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[0:00] <ptelder> No, buit according to the website, they think they'll be caught up with all the orders they've already got by October.
[0:04] <hyc_tb> the adapter puts at 5VDC at 3.5A
[0:04] <hyc_tb> it's pretty tame
[0:12] <dpb> hyc_tb: where in linuxwireless.org did you find info about rt3070? I can't see anything about it...
[0:14] <hyc_tb> dpb: in the source code
[0:17] <dpb> ah, so it didn't say so in the website, like your blog entry implies.. :)
[0:18] <hyc_tb> well, I was abbreviating
[0:18] <adricnet> g'night all, and thanks for your help!
[0:18] <hyc_tb> I followed along chain
[0:18] * dpb nods
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[0:21] <dpb> Otherwise a nice blog post. :)
[0:21] <hyc_tb> thx
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[0:29] <hyc_tb> grep for 3070 in the rt2x00 driver source and you see it all over, implying that the chipset is supposed to be supported
[0:30] <hyc_tb> and in fact it will load and present an interface, but nothing works on it. iwlist scan always fails, etc.
[0:30] <hyc_tb> The Kconfig file even says "Supported chips: RT2770, RT2870 & RT3070."
[0:36] <dpb> ok
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[0:46] <honk> hyc_tb: Not having access to my bookmarks, browser history, contact lists, and passwords as I switched back and forth was quite inconvenient <-- you could try xmarks for the bookmarks and passwords sharing ;)
[0:50] <hyc_tb> thanks for the tip,I'll look for that
[0:51] <hyc_tb> is it an ff plugin? I'm using midori now
[0:52] <honk> there are plugins for more than one browser - no clue 'bout midori though ^_^
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[1:08] <hyc_tb> running cpan, install Bundle::CPAN, has used 68M of my swap already
[1:08] <hyc_tb> and it's just getting started
[1:09] <hyc_tb> on the plus side - it's working, instead of dying with out-of-memory errors
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[3:05] <Anges> Hi everyone!
[3:06] <Anges> I have a question about the keyboard. According to a review I just read (http://www.umpcportal.com/2009/08/touchbook-owner-talks-about-build-quality-issues/ ), it???s kind of small. But I also read that it???s planned to let us buy different keyboards according to our language
[3:07] <Anges> could it be an option to make ergonomic keyboards with align keys? Something like this??: http://www.typematrix.com/
[3:08] <Anges> The align keys are more confortable than the staggered ones (specially on the left!), and they use less space, allowing to have bigger keys for a keyboard the same size
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[3:43] <Simeon_H> I can't view the new videos
[3:46] <dpb> Install Flash.
[3:47] <Simeon_H> I did
[3:47] <Simeon_H> do they have to load fully before they show or something?
[3:48] <dpb> No, they work just like any other Youtube video.
[3:48] <Simeon_H> weird
[3:49] <Simeon_H> I can't wait till HTML5 is ready
[3:49] <Simeon_H> then we can get rid of flash video
[3:49] <Simeon_H> oh they loaded now
[3:50] <Eruquen> does anyone know if the touchscreen works while the keyboard is still attached?
[3:51] <dpb> Of course it works.
[3:51] <Eruquen> great, thanks
[3:52] <dpb> Simeon_H: having fun with your ctcp? :P
[3:53] <Simeon_H> I was just seeing if you were on a touchbook
[3:53] <Simeon_H> wait what client do they come with anyway
[3:53] <dpb> I don't have a touchbook yet.
[3:54] <dpb> And when I do get one, I'll just continue to irc like I do now. ssh to my server and open my screen session.
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[7:09] <shiznebit> hmm the N900's claim for 1GB for application is the addition of 768MB of swap
[7:09] <dpb> Yep.
[7:09] <shiznebit> easiest way to do that would be to use a FAST usb drive
[7:10] <honk> there are no FAST usb drives - usb itself is slow :)
[7:10] <shiznebit> 40MB/s is kinda fast
[7:10] <shiznebit> problem is the write speed
[7:10] <honk> usb pretty much maxes out at 30mb/s - and that's pretty slow =)
[7:11] <shiznebit> if it was USB 3.0
[7:11] <shiznebit> .....
[7:11] <honk> or sata ;p
[7:11] <shiznebit> psh sata
[7:12] <shiznebit> it doesn't fit well with ARM
[7:13] <dpb> why?
[7:13] <dpb> it fits just as well with arm than it does with any other architecture
[7:14] <dpb> it doesn't fit well with mobile devices is probably what you meant
[7:14] <shiznebit> does ARM support a large enough bandwidth ?
[7:15] <shiznebit> well the board
[7:15] <Meizirkki> http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Db7pKjUrNXQ O_O
[7:15] <shiznebit> what a waste
[7:15] <Meizirkki> ^ I don't like apples strategies, but i would't shoot an iPhone
[7:16] <shiznebit> could have recycled it and made a touchbook
[7:16] <Meizirkki> :D
[7:16] <shiznebit> so is hyc gonna give us a hulu_script
[7:17] <shiznebit> cause using mplayer to play back flash sounds alot better
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[9:20] * shiznebit looks around aimlessly
[9:31] <shiznebit> 0.
[9:35] <shiznebit> any new info on flash support on arm ?
[9:45] <shiznebit> http://www.newscientist.com/article/dn17699-microscopes-zoom-in-on-molecules-at-last.html
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[11:35] <shiznebit> anyone alive around ?
[11:35] <mrwoo> i am
[11:54] <martinh> i recently died, but i'm still around.
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[17:53] <hyc_tb> shiznebit: the hulu stuff I have works great on x86, has bugs on ARM. hangs every 6MB. need to track down what's going on; the original C++ code is rather poor and g++ may be full of bugs too
[17:53] <hyc_tb> I'll probably end up rewriting it in C just to make it more compact
[17:53] <shiznebit> nice
[17:54] <shiznebit> i was always looking for rtmpdump but i could never get it to work
[17:54] <shiznebit> can you just download the stream or that also hangs ?
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[18:09] <hyc_tb> that's what I'm talking about, the download always hangs
[18:10] <hyc_tb> in the debugger it looks like both sides are waiting for the other to send something.
[18:10] <hyc_tb> this probably means the ARM code miscalculated a length field somewhere
[18:10] <hyc_tb> so it's waiting for an extra byte of data that is never going to arrive
[18:10] <shiznebit> sounds complicated
[18:10] <hyc_tb> I already fixed one bug where the ARM code just went into an infinite loop
[18:11] <hyc_tb> that was clearly a g++ compiler bug
[18:11] <hyc_tb> so yeah, it's a bit of a hassle to get this into working order.
[18:11] <shiznebit> any chance i can mess around with the code ?
[18:12] <hyc_tb> hmmm.... lemme sniff around a bit first
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[18:21] <shiznebit_> i wish
[18:29] <shiznebit_> yea
[18:30] <shiznebit_> i think the real thing hindering it is the enclosure
[18:30] <shiznebit_> yea
[18:30] <shiznebit_> the tipping effect
[18:30] <shiznebit_> and every thing
[18:31] <shiznebit_> its more top heavy
[18:32] <shiznebit_> hmm
[18:32] <shiznebit_> it'd be really nice to design a good enclosure for it
[18:33] <shiznebit_> heh
[18:33] <shiznebit_> good to know its not just a cover of lead
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[18:34] <shiznebit_> well they hadn't informed us very much
[18:35] <shiznebit_> so yeah people got impatient
[18:35] <shiznebit_> like me
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[18:52] <viridior> fyi: anyone interest. We are reorganizing the Gentoo Pandora project for development of a Gentoo-based desktop for OMAP3 embedded devices. If anyone wants to participate in it development, or just has some comments/suggestions please let me know!
[19:22] <hyc_tb> they're not going to add weight to the keyboard, it's already at the 4lb mark with both together
[19:23] <hyc_tb> at this point I use it open completely flat on my lap
[19:23] <hyc_tb> works well, good reading angle
[19:23] <hyc_tb> and no tipping issue ;)
[19:23] <shiznebit_> battery doesn't get warm ?
[19:24] <hyc_tb> the battery? why would it? it's totally cool. only the motherboard gets warm
[19:28] <martinh> yea. the battery shouldn't discharge fast enough to get uncomfortable.
[19:30] <hyc_tb> I wonder if this will work in the TB http://www.t-mobile.com/shop/phones/Cell-Phone-Detail.aspx?cell-phone=T-Mobile-webConnect-USB-Laptop-Stick
[19:30] <shiznebit_> what about during charing ?
[19:30] <hyc_tb> that's all I really need now is 3G...
[19:31] <shiznebit_> well i have android with wifi tether :)
[19:31] <hyc_tb> not likely. the power supply only puts out 3.5A. The tablet battery is 6Ah
[19:31] <hyc_tb> and the keyboard battery is 12Ah
[19:32] <hyc_tb> so with the tablet disconnected, and only charging the keyboard, it's only seeing .25C charge rate
[19:32] <hyc_tb> not enough to heat it any at all
[19:32] <shiznebit_> good to know
[19:32] <martinh> how long does it take to get a full charge after a discharge?
[19:32] <hyc_tb> with the tablet connected, it's like .15C charge rate.
[19:33] <shiznebit_> 8 to 9 hours ?
[19:33] <hyc_tb> Ihaven't measured really. seems like 6-7
[19:33] <hyc_tb> hmmm, wifi tether hasn't worked for me on my g1
[19:33] <hyc_tb> I'll have to try it again later
[19:33] <shiznebit_> hmm weird
[19:33] <hyc_tb> I would rather tether over USB, and save the battery power
[19:34] <shiznebit_> yea
[19:34] <shiznebit_> but i doubt its able to work with linux
[19:34] <hyc_tb> why not? the full Android SDK works on linux
[19:34] <martinh> i would hope that works at least as easily.
[19:34] <hyc_tb> just need to recompile adb I think, and figure out the parameters to its ppp command
[19:34] <shiznebit_> * Connect to the Internet Wirelessly
[19:35] <shiznebit_> * Windows?? and Mac?? compatible
[19:35] <martinh> i tether my centro on linux all the time.
[19:35] <shiznebit_> * Expandable Memory
[19:35] <shiznebit_> * International Device
[19:35] <shiznebit_> im talking about the usb device
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[19:56] <hyc_tb> I'm sure it will work fine. I'll take a look at rebuilding adb on the TB later.
[19:57] <hyc_tb> I just plugged the G1 into the TB and it sees it as a storage device, anyway
[19:58] <hyc_tb> the above sentence can be rather ambiguous huh. but the G1 has no USB-A port, the TB has both A and B
[20:00] <martinh> the B is charge only, isn't it?
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[20:19] <[AFX]> aye
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