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[3:15] <fooq> psycho dad, psycho daaaaad
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[5:16] <petrvlasic> Are you currently shipping to Czech Republic?
[5:19] <dpb> "you"? There's no Always Innovating people present in the channel.
[5:20] <dpb> go to the Order tab in the web site, there you'll be able to see where they ship to
[5:20] <petrvlasic> And where can I ask this question?
[5:20] <petrvlasic> OK, thanks
[5:21] <dpb> You can ask in here, but you most likely won't get an official answer. You can ask in the forums, where Gregoire might answer. The most official way is to use https://www.alwaysinnovating.com/company/contact.htm
[5:30] <petrvlasic> I don't know, but Page not found!, The page you tried:??https://www.alwaysinnovating.com/forums/??was not found. You may have used an outdated link or may have typed the address (URL) incorrectly.
[5:32] <dpb> replace https with http and it works, I just noticed that problem myself
[5:33] <petrvlasic> dpb: Oh, thank you.
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[6:35] <srobertson> Does anyone with a device know what their board is dated? Mine is 04/2009, and if it's a prerelease I think that might have something to do with the USB issues.
[6:37] <koen> the usb issues are unrelated to the prelease AIUI
[6:38] <shiznebit> srobertson: did you take it apart yet ?
[6:38] <shiznebit> the touchbook that is
[6:45] <ratonk__> aha enfin des infos importantes ...
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[6:50] <blunderer> ratonk__: you're talking about the news page or did you receive an email?
[6:50] <srobertson> shiznebit: yep, uploading photos to flickr now, write-up in a bit
[6:50] <srobertson> http://www.flickr.com/photos/strobe_cc
[6:57] <DJWillis> koen: am I assuming the USB issues on the AI are the usual issues that are doing the rounds?
[7:02] <shiznebit> thats only the 6000mah ?
[7:02] <shiznebit> what about the 12000 ?
[7:02] <shiznebit> srobertson: ^^
[7:05] <shiznebit> thanks for the pics srobertson
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[7:19] <Corsac> it's too early to receive a mail today
[7:19] <Corsac> and tbh I think it might more be tomorrow or friday
[7:31] <ratonk__> blunderer: mistypem sorry
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[7:44] <koen__> DJWillis: yes
[7:46] <srobertson> shiznebit, np. descriptions are now added
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[8:27] <gnyffel> I've been browsing the logs, wiki and forums for something on mplayer. Is DSP-accelerated mplayer going to work?
[8:28] <gnyffel> I'm asking because while generally I don't mind using totem or whatever, mplayer has the ASS subtitle support I need, unlike (afaik) totem
[8:33] <gnyffel> I'm leaving for the post office. Whenever. o/
[8:35] * koen__ wonders how ass subtitles look
[8:35] <koen__> <insert fart joke>
[8:36] <honk> better than anything else out there :}
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[10:39] <diroots> Macer: no :'(
[10:44] <zooko> I added Touchbook to the wikipedia page on netbooks.
[10:45] <zooko> Sorry, no, to the page on Smartbooks.
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[11:51] <hyc_g1> so far there hasn't been any talk of DSP support for mplayer
[11:51] <hyc_g1> both of the available DSP libraries use gstreamer
[11:53] <Corsac> that would require ffmpeg support, I guess
[11:54] <hyc_g1> but I guess there's no reason we can't write a new library to interface with the codec engine, that ffmpeg could call
[11:55] <koen> hyc_g1: there's also some effort to compile ffmpeg for c64x
[11:56] <hyc_g1> koen: really? who's starting that?
[11:56] <koen> hyc_g1: mru
[11:57] <hyc_g1> that would be excellent
[11:57] <koen> but just getting it compiled is only a small (but important) part
[11:57] <hyc_g1> right
[11:57] <koen> you really want it to follow the xdais rules so you can run other stuff on the dsp as well
[11:58] <hyc_g1> well... we might be using 100% of the DSP
[12:00] <hyc_g1> I think getting one app to work well is more important than sharing, at least at first
[12:01] <koen> xdais isn't really you bolt on later
[12:01] <hyc_g1> but it's the same problem the gpgpu guys will face. at least TI already has an answer here
[12:01] <honk> who cares about anything else though? usually when I watch movies, all I want to do is watch the movie ;P
[12:02] <hyc_g1> right
[12:02] <hyc_g1> it's a bit of a short-sighted perspective
[12:03] <honk> true =)
[12:03] <hyc_g1> there will be faster DSPs down the road that could use this code if it was xdais compliant
[12:03] * koen wishes more dsp projects were open to the public
[12:04] <koen> at least bitblit is open, but is quite specific to the customer usecase
[12:04] * hyc_g1 totally agrees with koen
[12:05] <hyc_g1> I'd like to see if the omap3530 IVA can do anything that the DM6467 HDVICP is doing
[12:05] <koen> I would love the alsalib interface to get moved to the public one so it can get more developers
[12:06] <koen> hyc_g1: you have IVA docs?
[12:06] <hyc_g1> nope
[12:07] <hyc_g1> and if I did it would be NDA so I couldn't do anything useful / open ...
[12:08] <koen> there have been cases where NDAs have been granted to write cool opensource stuff for it
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[12:09] <hyc_g1> hm. what projects do you know of already?
[12:09] <hyc_g1> tommd - you're in Portland?
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[12:11] <merp> greetings, is the website undergoing some issues? Various links not working, including Forums. Have the forums been moved, or are they offline? thanks.
[12:12] <koen> hyc_g1: some ffmpeg and x264 devs have docs
[12:12] <tommd> hyc_g1: Yep
[12:12] <tommd> hyc_g1: I take it you are too?
[12:12] <Corsac> merp: forums work pretty fine here
[12:13] <merp> what url? I have https://www.alwaysinnovating.com/forums/
[12:13] <honk> merp: http not https
[12:13] <merp> but get "page not found" error. ah
[12:13] <merp> just following the link from the support page.
[12:13] <Corsac> yup, you're right the link is wrong
[12:14] <merp> thanks for the correction.
[12:14] <merp> can someone let the webmaster know about the link error on the site? thanks.
[12:15] <Corsac> merp: you can
[12:15] <Corsac> merp: just mail contact@
[12:16] <merp> ok, I'll try, though it seems many weeks long delay in them getting/responding to that email. thanks.
[12:16] <Corsac> not really
[12:16] <Corsac> simple stuff usually get replied in the day
[12:16] <merp> ic
[12:16] <Corsac> stuff about when they ship your touchbook is usually longer ;p
[12:17] <merp> understand that, though it's been other topics and questions in the past, but understood. thanks.
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[12:21] <hyc_g1> tommd: I was in Portland for LDAPCon, just left yesterday
[12:21] <tommd> hyc_g1: Damn! You should have stayed for the Haskell hackathon this weekend.
[12:23] <hyc_g1> heh, didn't know about that. there was a TI / beagleboard booth at the linuxcon tho
[12:24] <hyc_g1> I got to show off the TB there for a few minutes
[12:26] <tommd> Sweet!
[12:26] <tommd> I should have gone
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[12:45] <martinh> i was hoping to have my TB to show off at ohio linux fest this weekend.
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[13:01] <tommd> Anyone else in Portland that I should know about?
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[15:31] <fooq> already seen http://www.alwaysinnovating.com/wiki/index.php/BOM_Board ?
[15:32] <fooq> a LED backlight is mentioned for the 1024x600 tft
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[15:58] <hyc_g1> fooq: what about it?
[16:02] <fooq> i was not aware of led backlight display hyc_g1
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[16:16] <hyc_g1> that seems to be the trend anyway, at least for smaller displays
[16:16] <hyc_g1> less power, more compact, more rugged than CCFL
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[18:35] <Spyrorocks> Does the TouchBook support multitouch?
[18:45] <tommd> Spyrorocks: No (http://www.alwaysinnovating.com/wiki/index.php/Touch_Book_specs)
[18:47] <Spyrorocks> and I guess theres never going to be any windows support
[18:47] <hyc> not unless you count wince
[18:47] <Spyrorocks> true
[18:48] <hyc> windows would suck on a platform like this, with only 256M RAM
[18:48] <hyc> of course, windows sucks on every platform...
[18:49] <Spyrorocks> thats right, the ram would be a huge limitation
[18:50] <Spyrorocks> but ive seen windows 7 modified versions that run at idle using 190mb of ram
[19:02] <GUido-> windows doesn't suck on every platform
[19:02] <GUido-> sadly its hard to beat it for gaming
[19:04] <ripper> cedega has been fine for my gaming for years =P
[19:06] * drantin stopped using cedega when they went a full year without anything other than WoW compatibility updates
[19:12] <tommd> cedega? Heck, I've been happy with native Linux games - forget wine.
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[22:39] <Corsac> hey
[22:39] <dpb> Hi
[22:46] <tommd> yo
[22:53] <Meiz_n810> morning
[22:59] <ratonk__> afternoon guys
[22:59] <tommd> Evening!
[23:07] <Meiz_n810> http://www.total-knowledge.com/~ilya/mips/ugt.html :D
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[23:12] <tommd> Yes, yes - I've seen it.
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[23:43] <ratonk__> Meiz_n810: thx that's nice convention actually
[23:47] <Meiz_n810> :)

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