven't heard
[22:47] <fooq> thx. regarding this accessories table: hard to maintain imo.
[22:48] <hyc> that too, but whatever - if people want to put the effort in, fine
[22:48] <hyc> still I think it's kind of silly
[22:49] <hyc> as long as a device doesn't require an x86 blob for its driver, it will work.
[22:49] <fooq> i think there are misunderstandings about the 'aliennature' of the tb ;)
[22:49] <hyc> perhaps
[22:49] <fooq> usb still is usb, know what i mean? ;)
[22:49] <hyc> right
[22:49] <hyc> and linux is linux
[22:49] <fooq> ack
[22:50] <hyc> i don't know of any USB devices with x86/binary blob drivers, really
[22:53] * jofjdi (n=jsherman@user-10lfcke.cable.mindspring.com) Quit (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
[22:53] * jofjdi_ is now known as jofjdi
[22:58] <hyc> well, it says they still have orders to process thru the rest of this week
[22:58] <hyc> so people who haven't been emailed yet may still get a note in the next day or two
[23:00] <spvensko> does the touchbook have support for displaying to an external monitor? ie a VGA or HDMI port?
[23:00] <hyc> nope
[23:00] <hyc> we were just whining about that lack a few hours ago here
[23:01] <otaku> usb-vga adapter :D
[23:01] <hyc> need to find a nice USb VGA dongle
[23:01] <spvensko> so it IS possible, just not with the stock hardware?
[23:01] <hyc> anything you can plug into a USB port will work
[23:01] <hyc> so pretty much anything is possible
[23:02] <spvensko> i see
[23:03] <hyc> http://www.usb-ware.com/usb-2-vga-adapter.htm
[23:03] <hyc> up to 1600x1200
[23:03] <hyc> plenty for most purposes
[23:03] <otaku> just need to make sure about linux drivers
[23:04] <hyc> yeah
[23:04] <hyc> I wonder if any of these have S-Video or YPbPr outputs
[23:04] <otaku> maybe component, but I wouldn't bet on either of those :/
[23:05] <hyc> video capture cables. sigh.
[23:06] <Corsac> boh, still no mail :(
[23:06] <fooq> mhm...
[23:06] <otaku> hyc: there are external vga-tv adapters though
[23:06] <fooq> hey, does the tb actually have a mic built in?
[23:06] <hyc> nope, not built in
[23:06] <fooq> in one of the board pics there is just the mic connector
[23:06] <hyc> it has the line-in jack
[23:07] <hyc> the mic connector is there, nothing plugged into it
[23:07] * spvensko (n=spvensko@rrcs-24-199-144-166.midsouth.biz.rr.com) Quit ()
[23:07] <fooq> ok.. thanks.
[23:07] <hyc> vga to component video
[23:08] <hyc> $79.00
[23:08] <hyc> http://www.svideo.com/pctocomponent.html
[23:08] <hyc> that's way expensive for what's essentially a sum and difference circuit
[23:10] <hyc> http://www.usb-ware.com/usb-2-vga-dvi-hdmi-adapter.htm
[23:12] * otaku is now known as drantin
[23:13] * Meiz_n810 (n=Meizirkk@ has joined #Touchbook
[23:15] <hyc> http://www.nslu2-linux.org/wiki/HowTo/AddVGAAdapter
[23:27] <ratonk__> (2:20:43 PM) Tristan ...: i was out of value on old shanghai cecll so can't call anymore
[23:29] <ratonk__> opus
[23:33] * killring (n=killring@ Quit ()
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