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[0:30] <dpb> Does xev notice the two buttons on the TB screen part, or does the ai-daemon do some magic to detect them?
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[0:47] <tshirtman> Hi
[0:48] <tshirtman> wow I was AFK for a long time, no energy to scroll back, anythong interresting?
[0:48] <dpb> nope
[0:53] <tshirtman> thanks :)
[1:01] <Anges> dpb: are you in Europe too?
[1:01] <Anges> nom r??el??: Daniel??? bon, c???est vraiment une bande de fran??ais, ici???
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[1:09] <dpb> Yeah, I'm in Europe.
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[3:24] <dpb> How about having two screens for the next touchbook? :P like: http://www.gscreencorp.com/
[3:55] <Anges> the picture doesn???t seem real???
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[3:58] <dpb> Of course, it's a rendered one. Just like the early TouchBook pics.
[3:58] <Corsac> I'd say dual screen would defeat the portability purpose
[3:59] <Corsac> the tablet part is already quite heavy
[4:01] <Anges> "June 2009 In approximately 3-4 weeks we will publish demo-video of our gScreen laptop BETA models on Youtube.com". Still not there???
[4:01] <Anges> and you need a hell of a battery to keep those screens on???
[4:05] <dpb> You two are no fun. Spoiling my dreams. :/
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[4:36] <kynde> Hello, does anyone here know about the availability of the touchbook right now? In stock? A few weeks? A couple of months?
[4:40] <dpb> They're trying to fill the pre-orders by October.
[4:40] <dpb> If you order now, you'll probably get one before christmas. :)
[4:45] <kynde> Damn. That will not cut if for us. Guess, I'll have to see if any pop up for sale in ebay or something...
[4:47] <dpb> I think about a week ago, Gregoire said if one orders now they'll probably get it on October. That might still be valid if one orders now, but not sure.
[4:49] <kynde> Ack. I think I'll contact them and ask.
[4:49] <Anges> is there a reason why you???re such in a hurry?
[4:52] <kynde> Managers need alternatives to N810 for a call for bids. So far I've only come up with Smart Q5/Q7 and the Touchbook, but I can't really give a green light withough having toyed around with the device first.
[4:56] <kynde> (what we're basically looking for a replacement to N810, which is becoming increasingly harder to find, i.e. a smallish arm-based linux device with touchscreen,wifi and a reasonably high screen resolution, 800x480 minimum, and the touchbook seems to be just that)
[4:56] <Anges> even without writing to AI, they have something ready: https://www.alwaysinnovating.com/company/pre-order-shipment.htm
[4:57] <Anges> if you order, rate yourself 10, check the box about larger order, and add an explanation, you should get it pretty quickly
[4:58] <kynde> Ok, I think I'll do just that.
[5:00] <kynde> You guys have the device already?
[5:00] <Anges> I didn???t know the N810, it looks nice!
[5:00] <andrewgodwin> Anges: there's a successor called the N900 just announced
[5:00] <Anges> no, I made the order 2 weeks ago, and rated myself 8.
[5:01] <kynde> N810 is a sweet device, but ordinary users are probably indeed more interested in it's follow-up N900
[5:02] <Anges> right now, I still use a motorola v3i !
[5:02] <kynde> The N810 has wifi only, just like the touchbook, while the N900 will be a phone also.
[5:03] <Anges> Since I already own 1 computer, 1 eeepc701, and ordered a touchbook, I???d feel kinda bad if I added a phone just to be able to use wifi at home ;)
[5:07] <Anges> wow: N900 is 649???!
[5:07] <Corsac> not available yet
[5:09] <Anges> and no release date on nokia.fr
[5:11] <Corsac> ???october???
[5:11] <kynde> Nope, they announced it on August 27th and will be displaying it in Nokia World event the day after tomorrow.
[5:11] <kynde> October is also what I've heard regarding initial availability...
[5:12] <Anges> the funny thing is, you can???t find really small phones anymore. I used to have a 8850, that was classy and small
[5:14] <kynde> Well... the N900 is not really about being small. It's "small" if one already carries around an internet tablet and a phone.
[5:16] <kynde> But, back to the topic a bit. Anyone here with a touchbook?
[5:17] <Anges> sure, it???s a whole different kind of product. You gotta know if you want a phone that will be used as mp3 player, camera and netbook, or if you already have those, and want a classy phone to go with it!
[5:18] <Anges> this guy has one: http://adric.dreamwidth.org/8080.html
[5:20] <Anges> this one is not happy: http://www.umpcportal.com/2009/08/touchbook-owner-talks-about-build-quality-issues/
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[8:19] <mrwoo> i love the touchbook and I can't wait till I get one
[8:20] <mrwoo> it will be o so fun
[8:23] <dpb> How can you love a thing you don't yet have? :)
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[8:30] <shiznebit> I would love to have one
[8:30] <shiznebit> but i feel it would be a while beofre we see one
[8:31] <shiznebit> can we just remove the battery in the top cover ?
[8:31] <shiznebit> and replace it with a much smaller lighter battery ?
[8:33] <dpb> probably with some hardware hackery
[8:38] <shiznebit> i think that should easily solve the weight issue
[8:38] <dpb> and will add an issue of having a crappier battery that doesn't last.
[8:38] <shiznebit> not if you use netbook mode
[8:39] <dpb> yes it will
[8:39] <dpb> in netbook mode it uses BOTH the batteries, not only the bottom one
[8:41] <martinh> right. the bottom one supplies 2/3 of the power for the battery life in netbook mode.
[8:43] <dpb> Yeah, so you'd get 6-7 hours + the amount the small top battery will give you.
[8:44] <shiznebit> but then the ill effects would be gone
[8:44] <shiznebit> like tippiing over
[8:44] <dpb> I'd rather have 10+ hours with slight tipping :)
[8:44] <dpb> plus I'd like to sometimes use just the tablet
[8:45] <shiznebit> id just put into the v shaped stand
[8:45] <dpb> I'd get something else if I just wanted a netbook
[8:45] <shiznebit> more comfortable then continuously holding it
[8:49] <martinh> Yea. if it gets to be a problem after I have mine for a while I'll figure something out.
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[9:08] <blunderer> I agree with dpb : 10 hours battery is for me one of the greatest feature of the TB
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[9:50] <martinh> yes. i haven't bother with netbooks yet because of that.
[9:50] <martinh> thought, i recently got a really cheap eee that I have other plans for.
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[10:55] <jvs> dpb, battery time + tablet mode are killer features
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[13:34] <viridior> back
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[13:49] <shiznebit> what have you been up tp
[13:49] <shiznebit> to ?
[13:54] <viridior> mostly reorganizing Gentoo Pandora into Neuvoo, we have done a lot of week over the weekend
[13:55] <viridior> we have pushed a lot of our SDK to our public overlay and cross-compiling a base system is working fairly well
[13:55] <viridior> still needs some work, but we will be compiling xorg-server over this week
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[14:22] <hyc> sounds like fun
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[23:28] <Simeon_H> gregoire still isn't hback
[23:35] <Corsac> nop
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