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[1:43] <hyc> so, looks like the 2009-09 software release is due out soon, should be fun...
[1:45] <Corsac> hmhm
[1:45] <Corsac> what makes you say that?
[1:45] <Corsac> roadmap speaks about "end of september"
[1:47] <hyc> oh? well, there was an 'a' and a 'b' release of 2009-08 in August
[1:47] <hyc> I assumed there would be two phases for September as well
[1:47] <Corsac> mhh, maybe
[1:48] <Corsac> it'd make sense to load the mid-september shipment with 2009-09a
[1:48] <hyc> unfortunately the OpenEmbedded guys just changed the world, and my whole build tree got invalidated
[1:48] <Corsac> but that would means there's a 2009-09a and the mid-september shipment is indeed mid-september
[1:48] <hyc> I would guess AI has to rebuild from scratch too
[1:48] <Corsac> and I'm not that sure of both
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[4:36] <JoeM5> Hello Everyone!!
[4:37] <JoeM5> Just wondering if the 2009.09x has been released
[4:38] <dpb> Nope.
[4:40] <JoeM5> Should be soon, I cant wait to get my touch book..
[4:44] <JoeM5> Anyone here get a TB yet??
[4:44] <dpb> not many
[4:45] <dpb> hyc has one, but he's currently offline
[4:45] <Corsac> and we didn't see gregoire since quite some time
[4:46] <dpb> yeah.. where is he? :/
[4:46] <JoeM5> I havent seen him on the logs but he did reply to some on the forums
[4:46] <Corsac> he's working I guess
[4:46] <dpb> Or has had an accident and the whole project is on hold... who knows...
[4:46] <Corsac> nah, he edited the wiki too
[4:47] <dpb> Oh.
[4:47] <JoeM5> He replied to some questions on the TB Forums Sunday..
[4:48] <dpb> Ah
[4:48] <dpb> I haven't checked the forums for a few days...
[4:51] <JoeM5> How hard is it to make updates for the TB... I see many on the forums with line commands to make changes.
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[4:52] <JoeM5> <--- Not as smart as many of you... I am Windows Disabled
[4:54] <dpb> The software is quite beta still, if you want a working system right now, the TouchBook isn't for you.
[4:55] <JoeM5> I dont mind it being in beta... willing to do any updates, just can't help with actually writing programs on my own.
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[5:27] <ndan> hey quick question, if i ordered one today when would it be shipped, i understand they postoned the next release however an eta?
[5:38] <Corsac> ndan: the only data we have is that all pre-orders should be fullfilled in october
[5:38] <dpb> Earliest at October, probably November, if unlucky then December. But most likely before Christmas anyway. :)
[5:42] <ndan> aight well i'm thinking of getting one for college, albeit college begins right now. I can attempt to use this laptop, however its quite ancient. an sha allah i suppose, just sucks i have to pay for it before i receive it for such a lengthy time.
[5:49] <Corsac> you won't pay it
[5:49] <ndan> so you pay upon shipment?
[5:50] <Corsac> I mean, you'll give your credentials, but the money won't be wired before shipping
[5:50] <Corsac> yes
[6:00] <ndan> interesting. done.
[6:02] <dpb> (remember that the software is still in beta, so there's bugs in it, dunno how good it'll be for college use..)
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[6:20] <ndan> as long as the hardware is solid its all good -- i'm quite accustomed to many distros failing at some point or another and having to do some crazy work to repair it
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[10:36] <shiznebit> any new news
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[11:07] <dpb> No.
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[11:32] <hyc> Pretty sure Gregoire has been busy building / testing 2009-09
[11:33] <hyc> I've gotten a number of emails from him about bug reports and such, saying he's working on it for -09
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[11:58] <jvs> shiznebit, keep the fuck waiting :p
[12:00] <viridior> hopefully mine will show up today, damn UPS
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[12:41] <mturquette> any word on the September shipments? specifically a date for those of us that missed the August batch?
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[14:59] <cuchac> Hi there, TB geeks!
[14:59] <cuchac> Have you received some mail notification after completing the "Qualify your pre-order" form?
[15:16] <GUido-> nope
[15:28] <cuchac> thnx, I was affraid something is wrong ..... will keep waiting ...
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[15:32] <GUido-> when did you preorder?
[15:33] <cuchac> 27.6.2009 ....
[15:34] <cuchac> but i'm "international", so I hope to be included in the "small amount of int. pre-orders"
[15:40] <GUido-> well I preordered in the first week of March... so you may be waiting a whiel
[15:40] <GUido-> er while
[15:43] <cuchac> therefore i'm making sure my "order qualification" is OK - perhaps it will make some difference
[15:47] <GUido-> latest post from Gregoire is that even the "September Batch" will be shipping in LATE September...
[15:47] <GUido-> http://www.alwaysinnovating.com/forums/viewtopic.php?f=3&t=105
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[16:06] <cuchac> thanks for the link, I've missed this announcment ...
[16:07] <cuchac> I wonder how many people have answered to Gregoire ....
[16:11] <Hugh> i did
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[16:11] <GUido-> I'm assuming everyone who read the announcement, whether they plan on contributing or not
[16:11] <Hugh> heh prolly
[16:15] <cuchac> do you think everyone is linux programmer? I think other people are not what is Gregoire looking for
[16:16] <Hugh> othr people no, but most of the hardcore TB fans? HELL YEAHHH
[16:19] <cuchac> right, but how many of "hardcore TB fans" are there?
[16:20] <cuchac> Well, i'm guite suprised how many people is here .... lets hope this "hardcore TB fans" will get their TBs as soon as possible
[16:35] <Hugh> im in
[16:36] <Hugh> GUYS!!!!!! IM IN
[16:36] <cuchac> ?
[16:37] <Hugh>
[16:37] <Hugh> Reply
[16:37] <Hugh>
[16:37] <Hugh> |
[16:37] <Hugh> Gregoire Gentil
[16:37] <Hugh> to me
[16:37] <Hugh> 6:15 PM (23 minutes ago)
[16:37] <Hugh>
[16:37] <Hugh> You got one! Processing tomorrow,
[16:37] <Hugh> Gr??goire
[16:38] <cuchac> You lucky bastard :-))
[16:39] <Hugh> i know it
[16:39] <cuchac> congratz ....
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[16:48] <viridior> i just got a TB today, on the network now
[16:48] * robclark is jealous
[16:49] <hyc> cool, finally more people to bitch at when I find something that doesn't work :P
[16:49] <viridior> ive had it for about 30min now
[16:49] <viridior> hyc: haha
[16:49] <hyc> whine at I mean ;)
[16:49] <viridior> as long as its productive whining ;)
[16:50] <hyc> I wonder if your hardware has the single-resistor-fix on the touchpad, so that it can work in absolute mode
[16:50] * viridior is downloading 2009-09a
[16:51] <viridior> i doubt it
[16:51] <hyc> mmmm. I guess I'll download that to my original 8GB card
[16:53] <hyc> so, who's up for porting ffmpeg to the DSP?
[16:55] <hyc> apparently the SGX graphics engine can also be programmed for codec acceleration
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[17:17] <viridior> i have networking up, usb->eth dongle detected, no problem... had an issue with dropbear, replace with openssh no issues now, NFS works
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[17:36] <Hugh> im a happy tuna
[17:42] <fbott> You should be!
[17:44] <fbott> I emailed Gregoire also, but I don't have programing skills, so I don't think I will qualify
[17:54] <Hugh> the thing that you REALLY need to remember is to always be awesome.
[17:54] <Hugh> its an important skill set for life
[17:55] <drantin> pfff, if you are awesome, you don't have to constantly remember it
[17:56] <Hugh> however if you are awesome and you constantly remember it, you never have to worry about accidentally killing yourself.
[17:57] <drantin> from sheer awesomeness overload?
[17:59] <Hugh> cause, how many time have you been like oh well ill just slit my wrists... and then right afterwards been like OH SHIT WAIT, IM AWESOME FUCK I FORGOT... dammit, not again.
[18:01] <Hugh> well, ima go eat now
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[18:01] <Hugh> sorry if that was a bit much cursing.
[18:05] <fbott> I think it was just an awsomness overdose
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[18:15] <Hugh> want to know how awesome i am?
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[18:15] <Hugh> i light quarters on fire.
[18:17] <hyc> usb adapters tend to be almost universally bad...
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[20:31] <Hugh> well...
[20:35] <Hugh> ima o to ed
[20:35] <Hugh> go to bed
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