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[0:36] <dpb> They originally said the september shipment will be aimed at the middle of the month.
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[2:45] <dpb> :)
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[9:11] <Delta32> Hello
[9:11] <Delta32> I was wondering if any TouchBooks have been delivered to Germany?
[9:13] <Corsac> no
[9:13] <Delta32> have any been delivered outside the US?
[9:14] <Corsac> no
[9:16] <Delta32> mhm... on alwaysinnovating.com it says that the shipping fee outside the USA is 40$. Do I still have to add any other taxes?
[9:17] <grinsekatze> probably... einfuhrumsatzsteuer (19%) + some custom fees
[9:17] <Delta32> do I have to pay that even if I buy it as a private person?
[9:18] <Corsac> especially if you buy it as a private person
[9:19] <Delta32> mhm... that is a nuissance. does the Zoll open all packages sent via DHL?
[9:19] <GUido-> there's been very few delivered INSIDE the US
[9:20] <Delta32> I thought the deliveries of the preorders had started...?
[9:20] <Corsac> Delta32: why shouldn't you pay the taxes?
[9:21] <Delta32> I dont want to pay the taxes cause it means more money...
[9:21] <Corsac> well, sure, that's taxes purpose
[9:22] <Corsac> sure you can try not to pay them, but that's illegal and it's a bit against the basic principles of taxes :)
[9:23] <Delta32> companies get around the taxes like mad... but that is not the point. 399 + 40 + 0.19
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[9:23] <Corsac> companies pay a lot more taxes than you
[9:23] <Corsac> ok, get lost
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[9:24] <Delta32> that makes something like 522U$D for the tablet with keyboard
[9:38] <GUido-> Companies don't pay taxes
[9:39] <GUido-> companies raise their prices to pass the cost of taxes to their customers
[9:40] <GUido-> so you're actually paying taxes twice, once embedded in the cost of the product, then again for the privelege of buying it
[9:40] <Delta32> anyway, onto another question: the TB does not happen to have a SATA port around, does it?
[9:40] <GUido-> nope
[9:40] <Delta32> mrrr...
[9:40] <GUido-> no drives so why would it have a port?
[9:41] <Delta32> it could just have it around... if someoen wants to add an SSD or so...
[9:41] <GUido-> your choices are USB, USB and... USB
[9:41] <Delta32> well, that leaves me with USB, I guess :P
[9:42] <GUido-> well I guess there's also bluetooth through a USB card
[9:43] <Delta32> nah, i wanted an SSD to have it boot nice and fast... but I guess USB is faster than the SD-Card
[9:44] <GUido-> well get class 6 SDHC cards, they're pretty darned quick
[9:44] <GUido-> and being instant on, how are you going to get faster?
[9:46] <Delta32> correct me if I am wrong, but does that mean I open it and XFCE is there? I kinda doubt that... the kernel takes something like 30-35 secs to get up to speed, from a cold-boot.
[9:47] <GUido-> well yeah 1st boot will take a little bit, but after that it is supposed to be instant
[9:48] <Delta32> ok
[9:50] <GUido-> ask hyc or one of the other guys with one for more details
[9:50] <Delta32> how many have been delivered?
[9:51] <GUido-> few
[9:51] <GUido-> <100 buy my estimates
[9:51] <GUido-> er by
[9:52] <GUido-> I pre-ordered the 1st week of March and didn't get one in the two batches
[9:52] <martinh> it is instant on. turning it off, by default puts it into sleep mode, not power down.
[9:52] <martinh> so, yea, you open it up and xfce is right there.
[9:52] <Delta32> ok.... mrrrr.. so it will take ages unitll it reaches Germany through the conventional channels
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[13:35] <mrwoo> so does anyone know where the TB actually gets fabricated?
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[13:51] <Govee> Will Tethering a Blackberry as a modem be possible?
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[15:13] <Govee> \exit
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