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[9:01] <Jomarino1> Hello Everyone... Just wondering if there is a problem accessing the forums?
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[10:01] <Meizirkki> works fine here
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[15:53] <viridior> hope to push out neuvoo-0.1.0-minimal today if anyone is interested
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[16:10] <viridior> hyc, ripper: ping
[16:10] <viridior> anyone else have a TB, have a hardware issue/question
[16:11] <hyc> pong
[16:12] <viridior> hyc: my screen flickers when i press down on the backside of the bottom right corner of the tablet when held horizontally
[16:12] <viridior> can you replicate?
[16:13] <hyc> flickers?
[16:13] <hyc> backside, bottom right corner, no, nothing happens here
[16:13] <viridior> i have taken out the board, so i might be an alignment issue made by me, but im not convinced since the bottom left screw holes aren't used
[16:14] <hyc> but backside, right, middle, I can see the screen dimpling
[16:14] <viridior> yes, something is making electrical contact and messes up the display, it goes back to normal when your no longer pressing down on it. Its an issue if you are only using it as a tablet.
[16:15] <viridior> hyc: thats the general region
[16:15] <hyc> it looks to me to be a physical effect, not electrical
[16:15] <hyc> at least on mine
[16:16] <viridior> im putting a hot glue layer in the bottom right corner near the metal bar betwen the "AI" button and 5V hole
[16:16] <viridior> i get a fuzz effect sometimes
[16:16] <viridior> other times i get random colored boxes popping up all over the screen... but it refreshes back to normal afterwards
[16:17] <hyc> ah, I'm not seeing anything like that
[16:17] <hyc> I just see the same kind of physical distortion as pressing on a laptop screen
[16:17] <viridior> hmm... is your board held down with 3 screw or 5?
[16:17] <viridior> nah, this is definately electrical
[16:17] <hyc> 1 sec
[16:18] <hyc> 3
[16:18] <viridior> hyc: grats btw
[16:19] <hyc> eh? oh thanks. I should put a gold star somewhere ;)
[16:19] <viridior> haha
[16:19] <hyc> I just found that moving my LCD cable a little bit pretty much eliminates the effect I was seeing
[16:19] <hyc> it must have been bunching up behind the USB port
[16:20] <hyc> and pressing against the display
[16:20] <viridior> the top 2 screw holes next the the usb ports have screws and the bottom right one (facing the back side)... the hole by the 5V plug and audio port are missing on mine
[16:20] <hyc> same here
[16:21] <viridior> you have the video cable coming out the top or below the bottom internal usb port?
[16:21] <viridior> err... screen cable
[16:21] <hyc> the hole by the 5V plug isn't quite aligned with the case, and the hole by the audio seems to have nothing backing it on the case
[16:21] <hyc> my cabel is above the port
[16:22] <hyc> where's yours?
[16:22] <viridior> same, it then goes behind the tablet battery
[16:22] <viridior> i haven't had an issue there though
[16:22] <hyc> right
[16:24] <hyc> yeah, I probably nudged it when I was peeling back the LCD label
[16:24] <viridior> i found the best way to put the card back in is put the bottom right hole in place then push down on the large top horizontal end above the bottom usb port until the top two align
[16:24] <viridior> hyc: you rebel ;)
[16:24] <hyc> when you look straight into the back with the cover on, do you see the all-white back of the display, or is the label in the way?
[16:24] <viridior> all white
[16:25] <viridior> my label is above the bottom usb port
[16:25] <hyc> ok, then they fixed that already
[16:25] <viridior> i might need to find a LED to wire in there ;)
[16:25] <hyc> on mine the label was right there, so it looked kinda ugly
[16:26] <hyc> what, the blinking wifi and the 3 red LEDs on the board aren't enough for you?
[16:26] <viridior> haha, no quite
[16:26] <hyc> in a dark room, with the screen off, I can see the red LEDs through the display
[16:26] <npx> fun increases with more LEDs
[16:27] <viridior> had people staring at me on the subway today... by "iPhone" was much bigger than theirs ;)
[16:27] <hyc> lol. I generally agree...
[16:27] <viridior> s/by/my
[16:28] <hyc> I have a bunch of R,G,B Luxeon Stars wired up to a color cycling circuit in my living room
[16:28] <viridior> hyc: i would love for you to try neuvoo-0.1.0-minimal if you have the time this weekend... im working hard for xorg-server... maybe also this weekend likely next weekend
[16:29] <hyc> ah sorry. I have 2 papers to write for the LDAP Conference 10 days from now
[16:29] <hyc> I'm going to have to put everything here on hold for a couple weeks
[16:29] <viridior> hyc: good luck
[16:29] <hyc> thanks
[16:32] <viridior> i think my hot glue fixed worked... they do need to fix those two holes
[16:33] <viridior> that bottom right corner likes to creak
[16:50] <hyc> wow, those spammers sure don't waste time in these forums
[16:55] <viridior> nope, its actually quite annoying... ive just about given up on touchbookfans.com
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[18:43] <linkreincarnate> hi all
[18:44] <drantin> h'lo there
[18:52] <viridior> hello
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[18:59] <linkreincarnate> so who in here has one already?
[18:59] <viridior> i do i do
[19:00] <linkreincarnate> I assume hyc does too
[19:00] * viridior mmmm.... Super Troopers
[19:00] <viridior> yes
[19:00] <linkreincarnate> Mine is on the way
[19:00] <viridior> grats
[19:00] <linkreincarnate> thanx
[19:00] <linkreincarnate> cant wait
[19:00] <drantin> if you really, really want one, someone got theirs and put it here: http://cgi.ebay.com/TouchBook-Hybrid-Notebook-TouchScreen-Internet-Tablet_W0QQitemZ250492999245QQcmdZViewItemQQptZLaptops_Nov05?hash=item3a528bd64d&_trksid=p3286.c0.m14
[19:01] <drantin> I'm still waiting for my preordered one myself
[19:01] <linkreincarnate> I'm a game programming student and i have a little expeience with open gl so I'm excited
[19:01] <drantin> heh, that auction ended with 0 bids :D
[19:01] <bnovc> drantin: nice markup on price too :)
[19:01] <linkreincarnate> ???
[19:02] <linkreincarnate> auction?
[19:02] <linkreincarnate> for what?
[19:02] <drantin> a touchbook
[19:02] <linkreincarnate> oh
[19:02] <linkreincarnate> someone didn't like theirs?
[19:02] <linkreincarnate> or from the company?
[19:02] <bnovc> probably a person
[19:02] <drantin> someone probably preordered as soon as they heard about it with intent to resell it
[19:03] <linkreincarnate> anybody working on getting android on it yet?
[19:03] <bnovc> does gregoire run the company and do all of the software work?
[19:04] <bnovc> linkreincarnate: i dont have one, but it shouldn't be hard (i do android for work atm)
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[19:04] <linkreincarnate> yeah I think Gregoire does run the company.
[19:04] <linkreincarnate> really?
[19:04] <linkreincarnate> sweet
[19:04] <linkreincarnate> can i bug you on here for coding help sometime?
[19:05] <bnovc> sure :) although #android might be more useful
[19:05] <bnovc> (i don't work for google. i work for an OEM)
[19:05] <bnovc> Macer: ya probably
[19:05] <linkreincarnate> really?
[19:06] <bnovc> Macer: well, there are netbooks coming out with android
[19:06] <bnovc> thats not true
[19:06] <linkreincarnate> the prossessors for the g1 and htc hero seemed to be roughly equal to the touchbook
[19:06] <bnovc> maybe. i think android for phones has a ton of potential though
[19:06] <linkreincarnate> have you played with the augmented reality stuff yet?
[19:07] * drantin is still waiting for android to get fully ported to his htc touch pro
[19:07] <bnovc> Macer: well it was basically released as a beta.. just needs time
[19:07] <bnovc> mhm
[19:09] <bnovc> i think the amount of apps should go up substantially after this year whne a lot more phones get released
[19:09] <bnovc> more apps => more good apps (even if the % doesn't change)
[19:10] <bnovc> *shrug* i don't think so, but you're entitled to your opinion. i think it has much more potential for growth with tons of carriers adopting it than palm or iphone
[19:11] <bnovc> either way, in its current state, it doesn't seem well suited to the touchbook
[19:11] <linkreincarnate> might it simplify getting onto 3g a bit?
[19:11] <bnovc> i haven't tried the touchbook interface though so its hard to compare
[19:11] <bnovc> linkreincarnate: does the touchbook have a 3g modem?
[19:11] <linkreincarnate> no
[19:11] <bnovc> then its not going to help much :)
[19:12] <bnovc> Macer: i'm sure it does...linux does and he'd have to go to extra effort to remove it
[19:12] <linkreincarnate> yeah
[19:12] <bnovc> doubt he'd remove usb modules from the kernel
[19:12] <linkreincarnate> i mean less work in porting than writing new code...
[19:13] <bnovc> seems like the touchbook should have a virtual keyboard for non-keyboard-connected mode
[19:13] <linkreincarnate> those things are huge
[19:13] <bnovc> i dont know. i didn't see one in the screenshots
[19:13] <bnovc> *shrug* find me a sreenshot w/it :)
[19:13] <linkreincarnate> I dont think it would fit
[19:13] <bnovc> Macer: true but i was thinking maybe its not in yet
[19:15] <bnovc> Macer: only because the first hardware had keyboards
[19:15] <bnovc> we'd already written one when google made one :\
[19:15] * bnovc is getting pulled away to watch Project Runway
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[19:39] <linkreincarnate> wtf?
[19:40] <linkreincarnate> Was the forum hacked?
[19:42] <linkreincarnate> You have been permanently banned from this board.
[19:42] <linkreincarnate> Please contact the Board Administrator for more information.
[19:42] <linkreincarnate> A ban has been issued on your username.
[19:43] <linkreincarnate> I know that i wouldn't have been banned for anything I said
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[20:39] <AFKlinkreincarna> someone on beagleboard.org is porting android yay
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