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[1:35] <Macslash> Anyone around whom actually owns this device or has worked with them extensively?
[1:36] <Corsac> Macslash: hyc
[1:36] <Macslash> not great with acronyms
[1:37] <Corsac> aha
[1:37] <Corsac> it's not an acronym
[1:37] <Corsac> it's a nick, but he's not around atm
[1:37] <Corsac> (he's on us west coast, so sleeping atm I guess)
[1:37] <Macslash> yea I scanned the nicklist before assuming it was an acronym
[1:39] <Macslash> I am interested in adapting the device (through software) to turn it into a capable 2-channel touchscreen sound recorder...just had a few questions about specs that are not covered on the website...
[1:40] <Corsac> hmh, Gr??goire is not on irc nowadays, but I think it might warrant a post in the suggestions forum
[1:41] <Macslash> which is down...atleast the link from the site doesn't work...
[1:41] <Corsac> I don't know internal sound capabilities of the device, but it should fairly possible to add a usb sound card
[1:41] <Corsac> though I don't know about linux support
[1:41] <Corsac> (but would be interested)
[1:41] <Corsac> http://www.alwaysinnovating.com/forums/viewforum.php?f=17
[1:41] <Macslash> Well I was thining Audacity
[1:41] <Corsac> works here
[1:41] <Macslash> which is crossplatform
[1:41] <Macslash> or multi-platform really
[1:42] <Corsac> yeah, software is ok, but I thought about drivers for usb soundcards
[1:42] <Macslash> well one of my questions is if the mic port accepts a stereo input...as a "line in" would
[1:43] <Macslash> otherwise your right...doubt my mbox would work on linux
[1:43] <honk> <Corsac> yeah, software is ok, but I thought about drivers for usb soundcards <-- I dont see why usb sound cards wouldnt work on the system :]
[1:43] <Macslash> I used a usb soundblaster on linux...plug'n'play
[1:43] <Macslash> but I don't know about pro hardware
[1:44] <Corsac> yeah I was thinking about pro hw
[1:44] <Corsac> and I really don't know about them
[1:44] <Corsac> honk: you do have real informations about that?
[1:44] <Macslash> I'm pretty sure there is a standard for usb soundcards as far as output goes...
[1:44] <Corsac> pro usb sound cards are not like random soundblaster
[1:45] <Corsac> and anyway, even then, soundcards _do_ require kernel support nowadays
[1:45] <Corsac> kernel/alsa I mean
[1:45] <honk> no, I dont :]
[1:45] <Macslash> the mic port pay work for me...my mixer powers my mic and it outputs to dual XLR as well as stereo 1/8"
[1:46] <Macslash> is the OS on the touchbook embedded or on the SD card?
[1:46] <Corsac> sdcard
[1:46] <Macslash> ah fun-ness
[1:47] <Macslash> I have Ubuntu on another drive..I'll have to give it a go sometime and see if my mbox works without issue...I know it won't work on my gentoo laptop...slimmed that kernel wayyy down.
[1:50] <Macslash> anyone know how much space the internal usb ports take up...and if the bluetooth and wifi cards are actually usb? (I saw that it said 3 ports may not be available due to wifi/bluetooth)
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[1:51] <Corsac> Macslash: yes they are
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[5:48] <asciiforever> good morning, folks
[5:48] <asciiforever> my touch book is still unable to scan for wifi access points. anyone here with an idea?
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[6:03] <Corsac> none
[6:04] <Corsac> MaceN8x0: when did you pre-order?
[6:05] <Corsac> so quite early
[6:05] <Corsac> and you're in the us, and qualified your order at...?
[6:09] <dpb> You could replace a touchbook with an n900? o_O
[6:10] <dpb> They're completely different, meant for completely different purposes...
[6:10] <Corsac> I'll get both :p
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[6:11] <dpb> I'll think about the N900 if the developer program comes, but it wouldn't replace the Touchbook I'm getting.
[6:11] <Corsac> I'll use the n900 as a computer-enabled phone
[6:11] <Corsac> while I'll use the touchbook as tiny laptop
[6:11] <dpb> Yeah, and a Touchbook is actually a computer that one can use..
[6:12] <Corsac> I don't use that much my n810 I have to admit
[6:12] <dpb> My N810 is laying at home completely useless.
[6:13] <Corsac> no way
[6:13] <Corsac> use mer :)
[6:15] <dpb> My first impression about mer: that goal "image" on the maemo.org Mer wiki page is horrible to read...
[6:15] <dpb> Hurts my eyes.
[6:16] <dpb> I should disable site css, might make the web more usable...
[6:24] <asciiforever> anybody know what script or command is getting called by "shutdown" on the start menu? that freakin' thing never works.
[6:25] <asciiforever> so i have no idea how to give this a proper shutdown
[6:31] <asciiforever> ok, xfce4-menueditor says that shutdown calls /usr/bin/quit, but there is no such file or folder
[6:32] <asciiforever> and "shutdown now" says it's taking it down into "maintenance mode", and then it never turns off
[6:32] <pliny> You could try "shutdown -h now" instead.
[6:34] <asciiforever> bingo. thanks, pliny.
[6:34] <pliny> The -h is for halt, which most system interpret as power down.
[6:35] <asciiforever> knowledge ++;
[6:35] <asciiforever> i'll fire it back up in a few and pray that it remembers how to scan for wifi APs
[6:41] <dpb> most systems have a 'halt' command to do the same though, why type extra letters for 'shutdown -h now'...
[6:52] <pliny> That's just my age showing. With shutdown, you can specify times other than "now". You used to want to do that...
[6:52] <dpb> That's only needed on servers with multiple users.
[6:54] <pliny> And not very often these days, yeah. Still, it's what i reach for out of habit.
[6:59] <asciiforever> aaaaaand... still no wifi scanning
[7:03] <asciiforever> touch book is unable to scan for wifi APs
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[7:04] <shiznebit> what happened to the logs ?
[7:04] <asciiforever> shiznebit: logbot hasn't been running for a while
[7:04] <asciiforever> MaceN8x0: yes
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[7:05] <shiznebit> :(
[7:05] <asciiforever> yes
[7:06] <asciiforever> it comes with one without a plastic enclosure, and plugged into an internal usb port
[7:06] <asciiforever> yep
[7:06] <asciiforever> with a flashing led
[7:07] <asciiforever> actually the TB's back panel is transparent enough that you kinda can see the flashing lights inside
[7:07] <asciiforever> especially in a dark room
[7:07] <pliny> asciiforever: Are you using the gui or the command line to scan with?
[7:07] <asciiforever> gui at the moment
[7:08] <pliny> Have you tried something along the lines of "iwlist $ADAPTER scan" fromt he command line?
[7:09] <asciiforever> that works
[7:09] <asciiforever> guess it's just a problem with the provided python scripts
[7:10] <shiznebit> MaceN8x0, you got the touchbook ?
[7:10] <pliny> The gui might be looking the wrong place fore the adapter - or it could just be broken.
[7:10] <shiznebit> i heard the end of september
[7:11] <Corsac> yeah, same here, it's a bit like a race
[7:11] <shiznebit> n900 is end of october
[7:11] <pliny> You can use the command line stuff to connect. There's a good quick howto here: http://www.everyjoe.com/newlinuxuser/howto-use-iwconfig/
[7:11] <Corsac> MaceN8x0: people already received touchbooks though
[7:11] <shiznebit> remember the openpandora hasn't even shipped
[7:11] <shiznebit> ;)
[7:11] <Corsac> shiznebit: n900 is supposed to be available beginning of oct, not end
[7:11] <Corsac> though it's *supposed*
[7:12] <shiznebit> yeah....those on the waiting list have it rough
[7:12] <asciiforever> i remember hearing that pandoras were supposed to ship last november
[7:12] <shiznebit> well one is a multibillion dollar company
[7:12] <shiznebit> another is a startyp
[7:13] <shiznebit> one of what ?
[7:13] <Corsac> MaceN8x0: the thing is, you have no idea (yet) of a nokia deadline
[7:13] <shiznebit> yeah the one who is developing it
[7:13] <Corsac> a strong deadline I mean
[7:13] <Corsac> shiznebit: and few more people
[7:14] <shiznebit> i'v seen the nokia prototype
[7:14] <shiznebit> of the n900
[7:14] <shiznebit> the thing is fucking huge
[7:14] <shiznebit> its the size of the iphone
[7:14] <Corsac> shiznebit: thicker
[7:15] <shiznebit> and as thick as a n97
[7:15] <shiznebit> its the keyboard ....
[7:15] <shiznebit> thats what adds most of the girth
[7:16] <shiznebit> its 1300 mAh
[7:16] <shiznebit> be awesome if it was 1500mAh
[7:16] <shiznebit> and subsidized
[7:16] <shiznebit> will make it $200
[7:16] * MaceN8x0 straps a battery on his back and connects it to the $900
[7:17] <shiznebit> i dont see the point of the n900
[7:17] <shiznebit> if your getting the touchbook
[7:17] <Corsac> shiznebit: phone?
[7:18] <shiznebit> tmobile is cheaper ")
[7:18] <shiznebit> the size ?
[7:18] <shiznebit> you just said your self it was big
[7:18] <shiznebit> compared to most phones
[7:19] <shiznebit> its not pocketale
[7:19] <shiznebit> heh
[7:19] <shiznebit> well i couldn't pocket it
[7:21] <asciiforever> pliny: wifi still isn't cooperating
[7:21] <pliny> does iwconfig say you're connected?
[7:21] <asciiforever> nope
[7:22] <pliny> what command are you using to try to connect?
[7:22] <asciiforever> i've been using "iwconfig ra0 essid ukyedu channel 6 mode managed" but doing iwconfig again after doesn't show any of that
[7:23] <pliny> Try an ifconfig ra0 up and see if that makes a difference...
[7:24] <asciiforever> no, but it was already up because iwconfig failed when it was down
[7:24] <asciiforever> open network
[7:25] <pliny> Are you sure ra0 is the right device? Some adapters show two names?
[7:25] <asciiforever> only other is the loopback
[7:27] <asciiforever> how do i initiate dhcp?
[7:28] <asciiforever> tried "dhcpcd ra0" already... "**** dhcpcd: already running"
[7:28] <pliny> You can use either "iwconfig key off" or "iwconfig key open" - not sure if there's a difference.
[7:28] <asciiforever> you think the already running business is the root of the problems, or is that normal?
[7:29] <pliny> It's probably normal.
[7:29] <asciiforever> because it also says "if not then delete /var/run/dhcpcd-ra0.pid file"
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[7:30] <asciiforever> no process killed
[7:32] <asciiforever> thanks
[7:32] <pliny> No, it's a custom version of Angstrom.
[7:33] <asciiforever> whew, it's connected
[7:33] <asciiforever> deleted the pid file and tried again
[7:33] <asciiforever> long but educational battle, thanks MaceN8x0 and pliny
[7:33] <pliny> Awesome.
[7:33] <pliny> No prob.
[7:34] <pliny> Now I'm off to bed.
[7:34] <asciiforever> later
[7:37] <shiznebit> asciiforever: which state are you from ?
[7:39] <asciiforever> kentucky
[7:40] <shiznebit> thats a far drive
[7:40] <shiznebit> asciiforever, weren't you selling yours ?
[7:40] <asciiforever> my touch book? no...
[7:41] <shiznebit> damn
[7:41] <asciiforever> you must be suffering from wishful thinking syndrome. ;)
[7:41] <shiznebit> who was
[7:41] <asciiforever> don't know
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[9:18] <gnopak> ARM Attacks Intel's Netbook Stranglehold: http://hardware.slashdot.org/story/09/09/16/1527209/ARM-Attacks-Intels-Netbook-Stranglehold?art_pos=1
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[9:32] <Meizirkki> gnopak: "The one huge disadvantage ARM faces is that its processors are incompatible with Windows." sounds soo stupid..
[9:33] * tommd (n=Thomas_D@70-59-141-128.ptld.qwest.net) Quit ("Leaving.")
[9:33] <Meizirkki> I mean it's retarded to say "Processor is not compatible"
[9:33] <Meizirkki> It's the software which lacks hardware support
[9:37] * koen must have been imagining seeing winmo and wince running on arm
[9:38] <honk> koen: you must have imagined winmo and wince being windows
[9:40] <Meizirkki> yes, but winmo and miwce is nothing i would recommend for a normal customer willing to buy a laptop ..
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[9:55] <JoeM> Hello Everyone
[9:56] <asciiforever> hello
[9:56] <Corsac> hey
[9:57] <JoeM> Did anyone see the last posting from "Rumplestilzken" ?
[9:58] <asciiforever> not me
[9:58] <Corsac> url?
[9:58] <JoeM> On the forum... States TB is Not open source
[9:58] <JoeM> I think he quoted you Corsac...
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[9:59] <Corsac> ha, the ai-daemon part maybe?
[9:59] <JoeM> yeah...
[9:59] <JoeM> at least they cut down on the spam :-)
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[10:02] <honk> well, that's easy to remedy - add the gpl headers to the posted sourcecode :]
[10:05] <Corsac> replied
[10:05] <Corsac> honk: aha :)
[10:08] <Corsac> and the recipe says GPL
[10:10] <honk> yeah, but the source doesnt
[10:11] <JoeM> Corsac, how complete would you say the TB and OS is for the average user?
[10:11] <Corsac> no idea
[10:11] <Corsac> I don't own one :(
[10:11] <JoeM> I read hardware was final and no major problems with 2009.09 according to forums.
[10:11] <Corsac> but I'd say the hw is pretty OK while the software needs polishing
[10:11] <Corsac> especially broader testing
[10:12] * dirk2 (n=dirk@p5B040128.dip0.t-ipconnect.de) Quit (Remote closed the connection)
[10:12] <Corsac> the thing is, there's not yet a common use case for the TB
[10:12] <Corsac> and not all uses cases are valid
[10:12] <JoeM> Kool... dont have a clue what that means. LOL
[10:12] <Corsac> ?
[10:13] <JoeM> dont mind me... just got the broader testing
[10:13] <JoeM> I only need it for internet, picture frame and lite spreadsheets.
[10:14] <Corsac> yeah but one (valid imho) use-case is the PIM usage
[10:14] <Corsac> like "mom of many" is requesting about calendar stuff, on the forum
[10:14] <Corsac> the state of PIM on Linux is not really nice atm
[10:14] <Corsac> calendaring, device2device sync etc. is not in a good shape
[10:15] <Corsac> and I don't think there's anything usable on the TB atm
[10:15] <JoeM> Not looking to link... Just slide show of my god children.
[10:15] <Corsac> and I don't know which mail/contact app is installed atm
[10:15] <JoeM> perhaps from a flash drive.
[10:18] <honk> watching pictures with some viewer should be easy enough ;)
[10:18] <JoeM> Can't wait to put it on my fridge!! :-)
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[10:26] <asciiforever> far as i know there isn't a mail/contact app installed
[10:26] <asciiforever> i installed claws-mail though
[10:38] <asciiforever> JoeM: i tried sticking the TB on my fridge once. the magnets jumped off the back of it and onto the fridge. i was like "eh, maybe later."
[10:43] <JoeM> Really? Did you place them according to the forum?
[10:44] <JoeM> I think you have to open it up and align the magnets to the metal plates but on the outside of the cover.
[10:45] <asciiforever> right
[10:46] <asciiforever> but the fridge side was magnet-to-metal, whereas the TB side was magnet-to-padding-to-plastic-to-metal
[10:46] <JoeM> asciiforever: I don't have a TB yet. How complete would you say the TB and OS is for the average user?
[10:47] <asciiforever> the average "has some linux experience" user, or the average "surfs the web and types docs" user?
[10:48] <JoeM> surfs the web type... I read that the harware was final and the OS (2009.09) did not have any major problems.
[10:48] <asciiforever> if you mean the latter, i'd say the OS is not ready in any way
[10:49] <JoeM> I don't expect to get one until October so with you and everyone else helping out - it should be ready (I Hope).
[10:50] <Corsac> re
[10:51] <asciiforever> hopefully, yes. there are definitely other folks who are going to be way more helpful than me though.
[10:51] <JoeM> I have been reading the logs & forums since day one and it looks like the TB is making good progress :-)
[10:52] <JoeM> Well I really appreciate all that everyone has been doing because I don't have a clue unless it is just re-installing software!
[10:54] * evilnick (i=0c140464@gateway/web/freenode/x-jkgbrcomdifkcosd) has joined #touchbook
[10:54] <JoeM> Take Care everyone and keep up the good work!!
[10:54] * JoeM (n=joem@pool-96-228-141-100.tampfl.fios.verizon.net) has left #touchbook
[11:01] <asciiforever> is there anyone here that can quickly confirm that the user ai doesn't have the ability to write to /home/ai ?
[11:05] <Corsac> I'd find that a bit surprising
[11:05] <asciiforever> imagine my surprise
[11:06] <Corsac> this is on a stock TB OS?
[11:06] <asciiforever> i open a terminal, which starts in /home/ai, i type "echo test > test.txt" and i get "sh: Can't create test.txt: Permission denied"
[11:07] <asciiforever> i have copied over the networking scripts with some provided by hyc, and i installed claws-mail through ipkg... that's about all i've done
[11:08] * hyc (n=hyc@101.sub-75-210-46.myvzw.com) has joined #touchbook
[11:08] <asciiforever> oh, and also installed an ipk or two from hyc and the battery monitor that was posted on the forum
[11:09] <asciiforever> since i don't know exactly what those did, i guess i can't make any promises on the state of the OS
[11:09] <hyc> what'd I miss?
[11:09] <asciiforever> on my TB, the user ai can't create files in /home/ai
[11:11] <hyc> wow, that's annoying.
[11:11] <asciiforever> truly
[11:11] <hyc> but you should be able to fix that easily enough
[11:12] <asciiforever> yeah, but i was asking if anyone could confirm it happened elsewhere
[11:12] <asciiforever> or if anyone had heard of it, really
[11:12] <asciiforever> i'm guessing no
[11:15] <Meizirkki> asciiforever, maybe that's beacuse the rootfs is readonly squashfs
[11:16] <asciiforever> if it were something like that though, wouldn't root be prevented from writing there too?
[11:16] <Meizirkki> not if it's mounted ready-only
[11:16] <Meizirkki> http://alwaysinnovating.com/wiki/index.php/OS_architecture
[11:17] <Meizirkki> i don't know if rootfs is squashfs, but there's something about it
[11:18] <hyc> yes it is, but they're using a unionfs with the ext3 on the 3rd partition
[11:18] <asciiforever> the way i thought things work, i could (from the user perspective) write anywhere in the file tree i wanted, but the actual data would only go onto the read/write 3rd partition of the sd card
[11:18] <hyc> everything you write gets stored on the 3rd part
[11:19] <mrwoo> quick question, so if I don't have an SD card reader, I pretty much can't reinstall the OS?
[11:19] <hyc> mrwoo: it is certainly more difficult without, yes...
[11:19] <mrwoo> but is it possible?
[11:19] <hyc> I don't think there's any way to boot an external flash drive
[11:19] <mrwoo> crap'
[11:19] <hyc> so for the moment, I don't think it's possible
[11:19] <asciiforever> in any event, i just did "chown -R ai /home/ai" and i can write there now
[11:20] <mrwoo> might have to make a best buy run...
[11:20] <hyc> who was the owner before you did the chown?
[11:20] <asciiforever> er, guess it would have been helpful to check, huh? :(
[11:20] <hyc> doh
[11:20] * Meizirkki (n=Meizirkk@bbwirelessgw2-feeedc00-64.dhcp.inet.fi) Quit (Remote closed the connection)
[11:22] * Meiz_n810 (n=Meizirkk@bbwirelessgw2-feeedc00-64.dhcp.inet.fi) has joined #Touchbook
[11:23] <asciiforever> need to also figure out why i can't scan for wifi APs in the gui
[11:24] <asciiforever> it's really a shame, hyc, your set of networking stuff was working so well
[11:25] <hyc> asciiforever: check if the interface is up
[11:25] <hyc> dhpcd always brings it down when it exits
[11:25] <hyc> sometimes the script doesn't bring it back up again, and scanning only works if it's up
[11:28] <asciiforever> it's up, but the AP list stays empty. i can give you the terminal output from network_dialog.py if you want.
[11:28] <hyc> sure, paste it somewhere
[11:29] * stlaurentm (n=stlauren@kaikaias.gso.uri.edu) has joined #touchbook
[11:29] * GUido- (i=rossw3@c-71-56-121-229.hsd1.ga.comcast.net) Quit (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
[11:30] * GUido- (i=rossw3@ has joined #touchbook
[11:31] <asciiforever> hyc: http://pastebin.com/m515df67f
[11:32] <asciiforever> lines 2+ were after i clicked the refresh button
[11:33] <asciiforever> same thing using both shipped networking scripts and the ones you provided
[11:34] <hyc> that means the scanning thread didn't get created
[11:35] <hyc> no idea why it wouldn't be
[11:36] <asciiforever> rebooting doesn't help
[11:36] <asciiforever> but i know that reverting the os will...
[11:37] * robclark (n=robclark@pc-a80163.wlan.inet.fi) has joined #touchbook
[11:38] * mjr (i=mjr@ has joined #touchbook
[11:38] <hyc> your output is missing a few lines... after "search for interfaces" it ought to say "got ra0"
[11:38] <hyc> I think your detect_cards script is not working
[11:38] <hyc> run "python detect_cards.py"
[11:39] <asciiforever> returns "ra0"
[11:39] <hyc> ok, that's correct at least
[11:42] <hyc> hm... but this was working before, otherwise the scripts I sent you couldn't have worked.
[11:42] <hyc> or were you only testing on the older OS?
[11:42] <asciiforever> no, i've only had the TB since saturday, it's always been 2009.09a
[11:43] <hyc> ok, so again, you got it to work once. what else changed?
[11:45] <mjr> Hello, in to see how things go with this at least somewhat interesting device. One specific thing of interest to start with; using PowerVR, I recall (for understandable but unfortunate reasons), opengl requires proprietary stuff, framebuffer afaik can be used with free software all the way, so the question arises, can one play video (sd, even, mpeg4 or 2 even) reasonably without proprietary powervr blobs?
[11:45] <asciiforever> it was working yesterday at work. i installed claws-mail with ipkg. took it home, and couldn't scan there. before, i had been using it at home, then brought it to work and it couldn't scan here. that was the day you linked me to your scripts, and i couldn't test them for you until i reverted the os. note that it happened that time without me installing claws-mail, but i did install numptyphysics that time.
[11:46] <hyc> I bet those packages you installed caused some other python package to be updated.
[11:47] <hyc> try this... edit detect_cards.py. at line 21 do you see os.popen( ?
[11:47] <asciiforever> yes
[11:48] <hyc> replace that line with this: list = Popen('<the same command>', stdout=PIPE).stdout
[11:49] <hyc> keep the text of the 'find' command as the first argument to Popen, drop the 'r' argument.
[11:51] <asciiforever> ok, then start the dialog again?
[11:51] <hyc> yep
[11:52] <hyc> hmm... I might have forgotten something. you also have to add shell=True to the Popen argument list
[11:54] <asciiforever> nothing seems to have changed
[11:54] <hyc> did you also add shell=True ?
[11:54] <hyc> and does detect_cards still work by itself?
[11:56] <asciiforever> it seems that detect_cards no longer seems to work
[11:56] <hyc> ok
[11:58] <hyc> I forgot you need to import the definition for Popen. after line 7, add this: from subprocess import Popen, PIPE
[11:58] <hyc> then try detect_cards again
[11:59] <asciiforever> ok, detect_cards works
[11:59] <hyc> ok, now try the dialog again
[12:01] <asciiforever> lots of output that time
[12:04] <asciiforever> awesome... "save" crashes notepad
[12:10] <asciiforever> hyc: http://pastebin.com/m12e4acda
[12:11] <hyc> hmmmm.
[12:11] <hyc> is that the original network_base, or the one I sent you?
[12:11] <asciiforever> at the moment, original
[12:11] <asciiforever> i can swap yours back if you want
[12:11] <hyc> it's the same problem as with detect_cards. the os.popen() call is deprecated
[12:11] * Meiz_n810 gets bored waiting for his TB to ship :(
[12:11] <hyc> apparently it has completely disappeared from the version of python you're now running
[12:12] <asciiforever> think one of the apps i installed downgraded python?
[12:12] <hyc> so it has to be replaced with Popen, in the same way as you replaced it in detect_cards.
[12:12] <hyc> no, more likely upgraded not downgraded
[12:12] <hyc> yeah, switch back to the scripts I sent you
[12:12] <hyc> they're what will be in the next 2009-09 anyway
[12:13] <asciiforever> ok. i have a copy of the whole folder... network_base and network_dialog were yours, right?
[12:13] <hyc> right
[12:15] <asciiforever> and now it's scanning again
[12:15] <hyc> that's with the fixed detect_cards right?
[12:15] <asciiforever> correct
[12:16] <hyc> ok. I just emailed Gregoire about this, but you should probably file something in bugzilla
[12:16] <hyc> saying that "os.popen in the AI scripts needs to be replaced with Popen"
[12:17] <asciiforever> i don't mind to, but you sure you don't want to? you have a better grasp of the problem.
[12:18] <hyc> I don't have a lot of time at the moment, need to run
[12:18] <asciiforever> gotcha
[12:19] * robclark (n=robclark@pc-a80163.wlan.inet.fi) Quit ()
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[12:32] * kec6227 (i=kec6227@cpe-67-242-216-40.rochester.res.rr.com) has joined #touchbook
[12:37] <Corsac> cool, Gr??goire clarified the ai-daemon licence
[12:38] <Meiz_n810> so it's GPL, right ?
[12:38] * Meiz_n810 checks forums
[12:40] <Corsac> yep
[12:45] <kec6227> so if I disconnect all my usb devices and then try to plug something in, I get "Cannot enable port 2. Maybe the USB cable is bad
[12:45] <Corsac> I think it's the autosuspend problem
[12:46] <Corsac> kec6227: when you unplug everything, I guess the hub considers it can suspend itself
[12:46] <Corsac> and never wakes up
[12:46] <kec6227> ok that makes sense
[12:46] <kec6227> I wasn't sure exactly how to enterpret it
[12:49] <kec6227> USB is frustrating :(
[12:49] <Corsac> can you try to boot with autosuspend=0 as a boot arg?
[12:50] <kec6227> I have tried that and it doesn't fix the usb storage thing
[12:50] <kec6227> ooo a new error!
[12:51] <Corsac> and do you have a /sys/module/usbcore/parameters/autosuspend ?
[12:51] <Corsac> (I don't think so since you have usbcore builtin)
[12:51] <Corsac> new error?
[12:51] <kec6227> i2c_omap i2c_omap.3: controller timed out waiting for start condition to finish
[12:51] <kec6227> yeah I do have that file
[12:51] <Corsac> ha
[12:51] <Corsac> what's in there?
[12:51] <kec6227> and it seemed to change according to my bootargs when I tested it
[12:51] <Corsac> can you cat it?
[12:51] <Corsac> ok
[12:51] <kec6227> well right now its 2 cause I removed the bootarg
[12:52] <kec6227> but it changed to -1, and 0 when i tried each of them
[12:53] <Corsac> and when booting with autosuspend=0, did it works better or not at all?
[12:53] <kec6227> didn't work any better
[12:53] <Corsac> exact same symptoms?
[12:53] * kec6227 (i=kec6227@cpe-67-242-216-40.rochester.res.rr.com) Quit ("Leaving")
[12:53] * kec6227 (i=kec6227@cpe-67-242-216-40.rochester.res.rr.com) has joined #touchbook
[12:53] <Corsac> exact same symptoms?
[12:53] <kec6227> oops
[12:54] <kec6227> yeah
[12:54] <Corsac> could you add that info on http://bugzilla.alwaysinnovating.com/show_bug.cgi?id=10 ?
[12:55] <kec6227> oh that turning autossuspend off doesnt help?
[12:56] <kec6227> yeah, there are so many related bugs, but I didn't touch that one
[12:57] <Corsac> so many?
[12:57] <Corsac> I only know about that one
[12:57] <Corsac> (on the TB bugzilla I mean)
[12:57] <kec6227> well there are 2 or 3 bugs related to USB
[12:57] <kec6227> and I suspect they share a common cause somewhere down the line
[12:59] <kec6227> well actually I haven't tried sleep script with autosuspend turned off
[13:00] <Corsac> http://bugzilla.alwaysinnovating.com/show_bug.cgi?id=2#c1 according to Gr??goire it might be hw related too :/
[13:01] <kec6227> I would agree if it were power related, but I am not convinced it is
[13:02] <Corsac> I don't know much more, tbh
[13:03] <kec6227> me either
[13:03] <kec6227> TBH, I am very happy with the TB otherwise.
[13:03] <kec6227> Everything else I wanted it for seems to work.
[13:06] <Corsac> gnagnagna
[13:16] * hyc (n=hyc@101.sub-75-210-46.myvzw.com) Quit (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
[13:18] <kec6227> I cannot for the life of me separate the magnets
[13:18] <kec6227> my fingers are too fat to do what the wiki suggests
[13:20] * Meiz_n810 (n=Meizirkk@bbwirelessgw2-feeedc00-64.dhcp.inet.fi) Quit (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
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[13:28] <Corsac> kec6227: it has been suggested to use a thin knife
[13:31] * hyc (n=hyc@209.sub-75-209-156.myvzw.com) has joined #touchbook
[13:31] * GUido- (i=rossw3@ Quit (Read error: 145 (Connection timed out))
[13:34] <kec6227> Yeah sadly I have had no luck there eitehr
[13:34] <kec6227> either*
[13:34] <kec6227> My only thin knife is too brittle
[13:39] * stlaurentm (n=stlauren@kaikaias.gso.uri.edu) Quit ()
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[16:24] <mrwoo> who ever wrote that battery monitor app, you are friggen awesome
[16:24] <mrwoo> i totally needed that
[16:39] <ripper> thanks, I wish the top battery was accurate though
[16:49] <tommd> it isn't?
[16:49] <tommd> Is it consistent in how inaccurate it is so someone could make a better estimate?
[16:50] * shiznebit (n=chatzill@ool-18b99610.dyn.optonline.net) has joined #touchbook
[16:51] <ripper> the bottom is accurate, there is a problem with the readout on the top battery though ... it will basicly show full power the whole time
[16:52] <shiznebit> whats used first ?
[16:52] <shiznebit> bottom battery or top ?
[16:52] <ripper> but let me know if it works for you ... It has only been tested on my tb ... the top
[16:53] <ripper> its reading the right info from the driver ... its just that my driver readout isnt correct for the top battery
[16:56] <shiznebit> should it be using the bottom battery first
[16:56] <shiznebit> and then top
[16:56] <ripper> na .. each battery has a readout in /sys/class/power_supply/*/capacity
[16:59] <ripper> you can watch them on the command line doing ...
[16:59] <ripper> watch cat /sys/class/power_supply/*/uevent
[16:59] <ripper> keep an eye on the capacity reading as you charge and discharge
[16:59] <tommd> I think his point is that the top battery would actually be full until the bottom is empty. Not sure if thats right, but would explain things.
[17:00] <tommd> Oh - are you saying the sysfs capacity reading is correct?
[17:00] <ripper> na its not that ... its just the readout of the top battery is wrong =)
[17:02] <tommd> Anyone want to use the TB design and make one with an integrated GNU Radio and GPS?
[17:02] <ripper> for some reason /sys/class/power_supply/twl4030_bci_battery/capacity reads 90 or 50 or 5 at full power ... havent tracked down why ... and it does not decrease as it discharges
[17:03] <tommd> Once I get mine I might help hunt down the issue if it isn't fixed by then.
[17:03] <tommd> Do we know how many TBs have been shipped?
[17:03] <shiznebit> tommd: a few
[17:03] <shiznebit> .....
[17:04] <tommd> Just 3... ;-)
[17:05] <shiznebit> still a huge amount of people waiting for theirs
[17:06] <tommd> Yeah - I know and am patiently waiting in line.
[17:06] <tommd> Once they get to filling the July "pre-orders" I'll be thrilled.
[17:06] <tommd> Err, June.
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[23:10] <Corsac> hey
[23:12] <Meiz_n810> morning Corsac :)
[23:21] <Meiz_n810> someone is doing a great work with debian/ubuntu kernels
[23:22] <Corsac> like?
[23:22] <Corsac> (there aren't really managed by the same team afaik)
[23:25] <Meiz_n810> i mean there are big bunch of prebuilt kernels :)
[23:26] <Meiz_n810> i am not a developer i like to use them :P
[23:26] <Corsac> eheh
[23:28] <Meiz_n810> but ofcourse developers are doing all the great work :)
[23:30] * Meiz_n810 feels stupid
[23:32] * Q_Continuum (n=Q_Contin@75-168-114-76.mpls.qwest.net) has joined #touchbook

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