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[14:14] <Corsac> \o/
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[16:59] <mrwoo1> so any new findings on the USB issue?
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[17:00] <kec6227> not from me
[17:01] <mrwoo> its so frustrating. I love this little device, but I can only use it for a minute or two before I lose almost all functionality
[17:01] <kec6227> hmmm that sounds like a different issue than what I am having
[17:01] <mrwoo> my keyboard and mouse completly stop working
[17:01] <kec6227> I don't lose functionality. I just can't get it to recognize usb storage
[17:02] <pliny> Have you tried a powered hub?
[17:02] <mrwoo> pliny: what do you mean
[17:03] <kec6227> as in a separate usb hub with its own power supply?
[17:03] <pliny> Yeah. The people with usb storage problems have said keyboads and mice work fine. Flash drive *shouldn't* take more power, but you never know...
[17:03] <kec6227> yeah I thought it was a power issue too
[17:04] <pliny> Testing with a powered hub would tell you for sure
[17:04] <kec6227> yeah my tests with keyboards and mice work fine too
[17:04] <mrwoo> I lose all usb functionality. keyboard, mouse, wifi, usb storage, and most recently accelerometer
[17:04] <kec6227> well I tested with an external Hd with its own power source, does that count?
[17:04] <pliny> Definetly.
[17:05] <kec6227> I will double check now, but last time I tried, it didn't work
[17:05] <pliny> If a powered HD failed, then it isn't a power issue.
[17:06] <kec6227> yeah same issue with my HD
[17:06] <kec6227> so I must be setting something up wrong, but I don't know what
[17:07] <kec6227> for some reason this mac I was using won't change the geometry of one usb flash drive I have
[17:07] <pliny> The geometry should only be an issue for booting from SD card.
[17:08] <kec6227> that's what I thought
[17:08] <kec6227> but I was told otherwise last night
[17:08] <kec6227> hmm then I really have no idea what it could be
[17:08] <kec6227> I turned off autosuspend and that didn't help
[17:08] <kec6227> my dmesg is posted in the forums
[17:09] <pliny> I think I saw that...
[17:09] <kec6227> I don't think it is the hardware becuase other devices work, would you agree?
[17:10] <pliny> Yeah.
[17:10] <pliny> I think I have a lead... Hold on a sec...
[17:10] <kec6227> k
[17:10] <kec6227> thanks
[17:12] <pliny> It's the kernel spazzing I think. Try plugging "device descriptor read/64. error -71" into google and you'll see some stuff.
[17:12] <kec6227> I have
[17:12] <kec6227> and no solution I found has worked
[17:13] <kec6227> most of them involved turning off autosuspend
[17:14] <kec6227> oh and the removing module ehci-hdc doesn't work cause there is not module of that name
[17:14] <kec6227> I am not sure of the equivalent
[17:15] <mrwoo> ok, so check this out
[17:15] <mrwoo> nvm
[17:16] <pliny> echi would be built into the kernel and unloadable on the Touch Book, I think.
[17:16] <kec6227> right, do you know if I could add it to modprobe.conf and have it work there?
[17:17] <mrwoo> can anybody tell me what this line means:
[17:17] <mrwoo> hub_port_status failed (err = -19 )
[17:17] <pliny> The two most like fixes I've seen browseing around are the autosuspend one you tried, and a plain fdisk/reformat the drive under windows.
[17:17] <pliny> I don't think so.
[17:17] <kec6227> mrwoo: I am not sure
[17:18] <kec6227> yeah I have tried several different formats for my flash drive
[17:19] <pliny> Have you tried a normal format with no special options since you got autosuspend turned off?
[17:19] <pliny> Wait. You just said you'd tried a normal HD, nevermind.
[17:19] <kec6227> yeah I have tried normal FAT32 and EXT3
[17:21] <pliny> If I were you, I'd add it to http://bugzilla.alwaysinnovating.com/
[17:21] <pliny> That way, they can track it.
[17:23] <pliny> Or if buzilla give you the same kind of migraines it gives me, I'd send you dmesg log to the help desk and let them enter it.
[17:23] <kec6227> hmm yeah I should ( I was really hoping it was a simpler issue)
[17:23] <kec6227> nah I will enter it to bugzilla later
[17:23] <pliny> er.. spelling fail. I was saying send your log to the help desk.
[17:24] <kec6227> I am sure the help desk never wants to hear me again
[17:24] <kec6227> I sent a few emails before they started shipping with questions and I just had to communicate again because they forgot my wifi dongle
[17:25] <pliny> Even if the answer turns out to be simple, it'd be good to have it somewhere Gregoire @ Co can see it.
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[17:25] <pliny> And search for it if it rears it's ungly head again in six months.
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[17:25] <kec6227> true, dinner time so afk for a bit
[17:26] <pliny> same here, as witnessed by my crappy typing. have a good meal.
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[17:58] <kec6227> back
[17:58] <mrwoo> back
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[17:59] <GUido-> sorry I've been afk, my main PC got zapped
[17:59] <GUido-> lost my router and my backup HDD
[17:59] <mrwoo> damn
[17:59] <asciiforever> that sucks
[17:59] <GUido-> yeah
[17:59] <GUido-> just glad I didn't lose my RAID
[18:02] <asciiforever> has anyone here had an issue where the touchbook wouldn't scan for wifi networks?
[18:02] <mrwoo> asciiforever: yep
[18:02] <mrwoo> but then again, I'm having a lot of issues with my touchbook
[18:03] <GUido-> yeah, mine's been finnnicky
[18:03] <asciiforever> have you stumbled upon any way to fix it?
[18:03] <mrwoo> nope
[18:03] <mrwoo> all i know is that it's uber messed up
[18:04] <GUido-> restart usually works
[18:04] <asciiforever> it happened to me yesterday, and i fixed it by... wiping the 3rd partition on the SD card
[18:04] <mrwoo> like, anything that uses usb fails within minutes of starting
[18:04] <asciiforever> and it's happening now
[18:04] <mrwoo> just restarting it doesn't work, I have to wait a few minutes too
[18:05] <asciiforever> AttributeError: 'NoneType' object has no attribute 'scan'
[18:09] <asciiforever> whoooooa, weird... the network dialog wouldn't show any networks, and output that ^ to the terminal, but my touch book went ahead and connected to my home network
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[19:45] <ripper> debug hell
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[22:48] <Corsac> hey
[22:51] <dpb> Hi
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[23:00] <Meiz_n810> morning
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[23:13] <Corsac> hyc1: http://www.engadget.com/2009/09/15/lenovo-t400s-touch-hands-on-and-impressions/
[23:14] <Corsac> they get the same impression as you with the touchbook
[23:15] <hyc1> heh heh
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[23:15] <hyc> Hey, I had lunch with Gregoire today
[23:17] <Corsac> huhu
[23:17] <Corsac> he had time for that?
[23:18] <hyc> it turned out to be a working lunch, we spent some time trying to debug a crash in eye of gnome
[23:19] <hyc> probably looked odd in the restaurant, two of us there with our touchbooks in front of us, a bunch of SD cards and flash drives scattered around
[23:21] <Q_Continuum_> heh
[23:23] <Corsac> :)
[23:24] <Q_Continuum_> I wish I had a touchbook to play with in a restaurant :-(
[23:24] * Q_Continuum_ is now known as Q_Continuum
[23:24] <Corsac> yeah, same here
[23:24] <Corsac> I'm especially puzzled at the usb autosuspend bug
[23:25] <hyc> usb seems to be persistently flaky
[23:25] <hyc> I'm guessing now that there's not enough power to run all of the USB ports at full 500mA each
[23:25] <Corsac> ouch
[23:26] <Corsac> that'd be a pretty bad news
[23:26] <hyc> I discovered that tethering my G1 phone only worked if the DC power supply was plugged in when I plugged in the phone.
[23:26] <Q_Continuum> So the question becomes, how much power IS there for USB?
[23:26] <hyc> this could also mean that my phone is trying to draw more than 500mA though. need to dig in deeper to be sure.
[23:27] <Corsac> I'm gonna update the forum thread
[23:27] <hyc> eh, at this point it's just a blind guess.
[23:28] <hyc> and I'm not at home with my meters and such to check, on the road for a few days.
[23:29] <hyc> I guess I could also test it by unplugging the wifi and bluetooth dongles first, and see if it makes any difference.
[23:30] <Corsac> yeah, that's what I asked the reporter to do on the forum thread
[23:31] <Corsac> will add a note to the bug report too
[23:34] <hyc> we also chatted a bit about future possibilities. in some ways you guys are lucky, the version of hardware you get will have most of these hardware bugs fixed
[23:34] <hyc> It sounds like each batch has a few more things fixed compared to the previous batch
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[23:36] <hyc> so it really is a question of how much trouble you can put up with, in the early versions
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[23:37] <dpb> Q_Continuum: 500mA per usb socket
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[23:43] <Corsac> hyc: I'm ok with debug stuff, though it might be easier for international shipments, to send bug-less (as much as possible) hardware
[23:43] <Corsac> for you it's possible to check stuff with Gregoire physically, maybe test parts and stuff like that
[23:44] <Corsac> not really possible here, I guess
[23:44] <hyc> well, this was a convenient meeting. I'm visiting silicon valley for other work reasons. otherwise I'm in LA.
[23:45] <Corsac> ok
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