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[0:01] <Meizirkki> OMFG @ http://innovatingtouch.com/index.php?topic=25.45
[0:01] <Meizirkki> see the #50 reply
[0:01] <Meizirkki> i'm getting scared again :(
[0:52] <Virtual-penguin> I hope this gets USB issue gets solved
[1:17] <Corsac> imho ???they
[1:17] <Corsac> imho ???they're working on it???
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[1:22] <Virtual-penguin> I'm still interested... it's the hacker in me....
[1:24] <Meizirkki_> yeah, mee too, i won't cancel the order :P
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[1:34] <Meiz_n810> well, they still have a whole month to find the fix for my TB :D
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[2:12] <Meizirkki> what kernel has /drivers/power/twl4030_bci_battery.c ?
[2:13] <Meizirkki> i'm lost, it's not in the latest mainline kernel, not in the latest omap-tree :(
[2:18] <Corsac> http://git.omapzoom.org/?p=repo/omapkernel.git;a=tree;f=drivers/power;hb=HEAD
[2:18] <Corsac> I got there via gforge.ti.com, then kernel
[2:20] <Meizirkki> thanks
[2:37] <Meizirkki> i'm trying to build ubuntu kernel for TB, what am i supposed to install on my host-pc before that?
[2:38] <Meizirkki> /home/roope/bin/arm-2009q1-203/bin/arm-none-linux-gnueabi-gcc is needed, how to get it?
[2:48] <Corsac> don't know about ubuntu, but emdebian provides cross compiler packages
[2:48] <Corsac> http://emdebian.org/
[2:50] <Meizirkki> okay, thanks
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[12:15] <tommd> So... what month of the preorders are shipping now?
[12:15] <tommd> Still around March?
[12:16] <tommd> It would be really cool to have a gnuplot graph of the number of preorders in each week - it would be neat to see when the various surges of ordered occurred.
[12:45] <Corsac> we have no idea
[12:55] <tommd> 'We' means you work for AI or the community has no idea?
[12:55] <tommd> ;-)
[12:57] <Corsac> the latter
[12:57] <Corsac> I guess AI has a better idea but they don't really have time to hang here
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[19:35] <shiznebit> anyone around ?
[19:40] <Virtual-penguin> i am, shiz
[19:42] <shiznebit> who might you be Virtual-penguin ?
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[19:42] <shiznebit> and are you a lucky owner of a touchbook ?
[19:43] <Virtual-penguin> just one watching to see how touchbook evolves, no don't ave one yet...
[19:43] <hyc_g1> it looks like it's going in cool directions
[19:44] <shiznebit> hyc_g1: which irc client do you use
[19:44] <shiznebit> ?
[19:44] <hyc_g1> but it's going to have a lot of competition Real Soon Now
[19:44] <shiznebit> or do yog through vpn ?
[19:44] <hyc_g1> on my G1? using fIRC
[19:44] <shiznebit> Real Soon Now..... orly ?? whose the competition ?
[19:45] <Virtual-penguin> it's my kind of gadget... hope they ramp up and get a whole bunch out soon
[19:45] <hyc_g1> there were a lot of ARM netbooks at Computex in June
[19:45] <shiznebit> but will we see them ?
[19:45] <hyc_g1> can't imagine they're far off now
[19:45] <shiznebit> and were they more powerfull than the omap
[19:45] <Virtual-penguin> there will definitely be competition... that is certain, but i like the modularity of the touchbook
[19:45] <hyc_g1> mmm, dunno
[19:46] <hyc_g1> yeah, it still has a lot that's unique
[19:46] <shiznebit> many many +++++++'s
[19:46] <Virtual-penguin> i've built many one offs with the beagle board
[19:46] <shiznebit> one offs ?
[19:47] <shiznebit> what ?
[19:47] <Virtual-penguin> one of a kinds experiments... and with mini-itx's too...
[19:48] <Virtual-penguin> I'm just being patient for the touchbook.... I have nooo idea what progress they are making tho
[19:49] <shiznebit> the hardware is impressive
[19:49] <shiznebit> its the software that still needs to alot of work
[19:49] <Virtual-penguin> have you bought a beagle booard yet?
[19:50] <shiznebit> does the touchbook count ?
[19:50] <shiznebit> otherwise noo....
[19:50] <Virtual-penguin> yes hehe
[19:50] <shiznebit> i wasn't aware it even existed before the touchbook
[19:51] <Virtual-penguin> there are lots of little motherboards around, mini-box.com, mini-itx.com, routerboard, etc...
[19:52] <Virtual-penguin> arduino
[19:53] <Virtual-penguin> waiting for a touchbook is tough.... ;)
[19:54] <shiznebit> not as bad as cartman waiting for game consoles
[19:54] <Virtual-penguin> hmmm no. that bad ROFL
[19:56] <Virtual-penguin> many OS' for the boards too
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[21:00] <Simeon_H> I don't see gregoire around much :/
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