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[3:27] <andrel> hi
[3:28] <andrel> the current feature-set of the touchbook comes close, but does not quite meet what I wanna have, so here's a few questions regarding follow up products:
[3:29] <andrel> 1) are there any plans for a followup product yet?
[3:29] <andrel> 2) what about one of those hard-surfaced touchscreens? I'm always anxious to break something with the soft ones..
[3:30] <andrel> 3) what about the OMAP4 processors, from what I hear they're an awful lot faster than the OMAP3
[3:31] <andrel> 4) will a successor support the new SDXC instead of SDHC? This would bring terabyte storage capabilities, at least in the future when SD cards for this exist
[3:31] <andrel> thanks in advance for the answers...
[3:35] <dpb> You'll have better luck on the forums, or mailing contact@alwaysinnovating.com, there's no always innovating people here to answer those questions.
[3:36] <andrel> ah ok I see, so I'll drop them an email instead. Thanks!
[3:38] <dpb> I doubt they'll release any info about those though. :)
[3:39] <dpb> they most likely have ideas how to make the device better in the next product, but I doubt they have any solid plans yet
[3:40] <dpb> 3. OMAP4 is quite in the early stages, nobody uses them yet, so there's poor support for it. OMAP3 is quite widely used and has great support all over.
[3:42] <andrel> yes that's true, maybe they'll leave it to some bigger company to find the processor and driver bugs before starting to implement stuff themselves. I know from my own experience as an embedded developer that you can spend quite some resources on that topic ;)
[3:43] <dpb> Yeah. :)
[3:45] <mjr> some people on #openmoko have guestimated that sdxc cards _might_ be usable on sdhc controllers that aren't hidden behind some more abstract interface (such as usb mass storage), but that probably still remains to be seen
[3:45] <andrel> ah, I hadn't heard of that, interesting!
[3:47] <andrel> in case I'm going to buy a touchbook despite the current drawbacks for me: from the pictures I see on the web, the 3 internal USB slots are arranged in a way that gives very limited physical space to the one pre-allocated with the bluetooth dongle. How much space is there really?
[3:48] <andrel> 'cause I don't need bluetooth at all but instead I need GPS and I need an UMTS surfstick, both of which don't tend to be as small as a bluetooth dongle
[3:49] <mjr> (the addressing hasn't really changed, but there seems to be slight uncertainty if the new sdxc cards support the same physical signaling...)
[3:49] <mjr> anyway, I'll stress the _might_ again, until further testing
[3:50] <mjr> but, the good news is that you could always stick a usb reader inside the TB ;)
[3:50] <mjr> (if it's small enough)
[3:50] <mjr> oh yeah, except if you fill it with other stuff :]
[3:51] <andrel> ;)
[3:53] <Q_Continuum> Any ideas if the touchbook is going to be available from any retailers/distributors? (online or brick'n'mortar?) and if so, when?
[3:54] <mjr> (#openmoko says there's not been further disproval or confirmation of the above sdxc speculation, apparently the spec isn't quite final at least to their knowledge)
[4:00] <andrel> mjr: I remember reading that some manufacturer sells the first SD cards compliant to SDXC standard just a few days ago, so it can at least be assumed stable if not realeased yet..
[4:00] <dpb> Q_Continuum: Haven't heard anything about that.
[4:12] <koen> andrel: have you seen omap4 silicon already?
[4:12] <koen> andrel: I haven't, and I work at TI :)
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[4:56] <andrel> koen: interesting information :) and no, of course I haven't and probably won't until I buy some device coming with it in the future. Here in the CE business we're more in MIPS and SH4 than Arm
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[7:23] <fooq> news? someone got mail yet?
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[7:27] <dpb> Haven't heard of any.
[7:29] <fooq> thx. will ask again at Wednesday midnight :/
[7:29] <Corsac> yeah, good idea
[7:29] <Corsac> it's too early anyway
[7:29] <fooq> the big question is still, whether it is us-only or not
[7:29] <Corsac> it's 0730 west coast :)
[7:29] <fooq> haha ic ;)
[7:30] <Corsac> I'm fairly certain it's not us-only
[7:30] <fooq> so you're up early
[7:30] <Corsac> no, I'm not west coast :)
[7:30] <fooq> hope so
[7:30] <fooq> aha
[7:30] <Corsac> well, I'm west coast, but from europe :)
[7:30] <fooq> ;)
[7:30] <Corsac> though my tz is not west coast :)
[7:30] <fooq> yeah. gmt+1 here
[7:30] <Corsac> I didn't yet receive a mail but I'm quite confident I'm part of that batch
[7:31] <fooq> you ordered in May?
[7:31] <fooq> I did in june
[7:31] <dpb> Corsac: will you jump from the top of a building if you're not in it?
[7:31] <dpb> I did in June too.
[7:32] <Corsac> nah, ordered later
[7:32] <Corsac> and nah, won't jump :)
[7:32] <fooq> btw. ... missing git repos and such stuff normally needed in terms of openness...
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[9:01] * MaceN8x0 checks the calendar
[9:03] <dpb> Yep.
[9:07] <dpb> No?
[9:09] <dpb> Gregoire said the credit cards will be processed latest at Wednesday
[9:10] <dpb> http://www.alwaysinnovating.com/forums/viewtopic.php?f=3&t=199
[9:11] <dpb> No idea, they're not telling anything about the queue
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[14:47] <hyc> koen: I see you've committed my mplayer patch to oe. I couldn't see the corresponding drivers/video/omap2/omapfb patch though, did you get that too?
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[15:59] <Laurenceb> hi
[15:59] <Laurenceb> is the touchbook shipping yet?
[16:05] <hyc> I think it's shipping Wednesday
[16:11] * MaceN8x0 grins
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[16:27] * tommd checks email... damn! Nothing from AI.
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[16:53] <Laurenceb> so its been postponed before?
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[19:33] <yoru> hi
[19:34] <tommd> hello yoru
[19:34] <tommd> How are you this morning?
[19:35] <yoru> a bit sleepy, but thats normal :D and how are you?
[19:35] <tommd> Doing well, just waiting out the days till my TB arrives (no, I haven't gotten an e-mail about the recent batch).
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[21:01] <zooko> I just told the folks on #sugar that I think the touchbook might be my ideal device for deploying sugar for my children and me.
[21:02] <tommd> I don't let my kids have sugar.
[21:02] <tommd> / joke
[21:05] <zooko> :-)
[21:09] <ryuo> talking about adding rocket fuel to a child ;P
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