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[0:21] <hyc> y'know, this is really making me want to dig up the old Bellcore MGR source code again.
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[0:23] <hyc> Something like that would probably fly, and still use up less than 1M of RAM. It really sickens me to see the process sizes of simple apps these days.
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[1:02] <ratonk_> hi
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[7:08] <viridior> back
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[10:49] <viridior> Gentoo is working on the Touch Book
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[10:53] <Linkreincarnate> hi all
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[10:56] <asciiforever> hello all
[10:58] <asciiforever> anyone awake?
[10:58] <Linkreincarnate> just got my touchbook today!
[10:58] <asciiforever> as did i, minutes ago
[10:58] <Linkreincarnate> hello
[10:58] <Linkreincarnate> Ilike the large enter button but the spacebar is kinda small
[10:58] <asciiforever> since you're a new touch book owner as well, i have a question for you
[10:58] <Linkreincarnate> shoot
[10:58] <asciiforever> something is loose and sliding around in the keyboard half of mine
[10:59] <asciiforever> don't suppose you have that as well?
[10:59] <Linkreincarnate> mine too
[10:59] <asciiforever> ah
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[10:59] <Linkreincarnate> maybe a weight?
[10:59] <asciiforever> i haven't heard that mentioned before
[10:59] <kec6227> hey anyone who has their TB around?
[10:59] <Linkreincarnate> I'm on mine
[10:59] <asciiforever> i do, but i JUST got it
[10:59] <asciiforever> not powered on yet
[10:59] <kec6227> me too, i have just looked at the hardware
[11:00] <kec6227> the wiki says one free internal USB... I have 2 free
[11:00] <kec6227> did I not get a wifi card?
[11:00] <Linkreincarnate> I only opened mine upfor a moment
[11:00] <kec6227> cause I don't see one in there, but I could be missing it
[11:00] <Linkreincarnate> It's chhargingrightnow
[11:01] <kec6227> ah
[11:01] <Linkreincarnate> but I had two dongles inside
[11:01] <kec6227> oh I only have one, a nub which I assume is the BT
[11:01] <asciiforever> mine has two dongles
[11:01] <Linkreincarnate> one for bluetooth that is barely more than a nub and a ling naked wifi one
[11:01] <asciiforever> same here
[11:01] <kec6227> oh so I didn't get a wifi one, that is disappointing
[11:01] <asciiforever> yeah, really...
[11:01] <asciiforever> you should contact AI
[11:02] <kec6227> I am about to
[11:02] <shiznebit> boot it up
[11:02] <Linkreincarnate> wifi looks like a circuit board to look again and see if you see any part that you thought was mothherboard connected by usb
[11:02] <shiznebit> i highly doubt they forgot it
[11:02] <Linkreincarnate> or go to networking andtry to connect to a wifi net
[11:02] <shiznebit> btw when did you guys pre-order
[11:03] <Linkreincarnate> august
[11:03] <kec6227> no little circuit board things in here
[11:03] <Linkreincarnate> hmm
[11:03] <kec6227> yeah I just turned it on and tried and it sees not wifi either
[11:03] <kec6227> which there are like 10 near me
[11:03] <kec6227> I shall submit a ticket
[11:03] <Linkreincarnate> yeah good idea
[11:03] <asciiforever> preorder march 10 for me
[11:04] <asciiforever> but i got mine because i responded to gregoire's call for help
[11:04] <Linkreincarnate> me too
[11:04] <Linkreincarnate> I'm a game and simulation programmingmajorat devry
[11:04] <Linkreincarnate> so this looks good for future jobs
[11:04] <asciiforever> nifty
[11:05] <asciiforever> i write internal-use software at the university of kentucky
[11:05] <kec6227> nice
[11:05] <Linkreincarnate> you guys heard the embinux team got android running on the beagle board?
[11:05] <asciiforever> hadn't heard
[11:05] <asciiforever> is it running *well* or just running?
[11:06] <Linkreincarnate> I was born in the u of k hospitol GO WILDCATS
[11:06] <asciiforever> :)
[11:06] <Linkreincarnate> seemed ok from the video
[11:06] <Linkreincarnate> go to www.embinux.com and you can download a bootable image
[11:06] <GUido-> my touchbook may arrive today, keeping fingers crossed
[11:06] <Linkreincarnate> I'm going to try it latme bugser today after I log so
[11:06] <viridior> yes, the sliding sound is a loose metal plate... hot glue for the win ;)
[11:07] <Linkreincarnate> ewww
[11:07] <shiznebit> shrugs* atleast its something
[11:07] <Linkreincarnate> is there a teardown for the keyboard part?
[11:07] <Linkreincarnate> just screws under the footpads maybe?
[11:07] <viridior> yes, screws are under the plastic nubs on the four corners on the backside
[11:08] <asciiforever> i will be taking care of that in short order then
[11:08] <Linkreincarnate> any delicate wireingto worry about?
[11:08] <Linkreincarnate> like ribbon cable connected to both parts or someting?
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[11:10] <Linkreincarnate> anyone having issues getting www.alwaysinnovating.com to load on their toucbook?
[11:11] <viridior> haven't tried, what version are you running?
[11:11] <Linkreincarnate> everytime I go there it freezes firefox
[11:11] <Linkreincarnate> 2009.a
[11:11] <Linkreincarnate> or of firefox?
[11:12] <Linkreincarnate> 2009-09.a
[11:12] <Linkreincarnate> oh not fennac just firefox in desktop mode
[11:13] <Linkreincarnate> 3.06
[11:13] <GUido-> an by may arrive today, I mean the mailman just dropped it off
[11:13] <Linkreincarnate> i think
[11:13] <martinh> mutt
[11:13] <Linkreincarnate> grats guido
[11:14] <GUido-> thanks
[11:14] <shiznebit> GUido-: are the guido who developed python ?
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[11:14] <shiznebit> or are you a different Guido ?
[11:15] <GUido-> different
[11:15] <Linkreincarnate> so I just squeegeed the air out from behind the protective plastic that comes on the screen and now I HAVE A FREE PRE APPLIED SCREEN PROTECTOR
[11:15] <Linkreincarnate> sorry about the caps
[11:16] <Linkreincarnate> I keep fat fingering stuff on the kb
[11:16] <Linkreincarnate> but the oversized enter key is awsome
[11:16] <viridior> im not a fan of the HOME placement... keep hitting that when im trying to hit ENTER
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[11:18] <GUido-> a small pocket knife works okay for separating the magnets
[11:20] <asciiforever> i'm about to wrestle these magnets
[11:20] <asciiforever> i love this kind of magnet, but these things are seriously stuck together
[11:20] <GUido-> I tore off a piece of cardboard from the packaging to keep them separated in storage
[11:22] <shiznebit> magnets are easiest too pull apart by sliding them off
[11:22] <shiznebit> so take a hammer and start hammering
[11:22] <GUido-> I just slide a small pocketknife blade between them and then twisted it to separate
[11:23] <GUido-> have to be gentle though so you don't cut the rubber pads
[11:24] <asciiforever> yeah
[11:26] <Linkreincarnate> pocketknie + bad idea
[11:26] <asciiforever> i'm trying the knife right now
[11:26] <Linkreincarnate> no offense but you should just put it on the edge of a taable in their edge and push down
[11:26] <asciiforever> the magnets keep pulling the blade away from the spaces between
[11:26] <shiznebit> use the force
[11:27] <shiznebit> i really wouldn't have patience for that
[11:27] <asciiforever> i find your lack of separation... disturbing
[11:27] <Linkreincarnate> lol
[11:27] <shiznebit> lol
[11:28] <GUido-> try a smaller blade, smaller blade = less magnetic force
[11:28] <shiznebit> i'd throw it out the window
[11:28] <Linkreincarnate> there are direction for how to get them apart on the wiki and forums
[11:28] <Corsac> was there another batch received?
[11:28] <GUido-> yup
[11:28] <Linkreincarnate> ce to put the stylus?
[11:28] <Linkreincarnate> crap
[11:28] <GUido-> http://www.alwaysinnovating.com/forums/viewtopic.php?f=3&t=105
[11:29] <GUido-> I got mine in that batch
[11:30] <Linkreincarnate> can anyone ask the forum admin why I was banned?
[11:30] <Linkreincarnate> kinda hard to participate in development without access to the forums
[11:31] <Linkreincarnate> was the site hacked?
[11:32] <GUido-> site looks fine to me
[11:34] <Linkreincarnate> look at my posts and tell me if you see any bannable offenses
[11:34] <Linkreincarnate> I really havent said anythingout of the way so if someone is posting under my name I want to get it taken care of.
[11:36] <GUido-> I checked your user, doesn't show anything for a ban
[11:36] <Linkreincarnate> everytime i try to log in it wont allow it
[11:36] <GUido-> says you visited the site today
[11:37] <Linkreincarnate> says I was permanantly banned
[11:37] <GUido-> 10 minutes ago
[11:37] <Linkreincarnate> I can get onto thhe site but not log in
[11:37] <GUido-> weird
[11:37] <Linkreincarnate> if it says I logged in ten minutes ago that is bs
[11:37] <Linkreincarnate> kill the account if that's the case and I'llmake anew one
[11:37] <asciiforever> i only see four posts for you... nothing that looks like it should result in a ban
[11:38] <Linkreincarnate> exactly
[11:38] <GUido-> Maybe gregoire didn't like your dual Tb idea :P
[11:38] <asciiforever> lol
[11:38] <asciiforever> must have really hated it
[11:38] <GUido-> I'll send a PM to Gregoire
[11:38] <Linkreincarnate> lol
[11:38] <Linkreincarnate> thanks
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[11:39] <GUido-> sent
[11:40] <Linkreincarnate> I appreciate it
[11:40] <Linkreincarnate> not sure whatsup with it I just want to be able to post
[11:40] <GUido-> LinkReincarnate, One of the active members here on the forums, and in IRC was permabanned for the forums. He asked me to contact you to see why he was banned, and to ask for its removal.
[11:40] <GUido-> -Guido
[11:41] <Linkreincarnate> that should get this cleared up
[11:42] <Linkreincarnate> so what video sites are supported ?
[11:42] <Linkreincarnate> YOUTUBE WORKS
[11:42] <Linkreincarnate> srry about caps
[11:42] <Linkreincarnate> sosmalland close to the shift key
[11:42] <Linkreincarnate> does hulu work?
[11:43] <shiznebit> once hyc does his thing, all video sites should work
[11:43] <Linkreincarnate> nice
[11:44] <GUido-> brb
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[11:45] <hyc> ah, not quite....
[11:45] <hyc> hulu works great. other sites, I have no idea.
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[11:46] * GUido-- is now known as GUido-
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[11:51] <shiznebit> hyc: gnash ???
[11:52] <hyc> nope
[11:52] <shiznebit> really there is no gnash for arm ?
[11:52] <hyc> gnash is there, so is swfdec
[11:52] * GUido- (n=rossw3@c-76-105-103-210.hsd1.ga.comcast.net) has joined #touchbook
[11:52] <hyc> but they only support up to flash8 last I checked
[11:53] <shiznebit> whats youtube need again ?
[11:53] <hyc> they both still need a bit of work to support the newer actionscript3 stuff
[11:53] <shiznebit> flash 9 ?
[11:53] <hyc> probably
[11:56] <GUido-> hyc, did they add WPA/WPA2 support in 2009-9a?
[11:56] <hyc> GUido-: it was added in -8b
[11:56] <GUido-> kk
[11:57] <GUido-> having trouble getting my Tb connected
[11:57] <hyc> what are you running, and what kind of WPA are you using?
[11:58] <hyc> ripper reported some problems with WPA-PSK in the -8b stuff, and -9a is pretty much unchanged.
[11:58] <GUido-> yeah I was runnign PSK
[11:58] <GUido-> guess I'll try switching it out
[11:59] <hyc> it would be good to get more detailed test reports on that
[12:01] <Linkreincarnate> is hulu support in 2009-09a?
[12:01] <hyc> http://www.alwaysinnovating.com/forums/viewtopic.php?f=8&t=72&p=294&hilit=wpa_supplicant#p294
[12:01] <Linkreincarnate> cause I cant get it to run
[12:02] <shiznebit> probably not
[12:02] <hyc> it's there, but it's misconfigured so it will crash. it'll be fixed in the next -09.
[12:02] <GUido-> ah he's using TPIK, was trying AES
[12:03] <Linkreincarnate> ok
[12:03] <shiznebit> hyc could i takes a peak at it >
[12:03] <shiznebit> ?
[12:03] <GUido-> think for the time being I'll just switch the network to wep and stop broadcasting SSID
[12:03] <Linkreincarnate> where is te confg file in the meantime
[12:04] <shiznebit> make it open :P
[12:04] <hyc> I think I'll let Gregoire handle that...
[12:04] <Linkreincarnate> you might as ell
[12:04] <shiznebit> basically the same protection
[12:04] <Linkreincarnate> yup
[12:04] <shiznebit> actually its better
[12:04] <shiznebit> less overhead
[12:04] <GUido-> true
[12:04] <Linkreincarnate> and less leagal liablity in an open net
[12:05] <shiznebit> besides sslstripper + retarded neighbors = free credit cards
[12:05] <Linkreincarnate> courts dont understand that just because you put wep or wpa on it that doesn't mean no one else can get onto it
[12:06] <GUido-> it jsut means that they have to try harder
[12:06] <Linkreincarnate> if someone did get into your network to do somethhngn bad the courts would assume it was you with and encrypted network
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[12:06] <Linkreincarnate> but you could easily argue your way out ofit in an open net
[12:07] * GUido- (n=rossw3@c-76-105-103-210.hsd1.ga.comcast.net) has joined #touchbook
[12:07] <shiznebit> it wasn't i who setup the sslstripper at that library hotspot ;)
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[12:08] <Linkreincarnate> i keep an open net and focus all my energy on firewalls, strong passwords, and anti malware
[12:08] <shiznebit> but thats also a reason i don't trust open networks
[12:08] <shiznebit> basically anyone can be running anysoftware on the router
[12:08] <shiznebit> and you pretty much would never know
[12:08] <Linkreincarnate> only if you have a retarded pword for it
[12:09] <shiznebit> what do you mean ?
[12:09] <Linkreincarnate> and make sure you reset itonce a week
[12:09] <shiznebit> even so
[12:10] <Linkreincarnate> I mean that if you manage you network you'll notice something almost immediatly
[12:10] <Linkreincarnate> but if you set it up and forget it you're asking for trouble
[12:10] <shiznebit> if your using some elses connection and they sslstrip + logger, your credit card is going for a party
[12:10] <shiznebit> im saying if your using someelses network
[12:10] <Linkreincarnate> I was talking more about hosting an opennetnot joining
[12:11] <Linkreincarnate> jining is like having unprotected sex with a stripper
[12:11] <shiznebit> even so, how do i know you wont do that ?
[12:11] <Linkreincarnate> fun until you get a virus
[12:11] <shiznebit> the best night, till the morning .....
[12:11] <Linkreincarnate> you dont but I am protected
[12:12] <Linkreincarnate> people joiningyour open net should have no assumption that itis safe for them.
[12:12] <GUido-> working now
[12:12] <GUido-> on my super secret network
[12:13] <hyc> woohoo
[12:13] <Linkreincarnate> but ifyou are the admin of your net you know it's safe for you
[12:13] <Linkreincarnate> nice
[12:13] <Linkreincarnate> wpa is broken already though
[12:13] <Linkreincarnate> 5 miins to crack now
[12:13] <hyc> wpa-psk using TKIP
[12:13] <Linkreincarnate> justlike wep
[12:13] <hyc> and TKIP was crap to begin with
[12:13] <shiznebit> you wont hack AES
[12:14] <Linkreincarnate> nope
[12:14] <Linkreincarnate> that's safe
[12:14] <Linkreincarnate> for now...
[12:14] <GUido-> living in a neighborhood with broadcasted open nets also helps... as why bother looking for yours when there's easier prey
[12:14] <shiznebit> not unless you have 20 EyeInfinitey Cards
[12:14] <hyc> I don't even use wpa-psk, have wpa-eap
[12:14] <Linkreincarnate> open net != easy preyif the admin knows whattheyare doing
[12:15] <shiznebit> not WPA2 ?
[12:15] <hyc> wpa, wpa2, not much difference when you're using eap already....
[12:15] <shiznebit> less overhead
[12:16] <shiznebit> i think
[12:17] <Linkreincarnate> so who's cracked open teir keyboard?
[12:17] <asciiforever> i did
[12:17] <Linkreincarnate> is there enought space to drill a hole to store the stylus?
[12:18] <hyc> sure, plenty of space
[12:18] <Linkreincarnate> nice
[12:18] <Linkreincarnate> I hate havin loose styli
[12:18] <asciiforever> there's enough space for six metal plates for weight, so sure
[12:20] <asciiforever> two of which were sliding around in there
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[12:21] <Guido-Tb> yo
[12:24] * bnovc (n=bnovc@ has joined #touchbook
[12:30] <Guido-Tb> man, the keyboard and mousepad sensitivitywill takealittle getting used to
[12:35] <asciiforever> the mouse cursor movement speed can be configured to something more typical from the control panel
[12:35] <asciiforever> move the acceleration slider up and the threshold down
[12:36] <Guido-Tb> ok thanks
[12:49] <Guido-Tb> that helped quite a bit.. damned small spacebar though...
[12:52] <asciiforever> yeah, i'm used to spacing with my right thumb
[12:52] <asciiforever> so now i keep hitting alt
[12:54] <Linkreincarnate> is the trackpad a little laggy for anyone else I minimised the threshhold and maximsed acceleration but the pad doesn't seem to respond sometimes
[12:56] <Linkreincarnate> it's usually when I first touch the pad it lags for a secong and then begins to work
[12:56] <asciiforever> i haven't used it enough to say
[12:56] <asciiforever> been charging the tablet while i take the keyboard apart
[12:57] <Linkreincarnate> I'm charging it all together
[12:57] <Linkreincarnate> got aout 7 hour to go
[13:00] <Linkreincarnate> guido have you gotten a response from gregorie about the ban yet?
[13:01] <Guido-Tb> lemme check
[13:01] <Linkreincarnate> thanx
[13:02] <GUido-> weird, the message is stuck in my outbox.. not in sent
[13:05] <Linkreincarnate> something must be up with the site
[13:06] <Guido-Tb> possibbnly
[13:08] <Linkreincarnate> i g2g ttyl
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[13:14] <GUido-> hmm
[13:15] <GUido-> mouseapad stopped working
[13:15] <GUido-> make that thewhole keyboard
[13:19] <GUido-> working now... not sure what happened
[13:22] * Guido-Tb (n=ai@c-76-105-103-210.hsd1.ga.comcast.net) Quit (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
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[13:25] <Guido-Tb1> kk
[13:25] * Guido-Tb1 is now known as GUido-Tb
[13:26] * fbott (n=fbott@ool-44c10623.dyn.optonline.net) has joined #touchbook
[13:28] <fbott> Hey guys, congrats on getting your TB's today
[13:29] <fbott> This info you are sharing will be very helpful for those of us who are still waiting.
[13:29] <GUido-> thanks
[13:31] <asciiforever> the more problems solved before the big shipments go out, the better
[13:36] <asciiforever> anybody know how to get the battery status in the OS?
[13:36] <GUido-> hehehe, gettign impatient?
[13:37] <GUido-> I think someone posted something on battery stats in the forum or wiki
[13:37] <asciiforever> me, impatient? never!
[13:37] <asciiforever> NOW TELL ME RIGHT NOW
[13:37] <asciiforever> lol
[13:37] <GUido-> http://www.alwaysinnovating.com/forums/viewtopic.php?f=8&t=42
[13:38] <asciiforever> ah, so the shipped os doesn't have that reporting ability
[13:38] <GUido-> not for both batteries
[13:40] <asciiforever> thanks for the link
[13:40] <GUido-> np
[13:40] <GUido-> will probably install that package too, too busy watching football right nw though
[13:41] <viridior> asciiforever: you can check batter via ACPI, let me see if i can find it
[13:42] <GUido-> ok this is a problem, I lose keyboard after the Tb goes into sleepmode
[13:42] <viridior> hmmm... acpi might not be enabled
[13:43] * fbott (n=fbott@ool-44c10623.dyn.optonline.net) Quit (Read error: 60 (Operation timed out))
[13:43] * Q_Continuum (n=Q_Contin@75-168-127-62.mpls.qwest.net) Quit (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
[13:43] <viridior> for battery status specifics you can go to /sys/class/power_supply/
[13:44] * Q_Continuum (n=Q_Contin@75-168-127-62.mpls.qwest.net) has joined #touchbook
[13:44] <viridior> since there are two batteries you will have to go to each subdirectory to get additional information
[13:46] <asciiforever> viridior, thanks
[13:46] <viridior> np
[13:47] <GUido-> hmm
[13:47] <GUido-> losing keyboard is not cool
[13:49] <asciiforever> wow, my screen just got a lot brighter for no reason i know of
[13:49] <GUido-> I turned mine off so the power got routed to you
[13:50] * shiznebit (n=chatzill@ Quit (Read error: 145 (Connection timed out))
[13:50] * GUido-Tb (n=ai@c-76-105-103-210.hsd1.ga.comcast.net) Quit (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
[13:50] <asciiforever> heh
[13:51] <GUido-> hmm, can't get keyboard to work at all now
[13:52] <viridior> GUido-: ive been having that problem lately also
[13:52] <viridior> you can reboot and it will come back, not sure what the problem is yet
[13:53] <GUido-> reboot not working
[13:54] <viridior> do a shutdown, wait 10sec and boot
[13:55] <GUido-> yeah
[13:55] <viridior> it doesn't always come back
[13:55] <GUido-> trying that now
[13:55] <viridior> it will eventually
[13:56] <GUido-> weird, it came back, then stopped working during startup
[14:02] <GUido-> can't keep keyboard connection for more than 30 secs

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