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[5:23] <martinh> i hope gregoire is busy putting my tb in the mail.
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[7:58] <jvs> now news?
[7:58] <jvs> *no
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[9:37] <Eruquen> gregoire mentioned something about the shipping date for the first few international orders with a high rating. I think he said they would probably go out at the end of september but I'm not sure. Does anyone remember what he said?
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[9:39] <blunderer> Mon August 24, 2009: Schedule to fulfill all pre-orders ??? by Gregoire Gentil
[9:39] <blunderer> As mentioned in the past few weeks, we are trying our best to increase our production capability while fine-tuning the Touch book and improving the OS image. If nothing bad happens, our objective is to fulfill in September all US single and complete (tablet + bottom) pre-orders passed in March / April / May / June, and for which the qualifying form rating is not inferior to 6. This will leave room for a small set of inte
[9:40] <Eruquen> Yeah, I read that.. But he wrote something here in this channel about it, too.
[9:40] <blunderer> arf, sorry
[9:41] <shiznebit> are they going to modify anything ?
[9:42] <shiznebit> in terms of hardware ?
[9:43] <Corsac> like?
[9:48] <shiznebit> changing the tablket part so its more slanted
[9:48] <shiznebit> so you can write and stuff
[9:48] <jvs> shiznebit, I don't think so
[9:48] <jvs> I think the single parts are already manufactured
[9:49] <jvs> it will take some time until a 2nd hardware revision is coming out
[9:50] <jvs> I believe he said, if you order now, you probably will get in October
[9:52] <dpb> Eruquen: he said the aim for shipment is in the middle of the month
[9:53] <Eruquen> thanks
[9:53] <dpb> jvs: but that was more than a week ago, don't know how many orders have come since then... so we don't know if orders now will be coming in October :)
[9:53] <jvs> dpb, right
[9:54] <jvs> however, if you order now, and will get in october
[9:54] <jvs> and people from outside, probably pre-ordered in june, get it in october too
[9:54] <jvs> not really fair
[9:54] <jvs> but I'll just shut up
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[13:27] <martinh> w
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[14:04] <viridior> back
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[14:28] <viridior> wb shiznebit
[14:28] <shiznebit> thanks
[14:28] <shiznebit> but soon to be gone
[14:28] <shiznebit> 1 minute
[14:29] <shiznebit> FUCK WORK !
[14:29] <shiznebit> later
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[14:39] <spaetz> hi all, I ponder buying the touchbook. How is the keyboard for typing? ok?
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[15:31] <hyc> spaetz; it takes a little time to get used to it
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[15:42] <ratonk> little time ?
[15:42] <ratonk> hyc: like what?
[15:42] <ratonk> like change your keyboard or new laptop ?
[15:42] <ratonk> or like couples weeks?
[15:44] <hyc> well, I've only had it for a couple weeks
[15:44] <hyc> I'd say it takes acouple days
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[18:19] <bstag_> :>
[18:19] <bstag_> shh we talk to much
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[22:17] <Corsac> hey
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[23:33] <hyc> well, I've just recompiled all of the TI DSP code. about to try to install it....

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